BBSMG BLESSED, because understanding that God's gifts should not be received unappreciatively, we try and Cherish and display to the World each and every moment our God given talent.

God thank you for this present, Good morning World!

Operating as usual

MESSAGE BBSMG 24/7,  ORDER Your  TCU ALBUM COLLECTION compactdisc set/ POD (Print on Demand)/ Or Flash Drive. You will r...
Corrections in Ink - Donation page - Porchlight Book Company

MESSAGE BBSMG 24/7, ORDER Your TCU ALBUM COLLECTION compactdisc set/ POD (Print on Demand)/ Or Flash Drive. You will receive TCU I & II TITLE TRACK FROM THE COLDEST WINTER EVER MIXTAPE RELEASED 2011 AND THE COLDEST WINTER EVER REMIX, Titled "1984" also on our newest project "Blacked Out" on all major online retailers the $25 ONLY!!! SUPPLY POD, SO DELIVERY WILL VARY BY ORDER /Qty. ( PHYSICAL COPIES NOW sry YOU CANT STREAM THIS! ) this collection was distributed over a ß20yr span never before heard songs from Cedar Mar, such as "Searching 4Me" featuring lyrical Maestro ,Big Shasta of Sucka Free record. Shasta heard on Numerous Lil Flip hits such as june27 freestyle lil Flip and Big Shasta ft. Big pokey. "BLACKED OUT" BY CEDAR MAR COMPILATION STREAMING ON ALL ONLINE PLATFORMS.... SUPPORT, OF ANY KIND ACCEPTED WITH HUMBLED AND GRATEFUL HEARTS. BLESS UP FACEBOOK FAM.GOD IS YOUR REFUGE AND bridge over trouble water. In Tough Times Pray. If he don't toughen whatever area in your life you think lacks, send back 2back prayers. Place prayers on top of prayers,God I'm sorry for calling right back but I just had to tell you Thanks. Physically hear you, I can't, but I understand you, with total clarity. Certain moments you walked in my life and calmed me, when the burdens weight force cries out from deep inside my soul to Heavens high, God I beg you Help me, please. I can't see the wind, but you control it, and as it brushed against my face wiping my tears away your hands like silk against my cheek tears dampening my face, you, like a loving parent, dried them, pulled me near consoled me, my comforter through the griefs aftermath , till I was calm and composured , by my side you remained, like my shadow, or the shirt over my back. "The Coldest Winter Ever" was the first single released and promoted by us solely since 2011, Alongside Gospel R&B artist 'Easy Money' AKA E-MAN label mate of Free Forever Ep Album "LET HIM HOLD YOU" 'FINE' which is A capella Gospel. The single Was originally never be a mix tape itself, really Titled after a very great Urban novel, dropped after almost 7plus years behind bars. a few rough winters he penned almost ten full albums, his first novel hit single off TCU ll
And 2011 self titled "The Coldest Winter Ever" Underground mixtape Released under our partner label GDMG was our Best selling. distributed by CD Baby ( the single only).

SO if you place an order for anything through the websites I will set up and share soon, we are remaking them cover art and all maybe different when your orders ARE received by you. Thanks again BLESSED AND HIGHLY FAVORED to those know me, Can't complain

God Freebanz an some loose change make YOU CHANGE?!

Post STATEMENT FREE E A.S.Y MULA FREE EASY MONEY F.R.E.E [Fly Rich Everybody Eating] that's what it means to be Free and we got this Forever

Yeah iz Sunday, well to those know me by Cedar,or just Mar, or those that go even further back and use my government Christopher

p.s Free Forever this God's Plan

An electric and unforgettable memoir about a young woman's journey--from the ice rink, to addiction and a prison sentence, to the newsroom--and how she emerged with a fierce determination to expose the broken system she experienced.

