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Operating as usual


I have debated for a while now about changing the name of my business. Still not sure.


I think I'm going to do this year.

Latest painting.  Still drying.

Latest painting. Still drying.

First sow of the decade!  Those in the Columbus area, stop by and check out our booth along with all the other cool stuf...

First sow of the decade! Those in the Columbus area, stop by and check out our booth along with all the other cool stuff.

Finished Work

Finished Work

New item... tiny onyx alter bowls.

New item... tiny onyx alter bowls.

Finished Work

Finished Work

Finished Work

Finished Work

Finished Work

Finished Work

Finished Work

Finished Work

Hello everyone, now it’s time for another weekly update.  And, I have no topic.  So I decided I would just pick my topic...

Hello everyone, now it’s time for another weekly update. And, I have no topic. So I decided I would just pick my topic based on whatever song is playing when I start writing. And as luck would have it, the song is Pus**t, by Tool. This is a song that I have used as a mantra at certain low points. I have never looked up anything about what inspired it, what the lyrics actually mean, etc. I have never looked because I don’t want to know. More often than not, knowing the real meaning behind a song ruins it for me. If I know what it was actually written about then it is stripped of whatever meaning it had to me.

To me, the song is about mental illness, it seems to describe OCD more than anything else.

OCD is something I unfortunately know too well. I can’t help but laugh and also be confused by our society’s view of it. We have made it into a joke more than anything else. And while I am not offended by the humor, I do see irony in it. OCD is not funny at all. And then there are all these people who brag about having it who don’t actually have it. If anyone who does that is reading this, let me just say, you don’t want it. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. It’s hell. And it’s not like there’s a cure. It isn’t going away, so I have figured out ways to live with it.

One thing I’ve done is think of myself when I’m feeling normal and the part of me that has OCD as two different entities, if that makes sense. It’s not like having multiple personalities. It’s just separating the mentally ill part of myself from the mentally healthy part. It allows me to acknowledge that there is still a part of me that can function and live a normal (whatever that means) life.

As far as the song… to me it’s almost like myself arguing with my illness. All the references to pushing and shoving… and lines like, “I am somewhere I don’t wanna be, you push me somewhere I don’t wanna be, seeing things I don’t wanna see…” Etc… The whole song really hits home in a way that is almost eerie.

Anxiety feels like impalement. Depression feels like drowning. OCD feels like trying to navigate through a dark place while knowing there are snipers above you with night vision goggles who can see your every move and could fire at any moment. And if they do fire, then it’s like having to walk around and live your life with a huge gaping would and guts spilling out everywhere.

But, I can pat myself on the back and tell myself what a badass I am for not letting it kill me. My art is my shield.

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to come here and read my updates, support my business, etc. None of this would be possible without you guys.

So, of course, here’s a link to the song. :)

And as a bonus, the link to the even more epic live version:

The only WIP given love this week was finished, so here's a look at my newest painting.

Until next time, remember to stay twisted.

Hello all, I've decided the weekly updates will be posted on Mondays from now on.  Sunday nights are usually late for me...

Hello all, I've decided the weekly updates will be posted on Mondays from now on. Sunday nights are usually late for me. And I have to be up at 4:30 AM for my day job. After such an amazing show this past weekend, And then work today, I am currently running on fumes.

Rather than go on about a certain topic this week I prefer to mention a few gems (ha... no pun intended) from the show this weekend.

Well, for starters, two very intense Tarot readings. It amazes me that I am able t do this with so much accuracy, because I don't consider myself a psychic in the least. When I read cards I don't do that pretty Celtic cross spread you always see in the movies... or that all your newly converted Wiccan friends do while they read the meaning of every card from the instructions that came with the deck. That's how I used to do it back when I first started as a teenager. But we all have to start somewhere.

It isn't the meaning of each card individually that matters. It's the bigger picture that matters. Every card is affected by the cards surrounding it. And there are millions of combinations.

I plan one day to have the deck is designed printed and use them for readings. When I first made them over a decade ago printing the entire deck would have cost me well over $100. Now it would be a lot more affordable. I really need to get on that. In fact, I will make it a goal to do it before the end of this year. You all can hold me accountable.

So now, since I've rambled on and on about my Tarot cards, it's time for a good story. In all my time doing this it's amazing what customers assume, both about my work and about me. Some of it pi**es me off. A majority of it amuses me. This one really amazed me.

So I keep my Tarot cards in this beautiful wooden box. A long time ago a good friend gave it to me. She used it to store her w**d and she got a new box for that, and noticed my Tarot cards fit perfectly in it, so she gave it to me.

