Modern GEO/ & Ancient ART :115

Modern GEO/ & Ancient ART :115 I use many ways to create a very special-series of drawn images showing Celestial Geometry! It is a Universal Language and science.

I am an Artist, creating diagrams of significant world sites-such as the Great Pyramid of Giza and Stonehenge. I am a person who has always been intrigued by the ancient artform known as Celestial Geometry. I have created assorted images using a series of triangles, circles, squares and lines, even pentagons—and also include significant ways that they overlap. To further describe the purpose of us

ing multi-scale in my images, those are accomplished while either reducing the scale to one-half or by doubling the scale in these displays.KyleB Ewing. Sacred Geometry:
Sacred Geometry is the belief that the fundamental properties of the universe can be quantified into simple shapes and patterns. The ability to see these patterns has been hidden, until the time for a new stage of human evolution and consciousness.

“I DO BELIEVE IT” - THIS DRAWING IS A WAY TO SHOW THE EGYPT PYRAMID - (by drawing the celestial geometry) ,and next asse...

(by drawing the celestial geometry) ,and next assembles into a complex variety of codes into a very complete pattern & diagram:

- I’ve found some very very interesting images by creating many frames and
/w celestial geometry, by using a method of drawing over the past several years! If we could believe it or not, the temple known about as being (the big 1 in Egypt) or it’s Great Pyramid, it has a diagram along with a numbered code and that exists, it’s included as a way to prove the builder(s) had a reason for designing it in the first place and to be seeing it is shown best (in the distances & measurements inside, as cubits are used) and the image is measured with those numbers;
I believed many are used accurately such as 8, 13, 22, 3, 11, 33, 19, 15, 5, 24 & 14…the numbers are representing cubits or a way to count distances - rather precisely too!
The map is created by several assorted figments, some are squares, and circles are used, triangles, rectangles are used too - but each is measured and the figments next arrange into a diagram! This 1 diagram is showing a real map of the very same pyramid when imagining to be looking at it with a side view, it’s this series of images as it’s best shown by a matching map!

- The images are almost amazing in ways that are like magic but nevertheless mathematical too; I’ve taken’ this project to explain to describe the codes for the pyramid, ones’ that do exist ‘since thousand’s of years have gone by already ,or ever since the pyramid was rediscovered after being constructed by someone first, 8,100 years ago; “the belief I have is this”, just as those very same images were most obviously used as an example to just see how the ancients drew this long ago to build the Great Pyramid and a map in order to build the whole site, it’s pyramid along with these figures and are detected as patterns right alongside and with this geometry design!

Yes, take these drawings and just to see and to look at the examples that are here, please..
However, even though I used to draw a lot of these images with markers and drawing tools, the tools used for drafting at home, like with rulers or compass, protractor, T square, decimal circle templates and more, but I used a computer drawing program this time in order to gain more fast results, the images are very amazing +puzzling and rather obvious to be revealing a secret and should be taken to be acknowledged. Yes, we are seeing real codes discovered and recopied over to show the very same sort of thing again - a map that the original builder and design maker of the Egypt pyramid must have used too.

- I do believe that this project is soon to be revealing more hidden and unvisited spaces inside of the walls of the pyramid, yet it’s just in order to hope to see and show unbelievable results within’ it’s real diagram, the Pyramid; yes, it would be very interesting to soon be increasing the amount of information as we are seeing it here, it is by my knowledge and seems important enough to continue to create these images further myself, just into the vast & many projects and I’ll certainly be creating more of these amazing display sets!

Many Images Showing The Pyramid &

Piri Reis Maps :🗺️ These records, some are as old as time itself, or I think it is because of the fact -those sets of ol...

Piri Reis Maps :🗺️

These records, some are as old as time itself, or I think it is because of the fact -those sets of old and mapped territory each were kept in a time period of longer ago than we may have known, those that are called (Peri Reis Maps,) just as each of the maps were handed through by a few historians!

Some of those precious and world maps do exist - also as they do tell us of many ways to contemplate the exact same modern day world we live in, or just as the world globe looked and we could see it here for ourselves’-also as it looked like this in the same precious collections of maps used in a very long time period of ago, and when our same and maps were somehow translated or even kept for over 1 thousand years, even perhaps much ‘longer since or much longer ago. Just as these images are showing several of, or (many unknown and extra continents + land masses) alongside with the many places we see or can see ARE translated by the REAL INFO, (or each where more places still were charted and once, each was completely uncharted in a very very much longer time period of ago!)
.yes, as each with our own eyes we can certainly notice that the older maps are just as real and we are easily convinced by actually seeing the maps of the world, but these are much older than maps known of or by Us, or any maps we do have today.

