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Just a reminder, theater club is meeting now in 6-176!


Hello all! The first meeting for Theater Club this semester will be this Wednesday at 2:30 in rm 6-176. We will be having pizza at this first meeting. Items on the agenda: choosing officers, planning future theatre events, intro of next semester theater classes. I hope to see you all there!

Directed by one of our own and featuring a few alum in the cast.

Directed by one of our own and featuring a few alum in the cast.

We are so excited to announce the cast of our upcoming production! We can't wait for you to see them bringing our return to Shakespeare to life...


Emotional Body class at Hole in the Wall Theater is cancelled for tomorrow morning, Sat 5/5. Will be back next week, the 12th.


Hole in the Wall theater in New Britain is looking for a light board operator. They'll train you if needed. You can message Bill or Scott via FB, or reach out to me.

BOARD OPS NEEDED: The Trouble with Space Cannibals is looking for light and sound board operators for their show opening Feb 25. Tech week 2/20-2/24, shows Feb 25,26, Mar 4,5,6,11,12. Let me, Bill Arnold or Scott Stephen Kegler know if you can help out!

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

Have you ever wanted to be in a play? Be part of a production at Tunxis in Spring 2022. ST Plays in Production will meet on campus, Tuesdays and Thursdays 1-2:15 p.m. Students will prepare a production for an April performance at Hole-In-The-Wall Theatre in New Britain, CT. Put the spotlight on your education and register for this course! Contact Jan Mason with any questions or concerns at [email protected]

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

Interested in learning more about theater? Tunxis will offer the following in spring semester: “Intro to Theater” explores the history of the theater and roles of all involved in staging a production, during which students will stage a performance! “Special Topics: Plays in Production” has students assume a role in a theater production, preparing theatrical material for public performance. Email [email protected] or [email protected] with course prerequisite questions.


It's a Daddy Battle for the ages but not for all ages so make sure to bring your Daddy along. PG-13? Appropriate for ages 14 and up or something? I don't know. There's going to be a lot of corny jokes and you're probably going to groan. Fairly wholesome on the, uh, whole.

Enough about the age appropriateness of this show, let's talk Nuts and Dads.

What we've got here is a classic Dad-off. We've got original jokes, New Balance sneakers, high water jeans, and for sure a Dad thing- visors. Daddy is a gender-blind term, and a state of mind. This is not a S*x Thing. This is a [key-words up next] Dad Joke Competition.

We're going to be flinging Dad Jokes at each other on a stage in 1v1 Daddles. First one to lose their Daddy Zen more than three times looOessess. Judges will be present to determine the validity of the chuckles and generally be authoritative and controlling. The winner of a round advances to next bracket, until there are no more brackets, and the Final Top Daddy has been Dadtermined.

Hosted by Odin the Allfather aka Ed Richters. Fun fact- a group of Daddies is known as a Cookout, and we're most certainly going to have a Cookout ready for you (availability of cooked foods is improbable). Expect about 2 hours of stunning, beautiful, hilarious puns, and all the Daddy action you can dream of. Well, depends on the dreams.

This long-winded description is leading up to some very important information that you probably need to have if you want to see this show- THE DATE. And stuff.



We will be offering four courses this Spring. Right now only three are up on my.commnet:
1528 THR* J101 Intro to Theater TR 11:30 am-12:45 pm
1529 THR* J120 Stagecraft MW 03:30 pm-04:45 pm
1530 THR* J210 Acting II M 06:30 pm-09:00 pm
In addition there will be
This will be the course that will produce our spring play, so if you want to be in the play: SIGN UP for it. It makes a great fifth course as you get 3 credits for doing something that would otherwise be extra-curricular. Technical support will come from the Stagecraft class, so if that's your interest, sign-up for Stagecraft.

NOTE: If you've previously took Practicum, you can sign up for this course, or if you just want to act in the spring, let Jan know. Casting will go first to those enrolled in the course, but if there are other roles available you can audition.


Up next in adult classes: Playwriting! Join Jan Mason for a writer's workshop to help you hone your skills in the world of playwriting. All experience levels are welcome. Classes run Tuesdays: November 9-December 14 from 7-9pm via Zoom. For more info and to register, visit:


Dear friends, this is a good news, sad news post. The good news is that, despite the hiatus due to Covid, the theater program is alive and well and strongly supported by administration. The sad news is that our home for the last ten-plus years is going away. Our theater space as you know was simply a semi-isolated part of Founders Hall and that entire space is being reconfigured to other purposes. Within a few weeks our stage will be no more.

