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Nerd Level: Up. Janus Rasmussen on Patreon
Janus Rasmussen

Nerd Level: Up. Janus Rasmussen on Patreon

I've created a Patreon page!! 🤩will be posting a lot of stuff there that you haven't seen or heard, and if you want to talk nerd gear on my Discord server - be part of the fun :)

Artifier's cover photo

Artifier's cover photo

Merry Christmas from Kiasmos! (Janus Rasmussen & Ólafur Arnalds)
Calendar Series: Looped Deconstructed

Merry Christmas from Kiasmos! (Janus Rasmussen & Ólafur Arnalds)

Day 24 of my Calendar Series. Say hello to Ólafur Arnalds, we have a band together called Kiasmos and this is our track "Looped".Subscribe to this channel if...

Janus Rasmussen

December just got 100% better.

Alright, it's December! I'm starting a calendar series on my YouTube channel. 24 videos in 24 days!!!
Please subscribe and ring the bell to stay up to date. LET'S DO THIS!!! 🎅☃️❄️🎄

Amen. Kai Schumacher @ Deutschlandfunk
Anspiel - Neue Eastman-CD - Titel, die provozieren

Amen. Kai Schumacher @ Deutschlandfunk

Julius Eastman schrieb Minimal Music, viel aggressivere und eindringlichere als seine berühmten Kollegen Philip Glass und Steve Reich. Der homosexuelle Afroamerikaner starb 1990 und hinterliess Werke wie "Evil Ni**er" oder "Gay Guerilla". Eastmans Musik passt in keine Schublade - aber unbedingt in ...

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Artifier's cover photo

Stagetime. Volksbühne Berlin
Volksbühne Berlin

Stagetime. Volksbühne Berlin

Carlos C**a

Für viele von uns mag ein Klavier wie jedes andere klingen – für Carlos C**a hingegen eröffnet jedes einzelne Instrument ungeahnte neue Möglichkeiten. Für Correlations hat er sorgfältig verschiedenste Instrumente mit besonderem, individuellem Charakter ausgewählt: sechs Flügel, drei Pianos, ein Tafelklavier und ein Rhodes. Entstanden ist ein faszinierendes Spektrum an Miniaturen und Stimmungen, das die Grenzen zwischen Komposition, Performance und Prozess verschwimmen lässt. - Mit dem Abend im Großen Haus feiert Carlos C**a im Oktober sein einziges größeres Release-Konzert in diesem Jahr!

Tickets gibts hier:

Today @ Reeperbahn Festival with Gisbert zu Knyphausen and Kai Schumacher

Today @ Reeperbahn Festival with Gisbert zu Knyphausen and Kai Schumacher

Wir lieben Freitage! 🥳 Seid auch heute wieder bei unseren zahlreichen fantastischen Streams dabei. Für euch vom Kiez u.a.: Gisbert zu Knyphausen und Kai Schumacher, Niels Frevert, Melanie C und Milliarden!

→ Hier geht's zur Übersicht:

Happy Release day Carlos C**a!!

Happy Release day Carlos C**a!!

»Correlations (on 11 pianos)« OUT NOW on LP and CD.

Incredibly proud this album is out int the world today!

You can order via, Bandcamp, your favourite mailorder or record store.

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Arden live

First Hamburg Gig for Arden live this year!

Annelie & Arden | Palmenkonzerte bei Wildwuchs

KD Palme

2020/08/07 at Annelie & Arden | Palmenkonzerte bei Wildwuchs Brauwerk, Hamburg with Annelie
#arden #ardenmusic #anneliepiano #kdpalme #palmenkonzerte #harpist #harp #beyondgenre #indiemusic KD Palme Selective Artists Artifier

Janus Rasmussen's tour is postponed to 21. Stay strong.

Janus Rasmussen's tour is postponed to 21. Stay strong.

Hi people,

Not an easy thing to do, but I guess it was to be expected in this crazy year…

After months of hoping that the Covid-19 crisis could be dealt with by fall, my team and I have decided to postpone my solo tour to spring 2021.

We will announce the new confirmed dates when we know more about the situation and are sure that it is safe for you to buy tickets.

Until then I won’t go MIA - I have been quite productive in the studio over the last couple of weeks, and there are lots of things to share.

Stay tuned!

Have a question for Janus Rasmussen? Thursday‘s your chance. Reddit

Have a question for Janus Rasmussen? Thursday‘s your chance. Reddit

I'm doing an AMA for the electronic music subreddit this Thursday 25.06.20.
7 PM - 9 PM CET. 10 AM - 12 PST.
Really looking forward to it and grateful for the opportunity 🙌 Reddit #AMA #askmeanything

Hurray! Janus Rasmussen has been nominated for the Nordisk Råds Musikpris. Congrats !!

Hurray! Janus Rasmussen has been nominated for the Nordisk Råds Musikpris. Congrats !!

Nu är de nominerade till Nordiska rådets musikpris 2020 offentliggjorda 🎼🎵🎶
De 12 bidragen från sju länder blev just avslöjade på det direktsända eventet från Köpenhamn och London.

Nordisk Råds Musikpris ska uppmärksamma skapande och utövande av musik på en hög konstnärlig nivå. Vinnaren presenteras under Nordiska rådets session, i Reykjavik den 27 oktober 🎧🎙️

➡ Mer om de nominerade:

📺Se livesändningen:

Rasmus Lyberth Den Sorte Skole Janus Rasmussen Hildur Gudnadóttir
Veronique Vaka, composer

Janus Rasmussen

Next Single by Janus Rasmussen is out: Check it!

