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After many weeks of deliberation it is our sad duty to inform you that Berlin Atonal 2020 cannot take place as planned. ...

After many weeks of deliberation it is our sad duty to inform you that Berlin Atonal 2020 cannot take place as planned. Due to the public event limitations in place in Germany, as well as the difficulties of bringing artists together and the uncertainties of gathering an audience, we feel like it’s impossible to guarantee the festival at the required level. We will be working on other projects during this time, more details of which we will reveal in the coming months.


Beginning on the 28. March is the 2020 edition of The Long Now (, the collaboration between Berlin Atonal and Berliner Festspiele that serves as the monumental closing movement of the MaerzMusik festival.

The next programme announcement spans instrumental, amplified and electronic works that sit alongside video pieces and installations spanning 30-hours of continuous programme at Kraftwerk Berlin.

Among the first projects to be announced include:

Iannis Xenakis’ Persephassa performed by the group for whom the piece was originally written Les Percussions de Strasbourg.

The premiere of a new work by Moritz von Oswald entitled Metameric 1.2 with Prodromos Symeonidis on piano and Adam Weisman on percussion.

Rafael Anton Irisarri presenting the world debut of his new work Peripeteia and Oliver Coates debuts a work for drone metal and cello entitled Sidestepped + Slime.

Also performing live will be PAN’s Tujiko Noriko and Shelter Press’s CV & JAB (Christina Vantzou & John Also Bennett), Lea Bertucci, Konrad Sprenger and more to be announced...

Berlin Atonal's cover photo

Berlin Atonal's cover photo

Berlin Atonal is happy to announce the dates of the 2020 edition. The five day festival will take place from the 19.–23....

Berlin Atonal is happy to announce the dates of the 2020 edition. The five day festival will take place from the 19.–23. August at Kraftwerk Berlin. Further scheduling and programme information will be announced over the coming months, with the first pre-sale tickets going on sale in the first week of April. #BerlinAtonal

Berlin Atonal's directors are happy to join this year’s Take Note Academy London as guest speakers. Take Note is an educ...

Berlin Atonal's directors are happy to join this year’s Take Note Academy London as guest speakers. Take Note is an educational music conference that offers career support and mentoring to the next generation of the music industry.

Venue: Second Home, Spitalfields.
Date: Saturday 16th November 2019.

We have reprinted a limited number of 2019 products, available from our website (, incl...

We have reprinted a limited number of 2019 products, available from our website (, including our exclusive collaboration with festival artists Cyprien Gaillard and Ezra Miller | #BerlinAtonal

DAY FIVE | #BerlinAtonal 2019

DAY FIVE | #BerlinAtonal 2019


DAY FOUR | #BerlinAtonal 2019

DAY FOUR | #BerlinAtonal 2019



Function presents the premiere of his new Existenz live show. Pivoting around themes of religion, sexuality, trauma and healing, it is a work both expansive and celebratory, a clear liberation from a deeply internalized past. Formed from a collection of recordings made in a period from late 2016 to mid 2019, Existenz takes the form of a creative outburst in reaction to a number of traumas - recent, childhood and throughout Function’s life | SUN 01.09.19 | #BerlinAtonal

Sunday 01.09.19 | #BerlinAtonal

Sunday 01.09.19 | #BerlinAtonal

DAY THREE | #BerlinAtonal 2019

DAY THREE | #BerlinAtonal 2019





Saturday 31.08.19 | #BerlinAtonal

Saturday 31.08.19 | #BerlinAtonal

DAY TWO | Berlin Atonal 2019

DAY TWO | Berlin Atonal 2019

Friday 30.08.19 | #BerlinAtonal

Friday 30.08.19 | #BerlinAtonal

Thursday 29.08.19 | #BerlinAtonal

Thursday 29.08.19 | #BerlinAtonal

Day One | #BerlinAtonal 2019

Day One | #BerlinAtonal 2019





Mala will no longer be playing at #BerlinAtonal 2019 due to personal reasons. Simo Cell and Peverelist will go b2b to cl...

Mala will no longer be playing at #BerlinAtonal 2019 due to personal reasons. Simo Cell and Peverelist will go b2b to close Stage Null on Sunday instead | Foto: Frankie Casillo

FACT Magazine

The 2018 Official Review directed by Hiroo Tanaka - Berlin Atonal 2019 edition begins WED 28.08.19 | #BerlinAtonal |

Get ready for the 2019 edition of Berlin Atonal with a look at some of last year’s highlights.


