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Interchangeable Parts Cast We're Interchangeable Parts, Tampa Bay's longest running live cast of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show!" Interchangeable Parts has been performing Rocky longer than ant other cast in the Tampa bay area, with theme nights, and special preshows every week a new show and wild event.

Operating as usual

Hell On Heels

Hell On Heels

Typically, around this time of the month, we’d be celebrating with our annual Jingle Hell show. This year is obviously very different.

The Jingle Hell tradition will live on in 2021! 🎄 ⛄️

Happy Holidays!

Hell On Heels

Hell On Heels

Today is your last day of to vote!

Please get out there and please vote if you haven’t already. We’re in a battleground state, your vote is SO important.

No matter what happens in the coming days, do not give up hope. Stand by one another, stand FOR one another, support and love each other, and stay safe.

Today is not an easy day. Anxiety is at an all time high, check in on your friends and loved ones, and please, we urge you to practice self care today and in the days going forward.

No matter what happens, this community stands by you and supports you.


Hell On Heels

Hell On Heels

Real talk time.

Today, we woke up to an uncertain future, today, so many of us are more fearful than ever before of what sits ahead of us. We want to take this time to remind you all, no matter WHAT happens in the coming weeks, months, or years, we stand fiercely with you. This community stands together in its support of all of you, your rights, and your safety, We will stand with you and fight with you.

We implore you, please make it out to the polls and please please vote. It is so important that you do so. We are just about a week away, and your vote can help make a difference.

Below are just a few of our cast members reminding you to vote!

Vote him the f**k OUT!

If you need help voting, reach out, comment!

Huge Rocky Horror Summer Halloween event!(Covid pending of course)

Huge Rocky Horror Summer Halloween event!

(Covid pending of course)

It’s time for our first huge announcement!

We are SO excited to introduce our month long Halloween Extravaganza! Coming to you Summer 2021!

We just couldn’t let Halloween pass us up! We are going to do a total Halloween “re-do” this upcoming summer! We are planning a month long Halloween Rocky Party across multiple venues in the Bay Area! We want you to dress up and party like it’s Halloween, because to us, it will be! Start getting your best Halloween and RHPS costumes ready!

Halloween is such a big thing in the Rocky Horror community, we are just heartbroken to not be able to offer Halloween shows as usual, so we put our heads together and came up with a plan, a new Halloween this year, just slightly warmer. 😉

Venues, contests, and exciting details to be announced!

(This event is planned in hopes that by Summer 2021, we will be able to gather in large groups again. If that is not the case, changes in regards to safety will absolutely be made)

It’s almost time for our party under the stars! We are SO excited for Saturday at Silvermoon Drive In and hope you are t...

It’s almost time for our party under the stars! We are SO excited for Saturday at Silvermoon Drive In and hope you are too!

We want to touch base, since this is happening in the middle of a pandemic, things will be a little different than our typical shows. That is to protect both our cast, crew, and all of you. Please read below.

We ask that you stay distant from other vehicles. We are more than happy for you to sit in your trunk or on a lawn chair, but please, stay by your car, don’t crowd other attendees. We strongly believe in social distancing.

We ask that you wear a mask whenever you’re within 6 feet of anyone that isn’t in your party or when interacting with our cast.

We are hoping to sell some prop bags, but we have some guidelines to those. First and foremost, do NOT leave your trash laying around. It’s a big field, and cleanup will be a lot of work. Keep the mess in your car and toss it in a trash can. Do NOT leave it on the ground.

Prop bags, if sold, will be 1$. In efforts to keep our cast as safe as possible, you must be wearing a mask when ordering a prop bag and exact change only is preferable. If you don’t have exact, we will try to work with you, but this keeps our cast members from handling all sorts of bills and all sorts of germs.

Our cast members will be mostly masked. They will either have on face masks or face shields. If at any point you see unmasked performers, it is because those people are seeing each other on a regular basis. We know masked performances might not be as exciting as normal, but we must protect each other. We promise to return with many many unmasked shows once the world is safe again! Follow and like our page! As soon as we can start shows again, events will be up! We have so many big plans and special announcements, just waiting to figure out some dates! Stay tuned!🙂

We tried to cast based on who is already seeing who, to limit exposure, in that effort, you will see different performers taking on the roles through out the night. We did this con style! We think it will be a lot of fun this way! You may also see some blocking changes, just to make things safer.

While this show is being done differently, we are bringing as much heart and soul to our shows as we normally would. We are coming in with as much energy, and as much pride in this community. We want this to be a chance to have a fun night out. We have all been stuck inside during this pandemic, we want to offer you a chance to get dressed up and celebrate Halloween in a SAFE environment. Safety for both our patrons and our cast is our top priority.

