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Beneficent transmission, join us from thursday on 💜

kangding ray // acto
kangding ray // acto

kangding ray // acto

taken from the forthcoming album »cory arcane« © 2015 raster-noton. archiv für ton und nichtton release date: october 30, 2015 cat.-no.: r-n167 www.raster-no...

DJ KOZE - Magical Boy
DJ KOZE - Magical Boy

DJ KOZE - Magical Boy

Regie / Produktion: Tara Afsah Produktionsleitung: Alina Steinberg DOP: Max Andereya Kamera 2: Yalda Afsah Schnitt: Andreas Hofstetter Styling: Alina Steinbe...

Untitled Album

Untitled Album

This saturday of pride from 18H; Mashyno, Tjago San, Mon ChiChi, 2Faro, Linus, Electrosexual, aMinus and Discognate are playing @Kreuzberger CSD just in front of Bierhimmel. We would be very gay to see you!

Waves of love to the crowd who danced, clapped and drew on the tablet of the fresh floor evenings! Hands up to toneaffai...

Waves of love to the crowd who danced, clapped and drew on the tablet of the fresh floor evenings!

Hands up to toneaffair, LiCHTPiRATEN, Otto, Deepneue, Projekt Gestalten, RaySoo and Discognate for their music, visuals and live performances! ⚡

A blinking 3rd eye to Lisa Wiik for this lovely picture!

And a big trashed heart to Zerstört and TrashEra for having us over!


Join us before the night falls.
Endless thrills shall mount your perception.

◉ 20:00 - Harvan Live A/V
Freeform Drone and Techno + Live generated visual feedback

Harvan opens the evening and the gates of your senses, raising your spirits with a well enginieered, fully analog blend of light and sound.

◉ 21:00 - Unsafesound Live + Guille Chipironet
Laboratorial Electronica meets the live visual feed of CHIPI

Intravenous flow of provocative beats and exquisite fx on real time video recording.
Shapeshifting and hallucinations may apply. Trial at own risk.

◉ 22:00 - Discognate Live A/V
Uplifting Tech crossmorphed into graphs

Unfasten your reality knots for a ride over bouncing multitudes.
Twist your body as it transposes your glimpsehearing scopes.

◉ 23:00 - Deepneue Live + Raz Gluzmann Visuals

Finest Subsoundscapes

Deepneue will pull you ground below, matching visual works to the underlying palette of Technocolors. Dive in!

discognate live @ galerie zeitzone - berlin
discognate live @ galerie zeitzone - berlin

discognate live @ galerie zeitzone - berlin

01 - discognate - anti-nostalgic 02 - discognate - last time we dance 03 - discognate - tropical heights 04 - discognate - synth sex 05 - discognate - rain dance 06 - discognate - d


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