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Meetings today for Cleveland Playhouse, 2 commercials, Gypsy, and EST FEST...wondrous happenings in the world of Production and Costume the dream.

Why yes, that is the mic stand created for Machine Gun Kelley by Inda Blatch-Geib Designs with the amazing artistry of M...

Why yes, that is the mic stand created for Machine Gun Kelley by Inda Blatch-Geib Designs with the amazing artistry of Michael W Marras, Ryan Patterson, and Chialla Geib-Fenske. (Thanks to Instagram and last night fan posting for providing photo)


Hey CAVS fans...Inda Blatch-Geib Designs is proud to once again provide custom props to the pride of The Land.

This time we kidnapped some amazing artists and engineers to be part of the fun. Can't wait to share footage following tomorrow night's game.

In the meantime, kudos go out to Michael Marras and Ryan Patterson....


Conversations from the shop:

'No, we didn't really need 2 arms.'

'Then why are we expediting 2 arms?'

'Because we need 1 hand by Friday.'

'Why are we even buying 1 hand?'

'Because it was more cost effective than 5 part compound.'

'So, why are we cutting down an arm?'

'Because there was no hand option in the skin tone we need.'

'But 2 arms?'

'2 arms were better than 1.'

'The spare body parts section is getting really over stocked...'

Yeah....the routine of daily life...what can I say....


So many amazing projects in the works right now. Machine Gun Kelly is traveling throughout Europe performing on our set design. Getting ready for fittings for what will be a stunning, star packed production of Kris Kringle The Musical. We are working on an edgy new design for a soon to open Bar and Coffee Shop. 6 Production Costume Designs before the end of the year and 3 Set Designs. Plus, the commercial Production Designs......WOW! So very fortunate to be living the creativity and sharing that world with the amazingly talented Dred Geib and Chialla Geib-Fenkse.

So thrilled to be Costume and Puppet Designer for this production.   It's been a great journey!
Kris Kringle The Musical | 2 Shows

So thrilled to be Costume and Puppet Designer for this production. It's been a great journey!

Kris Kringle The Musical, narrated by legendary star Cathy Rigby, weaves a new and entirely original tale that will delight audiences of all ages. Based on one of the most familiar names of holiday folklore, this is the tale of a young, starry-eyed toymaker, Kris Kringle, who crosses paths wit


Surreal moments in design: I just bought a $1,400.00 wig...


Let the construction begin: set design approved for Machine Gun Kelly's European tour.


So, it's been a busy few years and posting tends to get away from me at Inda Blatch-Geib Designs....I am, however, extremely excited to be designing concert sets for a 3 day music festival with an international draw....let the games begin as mood boards are due in the next month. More posts to come :)


Beading and baubles, velvets and silk, animal carnage and dead Viking kings...these are a few of my favorite things......well, maybe just a few of the wild extremes in design projects on board for the next month or so of Inda Blatch-Geib Designs....every day's an adventure.....

Machine Gun Kelly - Alpha Omega

Production + Costume Design by Inda Blatch-Geib Designs. Produced by Think Media with Ryan Girard and Ryan Hardy Directing and Caleb Crossen Director of Photography. Special thanks to amazing crew: Dred Geib , Chialla Geib , Andrew Fenske , and Brandon Rife.

Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing Alpha Omega. (C) 2016 Bad Boy/Interscope Records


I am so privileged to again be asked to costume the ladies and gentleman of Brick City. Next week they will be performing a play based on Selekena, The River Goddess as part of Cleveland Public Theatre's Road to Hope.
I have been given great opportunities designing for professional theatre, film, commercials, and art installations in the course of the past 30 years. My work has had international exposure as a result.
The moments like Brick City and the amazing performances that come from these actors are among my favorites though. They have a magic like none other. I hope that those of you in the North East Ohio region will take advantage of seeing their performance. You will understand why I would move mountains to collaborate with this wonderful event.


The worlds I've been privileged to create within this past month have been amazing! I have collaborated with outstanding directors, phenomenal actors, and fellow designers of extraordinary talent. Many thanks to Matthew Wright, Shannon Sindelar, Justin Emeka, Pandora Robertson and Faye Hargate for outstanding opportunities to explore post electric societies, life askew, race relationships, and empowerment of the individual and community. I am so very fortunate to create a life in the arts.


Flatforms, vintage clothing transformations, and Eastern Opera's Act III of Mr Burns A Post Electric play of course. If you haven't booked your tickets at Cleveland Public Theatre, a big Homer Simpson 'Duh'. It's one not to miss.

Well, now that it has aired, I can safely post....Here's a little Costume Design I did this season.  Enjoy.
Cleveland Cavaliers show off their Soul Train moves for Throwback Night (Video)

Well, now that it has aired, I can safely post....Here's a little Costume Design I did this season. Enjoy.

