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Oregon Grotto Cave exploration around Oregon And Washington. 3RD FRIDAY AT ROUND TABLE. SEE WWW.OREGONGROTTO.COM FOR DETAILS


Oregon Grotto Meeting March 18th at Round Table 8pm. See website for details.


Oregon Grotto meeting back at Round Table starting Aug. 20, 2021 at 8pm. See website.


February we lost two long time Oregon Grotto members since 1964. Jo Larson and Jim Nieland. Special newsletters will be put out on each of them.

Just a note meetings at this time are subject to change and be cancelled. At this time no meetings at Round Table. Sept....

Just a note meetings at this time are subject to change and be cancelled. At this time no meetings at Round Table. Sept. Meeting is being set up in someone back yard at 7pm 3rd Friday in Vancouver. Will try and get on website soon.

Oregon Cavemen at Oregon caves.

Oregon Cavemen at Oregon caves.

Bats Washington cave.

Bats Washington cave.


OREGON GROTTO MEETING IS CANCELLED AT THIS TIME, unless someone is willing to host it. 3/20/2020

Christmas Canyon Cave

Christmas Canyon Cave




Oregon Grotto Meeting will be moved to a different place for Aug. and Sept. Details soon and check website.


Oregon Grotto meeting today. See website for details.

Sawmill Site cave

Sawmill Site cave



NCA 2019 Redmond Oregon Labor day weekend, lots of caves to see like the one below. Ice covered floor.

NCA 2019 Redmond Oregon Labor day weekend, lots of caves to see like the one below. Ice covered floor.

Prince Albert cave

Prince Albert cave

Red Cave System

Red Cave System

http://www.lulu.com/shop/kim-luper/trout-lake-caves-f-o/paperback/product-23874738.html  I put out part two. I will have...

http://www.lulu.com/shop/kim-luper/trout-lake-caves-f-o/paperback/product-23874738.html I put out part two. I will have to make two minor changes. A duplicate picture and one last minute map not in order, but close. If you can't wait go ahead and get your copy. I'm no expert at this, but all the information is there with lots of old and new photos and maps thanks from many caves that helped. Ahrlin, Claude Koch, Garry Petrie. And the collections of cave data from William Halliday, Charlie Larson, Jim Nieland and more. If you find errors or additions let me know so I can add to final part 3.

Buy Trout Lake Caves F - O by Kim Luper (Paperback) online at Lulu. Visit the Lulu Marketplace for product details, ratings, and reviews.

Planning for 2019 regionals.

Planning for 2019 regionals.


Pillars of Fire trip is on this weekend plus many more caves. Meet Trout Lake store 10AM both days. Some snow Friday night to early Saturday morning then warming up to rain in afternoon.


Parkdale cave


1979 Fortymile cave of Jim Nieland


Library password has been change a little early for 2018.

If you have paid your dues for 2018 Richard or I will send you a new password.

Lots of new and old stuff will be added to library soon and hopefully every month.

Getting rid has much as possible of paper library to be more digital since with have unlimited storage.


Very Old photo from Oregon Caves.


One think about doing this book is there are always updates. So everyone who gets a copy will also get link so they can see all updates. Trout Lake area is a very large area and new caves are being found or dug open all the time.


Started part 2 of Trout Lake Book. Went back to one column to see if it would be easier to add photos.


Have extra copy of this if anybody wants.


Imagine what this could do for Cave mapping

Now you can create interactive 3D experiences that clients will love.


Hell's Canyon maybe next spring 2018.


Trout Lake This weekend. Meet at store 10AM both days.


Caving Labor day weekend. Meet at Trout Lake store 10AM


616 NE 81st Street
Vancouver, WA


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Hi, this is Kathryn, the youth outreach coordinator for Cascade Grotto. For the past several years I have been teaching kids about caving via a mock cave we build out of various materials and set up in school gyms at Science Night events. I am hoping that since some of you cave in Washington that you might be able to help me acquire some photos for the display boards I use at these events. I use these boards primarily to showcase Washington caves and teach people how to cave safely and softly. I found most of the photos I would like to use from Cascade Grotto and Oregon Grotto's websites (I hope it's okay if I copy and print these for these educational purposes), but there are a few more items for which I am searching.

1) In particular, I could use a map of Washington that shows the general area in which most the caves are located. It could be a simple map of Washington with some regions highlighted in a different color or alternately dots that showed how many estimated caves in an area--nothing detailed enough to reveal actual locations, of course. I know we do not have an official statewide survey of caves with all known caves in one depository, but I was hoping that someone has the technical skills to just highlight regions of known caves, preferably color-coded to indicate limestone vs. lava tubes vs. marble, but anything would do to give just a general idea. Can anyone help me with this? I have two more events coming up (May 11 and May 15) and then another one sometime in August.

2) I am also searching for a good cave map of any Washington State cave, ideally that fits on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, and simple enough for a non-caver to get an idea of how to read a cave map. By that I mean, not too technical, not too many passages, a key with a few symbols that they could look for and understand, and large enough print that it can be put on a bulletin board and read from a few feet away (or held up for a visual aid).

3) Third, I also need a good example photo or two of the interiors of a marble cave, a limestone cave, and an ice cave (preferably ones located in Washington or at least the Pacific Northwest) so people can visually see the different between those and lava tubes.

4) Lastly, I have lots of pictures of cave animals, but I could use more that look friendly or cute. The kids had fun searching for the harvestman, scorpion and cave cricket photos that I hid in the cave, but some were creeped out because they are not as cute as other animals. I could some more inviting ones (bats, frogs, salamanders, etc.)

Please contact me at difoxfire at gmail dot com if you can send me anything you think i might find useful. Thanks.
Attention Willamette Valley Grotto and Oregon Grotto cavers! (and OHDG and Cascade Grotto and any other cavers wishing to attend!)

