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Scotty Kilwein page Scotty Kilwein is a Piano Player/Singer. He's performed at Jellyrolls Dueling Pianos at Walt Disney

Palpals,Have any of you claimed your Facebook TOP FAN badge?If so, I've got a special gift for you!!!  Please click this...


Have any of you claimed your Facebook TOP FAN badge?

If so, I've got a special gift for you!!!

Please click this link ( ) fill the form, and I'll mail you an official Palpal Top Fan Badge. (While supplies last)

p.s. I miss you guys!!! 💛


Hurricane Hunkerdown- September 28, 2022


I’m hoping all of our Florida PalPals are staying safe in this weather. 💛💛💛

If we still have power at 8:00 pm, I might do a livestream. How does that sound???

Miss you guys!!!

When I was a kid, I’d say “one day, I want to work at Disney World.”  And as I got a little bit older, that changed into...

When I was a kid, I’d say “one day, I want to work at Disney World.” And as I got a little bit older, that changed into “one day, I want to be a rockstar!” Since May 2002, Jellyrolls has allowed me to… somehow… realize both of those dreams!

Last night, at midnight, I was surprised and honored by the Jellyrolls management, congratulating me on my 20 years of service to Jellyrolls at WDW. I’ve had the privilege to perform 4099 nights on that stage… the stage I call my home.

I am tremendously grateful to have shared the stage with such wildly-talented and dedicated musicians over the years; I learned so much from them.

I am tremendously grateful for the countless friendships that’ve formed within the walls of Jellyrolls; my wonderful coworkers as well as the many guests I’ve gotten to know personally through the years. (Most notably, I am tremendously grateful to have met one particular Jellyrolls guest back in 2003, who became Mrs. Kilwein!)

I am tremendously grateful for the opportunity to live out one of my dad’s notable-quotables… “Make your vocation your avocation.” I am so lucky to be able to say “I love my job.”

I am tremendously grateful for the opportunities, the memories, and the friendships of the past 20 years! 🌀




What are you doing tonight at 9:00pm EST?

(… and what color are you wearing?)


Tomorrow marks 2 years since our very first Lockdown Livestream. I’ve been thinking back on the feelings we had in March 2020; the fears, the uncertainty, the struggles, the loss.

And as I relive those feelings, I’m quickly reminded of the beautiful gifts that sprang from those dark days; the camaraderie, the friendships, the laughs, the happy tears, the medical advancements, the songs… the time together.

I miss you all so much, and I miss our music time together. I’ve been tremendously grateful to those of you who’ve taken the time to come see me perform in person; it’s so wonderful to be back doing what I love. I love seeing your faces (and PalPal gear)!

I’m hoping to stream again soon. But until then, remember to take care of yourself and your loved ones, do something awesome for somebody, and take your vitamins!

Love you guys!

Here’s a fun activity!!!!Hi PalPals!  It's time for a PalPal Name That Song Emoji Challenge.  But you are not listening ...
PalPal Name That Song Emoji Challenge Answer Sheet

Here’s a fun activity!!!!

Hi PalPals! It's time for a PalPal Name That Song Emoji Challenge. But you are not listening to a song and sharing emojis that go with the song like we did during livestreams. In the video link below you will see 8 different emoji combinations that represent a song title. If you know the song, write It down and add it to the Google Form Answer Sheet (link in this post). Please do not post your answers on the FB page or send them to me in a message!


1) One entry per person. If you have multiple email addresses choose one to use to enter the contest.

2) Answers must be submitted by 11:59 PM on Friday, January 21 through the Google Form link below.

3) Answers and winners will be revealed the week of January 24th. More specific details will be coming soon!

4) In the event of a tie for the most points (and I'm sure we will have many) , those names will be entered into a drawing and 3 winners will be chosen. I am not sharing what the prizes are but I did add a picture of the design on the prizes and I think they're awesome! 🙂

5) If you decide to participate, you can share the fact that you participated in the contest on the FB page but do not share your answers! Think of it like when you share you voted but you don't share who you voted for. 🙂

6) You must have fun! While yes there are prizes (because you have to have prizes), this is for fun and something we can all participate in together!


