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Membrain Festival

Membrain Festival

If you didn't realise early birds are ending soon! To be precise on the 28th of February midnight. You still have a chance to snag your ticket before the prices increase. We still have a small limited amount available! #runningout
First come, first served!

Membrain Festival

Membrain Festival

Membrain Festival is celebrating its 5th year!

That means four days of underground bass music on the scenic coastal site, rolling back the decades and creating a vibe reminiscent of those old school raves. Taking place from the 6th to the 9th of August at the magical location of Camp Martinska, the entrance to the Sibenik Channel, where variety of dj’s from Europe & World will showcase the freshest sounds of Drum&Bass, Jungle, Reggae, Dub, 140, techno, experimental and more across four days and three stages.

Come and join us for heart-pumping vibrations as we celebrate our mini jubilee!

event: Membrain Festival 2020
community: Membrain Festival Community
web: www.membrainfestival.com

⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑ TICKETS ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑
Early birds available till the end of the February
[VERY LIMITED] 65€ (+booking fee)
[EARLY BIRD] Day Ticket : 30€ (+booking fee)

4 Day Festival Ticket : 90€ (+booking fee)
Day Ticket : 35€ (+booking fee)

Povoljne ulaznice za Hrvatsku i ex YU zemlje dostupne su preko Entrio online sustava (bit.ly/MembrainEntrio) i prodajnih mjesta (bit.ly/EntrioOutlets)
Festivalska ulaznica : 300kn
Akcija za grupnu kupnju ulaznica 4 + 1 gratis! (240kn po osobi)

Track: Strago - Babylon [mutacube 2019]

Membrain Festival

Membrain Festival

Massive shout to Lostkawz for the support and the review!
❤ to all of you who made the magic happen together with us! 🔥
Read the article here:
and check what they are all about:

Membrain Festival

Membrain Festival

Unforgettable memories from the summer of 2019. Massive shout to everyone who made part and has supported our efforts, Special thanks to Noise Test and Embodiment Media for all the help and Cylon Rec. Samurai Music, Sofa Sound Bristol, Foundation X, Source.Echo & Boey Audio for amazing stage takeovers this year!

Photos by: Sammy B Baker
IG: https://www.instagram.com/loud.still.lost/

Regius Festival

Regius Festival


Spličanin sa nizozemskom adresom prebivališta, Daboo, umjetnik je u pravom smislu te riječi. Osim što je DJ bavi se i produkcijom, vodi radio emsiju, radi kao organiaztor i promotor, te se stvaralački izražava kroz grafički i likovni identitet. Šibenčanima je poznat i kao glavni organizator Membraina, underground festivala koji četvrtu godinu za redom u Šibeniku promovira bass glazbu i srodnu kulturu. Upravo najbolje od europskog underground bass zvuka ovo ljeto prezentirat će na devetom izdanju Regius festivala.

Slušaj Daboo - https://soundcloud.com/daboomusic

Event ▶️ Regius #9

Ulaznice ▶️ http://bit.ly/RegiusFestival

Membrain Festival

Membrain Festival

Šibenik first appeared in Game of Thrones in Season 5 representing the city of Braavos. The UNESCO World Heritage Site, St James Cathedral, doubles as The Iron Bank, the most powerful financial institution in the Free World.
Interestingly enough, Braavosi are just like residents of Šibenik, skilful seafarers and swordsmen, therefore we can easily imagine the giant statue of the Titan of Braavos at the entrance of the St. Anthony channel guarding the city and its residents. And exactly where the Titan's right foot stands is our festival location of Martinska Šibenik!

Why not check some more GOT locations around Šibenik while visiting Membrain Festival 2019?

Membrain Festival

Membrain Festival

This is what summer is gonna look like!
Membrain Festival's 4th edition is a host to 80+ artists from all corners of the globe, stamping our effort in becoming one of the most cutting edge electronic music festival in the world.

We are here to bring cultures together, live by the underground ethos, and treat everyone like a family, this is why this year we teamed up with Bristol’s renowned Noise Test, their attitude and love for the same ideal made this partnering a breeze and full of excitement.

Dalmatia’s Martinska Pier in Šibenik town is an exciting new festival hot spot for a long weekend from Thursday 8th to Sunday 11th of August.

What else to say but, start packing your bags!

more info and tickets:

Track: X Nation - Kiss Me Neck [Foundation X]

Membrain Festival

Membrain Festival

Did you know you can spread your ticket costs with a payment plan through Festicket?
Follow the link for more info: http://bit.ly/2Fv4v1w

Membrain Festival

Membrain Festival

The wait is over! We kept you all (and ourselves) in suspense long enough. With great pride and joy we can reveal to you this tremendous lineup as we celebrate our new home with a proper house warming party!
Join us this summer at Membrain Festival 2019.
Festival tickets are including free camping, day tickets (no camping included) available and valid for any day of your choosing.

