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Fort Smith Dice Wielders' Guild Gamers helping gamers. We are a group of tabletop and card gamers that want to promote our hobby in the Fort Smith area.

We encourage others to post events on the page, or message us and we'll organize one for you. If you need help finding a game in the area, let us know and we'll point you in the direction of any we know.


There's a new Pathfinder group about to get started at the Curiosity Shoppe on 10th St.! It starts June 9th at noon. Get in on the action. Mesaage or comment for more details.


Welcome newcomers! Feel free to post requests for games, whether it's to start one, find players, or find a GM.


Hello, Dice Wielders. Tomorrow, we begin a new Campaign in the world of Immoren. We will be embarking on an adventure in a world where humans, elves, and dwarves, trollkin, goblins, and ogrun fight alongside and against one another with the aide of Steamjacks, wonderous creations of clockwork and arcane engineering. Newcomers are always welcome.


And, I'm back from a long hiatus. Hello Dice Wielders! Let's get this page back to active status. What's going on gaming-wise, hangout-wise, larp-wise, or otherwise in the area?


Common Role Playing Terms according to Victoriana 2nd Edition

A series of scenarios linked together with a common theme or possibly by the presence of the same characters. Campaigns are the most common and most rewarding type of game to play as they allow characters to progress through skill and attribute increases.

The fictional persona that a player will control during the game. A player’s character is called a PC. Often a Gamemaster will add characters to a party as extras; maybe a mountain guide, or a character with skills the player characters will need for a scenario but do not possess. Such a Gamemaster controlled character is called a non-player character or NPC.

The overworked storyteller who writes the adventure for the players’ characters to mill about in. The Gamemaster has the final say in all rules related decisions.

A while ago there were plenty of gamers who needed a definition of this term. Thankfully, this isn’t so much the case anymore, and plenty of women in this enlightened age play the game too. A good few of these ladies are also playing the games without the company of a gentleman. However, gaming bachelors should remember that ‘single’ does not always mean ‘available’. If the girlfriend is going out with the GM, she should be treated with great care, as she wields great potential power over the game world! However, plenty of women are the ones
running the games and even introducing their boyfriends to the hobby. So to help differentiate between them, the writing in this book assumes the Gamemaster is female and the players are male.

There are a few definitions of this type of player. However, essentially, it is someone who sees their character only in terms of their stats. They provide no background or characterisation and just want to get the most stuff and the highest rank, rating success purely by the level of their character’s statistics. They make very, very boring players to adventure with.

Not a disco or drinking frenzy, but the term used to denote a group of characters.

For every Gamemaster, there is at least one player. A typical gaming group is 1 Gamemaster and 2-5 players. Players have it easy; they roll up a character and play it. Some players may play two characters at once, but most stick to one at a time.

Power player
A type of player who thinks he can ‘win’ the game. Usually, this is by his character’s prowess in combat situations and material wealth. Power players are silly; there is no way to win an RPG other than by enjoying the game.

A period of game time, loosely 3 seconds. When a combat situation occurs, the action is organised in rounds.

Rules-lawyers are the nemesis of a forgetful Gamemaster. They sit among the other players and, whenever a Gamemaster forgets or waives a rule, they leap up and down in an energetic manner, screaming and shouting that (insert transgression) isn’t in the rules! Rules lawyers can be incredibly irritating for all players and Gamemasters as their jibes and taunts slow down an evening’s play incredibly.

Running a game
When a Gamemaster decides to referee a game, we say she is 'running a game’.

A single adventure for the characters. This adventure might take one night, or it might take weeks to complete. It might take place in a single pub or across several locations.

The real world time you put aside to play an instalment of the game. It could be an evening, an afternoon or an hour after school. You might not get a whole adventure finished in one session, but you should try to end the game at a convenient place to pick it up again next session.

System breaker
A character or item that is so powerful in its abilities that it can do anything, making the game little more than schoolyard ‘let’s pretend’. System breaking characters are heavily associated with power players.


Sat night players roll your % die and post reults please


Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! I got so wrapped up making NPCs, I was thinking it was close to 11pm and it's a quarter past 4am! Good night guildies!


Thanks to everyone that came out last night. The food was good and the company was better. Special thanks to our hostess, Jessica, at The Curiosity Shoppe.


Friday Night Magic at The Curiosity Shoppe tonight and the highly anticipated 2nd Annual FSDWG Winter Potlach tomorrow, this is going to be a good weekend! Make sure to check our events to stay up on what's going on and let me know if you'd like to host something and we'll get an event up for you!


I hope all of our fellow Dice Wielders are having a good New Year! Our New Years resolution is to offer better networking for GM's and players and to offer more services and resources to Guild members.
New services being offered: custom dice bags, custom painted miniatures, and some prop design and fabrication. Call or e-mail us for more info!


Happy New Year to all Dice Wielders! I hope this year brings good fortune and good rolls to all!


Anyone any good with photoshop?


Happy Christmas and happy Hannukah to all! With your GM's permission, add 100xp! Anybody get any gaming stuff for the Holidays?


I just realized that it's the Solstice! Happy Winter Solstice!


