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Art: Sunny Side Up UPDATE: our conference has been postponed for now. We want to make sure we provide you with the best

This event has evolved into a small & local business advocate. We support local makers and crafters, and give them a platform to introduce and fulfill their business plan. We are currently planning a 2015 Small Business Conference in West Palm Beach, and incorporating it with amazing keynote speakers, workshops, Q&A panels, networking conniptions and more! Stay tune to our site and make sure you c

heck back often to find out the latest, and the dates for the event:


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The One Sign You Love Your Job | Brian de Haaff | LinkedIn

There's something to say about the love for your work... Are you being distracted by things that take you away from your true passion? Don't let that happen. Focus your energy on what you love to do and make it the reason why you get up in the morning. Great read from this article.

Brian de HaaffFounder and CEO Aha! -- world's #1 product roadmap softwareFollowUnfollowFollowingLoadingThe One Sign You Love Your JobJan 11, 20151,130Views46Likes7CommentsShare on LinkedInShare on FacebookShare on Google PlusShare on TwitterYou don't hear the words love and work together very often…


Keep your spirits up! You got this!

We're already halfway through the week. As entrepreneurs, you make the impossible happen each and every day, and for that we salute you! As Walt Disney used to say... "It's kind of fun to do the impossible," and we can't help but agree. We wish a great rest of your week for you and your business :)


National Entrepreneur Center

Every entrepreneur has an "Ah Ha!" moment when they realize their true calling and business idea... what was yours? We love this Funders and Founders infographic detailing when some famous founders got their breakthrough. Check out the full version here:


Well said!

, entrepreneurs!! What did not go right this week? Now, what did you learn from it? There-- now it wasn't such a setback because you learned something...! Have a wonderful weekend :)


It's not always easy to do but having a great support system is key in anyone's business.


It makes sense. Do you live for your passion? ---Mondays are pretty fabulous days, when you really think about it.

HuffPost Life

That's right!

"Anything's possible if you've got enough nerve." -JK Rowling

Top 10 2014 TED Talks for Entrepreneurs

Great reads for all type of entrepreneurs. Always keep your mind open to learn.

Bill Gates, Edward Snowden, Larry Page and the inventor of the World Wide Web converged on the year's hottest topics.


And... Have a great weekend!


It's yours if you want it. Make your belief that anything you put your mind to will be accomplished.


This JUST makes sense.
Don't you agree? :)

Half-way through the week... remember to keep your energy, dedication and focus up so that the results aren't only half-way by the time it's the weekend :)


It's always better to press forward even if you don't feel like it. Never stand still. Others that are following this will run you right over.


It's true. Let's change our perspective and see those results. No better feeling than that of progress.

New week ahead, entrepreneurs! What innovative new approach will you be applying to a problem, big or small, you face with your business? Have a great week, and enjoy some inspiration from an original innovator, Mr. Albert Einstein himself! :)


Take chances. Take risks. These pay off. Your dreams are worth it. Promise.


Go get'em! Don't let anything hold you back from achieving your goals. Happy Weekend!


Walt Disney is one of my favorite inspirations. Imagine for moment what Walt Disney went through and how much opposition he may have faced in his pursuit of his dreams. And yet, his empire reached a level no one could have imagined. Mr. Disney goes down in entrepenurial history.


Don't look back. That's the place your leaving behind. The good. The bad. And you're looking forward. To new experiences. To new teachings and skills. To a new chapter. Embrace the road ahead of you... And the one for your business.


Ain't that the truth! Be the best YOU out there! #


Has anyone told today how awesome you are? Well... You're awesome!



Business development? We couldn't agree more! It's coming 2015! Can't wait!


You have potential... Get to it! #2015




Hard work has no substitute. Hard work always pays off.


Have a fantastic Friday, everyone! We're 365 days away from the conference date. The countdown starts now! Are you ready? #365


"Always remember to fall asleep with a dream & wake up with a purpose." You have it in you.


Our Expo website has been updated with the latest information and application. Visit to find out more! We're are just over 1 year until the big day! Stay tuned!

This event serves the intent to bring awareness to small & local business in our local community, while giving a place for , start-ups, small & local business owners to work and connect with like minded people and get involved in their community. OH. YEAH.


"Dreams don't work unless you do". Make everyday a good day!


" I can and I will.
Watch me."


So here is our CALL FOR SPEAKERS...
We're constantly on the lookout for new speakers and topic ideas. Our goal with this event is to deliver helpful, practical, real-world information to small business owners. Are you the speaker we seek?

We welcoming all, but have only limited spaces for speakers. Send us your proposal to [email protected] for consideration. Thanks!


Sunny Side Up is super EXCITED!
We're live and kicking!!! The website, that is!
Information is being updated as we go, but here you'll find the event details, location, and schedule thus far.

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We're live and kicking!!! The website, that is!
Information is being updated as we go, but here you'll find the event details, location, and schedule thus far.

Sign up for the newsletter to be the first to know about everything to do with Art: Sunny Side Up Conference+Expo.

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