My new single "Blóð" is out now via Ki Records.

Special thanks to Kristján Hrannar organisti and SAKARIS for their contributions to the song and thanks to Sigrún Hanna for the great cover artwork.

A music video will be out next week 🥳

#icantbreathe !!!!

#icantbreathe !!!!

Just a small act of solidarity from a bunch of white privileged people. But it has never felt more necessary to celebrate the music of black gay activist Julius Eastman than under the current circumstances.
Thanks to Mirela Zhulali, Benedikt ter Braak & Patti Martin for a unique experience and moers festival for making it happen.

You can watch our full performance here, starting around 1h33m ▶️

#icantbreathe #blacklivesmatter #iamantifa #moersfestival #moersfestival2020 #piano #fourpianos #juliuseastman #gayguerilla #evilnigger #f**ktrump @moersfestival @arteconcertde @mirela_zhulali @pattimartin170320

Kai Schumacher live bei ARTE Concert!

Kai Schumacher live bei ARTE Concert!

Analog-digitaler Soundcheck.
Im Livestream auf moers festival und ARTE Concert ab 15:50.

Out Now!

Out Now!

"I wanted you to know (on Yamaha Upright, 1981)" is out now!⁠

The idea behind this track, a #minimalistic and repetitive structure like thoughts circling in the mind, was by far the most completed #composition concept I recorded in the context⁠ of this album. Maybe that’s why it turned out to be⁠ the most song-like piece of them all. ⁠

I hope you like it!⁠

I'll play it live from my living room later today at 5pm so feel free to tune in.


Happy release day to Carlos C**a with "I wanted you to know" 🎉 It's out now!

Sheet music ahead!
Kai Schumacher

Sheet music ahead!

A lot of people keep asking me for the sheet music of my pieces, but I´ve always been either too lazy or too busy to write them down. At least the latter doesn´t seem to be a good excuse anymore...

So I just finished the score for "Eskalator", a piece for prepared piano, which you can download now for free on my website. But before you start practising make sure to have a felt wedge, Blu-Tack and something like toothpicks at home ;)

Janus Rasmussen tonight at #Clubsandwich FluxFM! 20pm-- Von der Haardt 380 Grad

Janus Rasmussen tonight at #Clubsandwich FluxFM! 20pm
Von der Haardt 380 Grad

Clubsandwich | 3. April | 20 Uhr⁠
Sein Solo-Debütalbum "Vín" kam 2019 bei Ki Records raus. Vergangene Woche wurde mit der neuen Single "Jörd" das nächste Kapitel aufgeschlagen. Mathi Weck hat ihn zum Telefoninterview eingeladen, also erzählt Janus Rasmussen im #Clubsandwich nicht nur mehr über die neue Platte, sondern hat extra für euch ein exklusives Set geschaffen. Dieses hört ihr erst on air, später findet ihr es on demand in unserer FluxMusic-App.

Carlos C**a

Today, 5pm. All the feels promised.

Carlos C**a will be playing another mini-concert from his living room for all of you out there

Today, 3rd April at 5pm (GMT+1)

Feel free to join in here, on Instagram or via

See you!

NDR Kultur

Straight outta Duisburg: going live in 3...2...1... Kai Schumacher

Kai Schumacher spielt als Pianist so wuchtig und auf den Punkt, dass jedes Wohnzimmer in seinem Konzert zum Tempel der Beats wird!



Auf 54Books haben wir haben eine Reihe von Menschen aus allen Bereichen des kulturellen Lebens gefragt, wie sie von der aktuellen Situation betroffen sind.

Janus Rasmussen

... What Janus has been doing. 🔥

Here's a little behind the scenes video about my new single Jörð. Enjoy!
Video by Tom Matthews


listen to this. ❤ anna.luca


Recorded Live @ pianovum, 2020

ANNA.LUCA: vocals/piano
VIDEO: Arne Schramm
SOUND: Dennis Eisermann
STYLING: Lulu Mohrhenn
MIX: Nikolaos Rondelis

Special thanks to: Michael Thron and Lorenz Viegener @ PIANOVUM

Carlos C**a

#NEWS Happy Release Day to Carlos C**a and »Dreamlessly (on Blüthner Grand, 1935)«

Check out his live performance at 5pm (GMT+1)!

Ps. Preorder the album here:

»Dreamlessly (on Blüthner Grand, 1935)« is out now! This is the first single from my upcoming album »Correlations (on 11 pianos)« and I couldn’t be more happy to take you on the first step of this journey today.

Come back here at 5pm (GMT+1) to hear me play it live along with some other tunes.

See you there!

Ps. Preorder the album here:

Janus Rasmussen

#news Janus Rasmussen announces his new single "Jörð"

New single "Jörð" will be out this Friday on Ki Records.

Kai Schumacher

A little something for your Friday night from Kai Schumacher

Actually I was supposed to be on a small tour end of this month presenting my album "Rausch". When I´m on stage I always take the chance to tell the audience a little bit about the different preparations I´m using for my pieces. So I thought it could be a nice idea to shoot a live video of my piece "Eskalator", where you can have a closer look inside the piano and see how it all works. Hope you enjoy!

And if you didn´t check out "Rausch" so far - you´ll probably have enough time in the next few weeks :)

Thanks to:
Alex Schroer - Video & Audio (Camera / Lighting / Editing)
Jonas Gehrmann (Sound engineer)


Kiehlufer 91 - 95



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