When not trying to win the Eastern Conference, the Cleveland Cavaliers sure know how to get down with their dance moves, Soul Train style Thursday night the Cleveland Cavaliers took on the Milwaukee Bucks on Thursday night, and when all was said and done on the court, the Cavs were able to come away…


What I've learned from theatre:
1. Elegance: the elegance of decay, the artistry of realistic the 15th century, the palette of extremes. Each is elegant in its own right. Each has a point of too far or falling short. To reach the equilibrium of the elegant solution is my sublime.
2. Detail in the story telling. Design psychologically manipulates the audience to reach each conclusion the author has worked. It is as old as the Greek theatre; as wildly evocative as Kabuki. When the curtain is drawn or the audience enters the house, the work of a theatrical designer begins...great design cajoles the audience to hold its collective breath, grip their arm rests, and shout the occasional 'hallelujah'....without ever realizing they've just run the maze.
3. Critical thought and problem solving....and creating solutions within a budget: each world is inhabited by characters and locales which MUST seem three dimensional, fleshed matter how absurd the situation. The work of the designer is to create many layers that reveal themselves throughout the story...much like real life opens slowly and purposefully as trust is gained.
4. Resourcefulness and 5. Relationship Building: they go hand in hand. You want to know where to get the most obscure item and who to speak to once you get there? Ask a seasoned theatre professional. We can tell you 4 places off the tops of our heads as well as complete the email of introduction while giving you the contacts' phone number.
5. Humility: all work is judged no matter what the art form....try being judged in a house with upwards of a thousand people and a boat of critics sitting somewhere within know, close enough to hear the notepad flip.
6. The value of collaboration and process: theatre creates based upon its daily workflow because the end result changes with each performances....the audience is a wildcard, a huge variable... uncontrolled. We create with extreme trust in ourselves, our team, and our process...and we rise or fall together because we understand that what we create is transitory but how we create is timeless.
I love the work I do and people I am privileged to create with in film, commercials, print, and installation. I have been given rare and amazing opportunities along this road. Theatre has enriched me and made me a constantly better designer. It has shaped me artistically and continues to do so with each new project, cast, Director, Producer, and creative team.


As artists, as humans, we are given great power...we are asked to explore what the human condition means, to dissect it, to be it's mirror. we are given a responsibility not only to entertain but to challenge. We are given the platform to assemble a public and say, 'what now? What will we do? How do we celebrate human spirit by enacting human change?'Today, a diverse group of artists come together under the direction of Raymond Bobgan and Cleveland Public Theatre to celebrate St Johns Church as an enduring reminder of The Underground Railroad and it's place in history. Today, we challenge as we acknowledge that slavery did not end and our work, as artists and as humans, does not end. What will we do? How does this stop? Please join me at Station Hope located on Church St in the Ohio City area from Cleveland from 6-10:30 this evening for a free event of art, celebration, and action.


Realizing there is a years' worth of catching up to post and then some....that's approximately 40 productions, 4 commercials, and 2 films behind if my math is right...I need more caffeine and a social media assistant. In this realization I am also overwhelmed by the knowledge that I am graced to make a career in the arts. I am afforded the daily opportunity to collaborate with phenomenal professionals and create unique worlds. Those universes exist for a moment in time, but compel, thought provoke, enrage to action, and bring joy to countless audiences. I live a dream and need to remember to give thanks for that more often than I may do. (I still need the social media assistant though....just saying....)

Have an idea for a Reality Show and don’t know how to get in front of the networks?  Want to know more about the world o...
Your Voice Series: Reality Television Pitch Workshop

Have an idea for a Reality Show and don’t know how to get in front of the networks? Want to know more about the world of unscripted television and how to pitch a project? Join hosts Joddy Eric Matthews and Inda Blatch-Geib Designs on March 29th from 9-4:00 as we bring back Joke Productions as part of the Your Voices Series of The Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival.

Joke Fincioen and Biagio Messina (Beauty & The Geek, Caged, Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne, Scream Queens ) will be covering Network Show Structure, Demographics, Editing and Pitch Techniques, and the use of the correct terminology during pitching that defines the novice from the professional to open the doors to studio development and winning pitches. At the end of the session, participants may present their ideas for potential studio representation under Joke Productions.

Past workshop success stories include the A&E Bio Channel THE GHOST INSIDE MY CHILD (highest debuting reality show in A&E BIO history) and the MTV special TRUE LIFE PRESENTS: SECRETS, LIES, & SEX.

Visit the EventBrite page for more information.

Have an ideal for a Reality Show? Join us in this informative one day workshop, learn about the industry and pitch your ideal to Reality Showrunners, Biagio Messina and Joke Fincioen (BEAUTY AND THE GEEK, DON’T TRUST ANDREW MAYNE) of Joke Productions in Los Angeles. Attendees will learn the craft o...


You may think this is an odd post for this site, but I’m asking a favor…..

No matter what role you play in the theatre, film, television, or commercial arena, the written word and your ability to interpret or manipulate its meaning is key to your success. You are an artisan of story and practice its craft daily. Now, imagine a world where the written word is a scramble on a page, a fight to discern….a dirty secret that you can’t understand what the letters add up to, so you hide it from everyone you know. That is what illiteracy means….it is a roadblock to success, a constant frustration, and a cruel joke to millions of people living in our country….thousands which make up a part of our communities.