When I do readings at shows, I use that box to hold up my Tarot Readings sign. The sign is literally duct taped to the box. Yes several times at any given show, people will walk up to my table and pick up the box, with the sign taped to it, and ask how much it is.

So at the show this weekend I decided to be a smartass without speaking. I put the tarot sign on the side of the box like I always do. And on top of the box I put another sign that said, "$1500 Yes, for real!" I figured if nothing else it would be an interesting conversation starter.

About half way through day one, this lady and her whole group were at my table looking at stuff and chatting. Several of them were buying as well. And she picked up my box, saw the huge price tag and freaked out. Why did she freak out? Because she thought for that price it must be a Dybuk box. She was scared because she had touched it, etc.

For anyone reading this who doesn't know what a Dybuk box is, there is a longer more complicated legend surrounding them. But in short, they are boxes that have a demon trapped inside.

There are a few out there who are said to be authentic. Zack from Ghost Adventures owns one. There are also several for sale on Ebay, most likely fake.

But I just think it's hilarious that someone actually thought that's what was sitting on my table. And it isn't sealed or anything. Anyone can just take the lid off. I'm flattered that someone thinks I'm that brave. I would never chance owning something like that, let alone display it in a public venue where people can just walk up and open it up.

This was hands down the most interesting question I have ever gotten from a customer, hands down. If anyone asks it again,I might just tell them yes. *evil laugh.*

In old school blogger fashion, current music:

No WIPS were given love this week... because I was busting ass getting ready for the show. However, these two paintings found their forever homes. :)

So hello again everyone.  First off I want to apologize for not posting a weekly update last weekend.  I was at a show w...

So hello again everyone. First off I want to apologize for not posting a weekly update last weekend. I was at a show working all day and there just wasn’t time for it after. And this one is going up a day late because of some technical issues. Also, I know I intended to keep these updates positive, but lately something has been weighing pretty heavy on my mind. In short, the issue is gender bias.

I am not a feminist, ok. This isn’t going to be some whiny rant from a keyboard warrior about being oh so oppressed. I’m not oppressed. I own a home, run a business, and still find time to work a day job. Plus I’ve traveled to Europe multiple times, etc. These are things an oppressed person would have a hard time pulling off, especially all on their own.

I used to think my situation was unique, until I started seeing other female artists/vendors posting about similar issues. I vend at a lot of festivals/art shows, and I am in a relationship with another vendor (male.) We both run separate companies. We were both doing this long before getting together. But so often, people just assume without even talking to me, that he is the brains behind the entire operation and that I am just his helper. I am not eye candy. I am not ornamental. I am there working just as hard as he is. I guess a lot of people just miss the banners above both of our booths with two different company names on them.

Recently we signed up for a show this spring. The limit is two spaces per vendor. Well, him and I planned to get three spaces between the two of us. We were each going to take one and then split the 3rd down the middle. The spaces are really small. Neither of us can fit all of our awesomeness in such a tiny space. So this was our solution. The problem… the organizer wouldn’t let us do this on grounds that we were breaking the rules, only two spaces per vendor. When it was pointed out that we are two vendors, she still wouldn’t budge. When told that I am my own independent entity with my own company… she still wouldn’t budge. So now we both are stuck trying to cram as much as we can into these tiny spaces.

This is actually a nice segue into the next thing I wanted to write about… Facebook friend requests. I know a lot of people are thinking, “Oh, but it’s just Facebook. Who cares?” Well, I care. I don’t just use Facebook as a place for socialization. (And really, no one does, because Facebook is actually killing real human socialization… but that’s a whole different post altogether.) I also use Facebook to promote and advertise my business, as well as network with other vendors, organizers, coordinators, etc. It’s kind of hard to do that when they won’t except my friend requests. We did a show last December where the organizer talked to both of us on and off throughout the day. And it was actually me she first approached and invited to do the show when I had the booth next to her last July in Chicago. Boyfriend sends her a friend request, accepted. I send her a friend request, denied. (And the reason I said this was a nice segue is because this is the same woman who couldn’t understand that I have my own company and wouldn’t give us three spaces. Some of the men in my life have told me that if that’s how it’s going to be than I should just deal with it. Well I don’t see why I should have to. My boyfriend being friends on Facebook with all the organizers and well known people in the scene means more recognition for his business, more invitations to events, etc, and none of that for me, even though I’ve had the same interactions with all these people, and I work just as hard. A lot of these people also tag his business in posts but don’t tag mine, even though I was there and spoke to them too.