We will continue to teach and rehearse on campus, but for next spring and probably the following year, we will perform off campus. We are still finalizing those plans but likely will partner with Hole in the Wall Theater in New Britain for performance space. Stay tuned for details, but long term we look forward to having our own performance space.


I'm in need of a stagehand and a costume assistant for the run of Marjorie Prime that I'm directing at Hole in the Wall theater in New Britain. Tech starts next week and performances are Friday and Saturday Aug. 20 to Sep. 4 and a Sunday matinee on the 26th. Ideally you could make every tech starting Monday next week and all performances, but I'd settle for someone who could do at least one tech and most of the performances. Let me know if you're interested.

Jan will be teaching Voice and Diction this fall and co-teaching Practicum with me.
Cast And Creative Team Announced For Connecticut Lyric Opera's Production Of LA BOHEME

Jan will be teaching Voice and Diction this fall and co-teaching Practicum with me.

Live opera will return this summer with Connecticut Lyric Opera's production of Giacomo Puccini's beloved masterwork La Bohème. The powerful story of love and selflessness, which inspired the Tony and Pulitzer Award-winning rock musical Rent, is presented in partnership with Connecticut Virtuosi Ch...

I'm playing Vladimir/Didi in Godot and directing Marjorie Prime. Hope some of you can make it these shows.

I'm playing Vladimir/Didi in Godot and directing Marjorie Prime. Hope some of you can make it these shows.

We're very excited to share our Summer season and the start to our return to the stage!

Auditions for Marjorie Prime run THIS WEEKEND, June 4th and 5th at the Theater...

Auditions for Completeness will be June 25th-26th, look for audition info coming soon...

We can't wait to see you all again live and in-person


From Jan Jameson who will be teaching Voice and Diction next fall and co-teaching the Practicum with me:
I am going to be directing Puccini’s La boheme with Connecticut Lyric Opera for performances in July in New Britain (July 2) and Hartford (Wadsworth outdoors July 11), and again this fall in New London and Middletown.
There is room for some student volunteers as stage-hands and possibly as extras on stage.
Please pass on the information to students if you don’t mind, and they can contact me directly at this email address.
Many thanks. I look forward to rubbing elbows with you at TX in the fall.
I hope you might be able to join us, it will be a beautiful performance.

A reminder that registration is open for Fall 2021. We are offering Intro to Theater, Acting I, Voice and Diction, Stage...
Jan Mason

A reminder that registration is open for Fall 2021. We are offering Intro to Theater, Acting I, Voice and Diction, Stagecraft, and Practicum I & II. If you wish to participate in the Fall production you either must have taken Practicum I before and contact me (and be available during class times for rehearsal) or sign up for Practicum. We're very excited to have Jan Mason as a new instructor this fall. She'll be teaching Voice and Diction and co-teaching Practicum with me. Mike Nowicki will be teaching Acting I as he has for many years now and Carol Fox Prescott will again teach Intro to Theater.

Director | Educator | Leader


We're happy to announce that the college is planning on returning to on-ground education in the fall, and that means Tunxis Stage gets to begin producing plays again. Intro to Theater will still be taught online, but Practicum, Acting, Voice and Diction, and Stagecraft will be on-ground. If you want to participate in the Fall play and have never taken Practicum, you need to sign up. If you took Practicum I, you can take Practicum II for more credit. If you have taken Practicum I and want to be involved in the production, you can audition as long as your free during class times for rehearsals. We expect the fall production to go up the weekend before Thanksgiving, so you'll also need to be available evenings during that week.


We are very excited to formally announce that submissions are open for the very first HITW Variety Hour! We're currently seeking submissions and applicants from Playwrights, Directors, Actors and Performers of all kinds.

Musicians, Choreographers, Comedians, Slam Poets, Singers, Jugglers, and oddities of all kind are welcome!

For more information, visit or sign up at !

(For further questions, contact producer Terrance J. Peters on Facebook or at [email protected])


11 years ago (12-18-09), I announced that Tunxis Stage was getting a theater carved out of the former library space. We hope to reopen next fall. Thank you to all who have supported us over the years!

Inviting you to the closest we can get to live theater these days: A new play by Richard Sebastian-Coleman, under the au...