However I am curious enough as—to be wondering a lot of how old the Piri Reis Series was;) the series of images of maps really are old also, many of these older maps of the world globe are intact to be looked at -as what the globe must had looked like, when many hundreds and even thousands of years ago.

Anyway, it’s amazing, but as I thought enough about the maps as I did at first, I can say to believe that those are real or non fictional material , and each of the maps or records we see here, those as just as we view each and begin to wonder how they existed; I only do wonder about -how old those maps really are..and
“could some of the Piri Reis’ MAPS be much older or even Re-copied as copy’s”, or a few of these, or especially ‘just ‘since the time of the renaissance, because of the fact- it was revealed of a world and earth known for the very first time, or to be round!

Some are, or some were recopied as there are many more of the Piri Reis maps, there are several in which are much older than our timelines are showing us too, and I do tend to believe it.

The Map, it does show Us the old world, yet we are probably quite intrigued and curious as to be knowing the truth or, of just how to wonder -how long ago it was or that the world looked like these maps do those appear to be interesting us, yes, -and where was the real Atlantas at, or according to Piri Reis?

Also, “where is (the most old & lost continent) “or of the myth of Sundaland shown, especially in a maps we see and where is it seen”, “is it on the maps- and where is the rest of the lost continents making an appearance”?, “is it seen too”?


This Is Unbelievable!

“At..the other extreme, is the belief that the numbers have a basis in reality and that the early kings were indeed gods...

“At..the other extreme, is the belief that the numbers have a basis in reality and that the early kings were indeed gods who were capable of living much longer than humans..”

An amazing artifact dating back to ancient Mesopotamia is the Weld-Blundell Prism, currently housed in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. On it is found an enig...

THIS IS AN AMAZING SITE /TEMPLE OF GISAThe Great Pyramid, it has been very deliberately constructed - long long ago, by ...


The Great Pyramid, it has been very deliberately constructed - long long ago, by a builder who did use fractal math and geometry!

Just further, much further within’ these realms of going past the first entry point into the pyramid, (also as we can see to view it) in the images & in these special selection of photos taken’ inside, it is clear for us to view the workings and craftsmanship …a gateway, one that’s called the Hall or Grand Hall leading into the world known - Grand Gallery.

However, I do have a theory of my own that is revealing the true and special meaning just as this pyramid was designed to reveal knowledge of
7.23cm also, which is just the distance measured between the eyes of an individual and any human being had it ,as it is quite typical for us too and to see this evidence - because of the fact we’ve all got the same distance between our eyes (center to center) as measured!

There are many groves shown to exist in this design, also as we see several patterns that were used to build the great pyramid and that shown (rather as 8 grooves or) also as we can just “say” to call each groove a niche! 8 giant and complete niches’ are apparently detected from (floor to ceiling as seen) too and in the many modern diagrams that had shown proportion’s of the inside of the Grand Hall and that led where it’s next entering into the Grand Gallery’ at first entry point, Etc.

Although it’s views are seeming to be showing us advanced and deliberate construction theory’s with fractal geometry & math, had of some advanced architecture +purposes had - but the reality had of seeing this design thousands of years later is entitled to be more mysterious within the inner - realms of that entire place which is approx. (31 feet) and it is that high of a scape called The Grand Hall, just as it’s proportion is massive yes - although built very deliberately and just as I believe to know this entire Pyramid or building as is, it was used as a device & next used for people or perhaps as a way for ancient spectators to enter and to witness a 4th dimension, (or so I’ve heard a lot) as the story’s collect over the past years and of being interested in these theory’s too.


Our History Is -
“Not At All What We Think”

What’s (the AirShip or Warship for)? - It’s only about 3 or 4 atoms ⚛️ thick and they landed it on top of the pyramid! Who were the Grays?

The Spirit Science Hidden Human History Movie ~ Spirit Science 12

Link :

This is very interesting stuff to watch…
Thoth was the one to build the
G. Pyramid just 200 years prior to - the precession of the equinox; the famous Hall Of Records does exist!, & how many thousands of years ago was this happening?

Vid>segment>5 minutes - in length.


A glimpse into this Vid.
So..what were the The Emerald Tablets Of Thoth?


Those Emerald Tablets, those were first written’ in Atlantean writing, meanwhile as those Tablets were being designed to be indestructible and are read since thousand’s of years ago!