Feel free to dress up and feel free to decorate your car for the event! Let’s make this a night we won’t forget! 🙂

And definitely don’t lick each other, even if Frank thinks it’s a good idea. Way too many germs. 😉

We are so excited for our Drive in show on the 10th!Given the recent development with the state, and Halloween quickly a...

We are so excited for our Drive in show on the 10th!

Given the recent development with the state, and Halloween quickly approaching, we did want to touch base with all of you.

Despite phase 3, for now, in order to keep all of you and our cast safe, we are only doing outdoor shows and it will remain that way through at least Halloween. We are still not ready to jump back into indoor shows, as we do not feel like it would be safe just yet. Our top priority is keeping our community safe.

We are always watching the numbers, and we promise to return to you when it is safe to play once more. We have some very exciting things planned! We just need to set some dates! As soon as it’s safe once more, we will be back!

We can’t wait to see you at the drive in show!

Hell On Heels

Hell On Heels

We miss shows.

We even miss cleaning up at the end of the night.

Enjoy this throwback. Tex (one of our Eddies) scares the hell out of Sam (our director and one of our Riffs).

We can’t wait to see everyone at our drive in show on the 10th for a safe RHPS night out!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadowcasts Fan Club

Want to help grow the national and international Rovky community? Help us grow the community and give a like to the officially unofficial shadowcast fan club! This page helps us as a community connect to our neighbor across the world!

This page is for anyone who likes Shadow Casts who perform The Rocky Horror Picture Show! Have you ever shown up for a midnight showing in your city? You really should! Hopefully we can help lead you in the right direction! ;]

It has come to our attention that people are trying to run a ticket scam on our event page for our drive in show.Please ...

It has come to our attention that people are trying to run a ticket scam on our event page for our drive in show.

Please don’t buy from private online sellers. The only legitimate place to get tickets is from Silvermoon. This seems to be a common scam on Facebook, so never buy from private sellers on Facebook. I’ve seen this with past events of ours, and on other events as well.

The world is a crazy and sh*tty enough place without us being crazy and sh*tty to each other.

If you ever have a question if a source is legitimate, please contact us directly, we don’t want any of you falling victim to scammers.

Also, good news! We learned that there might be some walk ins (drive ins? Lol) spots available the night of the show! Arrive early and you might get lucky! 😉

We can’t wait for our drive in! Please mask up and stay socially distant when on grounds. Your safety and the safety of our cast and crew us our top priority.

See you all on October 10th at our drive in show!

ONLY 5 DAYS LEFT! Free Ticket and goody bag drawing! Info below! Only 5 days left to vote! We need your vote to help us ...

ONLY 5 DAYS LEFT! Free Ticket and goody bag drawing! Info below!

Only 5 days left to vote! We need your vote to help us win Best of the Bay for Best Underground Cinema! Want a chance to win a free ticket to an upcoming show (once we're back to normal performances) AND a free goody bag at the show (we'll have fun things like Rocky stickers, jewelry, among other fun times)!
LIKE and SHARE this post, and comment with a screenshot of your vote! We will enter you into a drawing for a free ticket!

You can vote daily and comment on this post with your daily proof each day for more chances! Added Bonus! If you also invite your friends to like our active page Hell On Heels and send a screenshot of that, we will add your name in 5 additional times for more chances to win! On September 3rd, we will draw a lucky winner! Those who already sent us screenshots will be added to the drawing, the great news is, you can continue to vote and send more screenshots for more chances to win!


Hell On Heels

Hell On Heels

Please join us in wishing a very Happy Birthday to cast member Brittanii Slaughter!

If you’ve been to our show, you most likely have seen Brittanii slaying it as Frank, but she’s also been known to jump into various other roles as well!

Happy Birthday Brittanii! We hope it’s great!

Don’t forget, help Brittanii and the rest of Hell on Heels win a Best of The Bay! Vote daily! Best Underground Cinema!

Photo by Chris Lawyer



It’s Best of the Bay time and we need your daily vote to help us win! If you prove to us that you vote every day from today until voting closes on 9/5, we will give you a free ticket to an upcoming show once Covid is over! You must send us proof you are voting daily! If we have too many submissions, we will enter the names into a hat and make it a contest! We’ll pull several names for free tickets!

Your vote really means the world to us! Help us win Best of the Bay! Vote daily!


Don’t forget to vote daily! Help us become Best of the Bay!

We’ve been nominated for Best of the Bay! Your daily vote means the world to us! Help our cast grow and help us secure the means to build an even better show for you!

Vote-Arts and Entertainment-Best Underground Cinema-The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Hell on Heels

We can’t wait to bring you our first United show under the Hell on Heels cast name! October 10th at Silvermoon Drive in! Tickets go on sale on August 20th!

We’ve been nominated for Creative Loafing Tampa’s Best of the Bay!! We need your vote! Your vote helps us win our second...
Check out The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Hell on Heels.