RawNAuthentic @fastway_jmia_raw_n_authentic @southacres_jmia albu...
J Mia - Raw N Authentic

@fastway_jmia_raw_n_authentic @southacres_jmia album cover done by @blueudah
Go share to your stories and repost. This is brought to you by
(Raw Authentic Empire)
this is his new label and Brand. Logo will be coming soon he will like to thank everyone friends family and fans for all the support

Jmia is a 28-year-old underground Houston artist he's from the south side of Houston Texas off airport and Cullen to be exact if you not familiar. He wants you to take a step into his life as he gives you real music to really listen to and cope with some of your bad times that you have had in your past life experience in life and this album you are going to hear him talk about his grandmother a lot his grandfather and express about his five kids London, Kayla, Yiyi, jr and zhymiere friends and like his twin brother @zaccg747 and @bandjo_3 and other family members speaks about his relationship with the 3rd women that he have had kids by and more ...

Jmia is filled with alot of pain love to take it out with music. He also has his own Studio where he record and mix and master all his music by himself and he have a neighborhood behind him SOUTHACRES where he was born and raised

JMIA is coming out with some big hits to shake Houston Texas up
If you haven't heard anything that he's put out please go strem he is on our platforms and one of his videos featuring his little brother @rambofastway is in his bio

#southacres #fastway
#mtg #newhouston #tiktok
Jmia Da Fool 🤡

Raw N Authentic Empire

Jmia Fan Page
(281) 7387339
New music and vids in Bio
#southacres #southpark
#fastway #newhouston
#turnup #713
#houston #airportandcullen #iamthehood #viral #bluecheck #atl
#tiktok Like comment share to your stories....
#RawNAuthenticStudios #RawNAuthenticEmpire Let him know what you u think

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#[email protected]
Verse 1 Woe to this Bloody city, It is All Full of lies! And ROBBERY! The prey depart not


Spring blessings
Alright New game quiz
tonight Im going to post a Bible scripture and verse. First one to comment the correct chapter and book wins a prize ( Also add photo of the verse with your comment).

#[email protected]


LARRY!!!!! I Said ALL!!!!


Hold all my Post,in a Meeting. I'll Troll you later


Good morning still getting these business plans that if the good Lord say the same will have us on a platform we can be happy not just content. We working.





G.D.M.G. is an independent label without any parent companies or affiliates. So our success as a team will always be calculated off the drive ,dedication, hard work and passion, that we have put in to


This is my unreleased single ALL American AL, just trust that my freshman album gon be on the gov. Watchlist. Yall keep vibing im just having fun, but after these holidays im holding open enrollment, im issueing out progress reports, alot of yall been goofin off in class 2 long. Lesson 1 learn your brand


Im sry, i was going to get out of my charcter, you want to wrestle with venacular, i cant, but in the words of a true Am...

Im sry, i was going to get out of my charcter, you want to wrestle with venacular, i cant, but in the words of a true American, Mr. Mark zuckerberg or whoever, YOU CAN TAKE THIS PAGE, GREASE IT REAL NICE, TURN IT SIDEWAYS, AND SHOVE THIS MF STRAIGHT UP YOUR [email protected]


Sorry but lil AL latest single All American AL release date will be postponed, we will keep you updated on that and other projects we will be rolling out


he bringing back wierd al yankovich, commendations, salutations and well wishes kid, keep spazz nn on em



We will be promoting Cedar Mar's freshman Album dropping second quarter 2020, and the mixtape "All American Al" expected before the Fall. Trying put together something epic, support is commended and we'll received, Blessed


Man I quit, I need a passport, dude tell the world he Gon pay 3hun k to keep a man on a t.v. show! I'm just gonna go to sleep and not even try to add a check list for all the positive sh*t you can donate that 2, morning Facebook




"Stand 4 Something" By Jmia

T.R.A.P. Lord Of The Streets


Whatz good!!! Real G frow the southside (west) of Houston that put on for the Gz!!! Only spittn that heat dat truth N my lyfe!!! I'm in it to win it, nothin less iz accepted! Real G, get to know me by



This is how you know you had a good childhood.

This is how you know you had a good childhood.


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