You are invited (with your guest/s) to the combined OG/WVG Christmas Party Friday, November 30 at a very special location!

Our party will be at The Island Cafe on Hayden Island / Jantzen Beach (an island that I-5 touches upon between Portland & Vancouver). The owners of the Cafe have graciously allowed us, again, to use their floating restaurant (now closed for the winter season) for our combined OG/WVG Christmas Party! AND..., this is the same night that Portland's famous Christmas Ships will be performing right in front of the Cafe (just 25' away!). Also, on this night The Christmas ships 'fleets' combine, giving us the biggest show of the season.

We will start the party at 7 pm. This is a Potluck Party. Please bring a dish you can share with the group and please bring serving utensil/s for your dish! Also, bring your own drink. We'll supply paper plates, plastic silverware, cups and napkins.

After you've decided what you can bring - please post it on the WVG and OG Group Servers so that we can all see what's being brought - It'll help prevent overlap of food choices. Also, please don't stress out over your food item - bring something nice, if you can, & post if you can. It's most important for you to show up and join in the fun!!!

The Christmas Ships will go by, roughly, 7:30 - 8:30pm.

And lots of socializing!

We will have a Round Robin gift exchange. Max. price $10 - $15, It would be cool if we could each find 'cave related' gifts but that could be tough so just bring a gift that you feel another person would like to have! (participation in the gift exchange is not mandatory) The official rules for the Round Robin are below.

The Island Cafe
250 NE Tomahawk Island Dr.
Portland OR 97217

islandcafepdx.com https://www.facebook.com/IslandCafePDX/
www.christmasships.org https://www.facebook.com/christmasship.parade/

It is located within McCuddy's Island Marina (same address) - look for the big blue sign "Harbormaster" on the right. (Approx. 8/10ths of a mile East of Chevron / I-5)

Call Chris Wiley with questions 503-380-7740

The Island Cafe is down the ramp then straight ahead to the end.

We hope to see you there!

Chris Wiley & Oscar Bauman
Illustrious Chairpeople of Portland's Awesome Grottos:
The Willamette Valley Grotto and The Oregon Grotto

Anonymous “Round Robin” gift exchange rules

1) Everybody (participants) brings an anonymous wrapped gift less than $10 - 15$?.
2) All gifts are put in a location
3) Everybody draws a number (1 through the total number of people)
4) number one picks a gift and opens it.
5) number 2 picks a gift and opens it OR “steals” the gift already chosen by number 1 (the person whose gift was just stolen then gets to pick another gift or steal from someone else (but not from the person who just stole their gift!)).
6) number 3 picks a gift and opens it OR “steals” a gift already chosen (the person whose gift was just stolen then gets to pick another gift or steal from someone else (but not from the person who just stole their gift)).
7) Etc.
8) After the “last” gift is chosen, the first person gets the opportunity to exchange their gift for any gift that hasn't been frozen.

Note: A gift can only be stolen twice before it's “frozen”!
Last week I had the pleasure of having an extended discussion with the Pacific NW Regional National Cave Rescue Commission (NCRC) director (and USFS Law Enforcement Officer) Eddy Cartaya regarding the sad rigging situation in Dynamited.

Eddy is a stakeholder as the NCRC rep as his feeling is it is only a matter a time before a serious rescue takes place in Dynamited. Therefore he is eager to work with Cascade (and other grottos) to address the rigging situation, make recommendations to the Gifford-Pinchot Forest, and provide, through funds from the NCRC and NSS, materials to improve/fix/remove/whatever the rigging. Eddy is intimately familiar with Dynamited and has witnessed the loose and poorly placed bolts in there.

The NSS and NCRC have funds for these type of projects. The NSS and NCRC also have a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU - a cooperative agreement) with the USFS at the Federal level.

Eddy is going to attend one of the upcoming Dynamited trips during which we will perform an objective assessment of all the rigging points in the cave. We will collectively discuss the situation and provide a report with recommendations that Eddy will deliver to the USFS. We are both eager to see this done *before* next summer.

This is an excellent opportunity for the Grotto to (re)establish a productive relationship with the Forest and make a difference in our local caves. This will be critically important when/if WNS comes to the West coast. (yes I know about the bats we found with Gd) Eddy is also interested in updating the rescue cache and rigging on Cave Ridge, which will be discussed in a separate post.

Finally, it doesn't matter who or when the bad bolts were placed. Who cares. The bottom line is that we have a problem, and we'll solve it together. I invite the Oregon Grotto, the Willamette Valley Grotto, the Oregon High Desert Grotto, and any other interested individuals to take part in this Conservation effort. Details on the upcoming trips will be posted no later than one week before the trips (10/6 and 10/20).

Thank you all for chiming in!
-Daryl Greaser, Vice Chair, Cascade Grotto;
Secretary/Treasurer, Alpine Karst Foundation.
Who are the stakeholders for the (terrible) rigging situation in Dynamited? Let’s solve this problem together.
I was a member of this group in the late 60's early 70's. We met at the Omsi and dined at Shaky's Pizza afterward. In those days I looked through a few of the Lava tubes in the St Helens area and became interested. Found out that a neighbor, Charlie Larson, was big into this. Reading your web site, I learned of his passing, sorry to hear, but surprised to hear he was still around up till last year. My wife and I will be traveling to the Southwest next year and wondered what caves, other than Carlsbad, was down there to see. So I thought the NSS would be the place to look that up. Nice to see the Oregon Grotto is still active. I wish you well, Have a great 2018.
Scotts Cave trip Sunday Sept 17. PM to attend!
songs for jr rangers, volume 1 -- track #5. Check it out!!!