Alessandro Cortini presents Volume Massimo (Live A/V, World Premiere) - Fri 30.08.19 - Berlin Atonal hosts the world premiere of Alessandro’s new project.
Firmly established as one of the most expressive artists working with electronic instruments in the world today. His live performances are always intimately tuned to the spaces, audiences and contexts in which he presents his work, and evoke - with cinematic fluidity - a unique sound world in equal parts melancholic and optimistic. | #BerlinAtonal

Berlin Atonal’s installation and screening programmes traverse the ground between the materialised body and its represen...

Berlin Atonal’s installation and screening programmes traverse the ground between the materialised body and its representation in various human, semi-human and non-human forms. Celebrated Dutch artist Folkert de Jong’s practice often focuses on large-scale figurative tableaux vivant that address themes of war, greed and power. Berlin Atonal exhibits his ‘Totemism’ body of work - a group of free-standing, sculptures depicting various obvious and non-obvious figures of Western imperialism. ‘Nervous System 2020’ is a major new genre-defying work that unites choreographer Guillaume Marie, a team of performers and musician J.G. Biberkopf under the direction and with the visual artistry of Marcel Weber (MFO). It depicts physical and virtual realities intertwined; reflecting on the transformative mechanisms of technologically mediated society. At other times, Pedro Maia uses the Nervous System 2020 infrastructure as a canvas to project deconstructed 16mm material in a work called 'Negative Space'. British artist Roger Hiorns tentatively floats abstracted human forms in ‘The retrospective view of the pathway’ while Cecile Beau and Emma Loriaut scrutinise the mutative process of material degradation in ‘Reversion’. Ho Tzu Nyen’s ‘No Man II’ brings together 50 different figures, all digitally created from online sources, that have a profound connection to popular cultural imagination, ranging from animals to human-animal hybrids, cyborgs and anatomical figures; some of which are manifestations of mythical archetypes, while others are cultural stereotypes. Anne de Vries also exhibits ‘Cave 2 Cave’ a wrinkled re-imagining of cave paintings printed on UV foil, drawing a parallel between the first man-made cave paintings and science fiction, reflecting the human interest in visually simulating and manipulating the outside world. The Projektionsraum features video work from Stéphanie Lagarde, James Richards and Leslie Thornton, Fabien Giraud and Raphael Siboni, Sohrab Hura and Sasha Litvintseva and Beny Wagner. The screening programmes include experimental shorts by Deborah Stratman, Laura Kraning, Sriwhana Spong, Leslie Thornton and Ron Vawter, Rosalind Nashashibi and a world premier of Thomas Mohr’s recent work 'Matters of Time 7.2’. | Foto: Rebecca Crawford of Laxlan Petras's, ‘Fear not my knell, for the second is not last’, from Berlin Atonal 2018.


Samuel Kerridge + Taylor Burch present The Other (Live A/V, World Premiere) - SAT 31.08.19 - Kerridge and Burch join Daisy Dickinson Films for a surreal, slowly encroaching show of hyper, scudding, industrial music with vocal narration in spacious, theatrical space. With Burch's central role as narrator, Kerridge's aggressive interjections are a multi-sensory conception of theatre and ‘The Other’, rather than straight-up sensory immolation. This special performance at Berlin Atonal 2019 is the first time the artists have ever presented this material live | #BerlinAtonal

A limited amount of pre-sale tickets will be made available on: Wed - 21.08.19 - 20:00 CEST *for all sold-out ticket cat...

A limited amount of pre-sale tickets will be made available on: Wed - 21.08.19 - 20:00 CEST
*for all sold-out ticket categories
Further tickets will be available via our box office on each of the festival days until sold out.
We cannot guarantee the authenticity of tickets bought on the aftermarket | Foto: #BerlinAtonal 2018 by Cornelia Thonhauser


LABOUR present next time, die consciously (بیگانگی) | #BerlinAtonal 2018 | Members from LABOUR will be premiering a newly formed collaborative project Mi†ra Presents: nine-sum sorcery, during this years Berlin Atonal festival | Video: Doggytastes


DBridge presents Black Electric (Live, WP) - Wednesday 28.08.19 - Darren White aka dBridge has been traversing the drum and bass scene since the early ’90s, perhaps most memorably spearheading the group Bad Company alongside Dj Maldini, Fresh and Vegas. But White's musical interest is far more unconventional and far-reaching than we might expect. Black Electric is the culmination of a singular artist's expression outside of the norm - a statement of intent, of bending rules and regulations that limit full creative freedom. It's a deep embrace of sound in all its glorious range: slow, fast, dark and light, or in his words: aggressively beautiful.


