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Kai Smart Tattoo Ouch! That Smarts! Black Cat Tattoo in beautiful Chinatown
I work 1-8 Tuesday- Saturday


Dahlia half sleeve- done all at once on Carly from Quadulan. Thanks for making the trip and sitting so well. Dahlias are super complex- I think it’s a tie between them and Chrysanthemum for the most petals!! Wooooooo


Lovely Lily and her sweet pea and lily of the valley neckpiece, healed after just 5 days!


Ankle roses for Sheryl. Right side fresh, left is healed. Such a pleasure tattooing her perfect skin. Thanks for moisturizing!!


To make an appointment please call the shop at 808-524-7580 during business hours. To streamline scheduling I only take appointments at the shop or through email NOT ON FACEBOOK OR INSTAGRAM. Thanks!

You Won't Regret That Tattoo


'You Wont Regret That Tattoo' is a short documentary that explores the meanings and memories behind the tattoos of an older generation, and challenges…


I should post this every month but here it is again:
Hi Everyone! I am not on Facebook enough to be able to take appointments over it, but you can reach me directly by my phone number and my email: 831-239-5719 and [email protected]! Thanks!


Hi Everyone! I am not on Facebook enough to be able to take appointments over it, but you can reach me directly by my phone number and my email: 831-239-5719 and [email protected]! Thanks!


The shop I work in, LotusDragon Tattoo, has moved to Kaka'ako! Our new address is 1001 Waimanu- we have a street level shop with big windows, natural light, and a cool teal-green interior decorated with art! Lotus Dragon has also taken on another new artist, so we are heading towards being able to take walk-ins and be open regular hours instead of by appointment-only. AND NOW- SOME TATTOOS I HAVE DONE RECENTLY! Hooray! Comment and tell me which style is your favorite


I have open appointments on Friday and Saturday. Make an appointment text 831-239-5719 or email [email protected]! Thanks for looking everyone, sorry about the mainland phone number ;)


Tattooed a little hummingbird today at Lotus Dragon. This is on her thigh, so actually its probably life-sized. My client fell asleep during and said she felt like she was at a spa! (I did not do the text, but she says it says "superhuman" or something along those lines ;) Thanks for looking!


My client Ty just sent me a picture of his large Big Sur rib-piece that I did 6 months or so ago. It's based on woodcuts by the amazing artist Tom Killion (I drew this, but I tried to emulate Killion's style). If you have any spectacular pictures of tattoos I've done and want to be famous in my portfolio ;) please send them to [email protected]. Thanks babes!


I need clients on Oahu! Please share this little ad if you know anyone who lives here- all this free time is killing me ;) Text 831-239-5719 for appts or email me and I'll get you in right away!


Tattoos with lines and tattoos without! Big back tattoos for incredible badasses! Both are healed. Love to Wyatt and Austin! Come to Hawaii and get more tattoos......


Darlings! This is about 18 days late, but I have relocated to Honolulu, Hawaii. I tattoo at Lotus Dragon tattoo with Matt Cox in a amazing artistic private studio. Planning a trip? Know someone here? Please look me up, recommend me, etc! Aways keeping life surreal (or life is keeping me surreal), Kai


Hi friends- Just wanted to reiterate... I can't make appts or bookings through this page. I am not ignoring you if you have messaged me on here, it's just that I have my hands full with texts, emails, Instagram messages, etc. Thanks.


Well, I guess the good times couldn't last! I got my first negative Yelp review from a woman that I didn't even tattoo. I just told her that I didn't want to "fix" my coworker's work. I'm characterized as "cold". I wonder if she realizes that I screencapped all her crazy hate-texts?


Hello everyone! I am on my one and only vacation for a week, so all phone calls, Facebook messages, emails, texts etc will be answered when I return!! Thanks for your patience.

my first tattoo with kai smart

Found a cute older video that a client made while I tattooed her at Primary Concepts. As I remember, the art was hers, and her entire lovely family came. I think the sister was the video-taper.

in davis at primary concepts


Hi Everyone- my phone mysteriously disappeared from my pocket last night. Please contact me by calling the shop or email- [email protected]. I will not be reachable by phone until I can get a new one. Sorry, and thanks for your patience!