We both also buy a lot of inventory from this one supplier (female. We both have been buying from her for about a year. Between the two of us we have probably given this woman thousands of dollars. We are both loyal customers. We both pay on time. We both have a friendly professional relationship with her. Yet, his friend request... accepted. Mine... denied. It has been suggested that she just didn't realize who I was when I sent it. I don't know maybe... Just seems odd to me. If I had someone buying paintings from me at least once a month I think I would remember who they are when I see them on Facebook. Idk...

This has happened probably a dozen times. Him and I meet someone through some business related function, at the same time. We both send friend requests. They accept his and deny mine. I have talked about this recently and been told, “Yea, but if they’ve known him for a long time they aren’t obligated to accept a request from you just because you’re dating him.” That’s true… but these aren’t people who have known him for a long time. They are people we both talked to for maybe all of ten minutes at a show.

At events where our booths are side by side, I have had people take something from my table and then run over to him to pay for it. I have had people ask me a question about MY OWN inventory, and then when I answer, they have said, “Well, let me go ask him just so I know for sure.” When this happens I have to smile politely, ignore my boiling blood, and explain to them that it’s MY inventory they are asking about. I think I know about my inventory enough to answer questions, especially since you know… I made most of it and all.

I also get people assuming he painted all of my paintings. I will be sitting in my booth, surrounded by all my paintings and prints, and then have people take a look around without even acknowledging me, and then walk over to his booth to tell him his paintings are beautiful. I am sure none of these people are being malicious. But Jesus, it’s infuriating. Maybe I have a thin skin, idk. But when I work hard on something and then he basically gets credit for no reason other than being male, that really pi**es me off. And he always lets them know who the artist is. At that point most of them don’t come up to me and say my work is beautiful, etc. Most of them just acknowledge the mistake they made (to him) and walk away.

I had someone at a show last fall come up to me and ask how he (my boyfriend) did this weekend. And then turn around and ask my assistant the same question. They just assumed that I was just there to sit around and look pretty, I guess.

I am aware this is coming across really ranty and angry. But this issue does make me angry. It sucks feeling invisible while running my own company. I deal with this s**t all day at my day job (85% male workforce, male dominated field, male run company, etc) I don’t need with it at my own company too.

And the really messed up thing is… it’s not men doing this. It’s other women. Come on ladies… get with the program please. This is 2019 for Christ’s sake. Do you think we are stuck in the 50s and I should just be freshening my makeup and sitting properly off to the side while my man does all the real work? I wonder how many women who have treated me this way are the same types who whine about female equality and drink lattes from Male Tears mugs. Wouldn’t that be funny?

So, in old school blogger fashion, current music: Saturday Night by the Misfits.

As far asthe WIPs that got love this week, well, two WIPS got so much love that they are no longer WIPs. Both commissions. I love it when my clients come up with really cool ideas like this.

Well, it's Sunday and I'm back for another weekly update.  It was hard to think of a topic for this week.  While the iss...

Well, it's Sunday and I'm back for another weekly update.

It was hard to think of a topic for this week. While the issue of gender bias in the business world has been on my mind of late, I decided to shelf that idea for now. Why? Because I don't want to make these weekly updates into weekly bitchfests. Being female, gender bias is something that has affected me both as a business owner and at my day job where I am just a peon.

One of my ultimate aspirations is to one day quit the day job and do this full time. Here's to hoping.

For this week I chose random acts of kindness as my topic. Why? Because last night I was out at my favorite bar and grill place enjoying some chicken tenders and a Sam Adams, and some woman randomly approached me and told me my hair is so beautiful she wants to cut it off and take it for herself. When I told her it was to my waist and I just cut about 6 inches off she was like, "Oh my God, why would you do that!?"

This may not seem like a big deal to a lot of people, but it was huge for me because that kind of thing NEVER happens to me. The only person who compliments me is my boyfriend. (And if you're reading this love, I appreciate it.) This naturally curly mop on my head got me bulled in school and was rumored to be full of lice and not combed in months. I never had lice in school and my hair was combed daily. As an adult I've done so much to hide it. So, to be approached by a total stranger who is envious was a completely different experience.

Random acts of kindness... even a few nice words to someone can change their day.

A few years ago I started carrying a square of post its in my pocket with nice things written on them. I started sticking them on bathroom mirrors in public restrooms, I even put some on vending machines and other places where they are likely to be seen. I started doing this during a really dark time in my life. We often give what we want to receive, whether we admit it or not. I was throwing random love into the universe in hopes that one day I would get some back. Maybe what I was doing was actually selfish. But when things got better, I kept doing it.