What happened to Tablets 11 & 12 though, and where were those hidden? To this very day few have read, located or even translated Tablets’ 11 & 12 yet!

I saw this awhile ago..
Thoth wrote the Emerald Tablets.
In a short



Thousands of triangles are drawn in
1 geometry pattern. It’s begun with 1, next as 4 more triangles are appearing!



The Complex Geometry Of Islamic Design -
I liked this👍🏻
A Segment Of A Video /w Geometry📐

“In Islamic Culture, Geometry Is Everywhere”

Hey, check it out!  IT IS MORE THAN INTERESTING & MATH, IT IS CELESTIAL GEOMETRY❗️  Yes, I’m Kyle Kyle B. I’ve discovere...

Hey, check it out!

Yes, I’m Kyle Kyle B. I’ve discovered a very incomplete image most recently, and it’s shown from some of the very most complex series’ of figments; although it’s usage by me-so far it’s not been looked at closely and, by me-it’s unknown information but I’ll definitely study further into this geometric configuration soon,
also for myself to be fully able to find out what-is so special about it’s celestial geometry.
So far so good, but it’s an very amazing image/ it’s views are showing a star tetrahedron within its scene to be being drawn by 2 completely different pathways, taken and drawn-forth by a series of advanced lines and points in the series. Yes it’s the flower of life and amazing, and in the sights of this newly found geometry point of view-I can see that those lines are tracing a final result with an unknown conclusion, yet that is a special and a brand new find for me-as I’ll need much more time to study it too!



Yes-perhaps, simply by superimposing this same celestial and geometric configuration with an image or project!
It is only possible if used to create the free power with an extreme, necessary and high level of applied science also, unsurpassed and advanced science knowledge to next accomplish such amazing-tech too,
yes-as it may be possible too find free and very much unlimited power sources, someday!
But please realize that to create free energy with geometry, the best choice would be to use-what is called the (Trinity method,) those drawings I’ve seen before which are drawings correctly figured by using 1 measurement-that’s converted next into another series of lines, or by (a 1/2 measurement) & according to the application (of) and by these correct variables (used by numbers,) the necessary math involved and problem solving necessary in order of combining the technology-it would always have to be taken into account with very precise planning involved.

I believe in the Trinity or, as-if it’s truly drawn correctly-yes, some of these sorts of technologies can next be connected into the atmospheric realm' of the planet Earth itself.
The tech. it was first used by Nikola Tesla-knowledge of the 3: to 1: equation; if applied to celestial or any type of sacred geometry though, the same method that is really identical is based on the same fundamentals had of general ways or methods used by Themself-and of some or all of what was proven to be able to be applied- knowledge had, Nikola Tesla Math for example.
That way of thinking, it’s similar as Tesla had possessed many of, or alot of very well planned examples as they developed many inventions in their lifetime to an point of mass accumulating information next classified, so that the ideas on the subject of a bigger dream in this one (1) universal reality-were had and kept secretive until todays dates in at-year 2022! So far however, they Tesla He must have known a lot more about science tech then most anyone, even in the modern day of today-and they’ve drawn up so many ideas and inventions in the past which obviously included alot of designs for ideas and success in creating unlimited power sources and unlimited energy, (sorts of batteries with) all-sorts of ideas in order to apply it’s geometric truths too, for a better future and they’ve literally turned the numbers into celestial math with some of these exactly same matching matrix’s alongside, to prove self working technologies or devices all invented by the same person, science drawn by code that is identical-& is truly sacred geometry.

A lot of the Tesla Math, it shows that Tech. as information drawn into patterns and figments such as circles, and lines on matching points within advanced theories showing the usage in geometric truths again and again-& also within the correct sequences as it’s all associated /w a matrix, it’s usage of that matrix alongside all of the matching-up numbers, counts, codes and is designed in their ideas. Yes, it’s true that those-are of a very particular variety of sets of drawings with (digit for digits) , all are advanced and are super refined into numbers and-unusually refigured in the hundreds places too.
So, it’s truly science with the all of the math involved in these original conversions they’ve made; celestial geometry offers endless ways to draw mathematics using the same #’s such as 31, (115,) and of course the Trinity 12!

Yes, it’s possible to achieve such tech.
—with these images attached, but only two aspects are found or seen in some of the varieties of patterns I’ve seen yet, I’ve yet to describe a lot more soon in Fb, or just as the same figments match such numeric codes and patterns; indeed- many of the figures and similar images are combined with (very-much of the same ideas!)