Inviting you to the closest we can get to live theater these days: A new play by Richard Sebastian-Coleman, under the auspices of Hole in the Wall theater.
The first link is via Facebook, the other is the HITW web site. The donation amount is open, but you need to donate something to get the link. The show runs this Friday and Saturday.

Make a donation of any amount and we will email you the link to view our special, spooky production of Scavenger this Halloween weekend! Find out more information here.

This Fall at HITW! – Hole in the Wall Theater
This Fall at HITW! – Hole in the Wall Theater

This Fall at HITW! – Hole in the Wall Theater

This Fall at HITW! Posted on September 16, 2020 by John Bosco Hello Hole in the Wall Friends and Family!!! The Summer is slowly coming to a close and Fall 2020 is soon to begin. While 2020 has definitely dampened many spirits, we at Hole in the Wall Theater are still trying to do what we do best and...


Trying to decide whether to offer Theater Practicum next spring. We will not be able to stage a live production. However, we could potentially film some pieces and make them available via the Tunxis web site. If we run the course it would officially be a hybrid course. The most likely scenario would be I'd meet with half the class one day and half the next and on the off days each group would rehearse online. Even with that we'd have to maintain social distancing, so whatever we do would have to work with that. What are your thoughts? Would you be interested in doing this?

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

Video and film are essential media skills! Try one of our new film courses including Film Study, Film and Video Techniques, and Screenwriting.


I've noticed quite a few new likes for this page in the past few weeks. Welcome.

I'm George Sebastian-Coleman, and I founded Tunxis Stage some 12 years ago. We produced one show each of our first two years and then one a semester for the next 10. Last spring we were in rehearsals for Uncle Vanya when the quarantine began. There will not be a normal fall show this year either, as I'm sure you understand. However, there is also a Tunxis Theatre Club with a page and I encourage you to join that as well. It's possible the club may be able to organize some sort of event this fall--perhaps an online show.

I certainly hope we will be able to return to the stage next spring, but in the meantime, thank you again for your interest.


CSCU has decided that fall courses will be primarily online, though some will have a ground component. However, that means that we will not be offering Theater Practicum for Fall 2020 (no fall play). We are still offering, Intro to Theater, Acting 1, and Voice and Diction.


Just to make it official, because the CSCU system has closed all campuses, our production of Uncle Vanya is cancelled.


Happy to announce the cast of Uncle Vanya.

Watchman and Workman - Nicky Dube - Bristol, CT
Ivan (Vanya) Voynitzky - Efrain (Ej) Ramirez, Jr. - Bristol, CT
Ilya Ilyich Telegin - Patrick H. A. Jones - Newington, CT
Mariya Voynitzkaya Kirsten Elliot - Southington, CT
Sofya Alexandrovna Isabella Britt - Bristol, CT
Mikhail Astrov -Jose Aparo - Newington, CT
Yelena Andreyevna - Jenna Schultz - Meriden, CT
Alexandr Serebryakov - Nicholas Hogan - Terryville, CT
Marina - Jessica Langer - Bristol, CT

UNCLE VANYA by Anton Chekhov is a classic of modern theater. The play, described by Chekhov as a "comedy of rural life," is set on a country estate/farm in rural Russia at the end of the 19th century. Alexandr is a retired professor who has returned to the family estate with his 27-year-old second wife, Yelena. Vanya, his brother-in-law from his first marriage and Alexandr's daughter, also from his first marriage, have been working the estate for the last 25 years to support the great man's life in the city. Alexandr's return disrupts the lives of everyone in the house and Yelena's presence provokes multiple love triangles. Not a comedy in the sense of non-stop jokes, but rather of the absurdities of our lives. Chekhov always makes us smile, sometimes laugh, and sometimes weep at our foibles.


Still time to sign up for spring theater courses: Acting II, Practicum 1 and 2 (for anyone who wants to participate in the spring production), and Theater History.


Two sold out nights for Complete Works! Congrats to Jenna and the whole cast and crew and thanks to Hole in the Wall for inviting us.


Great news! If you loved THE COMPLETE WORKS OF SHAEKESPEARE (abridged) or you missed it, we’re doing it again! January 3rd and 4th at Hole in the Wall Theater. $20 adults $15 students and seniors (neither of whom qualify for the adult rate).


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When do tickets go on sale?
Attention actors and actresses! As some of you may or may not know I will be directing this semesters show! Auditons for "The Nerd" (written by: Larry Shue) will be held on September 11th and 14th going from 4:00-6:00. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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