I have wondered what impact my post its have had on lives. I caught a glimpse once. I was out to lunch with some of my friends a while back, and I put a post it on the bathroom mirror that said, "You are an amazing person." As we were about to leave one of my friends went to use the bathroom and came out crying with that post it in her hand. It was what she needed to hear.

People say the more abundant the blessings, the more we forget to pray. I don't pray. I don't ask some invisible man living in the sky for spacial favors under the delusion that I have some special relationship with him. Instead, I choose to believe there is a collective consciousness and we are all connected. I have felt this connections during Shamanic ceremonies on the other side of the world. People don't realize everything we do affects humanity.

The more abundant the blessings... Right now my blessings are pretty abundant... and I've been slacking off. I even have the post its in my coat pocket, blank and untouched. That will change today.

Life sucks for most people. Think about all the major religions in the world. The central message is pretty much the same in all of them, "Don't be a dick." Being kind to others is taking it a little further than just not being a dick, but I think everyone is capable of it. Our actions send out ripples like ripples in a pond. Better to send out positive ripples than negative ripples.

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WIPS that were given love this week:

The Sacred AwakeningMixed Media on Canvas16 x 20SOLD

The Sacred Awakening
Mixed Media on Canvas
16 x 20


Just got a pretty large shipment of shiny.


Just got a new shipment of shiny.

Finished Work

Finished Work

Well, here I am with a glass of red wine sitting next to me, ready for this week's update.  I am actually pretty proud o...

Well, here I am with a glass of red wine sitting next to me, ready for this week's update. I am actually pretty proud of myself for keeping this up like I have. I am bad about not always sticking to things.

This week I celebrated the nine year anniversary of smoking my last cigarette. I was once asked to write a short essay about my biggest regret when I was in college. Mine was that I started smoking. I would think about my ideal self, and the first thought I had was that my ideal self is a non smoker. I both loved and hated my habit.

I smoked black clove ci******es that came in a beautiful black pack with a silver lace pattern on it... because I was SO Goth. They were a fashion accessory. They went great with my black eyeliner and Kombat boots.

People don't understand how strong ni****ne addiction really is. I could go about two hours before I would literally start to shake if I didn't get some of that good poison into my system.

One thing I had a serious problem with back then, and even now, was/is the social consequences of being a smoker. In the early 2000s I remember a series of ads that were geared toward both making smokers feel like s**t about themselves, and telling other people that it's socially acceptable to be a total jerk to smokers.

It is pretty standard to allow college students a break in the middle of classes. (At least it was when I was in college, don't know about now.) At break time all the smokers would pull out their ci******es and head for the door. I had one professor who used to always rag on the smokers for smoking at break. She would talk about how it's so disgusting, etc... in front of the whole class.

A former employer of mine didn't allow employees to smoke on the property. So the spot we all went to was known as the smoking hill. We had to walk up this huge hill (which was on the property) to the sidewalk at the top, which is city property, and there we could smoke. Well, it was brought up at an employee meeting once that the hill was so full of snow and ice that it was hard to get up and down it without falling. The VP of the company said, "If you're going to smoke, you deserve to fall and hurt yourself." I can't get over the lack of professionalism. And we also had this guy there who was a non smoker, who would come outside on break just to stand on the hill and bother the smokers. He threatened to bring photos of cancerous lungs to show us, etc. Ridiculous.

If anyone reading this treats smokers this way, please stop. Shaming them isn't going to make them quit. (If anything it's just going to p**s them off, stress them out and make them want to smoke more.) They know it's bad for them. They know it stinks. They know it's gross. Most of them want to quit. They're addicted. They will quit when they're ready. Smoking doesn't make someone a bad person. We all have our vices. Back off.

You may want to use the age old argument that second hand smoke kills. Welp, there isn't much data backing that up. It was something that started in the 80s to get people to stop.

I fell like I should tell everyone that it is not my intention to make all of these Sunday night updates into rants about things that annoy me. They are based on what happens throughout the week. Something happened this week that made me reflect on my time as a smoker.

On a more positive note, I bought a painting from an artist who's work I absolutely love this week. And it is my favorite painting of his. I will post pics when It gets here.

And now, the one and only WIP that got some love this week. I keep wanting to call it Lucifer because I love angelic representations of Lucifer. I was talking with my other half earlier about it, and told him I am hesitant because it might make someone not want to buy it. And he, genius that he is said, "Or it would make the right person fall in love with it." He's right. It's the only thing I worked on this week... currently about 95% complete.

In old school blogger fashion... current music: Mind.In.a.Box: Lightforce

So hello all, back for another weekly update.  I want to make these a habit from now on.  I am a very introverted person...