I sure hope it‘s an answer to the question too, I knew it’s a way to describe some of the most old- nevertheless and ancient patterns.
Also such patterns of drawings used by the people who were on Atlantis ago/ yes, actually as those of those races were mostly humans I think, from the sunken continent of Atlantis-itself!

TWIN CHEVRON CHAMBERS, INSIDE OF THE GIZA PYRAMID⚠️.are also associated with the number  #12!About the Research, as well...

TWIN CHEVRON CHAMBERS, INSIDE OF THE GIZA PYRAMID⚠️.are also associated with the number #12!

About the Research, as well as the Projects/ Teams who had discovered more spaces that are hidden within the walls of Giza’s, Great Pyramid!

:Just look at those pictures of what I believe to be an 11,000 year old Wing of the Great Pyramid! Yes, that is how old this Pyramid in Egypt was. The big hint that was taken into close observation-it was based on the very-original plan with an ORIGINAL ENTRY DOOR that was interesting. It’s first project, -it was finished by 2017 as I had read, -they did or had carefully developed technology for a Project called Scan Pyramids (2017,) just in order to scan 2- other, or hidden wings of the higher and both lower regions of this big place. In fact, that other Wing of the Temple had lead through from behind the Outside Door nearest an off-set stone ceiling of-a higher blocked wall.
The Giza Temple rather-was shown to reveal a hallway with (limited distance in it’s length of, or depth of the space detected in 2017)-& this info., it was shown off several pictures and was considered to be full proof information-seen just in by the year 2019 and with another entire Circuit.
The explorers found a way into the entry point from below double Chevron blocks in order to explore the ceiling, also to see a missing blockage with another counter-block that had apparently moved down since ever ago while many other points were being made light of, Etc.
Next, it was proven to be the gateway into a crawl space and it’s few team members who were Researching closely & on the same Teams-that scan this temple of Egypt, they had now found more inside of the pyramid; yes.
(2) more Ante-chambers called the Chevrons. It’s a big Project that was happening-& in at years-2017-2020, after the Scan Pyramids was over yet successful, or by (2017) and on the mission, it was apparently taken over and managed to had been recorded, but very carefully as well, as they had created more of those records and maps (-over a few more years) of sighting this discovery of a Wing-called the Noble Circuit -inside of the Great Pyramid. So, what they had found, it was kept as secretive sources of information that I had managed to see and view deep-in the Internet’s Pages! Yes, I had viewed to see-(several videos-on the topic recently) of tapes that are showing a lot, or all of the Projects-and with videos, those that were the most intense about this Site in Egypt. Of course, this news was last to have been seen by—really-nobody at all, and no other Teams seem to had known-yet, I believe that this information was also completely unknown by most other persons involved in the research of Giza-ago!
I, myself had been shocked to know that the Giza-Temple called the Great Pyramid, it was a much more interesting place and very amazing knowledge-had since it had been brought forth, -yes, /w 2 unvisited chambers-in a place called
The Noble Circuit-and that was also-previously located just behind what they consider to be called-Chevron Blocks at it’s original and Main-Entrypoint!

YEAR, in 2020.

these are included-to viewing the evidence & The Project, below


I saw an amazing videotape recently & just wanted to show some-of this Vid on the Page
Modern Geometry/ Art & Anceints:

These views and descriptions that are explained in the video-are all corresponding to Celestial Geometry.
This is a series of displayed Monuments & are Pillars/ Towers; yet are (or those that seem to be found to exist in a lot of locations, all (containing) immeasurable amounts of information- left by the Ancients, ago.

Believe it!
This is a series of, or documentaries recorded w/ an intense segment w/ voice audio; wow, that is explaining very Old Technology!
My belief system- is the same belief they have-or taken as suggestions made to explain Geometric Patterns that are consistent-in many examples within the Video. As it is observed to be interesting in so many ways!
I recommend to watch the Video.
Although; it is safe to say or consider to explain this material as a (science fact,) also if referring to this set of Pilars and Ancient Technology’s looked at by Us today & to be shown in (the ways the Ancients used-it) Celestial Geometry in the Architecture! Also, it’s info. is being checked carefully, taken-& recorded by special minds in order to enhance knowledge of Sites. Many of the Towers are being explained- to possess a lot of special-(Geometric qualities-found in those) Monuments.