Roly Porter + MFO present Kistvaen (Live A/V, WP) - Sunday 01.09.19 - Kistvaen is a performance piece that contrasts primordial motifs, the seasons, sun and moon, gods and magic, with those of the 21st century, life in designed environments and evolving virtual existence |

Berlin Atonal is happy to reveal the last remaining acts as well as the final schedule for its 2019 edition beginning on...

Berlin Atonal is happy to reveal the last remaining acts as well as the final schedule for its 2019 edition beginning on the 28th August.

Aho Ssan
Alessandro Cortini presents Volume Massimo
Alfio Antico
Amnesia Scanner
Annelies Monseré
Avon Terror Corps DJs
Bad Tracking
Chee Shimizu
CLARA 3000
Cop Envy b2b Logic1000
Cyprien Gaillard presents Ocean II Ocean
dBridge presents Black Electric
Dea Barandana
E-Saggila presents My World My Way
Elena Colombi b2b Jon K
Engines of Empathy by Aseptic Stir, Maru Mushtrieva + Inger Wold Lund
Félicia Atkinson presents Music For Helen Frankenthaler
Forest Drive West
Function presents Existenz
Gerald Brunson
James Ruskin - BlueprintRecords
Jason Kolar
Jensen Interceptor
JK Flesh
Kali Malone + Rainer Kohlberger
Kinlaw + Franco Franco
Lee Gamble
Loraine James
Marshstepper presents Deceivers of the Moments Presence
Mi†ra presents nine-sum sorcery
Mixmaster Morris
Natalie Beridze
Nene H. presents RAU // REUE
Nervous System 2020
Nika J
Nkisi presents Initiation
Nosedrip b2b Victor De Roo
NOT WAVING + Dark Mark (Mark Lanegan)
Objekt + Ezra Miller
Pablo’s Eye
Pavel Milyakov
Phuong Dan b2b Zozo
Rhyw b2b Mor Elian
Roly Porter + MFO present Kistvaen
rRoxymore presents Face to Phase
Samuel Kerridge + Taylor Burch present The Other
Scion DJ Team (Substance & Vainqueur)
Shackleton presents Tunes of Negation
Shapednoise + Pedro Maia presents Aesthesis
@skaeliptom2 and
Slow White Fall
Soho Rezanejad presents Crow Without Mouth
Solid Blake
SØS Gunver Ryberg
Terrence Dixon
Trevor Jackson
UCC Harlo
Violet presents Bed of Roses
Vladislav Delay with AGF present Rakka
West Mineral Ltd. presents Malleable Music
Yousuke Yukimatsu enters Zone Unknown

Full timetable on:

The opening night’s programme sees the world premiere of the inspired and surprising new collaboration between Ecstatic maverick Not Waving and legendary singer songwriter Dark Mark aka Mark Lanegan of Screaming Trees and Queens of the Stone Age fame. In a rare link-up that truly transcends the sum of its parts, Lanegan’s vocals (which have defined the American alternative rock scene for a generation) combine with Not Waving’s rolling range of nuanced electronics. They join Liz Harris aka Grouper under her darker, hymnal Nivhek guise, as well as live shows from Russian producer Pavel Milyakov and American violist UCC Harlo. On Stage Null that evening, Australian cult group HTRK, the world premiere of dBridge’s new project and a now customary DJ set from Tutu share the bill, while the legendary Mixmaster Morris prepares OHM for Metrist, Clara 3000 and a b2b set between Rhyw and Mor Elian. Downstairs in Tresor, Lisbon’s queer/trans/feminist rave collective Mina take over en masse and all night.