We’ve been nominated for Creative Loafing Tampa’s Best of the Bay!!

We need your vote! Your vote helps us win our second year of Best of the Bay! Winning Best of the Bay helps us build our cast, book more venues to offer shows closer to wherever you may be, and helps us to build the best show we possibly can!

We’d absolutely adore your vote! Did you know that you can vote once a day?? This is a great way to support your local cast during these crazy times!

Best Underground Cinema Event-
The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Hell on Heels

Vote! Vote! Vote!
❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Creative Loafing's Best of the Bay 2020

It’s time for a big announcement!We’re having a show!!! That’s right! We’re having our first show united until the Hell ...

It’s time for a big announcement!

We’re having a show!!! That’s right! We’re having our first show united until the Hell On Heels name!

We’re partnering up with Silvermoon Drive In to bring you a big Rocky Horror Halloween show!! We’ll be under the stars and scantily dressed!

We’re so excited to have found a way to safely celebrate Halloween with all of you!

Real talk is we don’t know what the rest of our season will look like with covid numbers still increasing. We wanted to make sure the season didn’t pass without a show, and we wanted to make sure that whatever we decided to do, we could do so in a way that protects you and your loved ones.

As it stands, this is our first planned event back! You don’t want to miss this! Make sure to preorder tickets because we do anticipate a sell out!

Event page coming soon! ❤️
October 10th
Location - Silvermoon Drive In
Tickets go on sale August 20th!

Silvermoon presents Tampa Bay's Hell On Heels Shadow Cast for a Howl at the moon event Oct 10 at 10:30. Special Thanks to ARC Towing Service for providing a stage with the awesome trucks!

We have something very special in the works for you! Make sure to like our united page Hell On Heels for a big announcem...

We have something very special in the works for you! Make sure to like our united page Hell On Heels for a big announcement!

Coming soon!

We have a very exciting announcement! It’s a bit of a read, but we promise it’s major. Nothing is more important than co...

We have a very exciting announcement! It’s a bit of a read, but we promise it’s major.

Nothing is more important than community when it comes to Rocky Horror. In order to strengthen that community and provide the best Rocky Horror experience, Interchangeable Parts has decided to entirely merge under the banner of our neighboring Rocky cast, Hell On Heels. The leadership of both casts came together this past weekend to agree to this monumental decision and chart the way for a brighter future.

We decided together to merge under the Hell on Heels name, bylaws, and constitution because it is a cast with a history that still has much left unwritten. Together, under Hell on Heel’s name, we can combine our resources and create an even better show for everyone.

The world is in a crazy place. Live events, theatre, burlesque, and the arts have come to a sudden stop. Our stages have gone dark as we work together to combat this virus. While we leave our metaphorical ghostlights glowing, stages across the world are more quiet now than ever before. We have taken this time to look within. How do we grow our community? How do we nourish our community? How do we make this community the best that it can be? That is what we strive for, and that is what we owe to each and every one of you, patrons and members of that community. We seek to end the divides, bridge the gaps, and form a united Rocky family.

Interchangeable Parts has a very long legacy. There have been ups and downs, and many amazing memories made throughout its history. This may be an end to the name Interchangeable Parts, but it is not an ending to the individuals who have built its shows. At Interchangeable Parts, we look forward to a fresh start with our new friends and family. At Hell on Heels, we welcome IP members who made the unanimous choice to join us. We look forward to getting to know them and providing them a home with us to call their own.

You may see some major changes to the Interchangeable Parts page. However, we promise to honor its history. We are working together to come up with multiple ways to celebrate the history of Interchangeable Parts, and we can’t wait to share that with you. Do you have a memory or photos of the past you want to share? Please message either page or leave a comment below!

Together, we have big plans for the future that we can’t wait to share. We hope you will join us in those plans. If you have not already, please like our united page at Hell on Heels. As we get closer to reopening after Covid, there we will updates on all upcoming shows, and more! If you wish to continue to see us, please come check us out with our new Hell on Heels family!
Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay the uniquely beautiful you that you are.

Welcome to our new family.


Interchangeable Parts, Leadership:
-Michael Scarborough, Director
-Sarah La More, Stage Manager
-Deidra Slaughter, Security Head


The Hell on Heels Leadership Committee:
-Susan Belliveau, Producer
-Sam Burke, Director
-Calvin Mynatt, Assistant Director
-Derek Rosenberg, Assistant Producer
-Grace Smithwick, Secretary
-Patrick Mynatt, Master Technician


13284 66th St N
Saint Petersburg, FL

Opening Hours

Friday 23:00 - 02:00
Saturday 23:30 - 02:30


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Thank you Largo Cultural Center for the sold out show! We had a blast and can't wait for next year!!!
Being part of the cast in Chicago years ago I am SO looking forward to seeing you all perform!