So hello all, back for another weekly update. I want to make these a habit from now on. I am a very introverted person and one problem I have is that I just don't engage with my customers enough. When I was younger I was teased about being such a chatterbox and being so annoying. So overtime I came to the conclusion that being chatty is an undesirable trait. So, I made the conscious decision to shut up and listen. This, unfortunately, can work to the great disadvantage of a business owner.

So anyway, this week I wanted to take a minute to write about things you shouldn't say to an artist. There may be a few more "Things you shouldn't say..." posts in the future, as I've thought about this a lot. Things you shouldn't say to a visually impaired person... Things you shouldn't say to an overweight person... etc.

First thing... "Can you do something for me for free?"

No, I can't. DO you do your job for free? Why should I offer my time, talent, resources to you for free? Especially when I could be working for an actual paying customer.

Can you do xyz for me for exposure?

This is almost as bad as the first one.

No, I can't. Exposure doesn't pay my bills.

And this is the one that actually inspired this topic. Something I heard earlier this week: "Is that drawn from a pre-made pattern, or is it paint by number?"

This is just as bad as "Did you trace that?"

Idk... maybe some people would, but I have a little more integrity that that. I wouldn't sell paint by numbers as original art. That is just tacky.

And one of my biggest pet peeves is when people just assume negative things about me. That's about the most negative thing you can assume about an artist,

I know there are other things that could be added to this list. But I'm including the ones I have heard the most, and trying to not make this post a novel.

One question I get a lot that I actually don't mind though, is "Were you on drugs when you painted that?" I just always find that one amusing. I can see why people would think so, given the style of my work.

In old school blogger fashion... Current music : Mazzy Star, Into Dust

Works in progress that were given love this week:

Just thought I would share some things that inspired me today.  We had an awesome storm here.

Just thought I would share some things that inspired me today. We had an awesome storm here.

Tool - Lateralus (HD Lyrics)

Hello there all,

I know this is a bit late, but I feel it's appropriate. 2018 was a challenging year, both for TK and for the girl in charge.

This was a year of releasing new product lines, some successful, some not. Exploring new mediums, evolution of art styles, record breaking shows, travel to multiple states, blood, sweat, tears (literally) and the consumption of lots and lots of wine.

I nursed a torn Achilles tendon, spent the first three months of the year in a giant walking boot, lost weight, and battled some pretty awful demons last year.

I went from being the one who is begging to get into shows, to the one that shows are approaching and inviting in. My booth went from being the s**tty booth at the show with the falling apart tent, to the booth everyone wants to walk into. I've created my own atmosphere within my space and people feel comfortable there.

My lover/best friend/colleague and I tried a lot of new shows last year, a lot of them flopped. But we also discovered a few gems along the way. (Ha... no pun intended.) This year's calendar of events is not as full as last year's. But we are sticking to high quality shows and having a stricter criteria for what new shows we try.

2019 will be a great year. I can feel a shift in the air around me. We spent a lot of this past weekend brainstorming about upcoming things we want to do, including revamping our workspaces. This year we will be doing shows in four different states

When I started this little business I never though things would go this well. I could say cliche' things like, "Oh, I'm so blessed!" But it's not blessings that got me here. It's working damn hard and being disciplined. The world is full of talkers, but very few people are doers. To all those reading this... think about the thing you really want to do but haven't yet. Then ask yourself what is stopping you.

Remember, we are what we've been waiting for.

In true old school blogger fashion, Currently listening to:

Artist: Tool Album: Lateralus (2001) Track: 9 This is one of the best tracks by Tool, very inspirational. It has many connections with the Fibonacci Sequence...

We have a banner!  Things just got real!  :D

We have a banner! Things just got real! :D

The TK booth was looking smashing at Oddities Chicago!

The TK booth was looking smashing at Oddities Chicago!

Submissions for a cover art contest.  :)

Submissions for a cover art contest. :)

Latest painting, completed last night.  I will have several new paintings and prints this year at Cleveland Pagan Pride ...

Latest painting, completed last night. I will have several new paintings and prints this year at Cleveland Pagan Pride Day. Stop and see me!

Finished Work

Finished Work

Misc. Commissions

Misc. Commissions


Unboxing new inventory for this weekend. :)

Finished this commission tonight.  Now there is another spot available in the queue.  I will paint anything you want! :)

Finished this commission tonight. Now there is another spot available in the queue. I will paint anything you want! :)


New inventory...

Tinkering with a new style.

Tinkering with a new style.

It's official, fluid art is now part of TK's inventory.

It's official, fluid art is now part of TK's inventory.


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