Thursday’s massive schedule is built around some huge, technically adventurous live shows on the Main Stage. Arizona-based Marshstepper team up with celebrated VR artists Sam and Andy Rolfes and classically trained ballet dancer Raymond Pinto for a multi-modal, occasion-specific performance-event. NON Worldwide co-founder Melika Ngombe Kolongo - better known as Nkisi - readies a newly commissioned piece with visual artist Charlie Hope entitled Initiation while Shapednoise prepares with Pedro Maia a world-premiere audio-visual work called Aesthesis. Live shows from Ziúr, UIQ officiates HXE, Bristol’s Kinlaw with rapper Franco Franco as well as JK Flesh (Godflesh, Jesu, Napalm Death) comprise the programme of Stage Null, while OHM adds Bambounou and Buttechno to buttress a line-up starting with Chee Shimizu and featuring live shows from Violet, Hydromantic and Oliver Ho’s Slow White Fall.

World premiere performances from Alessandro Cortini, Vladislav Delay, Shackleton, Nene H., Mi†ra and E-Saggila cap a monumental Friday night agenda that also includes a landmark A/V show from Lee Gamble and a Nosedrip curated programme in OHM that features Jason Kolar, Annelies Monsere, Aponogeton, TRjj and Victor de Roo. Trevor Jackson, Sofay and Arthur fill out the OHM programme, while a world premiere live show from Solid Blake joins the inimitable Terrence Dixon, Substance and Vainqueur (as Scion DJ Team), Loraine James, Elena Columbi b2b Jon K, Oceanic, Nika J and Umwelt in Tresor and Globus.

Saturday’s Main Stage programme hosts major new projects from Objekt (with Ezra Miller), Samuel Kerridge and Taylor Burch presenting The Other, Interdisciplinary French artist Cyprien Gaillard with a new performance based on his film Ocean II Ocean and Shelter Press co-founder Félicia Atkinson with a new piece based on the work of American abstract painter Helen Frankenthaler. A monumental Stage Null line-up features Amnesia Scanner with an explosive live A/V show, Japanese enigma Yousuke Yukimatsu entering Zone Unknown, and a first b2b set from Instagram handles @skaeliptom2 and OHM hosts showcases from Huerco S’s West Mineral Limited and from Bristol’s Avon Terror Corps. James Ruskin plays Tresor with SØS Gunver Ryberg, Forest Drive West and Georgia’s Jorkick, while SHYBOI and Cop Envy b2b Logic1000 bookend Model 500 affiliate Gerald Brunson in Globus.

The grand closing night of the 2019 edition of the festival begins with Sicilian shepherd Alfio Antico before featuring the world debut of five immense projects: rRoxymore presenting Face to Phase, Kali Malone + Rainer Kolhberger for their first collaborative show, the first movement of Soho Rezanejad’s Crow Without Mouth series, a major new cinematic and performative work from Roly Porter and MFO, and Function’s concluding audio-visual odyssey entitled Existenz. The final celebration begins with visionary DJ and producer Mala, alongside an OHM line-up brimming with exalted energy and ranging from Indonesian selector Dea Barandana to a special back to back with Phuong-Dan and Zozo, a DJ set from Lee Gamble and hefty closing sets from Jensen Interceptor and Sybil.

The final pre-sale tickets are available from the Berlin Atonal website. A limited supply of hard-copy tickets are available from Koka36 and Spacehall in Berlin. More tickets will be available on the door each night of the festival.

Berlin Atonal 2019 - Second Artist AnnouncementAho Ssan - live, W.P.Alessandro Cortini presents Volume Massimo - live A/...

