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Rainwater's Native American Spirit Gallery Formerly located in Lake Toxaway, NC, this art gallery proudly displayed local artisans.




It's time to relax and turn on the latest episode of Dennis Sixkiller's "Cherokee Voices, Cherokee Sounds"! 😌

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From my Autobiography, MY REDBONE DAZE

In no way can I begin to remember everything, nor do I wish to.

As I look back, I have to say that my experience with the band pushed the envelope in
every direction possible and expanded my world more than I could have ever imagined. It’s funny how grown up you feel at 21 and how grown up you feel some 41 years later.

Endocentric: The first rule
The first rule is there are no rules, a lesson I would live out in every aspect of my Rock & Roll life and in the years to follow. My dream vision to be the drummer for the greatest Indian Rock & Roll band in the world .... Redbone came to me when I was 13 years old. I had a glimpse of it before the age of 13, but it fully revealed itself to me at 13 years of age.

I never told anyone of this dream in my youth however, I have tried to explain it countless times in adulthood never quite able to do it justice. I am attempting to share the history of this vision and to give a glimpse of the power of dreaming, and the effects of it on our lives.


Be very careful in the cold. Make sure your entire family is protected.


Cheyenne Dog Soldiers
Of all the typical Plains tribes, the Cheyenne were most distinguished for warlike qualities. Few in number, they overcame or held in check most of the peoples who opposed them, and when the westward movement of European civilization began, they made more trouble than all the rest combined. In short, they were preeminently warriors among peoples whose trade was war.
As in other Plains tribes, the warriors of the Cheyenne were organized into societies or orders. These societies were fraternal, military, and semi-religious organizations with special privileges, duties, and dress, usually tracing their origin to some mythical culture hero or medicine man. Each society had its own songs and secret ritual and exacted certain observances and standards of its members.
Of these organizations, none played such a part in the history of the Plains as the “Dog Soldiers” of the Cheyenne.




Quote from Saadia Z. Yunus, LMFT


Black Bear making speech. Blackfeet. ca. 1906. Montana. Photo by N.A. Forsyth. Source - Montana Historical Society.



Lake Toxaway, NC



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