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A-1 Piano Tuning & Repair Experienced Piano Tuning and Repair servicing NE Ohio for over 35 years at low prices. SERVICE AREAS: Canton, Massillon, Akron, Jackson, Green, Wooster, Stow, and more!!!

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This young man is only 10 and has been only playing a few years. I recently enjoyed tuning the piano for him.


I just repaired an upright studio Piano. It was strange, because the screws holding the sustain pedal in place had been ripped out! I was able to repair it by replacing those screws with some that were somewhat larger. Someone must’ve been really stomping on the sustain pedal! Thankfully they were pleased with my work.


Tuned and repaired a piano at the Turkeyfoot Island club in Akron on the portage Lakes. The piano held its tune well, but several hammers in the top treble were very slow or not repeating at all. We had to remove the action and replace several hammer flange pins with smaller ones as well as lubricate liberally with Proteck. That solved the problem.


Spent three hours on a petite baby grand piano Friday. Movers had dropped it and the keys were all out of position. I had to remove the action, take the hammers off the keys and reposition all the keys and then put the whole action back in the piano.My customers thought their piano have been killed. However I was able to bring it back to life and they said I was a miracle worker! Always feels great to make people happy about their piano!


Just tuned a Story and Clark console piano that had all the keys of the top octave blocked. In checking the piano action I found a pen, a pencil and a small paint brush had become stuck underneath the action at the back of those keys. Love those easy fixes! So do the customers!


Just repaired 106 year old Schumaker upright piano. It had a broken hammer right at middle C. Also, several keys were not working. I found several coins under those keys and one was from Hong Kong. The owners of the piano are inveterate travelers and have visited over 50 countries. I meet some very interesting people in my line of work!


Recently tuned and repaired an old antique upright piano. I was able to remove the entire action and reglue parts, called jacks, that push up the hammers when the keys are played. The jacks had fallen out of position and were not able to push up the hammers.

My twin boys, Chris and Jer, are very good in helping me with piano repair. Chris is also a partner as a tuner with me a...

My twin boys, Chris and Jer, are very good in helping me with piano repair. Chris is also a partner as a tuner with me and is very good. If you would to contact us, call 330-418-2816 or email


I had a problem with a church piano(Yamaha Baby Grand). The dampers kept sticking up and not cutting off the notes that were played when the keys were released. I checked the humidity with my hygrometer and it was close to 80%! The ideal humidity is around 42% for pianos. If the humidity is too high the the keys and dampers begin to stick. The action becomes sluggish. I convinced them to lower the humidity. Problem solved!

If you need a tuning or have a problem you can contact us at 330-
418-2816 or


My son, Chris, is now helping with me with Tuning and repair. I have been teaching him and he now has a couple of years experience. He has a very good ear and does an excellent job! He was able to take over and tune for several of my customers when recently had the flu!


Tuned a baby grand piano recently, that had something quite valuable inside. The customer, who was a piano teacher, had lost an expensive watch. She was having a problem with some lost motion with some of the keys in the treble. When I slid the action out to check on the keys, lo and behold, the watch appeared, laying on top of the keys. What happened, apparently, is that she laid the watch on the key cover. Not noticing, when she lifted the key cover up, to play, the watch was there and fell back inside the piano!


Just tuned a piano for a local theater. There was a colorful surprise inside! A large mouse nest had been created over by the bass section, of red, green and blue fabric like material. It was easy to remove, but recommended sealing the vent hole in the bottom board.


I recently installed a Piano Life Saver System in a grand piano at the Turkeyfoot Country Club in Portage Lakes. The Life Saver System controls the temperature and humidity of the piano which prevents big changes in pitch. This is especially good in buildings, such as schools and churches and others and even some homes, where the temperature and humidity is controlled intermittently. I have had several customers that are really pleased with the results!


Repaired a piano recently that had very few keys working. Turns out that mice had stored dog food under most of the keys! I removed all the keys and vacuumed out all the dog food and mice dirt. My customer was embarrassed, but much relieved! She is setting traps inside the piano!


Had an interesting piano a few weeks ago. It was a baby grand. Someone had knocked a lamp over and it shattered into the action. There was glass on top of and in between and under the hammers. It took me about 45 minutes to pull the action out of the piano and vacuum up all the glass. My customer was very relieved and very grateful that she was again able to play her piano.

This little kitty decided to sit beside me and help me tune the piano.

This little kitty decided to sit beside me and help me tune the piano.

Friendly cat checking my work :)

This little kitty decided to sit next to me and help me tune "her" piano!

This little kitty decided to sit next to me and help me tune "her" piano!

Friendly cat checking my work :)

Adventures in Tuning

Adventures in Tuning

Adventures in Tuning

Adventures in Tuning


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