Happy Hump Day! 4 more days until Christmas and Hanukkah is in full swing! I'm wishing for a new tab to keep my gaming stuff organized! What are you hoping for?


Dwarven rod of understanding is under construction


SPREAD THE NERDDOM!! Suggest this page to any friends that might be interested!!


Just a few more hours before Sunday night's adventurers brave the mountain pass of the Wild Elves! What will the party find in the tunnels and what awaits them on the other side?!

Real... life... PCs...

Real... life... PCs...

These stories are all so far beyond a reasonable point that they need a GPS and a Coast Guard es**rt to find their way back.


Dms wanted, expansion is at our doorstep. Who will answer the call?


Custom paint requests for player chacter minis? Inquire within


Last night was fun. Lawful good seems to be a challenge in the desert, surrounded by Chaos. Namfoodle is proving to be a needed, albeit troublesome, companion. The plot thickens more and more as we investigate into the odd behavior of the Vestaccian guard.

I'm ready to see where tonight's campaign is going to go. Happy gaming, cheers!


Next week begins a new gaming day. This will be Wednesdays at the Main Branch of the Fort Smith public library at 9am.


Welcome new people. It's nice to see the page growing.


The conclusion of Camden's campaign was fun, but there were casualties. The new campaign has started and has been interesting so far.

Sunday's campaign has been fun. The PCs ar finally shifting focus from homemaking to adventuring, but there have been casualties. R.I.P. Fenris, died fighting a hydra. It wasn't pretty. R.I.P. Shiner, accidental death.

Tuesday's Star Wars campaign is going better than expected.


Everyone has a nerdy friend, just waiting for a small nudge deeper into the fantastical world of gaming. Give them the nudge they need and post the link to this page on your walls. If you don't want to advertise your hobby, send the link to your nerdy friends in a message. Get the word out.


We are planning a trip to Fayetown and Rogers this Saturday for free RPG day. Castle House and Gamer Utopia are participating. Start suggesting times, plans, and arrangements below.


Found: One power cord that looks to be to a laptop. Inquire further below.


Fort Smith, AR


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is this group still active?
Hi. I just moved to Fort Smith about a week ago.
I've been looking for new table top gaming friends and this page looked like it could be pretty helpful.
Greetings from out Cedarville-way. My husband is retiring from the army after 14 years, and we're settling down here in NW AR. We've been playing rpgs all through the years and we're hoping to find a fun group now that we're getting to stay in one spot for a while. Happy New Years to come :-)
Greeting Dice wielders, I have recently come across a large collection of D&D hard cover books that I am looking to sell. : ie complete divine, complete mage, complete warrior, complete adventurer dungeon 2 masters guide and many more. I was wondering if any of your members might be interested in them. take care and have fun
This group still active? Got a new gaming and hobby shop that just opened in Clarksville. Would love to have you guys check us out.
Hi, I'm Xavier and have been interested in finding a group of DnD players again for over two years. I felt stupid recently when I suddenly thought of the idea to google a group in my area. I was curious if you all were willing to accept another player and possibly GM, what times ya'll meet, and what edition you primarily play. (my 3.5 books are MIA...and so are my 4ed come to think of it) Please let me know, as I would be extremely interested in starting up again.
Don't forget, Star Wars D20 tomorrow from 6p-10p gm'd by The Fort Smith Dice Wielders' Guild
I was wanting to getting into some of your game nights but I was wanting to find out where I can print off a character sheets. So I can be ready when I show up and just hand you the sheet.
Fu***ng... this....
From: Anonymous
/tg/ this is an old, talked to death and apparently still not understood thing. Chaotic Neutral is not "LOLRANDOM." It never was, and never should be. If someone ever does a LOLRANDOM character, they are chaotic evil. Doing things for the purpose of doing them with no thought of consequence or meaning is a purely spiteful act no matter what it is.

Chaotic Neutral is a character that is in it for a personal gain. Money, adventure, influence, these are things that a chaotic neutral character thinks about and wants. The difference between a Chaotic Neutral character and say a character of any evil alignment is that a Chaotic Neutral character has no qualms about doing evil things OR good things. They are just as likely to help a starving puppy as kill it, depending on which benefits the character more. If the puppy's existence has no bearing on the character a Chaotic Neutral character will ignore it.

So what then is the point of the alignment? Well, chaotic neutral characters allow for a wider range of action in the party and can be some of the most forward thinking characters in the party. CN means absolutely no moral code. No right, no wrong of any kind. The only thing that matters is self. Sometimes a CN character can be wildly unpredictable, but so can a CG or CE character, that's the chaotic part of this. But the difference is that Good and Evil have intrinsic moral standards, a neutral character does not. He does not strive for balance, he does not have a heart of gold, he does not want the world to be crazy because LOLRANDOM.

tl;dr something we all should know by now. And that one LOLRANDOM CN dude was in my party this week and I'm pi**ed.
LAST MINUTE SHOPPER SALE! All horror and geek jewelry, books, sealed MTG cards and rpg dice are 20% OFF! Today ONLY! Happy Holidays!
Hammering out some fluff for Palasor. I need an artist for this project. Anyone think your skills are up to s***f?