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Happy Mother’s Day to all of our amazing DAC moms, both past and present! We hope you have the best day!




An oldie but goodie.

We begin at the beginning.

We begin at the beginning.


When will my child learn "real" dance?

A dance education offers a unique experience that you won’t find in any other early childhood activity. As an artist, we must develop our creativity and ability to storytell and express emotion. As an athlete, we must develop the stamina, coordination, and strength to perform dance skills. In addition, dance educators have a responsibility to honor the young child by offering a developmentally appropriate curriculum.

In our early childhood dance classes, we are growing our foundational skills that support the development of your child. We are exploring our conceptual skills that support the artist within your child. And, we are developing our codified dance skills that support the athlete within your child. Only when these three skills are developed together, can one truly learn dance. It’s a beautiful interwoven process that is 100% “real” dance and we look forward to celebrating your child’s progress with you each and every week.

Always be good to others and you will have a happy life.

Always be good to others and you will have a happy life.

Reminder: We have to be a good person first before we can be a good artist.

Ballet Counts the most.

Ballet Counts the most.


What every dancer should know.

What every dancer should know.

Entering the room with humility. The sign of a dancer that knows they still have more to learn while believing in their own abilities and potential. This doesn't just happen. It takes parents and teachers striking the right balance between support (unconditional love) and challenge (high standards - sometimes requiring tough love).

Always Dance.

Always Dance.


As early childhood educators, we need to be prepared for runners. You can tell them all day long not to run. But, if that’s not working, consider the following…

Keep them busy 👉 With a jam-packed lesson plan that is developmentally appropriate and fun they won’t want to do anything but what you have planned for the day. So, plan wisely! Also, give jobs to the runners so they can stay busy during transitions. “Everyone, give your scarves to Ryan. Ryan, put the scarves in the bin, please.”

Say what you want to see 👉 When you are vocal with what you see or want to see, magic happens. A simple “I see jumping and leaping and spinning” will cue little ones to do those movements.

Praise the positive👉 When you give all your attention to the negative behaviors in the class, you are sending the message that negative behavior will get your attention. Ignore the negative (as long as safety is not an issue) and praise the positive behaviors in the class. Be sure to acknowledge the runners IMMEDIATELY and EVERY time you see them doing something other than running.

Give them choices 👉 Running is not an option. So, give them two choices that are options. "Would you like to stand on the yellow spot or the red spot?"

Use your catch and reel tools👉 A catch and reel tool is something we do or say to catch our dancer’s attention and reel them back in. Try a train whistle! Give a little toot toot and yell “All Aboard”. Say “Welcome aboard, Grace! Welcome aboard James!” as they come on board. When the runners hear their friend’s name being called, they’re going to want their name called so they will also jump on board.

Join them! 👉 You read that right. 😱 Running may be a signal that a sensory need is not being met. Consider meeting them where they are and offer safe alternatives to running laps at full speed. Prompt the class to run backwards, sideways, high, low, or lay on your back and see how fast your feet can run in the air. By meeting their need to move, they will then be regulated to move forward with the lesson plan.

What tips would you add to this list?

Our dancers are rehearsed and ready for a great competition season!! 🩰

Our dancers are rehearsed and ready for a great competition season!! 🩰

They’re rehearsed and ready for a great competition season!!

They’re rehearsed and ready for a great competition season!!

Enjoy dancing from the heart.

Enjoy dancing from the heart.


Ballet is so much more than just a dance.

It is etiquette presented in a graceful, compassionate, and elegant way.

Remember dancers.

Remember dancers.

Don't let your mistakes stick to your insides. Don't let the regret rot you.

Forgive yourself. You are so much more than your mistakes.


Have a wonderful “productive” weekend ♥️


So important! 🙌





Why We Dance - Trailer
Why We Dance - Trailer

Why We Dance - Trailer

Dance is a big part of human culture. But why do we do it? And is it exclusively human? Or do non-human species do it too? Why We Dance explores the theory t...

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You can see her love of dance in her performance. Beautiful.


Dance Arts Centre classes today, Saturday January 29th are canceled due to the snow. Stay safe and warm!


Perfection and years of training and hard work.

You are our joy

You are our joy

"The movement is spirit. The lights are my stars. The stage is my voice. I am a dancer." ~ Rhee Gold

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

"If we wholeheartedly believe in what we want to create and are willing to dedicate the time and energy needed to see it through, I believe all of us can accomplish almost anything we desire." ~ Unknown


Classes are being held today!
Monday, January 17th!


Happy New Year to all of our DAC families! Best wishes for a great 2022!

Student teacher DAC Christmas party! Not like it used to be but glad we could have something small this year! Thank you ...

Student teacher DAC Christmas party! Not like it used to be but glad we could have something small this year! Thank you ladies for all the help and love you give to our students!


Happy holidays from all of us at Dance Arts Centre!!

We believe in you.

We believe in you.

Behind every dancer who believes in themselves, is a teacher/coach who believed in them first. ❤️


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That was great!! Thank you so much for the live feed. It was nice to be able to watch the show. Outstanding choreography once again! I loved it.
Best of Luck to all the dancers today and tomorrow as well. You all have done well to make it possible for the dancers to dance on stage and especially for the Seniors. 🤩❤
Let's help our neighbors in need and make sure nobody goes hungry this Thanksgiving! If you're looking to help today, you can head to Dance Arts Centre in Bristol from 10-2. They're collecting turkeys, non-perishables and toiletries for Necessities Cupboard. Comment below if you know of any other food drives happening today! #NBCCT #ConnectingYou Kristina Mazzone Duarte
will classes be held Easter weekend? I can't remember and am trying to plan ahead...thanks
Having the time of their lives. They did awesome, heat and all!!!💖💜💗
Awesome job DAC girls!!! 💜
boo hoo….was hoping for "first class" pix from Thursday?