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Bama Tattoo & Body Piercing Mike Moore - Owner Tattoo Artist 38 yrs. exp. & Body Piercer 30 yrs. exp. Bama Tattoo and Body Piercing was established in February of 2009. We welcome walk-ins.

We are located at 2601 Leeman Ferry RD SW, Huntsville, Alabama. We specialize in BOTH color and black and gray, custom tattoos, cover-ups, portraits, realism, new school, Japanese and traditional. Mike Moore-the owner, is a nationally recognized award-winning tattoo artist with over 36 years of experience; You think it, and he can create it. Mike is also the head body piercer, with over 30 years e

xperience piercing .We have a large selection of body jewelry to choose from. We look forward to meeting you!

Hello everybody...As most of you know I haven't been in Huntsville for two years now, although I still believe that Hunt...

Hello everybody...
As most of you know I haven't been in Huntsville for two years now, although I still believe that Huntsville's my real home.

BAMA TATTOO is my real home.

Bambam and I are doing just fine, except for really missing all of the people who became like family to us. We haven't forgotten any of you, and can't wait to come back for a visit.

Just wanted to leave a message to let everybody know that ALL of you made and left huge impressions and memories in our lives, and we miss you dearly.


Hello everybody. This is Mike. I'm no longer in Huntsville Alabama but I will be returning occasionally to serve my loyal customers on an appointment only basis. Check my personal page for updates, details, and uocoming travel dates if you'd like to schedule an appointment with me in the future. Thanks and a huge shout out to all of my loyal customers and friends,, past and future. Thanks for looking.🙃


Just a note to my Tattoo and Piercing family, since you haven't heard from me in awhile. I may be about to start a new job in a shop outside of Huntsville. It's not too far to drive, because people from there have been coming to me in Huntsville all of this time, with no complaints. Who's still with me.??


Wausau Wisconsin...... Mike Moore from the old Twisted Ink Tattoo Shop is in town for a week, and available for custom Tattoos of anything you might want to get. Message me anytime and I'll get back with you ASAP. I'm looking forward to seeing all my friends and clientele from the past. Thanks


Hello wonderful people. I'm back around and I'm going to be doing whatever I have to do to make arrangements to be able to work again. I'll probably have to work out of another shop until I can get the building that everything is in ready for business. All I know is I've got a lot to do, it's going to require a lot of money and some help, because there's no way I can do it all by myself, especially now. Feel free to hit me up with any tattoo and/or piercing requests, but be patient, I'm looking for a temporary place to do business, as I cannot do it out of my home.
Thanks a million-


As everyone already knows Covid19 destroyed a lot of small business' because people can't afford to go a week without income, much less a month or more. Last time I posted anything I was moving the shop, then Coronavirus hit hard so we sheltered in place and then got locked down for over a month. I spent a ton of money moving the shop, keeping bills paid and utilities turned on, now I don't have enough left to get the business back open. I got refused for every fu***ng stimulus, financial aid, unemployment, and small business loan they promised. I don't know what I'm going to do(long run) yet, because I don't even know what my viable options are. I may go completely underground, or travel the world doing guest spots wherever someone will have me. Everything I own is still packed up from the move because first we all had to stay in, then we got locked down, and during that time, I got the Covid19-s**t or something just as bad because I thought I was dying, and just never went to the hospital, because I honestly didn't give A S**T. If I DO, do anything in the meantime it'll be 'underground' and not legal, so if anyone wants to hit me up I check my email everyday. I do not check Facebook daily nor will I communicate via Facebook, because there's no privacy, and I'm not putting myself in jail until it's on my terms, and I'm ready to just go retire there. My customers over the last 35+ yrs. have always been the absolute best, and so good to me and the business, no matter what city or state I was in, and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. God bless


I don't have anything new or important to post yet, except that I'm finally getting everything moved over to the new building. I'll be getting everything set up and ready to go to work ASAP, but I'm also moving my house this week too, so I'll be spread pretty thin between the two. I thought all of this would move a lot faster but 'technical difficulties' kept getting in the way of any real progress, and I can only do so much by myself. Anybody who would like to help me get things done a little faster is more than welcome to get ahold me to see what I'm doing any particular day, and if there's anything someone can do to help. It's gonna be back to just me for a while until I get another tattoo artist or two. The new place is a lot bigger and I really hope the business can grow in ways it just wasn't able to in the old building. I'm going to be doing other things that I love to do such as painting and airbrushing, and anything else I can include to make 'extra' money and/or be of service to my customers. Creating art, in many different forms, has always been a true love for me, and I really enjoy doing all of it. I just haven't been able to pursue some of the stuff I like to do because I was limited by the small space of the old building, and the constant need to make money every day to pay the bills. If I don't take some extra time to do some of the other stuff, I think I'll regret it, as I already regret not making time for that stuff the whole time I've been in Alabama, like I promised myself I would do when I moved here. I can't wait to have the new shop up and running and seeing everybody on a daily basis again, and I hope everybody knows just how much I appreciate everyone who has helped me grow and evolve Bama Tattoo in the last 11 years. -Mike-