-Some of the Towers across the Globe that are found to exist, also are taken & to be compared- to Washington DC.
There are however-quite a few of these places throughout the World-that are alike; some exist on locations w/ similar Towers that are considered to be identical, etc. A lot of other (topics)-are brought forth in this video part, including- more information to be explained/ the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

I watched this shocking and extreme Video series for the very first time myself; it was just the other day-and I thought of the Great Pyramid. Wow, -it is a very extra amazing segment in a Vid-(part).
Their are so many inspired persons that have gathered knowledge and included to show more evidence over the years-similar to this stuff, and by those who really wanted to have the knowledge themselves.
A way to understand the purpose of this info. -Is just to realize that- it is also distributed to inspire more minds into believing that the design of all of those Sites are by an entire (code of geometry)/ very deliberately developed-and created by Geometries’ that are beyond mathematics!
It is true that codes with shapes like circles, perfectly strait lines, and squares are signs that the Ancients left Us with & certainly as a message. So by now it can be scene -or shown or even -be revealed to the rest of Us!

Watch this (segment or Vid)
I, myself had previously taken it to show on this Page;
And it is from 1-of those same collections I describe /

only several minutes in length


Loveland, CO


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What-I’d say Modern Geometry/ is about

What is Modern Geometry?

From modern art, to geometry, to decoding or comparing World Sites, such as The Great Pyramid or Stonehenge, I recently created a lot of images, as well as documents--including geometric relationships that are derived from numerology. It is an immense subject within our modern world. Creating images, it seemed best to describe how the (universal language) is real and see how geometry patterns & numbers (line up). These patterns transfer to those images. There is transposition, which is just typical. And that doubled formula or factor is a typical approach, alongside The Golden Ratio--3: 6: 9--figures, and of course the Flower of Life! Is it easy for anybody to understand? Yes, maybe--and an outrageous step by step guide (by display & order), or just to consider it a task of multi-purpose images. All aspects of our inter-dimensions are also associated with these formulas. Even in nature, viewers of its content can view an Art form based solely on its comparison to celestial knowledge--in geometry. This, which I have been describing for years, fits into a category of both the Modern & Ancient! In fact, Sacred Geometry was used by the most Ancient sources of knowledge, found in records as well. They are unkept sources, or other types of recently uncovered knowledge. These contain interesting stuff w/ full proof interrelationships to other sources of knowledge, known by Ancient civilizations here on this Planet. We can see that the consistency is real, even identical or otherwise known, or proven almost impossible to even be considered true! Although very few have known about this material (celestial geometry). Even in our more ancient history stories or known evidence located in the Emerald Tablets, or users of mass amounts of recovered sources of information--even if used to describe the history of Planet Earth. But a lot of this information was provided) by modern teachers & mystery schools through the 1990’s and 2000--and further, until 2020 and onward. I strongly recommend sometimes to others to read about it in Celestial Geometry books that specifically cover these subjects. It is well known as an art-form, and is advanced geometry. Nobody knew how or why these Temples and Megaliths, such as Stonehenge or Giza Temples in Egypt, were built. It is unknown how those civilizations of long ago had decided to construct these Temples. No one knows, to this very day. My firm belief/ knowledge is one I have had for many years, having read some information & watched videos. Meanwhile, I drew a lot of images in my late 30’s & 40’s. I am now 41 years old and still creating these diagrams as sets!

It is also extra information to describe these ancient civilizations built as World Wonders, Temples and Megaliths, by first using a blueprint to precisely describe the images! It is how modern knowledge of survey work had to have made efforts--currently through the science world. In these ways of surveying World Sites, science can detect images as being true guidelines to describe Temples. Researchers more thoroughly survey those sites today. We can also describe those same guidelines to match Celestial Geometry, and as an up and coming way of using this Art-form! It is amazing to view this information, to refer back to this subject, only in a modern way of presenting these images. So I have created a lot of material, w/ the direct knowledge I obtained, simply by being interested enough in the subject matter to compare my drafts close up! Also, especially to witness some of these series of documents--those showing up again as the world Sites & a lot of extra info. It was brought forth & is information that can be seen & described as images w/ celestial codes to detect precise ways those guidelines completely merge to compute as whole digit numbers. All scales, more through numerology. Some, almost all, possess specific overlapping qualities found in these geometries, guided by celestial-type presentations. I recently have decided to display those on Facebook. I have an amazing number of display sets that show images I have produced, using a lot of information I have researched over the past 3-4+ years. I just hope everybody both likes & understands Celestial Geometry because it is a foolproof way of drawing circles, squares, & triangles; even pentagons w/ multi-sided polygonal images, etc. And it also is known as being considered Sacred information. It could also be considered modern Geometry, anyhow!

Thank-you to everyone. Hope you like this page, Modern Geometry/ Art of the Ancients,

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