So, I am asking that you take a few moments on Wednesday, February 12th to be counted in your support of literacy by reading for 30 minutes over the course of the day and registering your participation at .

This City Reads, a collective of community members, businesses, organizations, and schools, is celebrating a new decade of reading as it prepares for its 11th Annual Day of Reading.

Over a decade ago we set a goal for 100,000 readers participating, and we’ve come close….help make 2014 the year we hit the mark. That mark isn’t about numbers, it’s about words and the power they have over our lives.

Thanks in advance for your participation and good shoot & break a leg to you!

Inda Blatch-Geib Designs

Costume & Production Design

This City Reads Partner


Still not caught up with posting photos of last 3+ months of designs! Photos are waiting to be reviewed but in the thick of puppet construction and WWII era Ukrainian folk costumes for an amazing new project.


When Inda Blatch-Geib Designs was asked to co-sponsor the FILMCLEVELAND! inaugural event this Thursday from 7-11:00 at The Capitol Theatre, we looked long and hard at what this commitment would mean. IBG Designs is about quality and innovation. In co-sponsorship with THOAP Productions & MadWerkz Studios we were also partnering in a continued collective. The point is to grow our strengths as a film community while filling gaps in distribution and funding. FILMCLEVELAND! is about thriving, crafting projects that are meaningful and take advantage of the vast talent in our region while bridging the gaps through professional workshops. We wont be improving travel and tourism for the city or asking you to pay thousands of dollars to learn to be a production assistant. We will be introducing you to resources and supporting you.....because that is good for all of us. A strong, vibrant entertainment industry operates 24/7, doesn't close its doors when the latest comic book villain hangs up his cape. We are that community. Help all of us thrive by being a part of this bold new collective. See you at FILMCLEVELAND! Chat with veteran film makers, nosh on the complimentary food, hear from vendors, watch some of Cleveland's finest in our Audience Choice contest.....and make a difference. It's all our futures, not just Marvel's.


October and November have been action packed on the design front! Production Design for 'Seeing Tomorrow' short, Set and Costume Design for Kaiser's touring productions, Set Design for Kilgore Trout's spring catalog, Costume Design for new theatre company Teatro Publico, life size body duplicate puppet for Hansel and Gretal opera, sideo set for Masque of the Red Death, and Costume and Set Design for CPT's new production with Y-Haven. This morning is devoted to getting my accounting into order before I start on super sized food props for the next go-round and rehearsal this evening. Can't wait to share photos of designs......although, the fabulous new couture fashion shots will have to wait until, alas, spring comes for their reveal. Always a pleasure to work with amazing professionals on interesting and inspiring projects.


PSA for State of West Virginia: 'It's Never Going to Happen"
Production & Wardrobe Design by Inda Blatch-Geib,
Directed by Kevin DeOliveira
Produced by Eric Vaughan


PSA for State of West Virginia: 'It's Never Going to Happen"
Production & Wardrobe Design by Inda Blatch-Geib,
Directed by Kevin DeOliveira
Produced by Eric Vaughan

Harper's Bazaar UK shoot with cover and spread of Scarlett Johansson.Production Design by Inda Blatch-Geib DesignsPhotog...

Harper's Bazaar UK shoot with cover and spread of Scarlett Johansson.
Production Design by Inda Blatch-Geib Designs
Photographer Alexi Lubomirski
Shot at Creative House Studios
Production Assistant: Dred Michael Geib

Just a taste of the October spread....


Hmmm....crashing cars next week.....

National furniture catalogue:  Production Design/Styling

National furniture catalogue: Production Design/Styling

Boston Marriage at Mamai Theatre

Boston Marriage at Mamai Theatre

Aida at Playhouse Square, Great Lakes Theatre

Aida at Playhouse Square, Great Lakes Theatre


As a designer, I am a story teller....I do so silently with color, line, and form....with details and layers of richness. I punctuate with mud and dirt, ornaments, jewelry, and the occasional carcass(...and that is both as a Costume and Production Designer.) I remake myself into a scientist, a medieval scholar, an architect of impossible confounding angles and balance, a weaver, a space traveler....I reimagine worlds never occupied and those whose history unfolds in musty volumes and before our eyes. At my best, my work is unrecognized because it seems as it should be....real. That which I agonize over in every stitch and each nail convinces and transports the film or theatre goer, magazine page turner, or commercial viewer to accept the naturalness of those moments without giving thought to their artificial beginnings.

I had a moment to chat with the 6 time Emmy nominated Art Director of American Horror Story earlier this week. He took great joy in being nominated was gleeful to him. I took great joy in hearing his excitement. I understand how, even at the top of his game, having his craft recognized still feeds his soul....just a bit.

For just a moment during your week, in watching a film, commercial, or play, appreciate.....there is much work to make a world an effortless, authentic place....enjoy.


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