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Jörg Maaß Kunsthandel Seit 1987 etablierter Kunsthandel mit Schwerpunkt auf klassischer Moderne, Graphik des deutschen Exp Seit 1987 hat sich der Kunsthandel Jörg Maaß auf die Kunst der Klassischen Moderne spezialisiert.

Das Spektrum reicht vom Expressionismus und der Neuen Sachlichkeit über ausgewählte Künstler der Nachkriegskunst - vom Informel bis Gerhard Richter – bis zu ausgewählter Photographie des 20. Jahrhunderts.

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Final preparations for  starting on 18.10.(VIP), running until 23.10.22. Please visit us at booth 201,  ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Final preparations for starting on 18.10.(VIP), running until 23.10.22.

Please visit us at booth 201,

Ausstellungsempfehlung!Gerda Lepke„Ich bin eine Bäumin“ Malerei und Arbeiten auf Papier 11. Oktober - 27. November 2022D...

Gerda Lepke
„Ich bin eine Bäumin“
Malerei und Arbeiten auf Papier
11. Oktober - 27. November 2022
Dienstag-Sonntag 11-17 Uhr
📍Kunstsammlung Gera Orangerie

NEW ONLINE EXHIBITION!​​​​​​​​23.9.-21.10. 22​​​​​​​​works by :​​​​​​​​          and others...

23.9.-21.10. 22​​​​​​​​
works by :​​​​​​​​
and others...

George Grosz (1893-1959) LADY HAMILTONBrush, reed pen, pen and ink. 1922.436 x 297 mmProvenance: Estate of the artist.⠀⠀...

George Grosz (1893-1959) LADY HAMILTON
Brush, reed pen, pen and ink. 1922.
436 x 297 mm
Provenance: Estate of the artist.
When reading the story of Lady Hamilton one does not know wether one should feel sympathy for her or condemn the other participans. In any case, she played an important role in the life of the famous British Admiral Nelson. Grosz was fascinated by this woman. He drew various drawings devoted to her, as well as a sequence of lithographs for the book LADY HAMILTON, THE POSING EMMA OR FROM MAID TO BEEFSTAEK À LA NELSON by Alfred Richard Meyer, published in 1923 by Fritz Gurlitt in Berlin.
Born Emmy Lyon in 1765, she married Sir William Hamilton, the British envoy in Naples, in 1791. She became the lover of Admiral Nelson, the hero of Trafalgar in 1789. She was famous and artists in all of Europe, including George Romney, made portraits of her. She entertained high society with exquisite dance performances and pantomine: Emmy as CASSANDRA, CALYPSO and SAINT CECILIA, Emmy as MARY MAGDALENA and Emmy as JOAN OF ARC
. She enticed her audience and became a star.

Andreas Feininger (1906 Paris - 1999 New York)GERMAN STORE ON EAST 86th STREETGelatin silver print. 1940s.Titled, annota...

Andreas Feininger (1906 Paris - 1999 New York)
Gelatin silver print. 1940s.
Titled, annotated and stamped.

Gerhard HoehmeVERSPONNENES BLATT (ENTANGLED SHEET)Mixed media. 1962.995 x 645 mm.Hoehme has created a painting without a...

Gerhard Hoehme
Mixed media. 1962.
995 x 645 mm
Hoehme has created a painting without a compositional center. This places it in the proximity of the color field paintings of the New York School, yet it differs from them by its "gestural" qualities and dispersed layout with no "color fields". Light and shadow are only articulated in the relief-like structure of the furrowed areas of paint. Its restrained nature also sets it apart from the works of Po***ck and other Action Painters.
Hoehme is constantly searching, sensing and feeling, similar to Wols and Fautrier. By making his own creative process a central theme and searching for new methods of expression and color combinations, he invites the viewer to investigate genuine artistic experiences.

Sol LeWitt (1928 Hartford, CT - 2007 New York)ASYMMETRICAL PYRAMIDSGouache, watercolor, pastel chalk, pencil. 1985.Signe...

Sol LeWitt (1928 Hartford, CT - 2007 New York)
Gouache, watercolor, pastel chalk, pencil. 1985.
Signed and dated. On FABRIANO paper.

Gerhard Hoehme (1920 Greppin/Dessau - 1989 Düsseldorf)OHNE TITELScreenprint in colors. 1955.658 x 470 mm.Influenced  by ...

