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Keen Eye Creations There are no mistakes in art, only discoveries. I'm Casey. I am an expressive artist. It ranges from jewelry to thrift store makeovers to custom painted jackets.

My work is fueled by my emotions and lived experiences, as well as my sense of humor. That's not all you will find here though, because I also enjoy crafts and making other things that are less serious and metaphorical. I do a bit of everything. I am a mother, and as such, I will showcase a lot of activities that I have done with my kids or things that they have come up with on their own. Occasion

ally I will also host events or classes and groups, which will focus around a singular activity, either expressive arts or something fun that doesn't require as much energy. There will also be resources for mental health and sometimes uncomfortable topics/posts. I will do my best to sensor those things, but I am only human. Thanks for reading. Thanks for supporting. Thanks for stopping by.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Get your copy of The War on Doldrums to enhance your mental wellness practices.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Get your copy of The War on Doldrums to enhance your mental wellness practices.

A journal with a purpose. Aimed toward helping those with too much on their mind. The War on Doldrums features 120, lined, blank journal pages, 20 abstract coloring pages, 21 Zentangle pages, and 16 drawing prompt pages waiting for you to dump all your thoughts, dreams, poems, doodles, and sketch...


I've realized that none of my scheduled posts have posted for the past few weeks 🙃

I will try to catch up. 🖤


Create with me! This week I've chosen to do coloring page 148 and the writing prompt "Right Now." I will be posting mine Thursday at 4pm and I'd love to see your responses and interpretations as well! (I will never post anything you share with me unless you tell me to)
Little reminder: these prompts are an outline or something to help inspire you to express yourself in a new way. I do not expect you to follow them to a T and there is no right or wrong way to respond to them. You'll notice with my responses, it's my interpretation of the prompt in the moment and not always structured.
Happy creating! And if you want to join in on a weekly prompt and activity, The War on Doldrums is available on Amazon. (Its $8.50) you can also find it through the link in my bio.


Prompt: "What does it mean to you to be resilient? Can you give an example of your own resilience? What did you learn from it?"
Page 6*

Resilience is a good trait to have, but sometimes I wonder if it's also part of the reason I struggle so much now. Maybe being less resilient would have allowed me to process my trauma quicker, allowed me to feel the emotions and feelings I had felt sooner. Had I been less resilient in the beginning, would I have to fight so hard now to be present and feel like I'm not just trying to survive? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe it's the one thing that kept me from losing my mind completely. Either way, don't ask me to talk me about it.

This was my journal entry for this prompt. As you can see, I have mixed thoughts about resilience. You can also see that I struggle with talking about things (who doesn't?), mostly because many times when processing I have to break things down into smaller parts, like a poem, and then go back through them to see what I'm actually trying to tell myself. The more I write, the clearer my mind becomes. Then I can verbalize it... My process of creating my personal art pieces is exactly the same.

So what does it mean to you to be resilient? If you would like share, I would love to hear it. If not, I implore you to write about it or create some form of art to represent your thoughts and emotions around it.

The War on Doldrums: A Mental Health Journal and Activity Book. Available Now on Amazon. **Link in bio **


I made a book. A mental health journal and activity book to be more specific. Within it I have curated writing prompts, abstract coloring pages, zentangle templates, and drawing prompts all designed to help you dig deeper or to take a break. It's a safe space to tell your story, learn more about yourself, gain inspiration and clarity, relax, unwind, and create.
Through the month of October I'm going to show you what to expect from The War on Doldrums. Each week I will pick a writing prompt, coloring page, zentangle template, or drawing prompt and share it with you. You'll get to see some of my battles and get an idea as to why this project means so much to me.
The War on Doldrums: A Mental Health Journal and Activity Book is available now on Amazon. **Link in bio**

Thanks for sticking around. I'll see you next week! Remember to check my stories for updates!


This week I made 50+ sets of Halloween themed earrings in three days all in preparation for October 14th, where I'll be setting up for opening day of the Royal Palm Beach Green Market and Bazaar. All the spooky accessories and decor I've been featuring this month will be found there, and a select few will make it into the Etsy shop update at the end of the month!
Thanks so much for the support and for sticking around. Next week I'll announce when the Etsy update will be up, when the tutorial will be available, as well as what the theme will be for October. See you then!

I'm back! It's been some time since I was on FB, but here I am, with a bran new page. What's been going on: ART. Lots of...

I'm back! It's been some time since I was on FB, but here I am, with a bran new page.
What's been going on: ART. Lots of it, but most importantly to catch you up is that I've started doing monthly themes on my Instagram page. This month's theme is Halloween. Enjoy my little thrift store makeover!


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