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We Are Community Open Mic Cedar Open Mic hath returned to our home planet at The Cedar Center on Lancaster Blvd.


Hello everyone,
As many of you know, open mic is no longer at Zero Degrees. I started this open mic in May of 2008, and since then, we've been through so much. The truth is that since The City refused to let me uphold a ban against a bully/harasser, and took open mic instead, it hasn't been the same. I thought that our community would have been more supportive, but many stayed at Cedar after the city took it from me. I was fighting to keep and maintain our open mic for a considerable time, after the incident; and Zero Degrees took us in. Inevitably, too much weight was placed on my shoulders to try and bring in both business and new performers, which led to our downfall there.
Much like this issues that we used to have at Cedar with rude patrons, the same thing happened at Zero Degrees.
What will always make this open mic special is that it's more than an open mic; it's a family, and there's been so much love shared among us; and that is why I keep going.
I'm at a crossroads now, because we once again have no home, and I can't help but feel that all of my years of effort in trying to maintain our open mic has actually been shot down by both the city, and the community. I don't know if I have anymore fight left in me, and even my partners who help with open mic seem to have given up.
I can't express how hard it is to put more than 12 years of your life into something meant to bring joy, and provide safety, only to repeatedly have it taken. You've heard how I feel, as a hostess and human being, so what I need now....is a reason to keep fighting, because I've been kinda hopeless. I've always been transparent with you, and I always will be. Do you still see a future for open mic? if so why, or why not?

I love you all,
Michelle Marie


Remember, even though we’re at Zero Degrees now, we’re still the original Cedar Open Mic.


Tonight is the first open mic of the New Year, I didn’t book a feature so it’s purely a varied performer showcase. It’s hard not to be emotional over open mic, because it’s been my life’s work.
It’s not just an open mic, it’s a sanctuary. It’s never been about how big or small we could be, it’s about the love and honor shared among artists. I’ve never just announced people, I’ve made it a point to engage and address their efforts. It’s never just been an open mic, and it’s never just been about the stage.
I can’t apologize to performers whom only want to play to tons of people, or merely want a stage for the aesthetic. I also don’t regret the years of fighting for open mic, some from which has been public, and some from which has not been.
Community matters because sometimes all we have is each other, and we must build one another up, as the world tries to beat us down. Our open mic is a home away from home, and place of respect and acceptance. Bullying, disrespect, and violence have no place in our home.
I want to start this New Year, reminding you all that we will always be here for you, come he’ll or high water. Myself, Steve Fiche, and Jake Alan Andrews are strong, and proud hosts, sound techs, and mentors. There is no battle that you can face without us joining you. Happy New Years from the original Cedar Open Mic Family.


Tomorrow evening will not be like other OG Cedar Open Mic nights. There will be very few regular 7 minute sign ups, if we do actually have them.
Tomorrow night is dedicated to our open mic family whom is no longer with us.

Danny Hernandez will be doing a 15 min. tribute to Ainsley Hall Hubbard

Veronica Mariz will be doing a 20 minute tribute to Victor Leyva

Jake Schwartz and friend will also be doing a tribute to Victor, but for 15 minutes.

Jared Javier will be doing a 20 minute tribute to Hamza Shabaan
There will also be photo dedications for America Daniels, Danny Boswell, and Blake Brazeal.

This is a night dedicated to those whom helped make us who we are, and are no longer with us. Please come and show support.


We need active community members running this city; and with so many big name franchises popping up, we need someone looking out for small businesses locally.
Instead of complaining about how the city is being run, contribute to it changing, and vote Brian Avery for city council.


Due to scheduling conficts, the original Cedar Open Mic will now be held at Zero Degrees on Lancaster Blvd, directly across the street from our previous location at the coffee shop.


With Thanksgiving being Thursday, open mic will be at American Heroes Park. We’ll also have a nice dinner set up for those of you without anywhere to go for dinner.
I’m sorry if you don’t have a family during the holidays, but don’t forget that you’re in our open mic family. We’ll be at the park at 6:30, bring an instrument, or just yourselves, either way, we’ll see you then!


Remember that open mic starts at 8 for tonight only, and that Loveless Crustaceans aka Iris Aeleidi is featuring!


For this week only, we will be running from 8-10, and resuming our regular hours from 7-10 there after. We still don't know if we'll be open on Thanksgiving or not, so we'll keep you posted!!


Hey guys!!! The original Cedar Open Mic is pleased to announce our brand new location!!!
Starting Thursday, November 9th, from 7-10 p.m. we will resume (under a warm roof) at the fabulous Gasoline and Coffee shop on Lancaster Blvd, (the old Bandstand location)!!!
Black coffee will be served, though we always recommend that you support your local businesses!!! Make sure you get there early to get on the list, and we’ll be announcing our first feature later!!!!
Oh happy day!!


