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Olson Piano Service Olson Piano Service was founded in 1973. With 36 years of experience, I have serviced over 60,000 clients in the Northern Virginia and surrounding areas.

Olson Piano Service was founded in 1973 by Paul Olson. With 40 years of experience, I have serviced over 60,000 clients in the Northern Virginia and other surrounding Washington suburbs.

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We recognize that even the most well-made pianos can begin to show significant signs of wear and damage after you’ve moved several times. Whether your piano needs a simple refinish or a major repair, we’re always here for you.


As long as the strings are in decent shape, any piano can be tuned. Just how long the piano will stay in tuned depends on factors such as the age of the piano, the condition of the strings and tuning pins, and the humidity levels where you live.


If you recently had your piano refinished, and the new finish looks cloudy or muddy, it may be because the new finish was not applied correctly. If this is the case, call us and let us inspect the job that was done. We will offer expert opinion on what recourse you have.


Choosing a piano for a young student is a daunting task. Making sure the piano keys are not too difficult to press down is important, as well as checking the overall sound quality of the instrument. The piano should not be too bright or too dull in sound quality.


Did you know that pianos need to be tuned once or twice a year? The frequency often depends on the climate you live in, as frequent humid and dry air changes tend to affect the tension on the piano strings.


If you own a piano, then a good rule to follow is to have it tuned at least twice a year. Of course, if you are a professional musicians or serious student, you will want to have it tuned three or four (or more) times per year.


As a rule, you should avoid placing your piano in a room with excess sunlight, since it can age the piano’s finish prematurely and cause color fading.


Did you know that the main reason that your piano needs to be tuned is because of moisture in the air? Pianos are primarily made of wood, and wood is porous and moisture absorbent. This causes the wood to expand when it is humid and shrink again when it is not, putting pressure on the strings and causing the piano to go out of tune.


Did you know there are more than 12,000 parts in a piano? With so much to consider, you should have your piano evaluated by our professionals before you begin restoring it. We will provide you with a detailed list of the work that needs to be done, the projected costs, and the time it will take to restore it.


In today’s world, children can grow to expect instant gratification when trying their hand at a new activity. Learning an instrument is a slower process that only comes with patience, determination and commitment. Students will benefit from this learning experience for a lifetime.


Restringing a piano is an intricate process, but it's necessary to maintain a great sound. Strings can be stretched beyond use if not regularly tuned, and when it happens, a re-stringing through all octaves will have your piano sounding as it should.


Although you may have all the skills necessary to make most repairs around the house, fixing a damaged piano can be more of a specialized talent. If you don’t want to risk making repairs to your piano that could impact the way it sounds, we’re always here for you.


We recognize that the vast majority of piano owners likely lack the skills, tools, and patience necessary to repair damage to their pianos. Rest assured that we’ll do everything possible to have your piano looking and sounding like new as soon as possible.


When you have young children in the home, you may find that your piano takes quite a beating inside and out. Let’s talk about how we can help you keep your piano looking and sounding great even when your children are tough on it.


After the filing, sanding, and staining process of piano refinishing has been completed, then it’s time to varnish the instrument. Common types of varnish used include shellac, lacquer, and polyurethane, although nitrocellulose lacquer is the preferred professional finish.


Did you know that most pianos have either two or three pedals? When a piano has a third or middle pedal (called the “sostenuto pedal”), this pedal is like having a third hand that sustains certain notes while playing others.


At Standard Pitch (what most pianos are tuned to), all 231 of these strings will have about 170 pounds of tension on them. This is 39,000 pounds of string tension and 19 tons of pressure on the piano's frame and plate!


One of the most popular hand-rubbed finishes on pianos is made of nitrocellulose lacquer, which is easy to work with and leaves a glossy and durable shine.


Should you buy an older or less expensive model piano, you may not think regular tunings are worth the money. But the opposite is actually true. With regular tunings, even a "cheap" piano can be turned into a very good instrument.


Did you know that it’s generally recommended that you not place your houseplants on or around your piano? The frequent watering demanded by the plants keeps moisture in the air, which can be absorbed by the piano.


If your piano has a key that sticks, it most likely means that there is something stuck between the keys. This can be anything from a coin or paper clip, which will need to be removed. It’s best to have this done professionally, as often other components will need to be removed to get at it.


Like learning to speak another language, learning to play the piano can be challenging for children once the initial excitement wears off. Setting time aside each day for practice can teach children important lessons in the rewards of discipline.


Steinway & Sons is by far the most famous piano maker in the world. Their signature sound is recognized as the industry leader. The company holds over 130 patents for new piano technologies. Many famous concert halls around the world house large Steinway grands.


We urge you to not wait until your piano sounds bad to get it tuned. Ignoring regular tunings can leave a piano a whole tone flat, and it will take a lot of regular tuning, conditioning, and expense to get it to hold proper pitch again.


A man named Johann Behrent constructed the first American-made piano, giving it the name "piano forte," and beginning a long tradition of excellence in piano making. Care to guess the year? That would be 1775.


In order to keep your piano’s sound as clean as possible, you may need to have the hammers on your piano replaced. While they typically last a long time, they can wear out with age and need to be refreshed.


Did you know that Steinway & Sons is an American company? Although widely thought to be German, the company was started in America by German immigrants. They eventually opened a factory in Germany to produce pianos for their European customers.


How long can it take to restore and refinish a piano? It depends on the piano type, size and the repairs/restoration which is needed. In most cases, the piano can be finished in 1 to 3 months.


The Italian inventor Bartolomeo Cristofori introduced the pianoforte, the first piano), in the early 1700s. This was intended to replace the harpsichord by providing a much improved dynamic response.


Does your piano have a key that sticks all the way down and won’t come back up? The cause of this is usually something caught between the keys, such as a paper clip or some other foreign object, that will need to be removed.


Looking for the best way to keep your piano in good shape? A good place to start is where you put it. To avoid too much temperature variation, pianos work best against an inside wall and away from heating vents or baseboard heaters.


When contemplating buying a piano, you can find great prices and bargains on used pianos. If you have a limited budget, or cannot find exactly what you are looking for, let us help you find the perfect instrument.


In between professional tunings, there are certain things you can do to ensure that your piano stays in tune. Most importantly, control the moisture in the room and keep your piano in a place in the house where the temperature is stable.


The best way to clean piano keys is to use a soft dry cloth for regular dusting. For spot stains, use a slightly dampened cloth and then completely dry the key(s) after spot cleaning. Avoid using any chemical cleaners or spraying water directly onto the keys.


Did you know that new piano strings need time to stretch before they can maintain a perfect pitch? After you have your piano re-stringed, it will need to be tuned frequently for about a year until the strings have stretched to a stable point.


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