I was searching on Tumblr this morning for clips of this obscure Japanese anime "Belladonna of Sadness" and found one on a random blog. Liking the other art that was posted, I clicked through a few pages before seeing a familiar face staring at me, with 'RIP" written underneath it.

Anais came to me for her first tattoo, a hummingbird, and right away I connected with her because of her name. The author Anais Nin was a big part of my teen years, and I had never met anyone with that name. Anais was a bouncy, sweet person with an open-face. She reminded me of myself in the past, with her innocence and ungaurded kindness. I ended up coming in on my day off to tattoo because I liked her so much, and because she was going to be going to live and teach at a wilderness camp and I wanted her tattoo to be good and healed.

The news articles that I found report that she was killed by an enormous falling tree at the camp she went to teach at. 4 others were hurt in the freak accident.

As a tattoo artist, your art is inextricably tied to the mortality of the bearer. It becomes a living part of them, and fades only when the body is gone. Anais and her hummingbird went away together, and I am saddened by their passing very much.

Datura Excerpt - Glide Trio at Tribal Fest 13

I want my tattoos to be the visual equivalent of this stunning bellydance piece by Racel Brice. Do yourself a favor and watch this art nouveau beauty come to graceful understated life! The costumes are how I want to dress every day.

Yes, those are 1920's full-length assuit dresses. Yes, those are Obsidian Windchime headresses, adorned by the originators of that genre (http://www.obsidian...

Dead Man's Bones - "Dead Hearts"

Had a wonderful talk tonight randomly with a kinetic sculpture artist, Margaret Michel. She reminded me of one of my favorite artists, Arthur Ganson, who makes amazing machines. His art is featured in this video for one of my favorite bands, Dead Man's Bones. A perfect wedding of sculpture and music, please indulge (you may have heard this music if you have been tattooed by me at the shop)

Directed by Dead Man's Bones Set Direction by Jed Hathaway This video features Machine With Wishbone, a moving sculpture created by artist Arthur Ganson.


Large text pieces can be beautiful... but as summer is coming remember to invest in a high SPF sunblock to keep them crisp and clean!


All of my female coworkers and I went out for dinner and cocktails the other week, and it was the best. I find such inspiration and joy working next to/with these amazing friends 5 days a week. Left to right: Camille Krilanovich (tattooer), Jodi Lyford (tattooer), Sammy Way (piercer) and Kai Smart (tattoos and sentimentality).

f**k no, bad tattoos

Before you decide to get a tattoo from an untrained friend or acquaintance (referred to as a "kitchen wizard" or a "scratcher") to cut cost or just to help them out, please peruse this Tumblr. All tattooers start somewhere, but with a good apprenticeship program through a reputable artist we can avoid mistakes like these. I say this purely as someone who tries to fix tattoos like these every day. I care about your skin, your health, and your self-love. Thanks

a collective of terrible tattoos with even worse reasonings tattoos that will be posted may be:...


Start of a collar piece for my dear friend Brittany Gale, a wonderful artist who works at Black and Blue tattoo in San Francisco. More to come on this- stay tuned!


Design for tomorrow- filigree fanciness! This style of mine is what I am most interested in doing. I can design pieces to fit and embellish any part of the body- what is most important is how it flows to fit YOU.


I found this very apropos quote in my awesome embroidery book (Adventures in Stitches by Mariska Karatsz, 1949):

"Given the proper tools, each has inherent creative energies and, like the writer's pen, the needle is woman's traditional instrument of self-expression."

I'm thinking of printing it on the back of my next Kai Smart Tattoo business card, what do you think?!


A folk-art mandala for Aria- her first tattoo (with a machine by a professional, haha).



" i was sure that i was an atheist . but as I matured , i realized nature is my religion . "


All blue St. Fatima and hydrangeas for Emilia!


Giant moth for Dan!


All blue St. Fatima for Emilia! What a fun tattoo. Love the all blue- something I've never done but it worked beautifully....

ladymisskai's photo on Instagram


1111 Nu'uanu
Honolulu, HI


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