THE SAINT One of the top small live music venues in the world and the Heart of the New Jersey music scene, The All Age Matinee Shows Are On Weekday or Weekend Afternoons.

Home of Live Original Music in New Jersey and one of the top small live music venues in the world, The Saint is the longest consecutively running music venue in Asbury Park's history. We Are 18 To Enter, 21 to Drink Enter for All Evening Shows. The Saint's mission is to present and preserve live original music at the Jersey Shore. Located at 601 Main Street, Asbury Park, NJ, each year, hundreds of

artists of all genres, from all corners of the globe, descend upon The Saint with one goal in mind, to play the career elevating venue, and the heart of the Asbury Park music scene. More than two decades in operation, The Saint is an incubator, where great music is born. A monument to rock'n roll, The Saint hosts thousands of local bands, artists and national touring acts of all genres from around the world.



What do you see? Debbie Piper said that during her flight, she looked out the window and saw this guy!

I see sunglass, curly hair and a little frown?

📸 Debbie Piper
Kaitlin Wright Meteorologist - WCCB in Charlotte


Years grow shorter, not longer,
The more you've been on your own.
Feelings for movin' grow stronger'
So you wonder why you ever go home,
Wonder why you ever go home.


'First off — 90% of the time, you have no idea what you're being called for.'


Totally Canadian!


The Pretenders’ Chrissie Hynde is still rocking at age 71, and while some artists may dread getting older, she seems to be embracing it. “I don’t mind getting older. I do mind getting uglier,” she shares in a new feature in The Guardian.

Hynde believes “there are so many great things about getting older,” noting, “For example, I don’t think there’s very many things that I know now that I didn’t know when I was 16 – but there’s a big difference between knowing something and realizing it. Realizing something takes 50 years.”

Hynde, who turns 72 in September says, “I’m more relaxed now, if you can believe it,” sharing, “This is the real mellow version of me. Ageing is like being a pothead again. Though that’s not to say there are not things that wind me up daily.”

You can hear the Pretenders streaming at, the free K-ZAP app, and 93.3FM.




track by Jackson Pines

Check it out Meg. Love, Scott

Check it out Meg.
Love, Scott

Fiery Irish singer and songwriter was an unlikely Nineties pop superstar with “Nothing Compares 2 U,” but career plagued by mental health issues

Please support all of the delicious Pizza shops in NYC!  Jersey supports!!!

Please support all of the delicious Pizza shops in NYC! Jersey supports!!!

Replying to Uncle Scotty my man!! Protecting small businesses from the woke A-holes 👏🇺🇸

AmeriCeltiCanaFest Pop-up Show * Sunday, July 2nd The Saint Presents at Hopewell UMC in beautiful Hopewell, New Jersey, ...

AmeriCeltiCanaFest Pop-up Show * Sunday, July 2nd The Saint Presents at Hopewell UMC in beautiful Hopewell, New Jersey, AmeriCeltiCanaFest celebrating Americana music w/a Celtic twist feat. Stella Mrowicki, Mike Montrey Band, Helen O'Shea & Friends, David Vargo w/Special Guests, Small Town Strings, Sunday July 2nd at Hopewell UMC in Hopewell, NJ. Tickets on sale now. Save the date. 🌻


The Saint has long been a fixture in the music community, an iconic New Jersey… Meg Donoghue Kelly needs your support for It's Hard to Be a Saint in The City

Be safe out there everybody.

Be safe out there everybody.

Happy Monday everybody. Hope everyone had a happy, relaxing music-filled weekend. What a beautiful, gorgeous weekend it ...

Happy Monday everybody. Hope everyone had a happy, relaxing music-filled weekend. What a beautiful, gorgeous weekend it was and what a long strange trip it’s been. The Saint has had a real rough go of it and a crushing, heartbreaking few years. You’ve all had our backs and have helped us to survive disaster after disaster no one could have anticipated from the apocalyptic shutdown and beyond. Thank you. We are indebted to you and because of you we are here. The hard knocks, one after another, life on life’s terms. We have held on and feel stronger than ever with the support and guidance and super powers of soon to be new partners and we couldn’t be more thrilled or grateful. We are hopeful and excited to be rising from the ashes real soon by way of this soon TBA brilliant new partnership, very, very soon. Thankful is an understatement. We will be seeing you all doing what we do real soon. We love you and can’t wait to see you at a show. Love and rockets, The Saint 🌸🩷💕🌈🌻


cats IN synthesizers in space


I found a bunch of old disposable cameras, brought them to CVS, and just picked them up yesterday. A lot of the pictures were from 2000/2001, when my Dad and I were constantly driving across the country, touring in his blues band.

He was 2 years sober, had just filed bankruptcy, and was 1 year past his radiation treatments for throat cancer. His voice, ravaged from the radiation, was always hovering just above a whisper. He couldn’t sing a note, but told me he was determined to be the best blues drummer there was. He wanted to master the shuffle, and he did just that. He changed his set up, and went from traditional to match grip. He loaded his own drums in and out of the trunk of his half broken down car. We played small clubs, dives, a couple biker festivals. He walked out every night, facing small audiences that wanted to hear him sing Cripple Ceek. He would whisper a few words to greet his fans, and then he would sit down and get to work. He wasn’t phased, he wasn’t ashamed he wasn’t afraid - he was just fiercely determined.

It was like watching a force of nature.

I want to celebrate his birthday today by sharing this picture with you, and telling a small part of his story, when he rose up from despair and changed the course of his life through music.

The lesson he gave by example was to stay connected to what you love, and be ready to follow the call ❤️


601 Main Street
Asbury Park, NJ

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A song about losing one's love and hoping it will come back. Appreciate a listen.

Is the Oct 17th - Joe Grushecky concert rescheduled?
From Society Hill:

This one really hit home, we’ve seen some good and ugly parts of us reach the surface with Covid-19. And With everything going on feeling so surreal this was the first moment of reality setting in. I don’t just feel like I’m losing a place but a part of our growth and history is about to disappear. I hope whoever buys the Saint can maintain everything it means to this scene. It’s hands down what Asbury stands for. The grind, the love, the grit. It’s what New Jersey bands are all about. This is a sad night. But all we can do is stay hopeful, grounded and composed. I know goodness will come from this, but just sad to say goodbye without even saying goodbye.
25 years ago at the First Asbury Park Music Awards Rotator Cuff won song of the year for Alfa Romeo. We also did our first CD relase party there the same year. (1995) Big thanks and good memories big thanks Scott Stamper and Matthew Pinfield for hosting us and to Mat for breaking us at SXSW that same year. Cheers guys!
Love the way you've promoted The Well Wish. Love The Saint


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Imagine yr from Jersey and ya haven't lived there since 87...
Ya bounced around all over and 10 years ago ya landed and planted in Austin...A lotta good bands in ATX but one of the absolute best is A GIANT DOG...How F'in Cool Is It they are playing down the shore when yr back home visiting?? 🤘🏿😎🤘🏿
19DRT, Park Ape, VSSLS, The Extras, Inc., The Red Room -