Berlin Atonal 2019 - Second Artist Announcement

Aho Ssan - live, W.P.
Alessandro Cortini presents Volume Massimo - live A/V, W.P.
Alfio Antico - live
Amnesia Scanner - live A/V
Chee Shimizu
CLARA 3000
Cyprien Gaillard presents Ocean II Ocean - live A/V, W.P.
DBridge presents Black Electric - live, W.P.
E-Saggila - live
Elena Colombi b2b Jon K
Félicia Atkinson presents Music for Helen Frankenhaltler - live, W.P.
Function presents Existenz - live A/V, W.P.
Helm - live
HTRK - live
JK Flesh / Justin K Broadrick - live
Kali Malone + Rainer Kohlberger - live A/V, W.P.
Lee Gamble - live A/V
Marshstepper presents Deceivers of the Moments Presence - live A/V, W.P.
Mi†ra presents nine-sum sorcery - live, W.P.
Mixmaster Morris
MY DISCO - live
Nene H. presents RAU // REUE - live, W.P.
Nervous System 2020, W.P.
Nivhek - live
Nkisi presents Initiation - live A/V, W.P.
Objekt + Ezra Miller - live A/V
Pablo's Eye - live A/V
Pavel Milyakov - live
Phuong Dan b2b Zozo
Roly Porter + MFO present Kistvaen - live A/V, W.P.
Samuel Kerridge + Taylor Burch present The Other - live A/V, W.P.
Shackleton presents Tunes of Negation - live, W.P.
Shapednoise + Pedro Maia present Aesthesis - live A/V, W.P.
Slow White Fall - live, W.P.
Soho Rezanejad presents Crow Without Mouth - live, W.P.
Terrence Dixon - live
UCC Harlo - live
Violet presents Bed of Roses - live, W.P.
Vladislav Delay with AGF present Rakka - live A/V, W.P.
West Mineral Ltd. presents Malleable Music, W.P.
Yousuke Yukimatsu
Ziúr - live
+ more to be announced

Berlin Atonal begins to reveal more of its programme for its 2019 by adding another few dozen names to its list of announced artists and giving further shape to the five days at the end of August.

The opening Wednesday of the festival sees a performance by Liz Harris aka Grouper under her more solemn, hymnal, Nivhek alias. Joining her on stage are composer and violist UCC Harlo and Russian electronic auteur Pavel Milyakov. Australian group HTRK play a rare live show while legendary producer dBridge debuts a new project entitled Black Electric. Underground hero Mixmaster Morris prepares a longform set for OHM Berlin while the mina collective from Lisbon’s queer underground takes over Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL) en masse.

Thursday’s programme is building around three world premiere audio-visual performances. Nkisi prepares a new disorientating A/V show entitled Initiation, Arizonan collective Marshstepper unite sound, movement and drama for an operatic performance called Deceivers of the Moments Presence, while the dexterous producer Shapednoise and Portuguese visual artist Pedro Maia collectively synthesise their new project Aesthesis for the first time. OHM also plays host to two world premieres, with oliver ho presenting his new project as Slow White Fall, while Violet plays her first live show ever.

Alessandro Cortini returns to the cavernous main hall on Friday night for the first time since his unforgettable festival-closing performance in 2016 to debut his new Volume Massimo project, while Shackleton assembles an open-ended musical project encompassing unorthodox time-signatures and an idiosyncratic form of ritualistic-trance-music under the rubric Tunes of Negation. Seminal Finnish producer Vladislav Delay performs live for the first time in years to unveil a new audio-visual project with AGF called Rakka. Other highlights include a new show from Nene H. entitled RAU // REUE and the premiere performance of a new group uniting Iranian vocalist Hani Mojtahedi and computer musician HATAM designated Mi†ra. Also set for Friday are live shows from Lee Gamble, Terrence Dixon, E-Saggila and MY DISCO.

French artist Cyprien Gaillard premieres his new video and performance work Ocean II Ocean on Saturday night at the festival. Audio-visual shows from Objekt (with Ezra Miller) and Amnesia Scanner also take place while Félicia Atkinson presents a new work based on the oeuvre of American abstract expressionist painter Helen Frankenthaler. The explosive collaboration between Samuel Kerridge and Taylor Burch of DVA Damas sees its world premiere live realisation while Huerco S. takes the opportunity to curate a programme with his West Mineral Ltd. family and friends.

Among the highlights of the closing night is the debut of Soho Rezanejad’s operatic and multi-layered Crow Without Mouth project, as well as the world premiere of the colossal new work from Roly Porter and Marcel Weber (MFO) which travels the distance from folk instrumentation to digital sound-processing, abstract theatre and cinematic corporeality. Function has been at the forefront of forward-looking electronic music for decades and takes the opportunity to unveil a new project entitled Existenz while the new savant of subtle profundity Kali Malone teams up with acclaimed Austrian algorithmic visual artist Rainer Kohlberger to debut a new collaborative work.

More projects to be announced across all days, as well as further scheduling information and room breakdowns to follow at the beginning of August.

Individual day tickets are now on sale from


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