Membrain Festival

Membrain Festival

What would you say?

Membrain 2017 First Lineup Announcement
Membrain 2017 First Lineup Announcement

Membrain 2017 First Lineup Announcement

and hosting some of the finest bass connoisseurs walking this very earth with you at this very moment, today we can finally reveal some of the names that will be participating at this years festival, and we couldn’t be happier with what we have to offer! 

Membrain Festival

Membrain Festival

Sun, sea and world bass music – not your average holiday
Membrain Festival 2017

Membrain Festival

Membrain Festival

Needing no introduction::

Hybrid Minds

" Comprising of Josh White, Matt Lowe on production and featuring Jeff Crake on vocals, Hybrid Minds represent a new musical force with their melodic, soulful Drum and Bass already making waves. A synergy between influences including trip-hop, acoustic, soul and RnB, Hybrid Minds draw on a myriad of influences to produce the smooth sound they are now known for. Although an innovative force in Liquid Drum and Bass, Josh and Matt are no strangers to Bass music.

Hybrid Minds have become synonymous with the best Liquid DnB - in only two years. "


Our line up is complete, the tickets are available through our site or your usual platforms (eventbrite, billeto, ticket...
Membrain Festival

Our line up is complete, the tickets are available through our site or your usual platforms (eventbrite, billeto, ticketscript etc), accommodation services ready just as well, your friends will be there, sun & sea will be waiting on you and who knows what else :)

Membrain Festival

Membrain Festival

Did you know you can listen to music on our site?
Featuring a free download from T and Sugah right now

New Logo Design for 140 Ninja came to be. New Label dealing in all things Dubstep!

New Logo Design for 140 Ninja came to be. New Label dealing in all things Dubstep!

Bassport#3 ft Dabs - Daboo - Sintax - Scipher - Sirius

Been a while since I posted here, things have been happening though.. we had good fun at Bassport event and you can catch the aftermovie here: https://youtu.be/2TExAXiwpNk

Bassport Event in Amsterdam OT301 - Aftermovie ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ /// Line Up : ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Dabs -Special Guest Set [Dispatch/Avantgar...

Flyers just came in, so happy with the line-up, can't wait for the event night

Flyers just came in, so happy with the line-up, can't wait for the event night

To make your Bassport experience in OT301 even more memorable we have another giveaway for you this week, grab your chan...
Bassport FM

To make your Bassport experience in OT301 even more memorable we have another giveaway for you this week, grab your chance now to enter and get yourself a free Bassport FM T-shirt with a signed copy of limited edition of Daboo's 180º CD (open to anyone who has joined the event), to enter follow the link below and keep an eye on the event page for the winner on Monday!
fb event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/439930599474410

The one stop lock in for Bass Music radio

IMPORTANT UPDATE:Unfortunately Ramses Hoppa is not gonna be able to join us this Saturday at Goulash Launch Party in Ams...
mps Pilot

Unfortunately Ramses Hoppa is not gonna be able to join us this Saturday at Goulash Launch Party in Amsterdam, due to unexpected developments he has to stay at Budapest.
BUT we have a SURPRISE for you,★ Horst Timmers aka mps PILOT will be taking his place! an International Global Bass Star, mps PILOT is one of The Netherlands' most experienced and renowned Tropical/Worldbass DJ's. His work promises state of the art mixing of contemporary worldwide produced dance music ★ !
FB: www.facebook.com/mps.pilot
MC: http://www.mixcloud.com/mpspilot/
SC: https://soundcloud.com/mpspilot


BloodFyah EP, by DABOO

Dear everyone,
As of today you can pre-order 'Bloodfyah EP'. Very proud of the collaborations and results that came out of it with : Zorko Opacic aka ZOX, Rafael Aragon, Cafe de Calaveras aka Tommi Benders, Bobby van Balen of SuddenDepth Records and Julian Hoogendoorn of Unknown Rebels.

If you Pre-order BloodFyah EP you will get immediate download of the original track in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or other formats. A link to the complete album will be emailed to you the moment it’s released in AUGUST !

6 track album

BloodFyah EP PROMO

Get ready for the upcoming release featuring stunning remixes by Zorko Opacic, Rafael Aragon, Tommi Benders, Julian Hoogendoorn, Bobby van Balen, If you think that the summer is hot, believe it, this will bring the heat up to the next level ! Coming out this August !

Promo Video of EP Bloodfyah Representing Remixes by: Zox Rafael Aragon Cafe de Calaveras Bobby van Balen Unknown Rebels All Rights Reserved Ⓟ© Driftkikker Pr...

Daboo's Latest ...
Le Lion-Annunaki (Daboo Remix)

Daboo's Latest ...

Remix of Le Lion's - Annunaki of the Clownsville Records Important note : Best listened with your headphones on ;)

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