1) Watch this video. Have something available to write your answers on.

2) Use this Google Form link to submit your answers.

3) Sit back and wait to hear the answers and winners!

After you watch the video, use this form to submit your answers. I included a picture of each set of emojis so you didn't have to refer back to the video if you need to see it again. Answers will be accepted until 11:59 on Friday, January 21. At that time, I will check to see who got the most points...


Merry Christmas to PalPals, every one! I miss you guys so much!
I hope you all have a blessed and peaceful Christmas filled with joy and smiles.
And maybe this The Kilwein Family Tree-O video will bring you a smile today.


Guys, I miss PalPal time so much!!! But it has been a wonderful treat to see so many of you in person the last couple of months!

I could never adequately thank you each for all the encouragement and support you’ve shown my family and me. May this holiday season bring you joy and happy memories, and may 2022 be a year full of love and countless blessings.

It’s been 578 days since my last performance on stage at Jellyrolls.  But tonight, I am excited, honored and humbled to ...

It’s been 578 days since my last performance on stage at Jellyrolls. But tonight, I am excited, honored and humbled to get back up on stage as we celebrate Jellyrolls grand reopening!!!

I think of the multitude of wonderful memories so many people (from all over the world) have shared in that one special room since Jellyrolls opened in 1996. And I hold closely in my heart the great friends and memories I’ve made there since I took my first step into that one special room in 2002… too many to count.

I look forward to the countless moments, memories and friendships that will be made in that one special room in the years to come!

Come have a drink, sing along, and let’s make some memories!


Final Livestream 10/01/2021


Tonight will be my FINAL Lockdown Livestream. It’s been a joy and an honor to virtually share SOnGS & SMiLES with so many wonderful friends!




















I’m SUPER excited to share some good news…

Maybe at 9:30pm EST Friday Night!


Unplugged 09-08-2021






























Winter Garden, FL



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I came across this on YouTube. Used to watch it on VHS all the time as a kid! I figured some PalPals would enjoy it too!
Funny story that I thought y'all would appreciate for KazooZaPalooza Night...I was stopped at Security at Magic Kingdom last week and they asked me to take a few things out of my bag!!! As the security guard looked through my bag, he said, "Would you please remove your...kazoo???" We laughed and he said he's seen some weird things in people's bags, but never a kazoo!!! Turns out I never took my PalPal Kazoo out of my bag from the first Scotty Kilwein Live Concert in Clearwater that I attended!!! But if a kazoo-worthy song comes on, I'm always prepared!!! lol

Scotty, do you know Friday on My Mind? Great song!
Look what I found in my collection last night! Scotty Kilwein - what year was this from? And since not all people are on all pages, I will post on Scotty Kilwein Page, Scotty's PalPal group, and Fans in Support of Scotty.
I think we need Love Shack and When Doves Cry for the 80's show!
Couldn’t share this in the comments... My 6 week old (today) has her hands and feet just kicking back and forth listening to you live!
So... Kyra LOVEs listening to you before bedtime..... but she also said that I still do "you are my sunshine" better than you HAHAH!

The words of 7 year olds. I think it just has something to do because I'm the mom & you're not.
Wonderful show tonight with Rob!
First the Lockdown Live Streams, now Give Kids The World!
With over 5 thousand raised and counting
Scotty is one of the most generous people on the face of this earth!
Hope all the PayPal’s are tuning in!
Ok everybody so here’s the explanation of sneaky Dickens straight from sunny Philadelphia on this lovely Wednesday evening. Enjoy! Scotty thank you as always for providing ongoing entertainment during these times! You are appreciated! Pics in next post since you can’t do video and pic together!
Project #2, side #2 (side #1 is a separate post).
Hi, Scotty. Project #2 is complete. Started with a plain muslin tote bag and this is the end result after embellishment! Here is side #1 (side #2 will be a separate post). As before, feel free to post on Instagram or wherever.
PS - “Bonus point” to those who can tell what the music is!