Return of Ragnarok

Return of Ragnarok Looking for a normal streamer, leave... Im a messed up dude that wants to make you laugh and ask WTF

StoryTelling - Things We Do When We Drink

So I am attemping to doing some while in the . Here is a story where i try to find out if your while looking for some tale do you run with it or abandon ship...

What would you do?
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Cuckhold, Fu**ed up or Just a bit of Fun?

Just a little fun talking about and if it is or just a little fun with your significant other!

Let me know if you have tried or what you think in the comments!! 😍😍😍
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The Eiffel Tower

Sometimes after fu***ng with people so much, they f**k with you back~!

I present to you

How did you lose your ???
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IronMan Vs Thor

Often when we watch movies in the we do not think about who really is the most powerful where it counts!


Who do you think will win the biggest package contest in this battle?!
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Santa Grower or a Shower?

Getting close to that time of year again when we enjoy special times with family and friends, but did you ever wonder if Santa is a Grower or a Shower? I asked the lobby to weigh in and you might be SURPRISED! 😂

Let me know what you are thinking of Santas package in the comments! 📲📲📲
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Captain Marvel VS. Wonder Woman

Captain Marvel VS. Wonder Woman
Who is better in bed and why? The lobby weighs in on the topic.
Please leave you pick in the comments!! Have a good weekend everyone.
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Fav S*x Position - The Female Perspective

Just a little pow wow about s*x positions. You might actually walk away with some more knowledge!

Whats your fav? Leave in the comments!!!
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Skin Flute vs Trombone??

Sometimes this classic joke can still get people! Cheers to the lobby for being cool with it!
**t **t

Special K - Bringing Back the 90s Drug Use!

Have been asking around what is the craziest drugs folks have taken back in the day and how was the experience. My boy here was telling us his night!

What are your fav drugs and why? Leave in the comments...
**t **thappens 😂

Warzone Parenting 101

So we have all been there. When you play with "That Parent of the Year" I def learned way to much about this family dynamic while playing Also started to teaching his kid kid some nice lessons towards the end :)

William Shatner Vs. George Takei?

Here is another addition to my, "Who Would You Rather?" series from the lobby. These really are fun to make and people really are fun with their answers! Play

**t **t

Freddy Mercury Vs. Elliot Page

So I have returned and hope to continue spreading the fun to all my fans! I am focusing now on vs streaming since I already have a full-time job and a fam. I am going to start creating different collections or series with different subjects and this one will start my . Most of the content starts in the lobby and either goes off the rails or like this one just starts to stick! Hope you enjoy and you can check out the full clip over on

**t **t

When Your team is playing warzone while the whole fam is over!

Some of Friday's stream got late and you can always expect morons with what sounds like the whole family over doing straight up regular s**t while playing . This clip demonstrates what we all deal with while playing with the in the gaming community! **t **t


Don Pablitio! Make it happen captain! F**k These Clowns!
**t **t

Crazy Lobby Antics!

Yeah the lobby is always a fun time, but with the new Payload open mic... :) Messing with people just never ends! **t **t

Mature Men at Work...

Sometimes it just gets so boring on a stream that you just need to be a complete 😂 **t

NJ vs NY f**k you!

NJ VS NY. I will alwasy fu***ng kill the c**t that said what he said!
**kcancer **kpeople **kthingsup


Love the random logic that I know what food is... **k **oy

Finding some in the

I encountered some dude that sound like he was part of the and was asking if he was into sacksucking cause he straight up sounded like he was! **kedups**t **t **t *xist **kedups**t

The Lobby is ALWAYS full of fun!

It cool when your team also agrees that someone is annoying in the lobby. The new playlist is great but all the openmic s**t kinda sucks. **t

The New Playlist is . Check it out! 55 Kills

The new playlist in is an absolute killer . and straight up for that all too familiar style of gameplay. I will be playing this playlist all long! Check out only a portion of my kills on first run. Ended with 55. ⚠️

OpenMic Kills

So I am going to start messing around with . Some people love spreading the love after they get killed in such nices ways! Let me know if you would like for me to create more content like this in the future. This is just a taste of some of the s**t I have heard! ⚠️


Someone I was playing with was confused! I love my boys that love c**k!


Burn that **ker alive!


This team wipe was just so easy!! We worked the whole roof to get the s**t done!


Tundra off the ground Team wipe!


Middletown, NJ


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