For those of you who don't know, the original Cedar open mic, is no longer at Cedar. In 9 years, we've banned approximately 3 people; one person for threatening violence towards a multitude of patrons, one person for repeatedly approaching an underage girl in a sexual manner, and one person for harassing another one of our patrons.
After the third person mentioned was banned, the said person went to city hall and repeatedly lied about the issue. He tried to say that he was unfairly banned, and that we were picking on him. Initially, the city backed my on the perpetrator, and he stayed away for a couple months. Out of nowhere, I received a phone call from my city rep stating that we were to let the banned perpetrator back in.
Though myself, my co host, and a We Are Cedar member tried to explain why it was morally wrong to violate a community safe space by letting the perp back in, they still insisted. The three of us decided to take a stand and declare that open mic was to be closed for one night, so that we could address the concern, within the actual community. The city forced themselves into our open mic and took it over, instead of backing myself up after years of faithful service, and respecting our moral code towards harassment.
As a result of us not complying with their attempts to bully us into letting the perpetrator back in, we have relocated. The chief of security stated that "harassment is not a crime" and two of our younger patrons were turned away by him, whilst trying to explain the necessity of not tolerating harassment within an all ages, community event.
Though we are no longer in Cedar, I will not be changing our name, as requested by various patrons. The title "Cedar Open Mic" became it's own entity, as opposed to a name; over a number of years. Thousands of children have taken the stage with me, and thousands of people have performed. We are more than a stage, we are in fact, a giant, community family.
Personally, I've been far more than the creator of open mic, as I've spent many years trying to turn the Cedar Center into the community center that we deserve; via community based, uncensored art shows, concerts, and many things in between. The city may have strong armed our open mic, but the Cedar name is ours, as it reflects our art, music, poetry, dance, comedy, and everything else that we have brought to the building. They are not Cedar open mic, because every last one of us is Cedar, and we've earned it.
Thank you,
Originator and hostess,
Michelle M.


There is no open mic tonight guys, due to the Holiday!!! go..be free...get sloshed, or don't!! we will resume next week!!


Tonight, we return!!!


As you all know, open mic has been under a bit of a strain with patrons over stepping their bounds. For a limited time; patrons will only get one warning to keep the peace, and their voices down before receiving an imminent ban.

- Only once can any single patron ask where they are on the list. This asking me after every performer business needs to stop. I reserve the right to enjoy the performers without being harassed.

- There will be no more allowsies on one performer adding all of their friends on the list. It's just not fair, if you care about your stage time, BE THERE.

- If you sign up, and than disappear until your name is called. I'm skipping yo ass.

- DON'T BE AN ASS TO THE SOUND PEOPLE. You must understand that these people control your fate as a performer. They are the difference between you sounding like a rock star, and like Roseanne Barr singing the national anthem. Be a dick to our sound girl, that's a ban.

- Your 7 minutes is not more important than anyone else's, as hard as it is to believe. No, the world does not revolve around your singular performance. Act like there's other people on this planet.

- Lastly, speaking over performers is not only rude, but stifling to the new performers nerves. Whether you're in the hall, out front, or in the side. Have some respect, if you want to act like obnoxious little kids, than go to a day care. Screaming and over all loudness will equate to a ban from the ENTIRE premises.

This list will be strictly enacted until community morale improves. I love you all, but Mama's gotta start servin' dem spankings.

So my Birthday is on June 4th, and I won't be having a party...but, my Birthday happens to fall on an open mic for the f...

So my Birthday is on June 4th, and I won't be having a party...but, my Birthday happens to fall on an open mic for the first time. I was going to book some bands to play that night, but the valley is rich with shows these days. Since the heart of open mic is and always has been; a place filled with amazing solo performers and bands that often go unheard locally; I've booked the band "Safety Net" from Palm Desert. They're the same band from Palm Desert that played at Crystal Kittell's Birthday Party. I'd also like to book some some solo performers and acoustic acts from our Cedar Open Mic family. I'd rather not be anywhere but open mic on my Birthday, and I'd like you all to be there as well.

8 track album


Congratulations ladies and gentlemen, the beginning of this month has marked Cedar Open Mic Nights 8th year. I'd like to thank each and everyone of you for collectively coming and supporting our performers every week. Some of you took your first steps in the music scene on the Cedar stage, some of you have overcome your stage fright on the Cedar stage, and some of you will only perform on the Cedar stage. Either way, it's been a pleasure watching you all grow and become incredible people and performers. The stage has not made any of you, it has been you that made the stage, and I thank you. Happy 8 years!!!!!


Soooo........we may be closed until January 8th, but just between us; there will be an open mic night on New Years Day. The Address to the super secret location will be posted shortly, and it will be BYOB, which we all know stands for "Bring Your Own Bitch", I guess booze works too.


Lancaster, CA

Opening Hours

7pm - 10pm


(661) 917-2503



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