$20 Body Piercing Special Saturday and Sunday for all of our loyal followers. This will be the last piercing special at this location, because we're moving next week, so come on down and let us know you saw the add and get your discounted body piercing(s). I'll have the info for our new location as soon as I know for sure which building we're gonna be in, so keep and eye out for that info because as soon as we're moved in, inspected, and open, we'll be doing some kind of Grand Opening specials on tattoos and piercings. I don't know how long we'll be down yet, because I haven't even picked the location yet. We're currently looking at 4 different locations as possible new homes for Bama Tattoo and Body Piercing. We're excited to get this move done and out of the way, so we can get back up and running ASAP. We've had an awesome 11 years in Huntsville, but it's time for a new building that will hopefully be closer to home and easier to find, for people who come from out of town. This will be our last weekend at our current location so come down and take advantage of the specials today and Sunday. Our hours this weekend will be 5:00 pm until whenever the last customers are done, no matter how late it is. We'll be open for a few more days before we move, so get in touch with us if you need anything before we're down for a while. Thanks to everyone who has been with us so far, and stays with us forever.


Hello everybody, Just a message to let you know that if you message us and don't get a reply that same day or soon after call our phone (256)-715-1615. When we're working we don't get a chance to check for messages or notifications, and some days don't really get a chance to check for messages at all. Our shop phone is really the best way to contact us during our OPEN hours anyway because we'll always answer the phone. Thanks, and don't forget to check periodically this month for more piercing specials. We'll be running several different specials this month especially around Christmas and New Years.


Many apologies for not being open on Wednesday for the scheduled piercing special..... BUT... Tuesday night I became so violently ill with a stomach virus, I can't remember ever being so sick. I threw up over and over for 2 days straight until I thought I was gonna die. Then, just about the time I started to feel a little bit better, my side-kick, partner-in-crime, 'Gator' who sat at my house with me through my sickness,, got sick too. In fact, he got so sick that I had to take him in to the Emergency Room, where they immediately admitted him, and where he currently is until further notice. I've watched the local news several times over the last 24 hrs. and although there's plenty of talk about allergy sickness from all of the pollen flying around,,, there's absolutely nothing being said about the stomach flu anywhere in Alabama.
As of right now, I don't have any idea when we'll be back open for business. If Gator gets released tomorrow(Saturday) and feels like working, we'll be open and back on track. If he's not released from the hospital tomorrow I'll be available for tattoos and piercings after I go see how he's doing, and know what's going on. If he's released but still feels like s**t,, I'll hang out at the house with him, so he's not sick alone, and has someone to get him anything he might need. He stuck by my side during the sickest I can ever remember being in my life, so I'll do the same for him, as he's staying at my house during his time down here in Alabama.
Once again, my apologies for not being open on days where I had appointments, and specials running, but, as soon as everything's back on track, and everyone's well, I'll re-run the piercing special, and get any/every body re-booked for tattoo appointments, so I can 'make good' on all of my responsibilities, and/or promises. I personally thank everyone for their patience during this time, and hope to see everyone soon.


Bama Tattoo & Body Piercing


Huntsville, AL

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Our Story

Bama Tattoo and Body Piercing was established in February of 2009. We are located at 2601 Leeman Ferry RD SW, Huntsville, Alabama. We specialize in BOTH color and black and gray, custom tattoos, cover-ups, portraits, realism, new school, Japanese and traditional. Mike Moore-the owner, is a nationally recognized award-winning tattoo artist with over 37 years of experience; You think it, and he can create it. Mike is also the head body piercer, with over 30 years experience piercing .We have a large selection of body jewelry to choose from. Taki is one of the only female piercers in Huntsville, she was trained to pierce by Mike and has been a registered nurse for 16 years. We open later in the day than most Tattoo and Piercing shops, and stay open much later in the evening and late night. We welcome walk-ins for tattoos when we’re not busy, and piercings are always walk-in. If we’re open we’re piercing. We look forward to meeting you!

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Are you open tomorrow for piercings??
How much do you charge for a Daith Piercing? Do you have a specific person there that specializes in them? I am hoping this helps alleviate my migraines.
Thank you mike for the awesome work you did last night! I’ve been wanting my dimples pierced for years and I’m absolutely in love with them ❤️😍 loved the atmosphere and people... best shop I’ve been to honestly!
Awesome horizontal tongue piercing by bama tattoo. I love it.
Miss Bam Bam... Come by see him soon
Thanks Mike for our mother/daughter tattoos!! You made her 18th birthday so special!!! We love them!! Give BamBam a butt scratch from us!!
Dustin Moore first Tattoo done by Mike he did an amazing job love his work
Any specials going on today
would like to know the cost of Daith piercing?
Are you guys open today?
Tika saved my life. Thank you soo much for looking out for my piercings the other night.