Gerhard Hoehme (1920 Greppin/Dessau - 1989 Düsseldorf)
Screenprint in colors. 1955.
658 x 470 mm
Influenced by Jackson Po***ck, this print is not only one of Hoehme´s first colored works on paper, but is also, in more general terms, an early attempt of an informal painter to express his playful use of color and shapes in the medium of graphic art. The technique of the screenprint allows the artist to subtly place dripped and smeared layers over one another, so that they appear to have been spontaneously committed to paper. Nonetheless, the artist also insists on making a subject of the printing process, by giving certain areas a rolled structure or letting them apper as the impression of a screen. Compared to the later screenprints of Baumeister, that were created almost during the same period, this print must be considered very innovative and groundbreaking for the time.
Is was not uncommon for Hoehme and his contemporaries to casually use sheets of paper for their early prints and proofs that did not have the full format of the image, as is the case in this print.

Franz Roh (1890 Apolda - 1965 Munich)SCHWIPSSPRUNGKONKURRENZINGRES-PARFUMCollagesFranz Roh was a German historian, photo...

Franz Roh (1890 Apolda - 1965 Munich)
Franz Roh was a German historian, photographer and art critic. His first collage dated to the year 1923. In his early works he included copper engravings (18th centuary) and wood engravings (19th century), in the later collages reproduction photographs (1945-65).

Max BeckmannFRAUENBAD Drypoint. 1922.435 x 286 mm.The etching Women´s Bathhouse is a variation of the painting of the sa...

Max Beckmann
Drypoint. 1922.
435 x 286 mm
The etching Women´s Bathhouse is a variation of the painting of the same subject of 1919 (Staatliche Museen Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Nationalgalerie) but without the painting´s claustrophobic atmosphere. In the printed version, Beckmann changes the subject to a rather grotesque and contradictory scene reminiscent of his cabaret scenes.

Dieter Roth (1930 Hannover - 1998 Basel)PICCADILLIESDobke 119Double-sided printed color sreenprint over offset. 1969/70....

Dieter Roth (1930 Hannover - 1998 Basel)
Dobke 119
Double-sided printed color sreenprint over offset. 1969/70.
Signed and numbered. Plate 2 from the portfolio "6 Piccadillies", Petersburg Press, London, 1970.

Max BeckmannSELBSTBILDNISWoodcut. 1922.220 x 155mm.During his artistic development Beckmann did not experiment with the ...

Max Beckmann
Woodcut. 1922.
220 x 155mm
During his artistic development Beckmann did not experiment with the woodcut as extensively as did other Expressionist artists. In an output of 374 prints, Beckmann executed only 18 woodcuts, 9 of which were made in the years 1922/23. Our print is the only self-portrait Beckmann made in this technique, making its immediacy all the more remarkable; its expression is like that found only in his etchings.

Max BeckmannNACKTTANZ (N**E DANCE)Lithograph. 1922.472 x 375 mm.It is the time of variety shows after the war. The stage...

Max Beckmann
Lithograph. 1922.
472 x 375 mm
It is the time of variety shows after the war. The stage and the auditorium next to the tall column stretch into the distance. N**e women stomp across the stage, accompanied by a dwarf-like figure. The attention of the spectators is divided. One can see mask-like faces everywhere, sometimes eyes compulsively turned aside. In this society one figure pushes away the next and each one stands in its own abyss.

Emy Roeder (1890 – 1971)GESCHWISTER. SITZENDES MÄDCHEN MIT KLEINKINDBronze, goldbraun patiniert. 1947.Nach ihrer Lehre b...

Emy Roeder (1890 – 1971)
Bronze, goldbraun patiniert. 1947.
Nach ihrer Lehre bei dem Bildhauer Bernhard Hoetger in Darmstadt und Aufenthalt in Fischerhude bei Bremen wird Emy Roeder1914/15 in Berlin ansässig. Sie verkehrt in den Kreisen der Avantgarde, wird Mitglied in der Freien Sezession und beteiligt sich an Ausstellungen der Novembergruppe. Eine lebenslange Freundschaft verbindet sie mit Erich Heckel und Karl Schmidt-Rottluff.
Ausgehend von ihren frühen Tierplastiken, die durch kubisch-expressionistischen Formen eines Alexander Archipenko inspiriert sind , entwickelt sie einen eher statisch-kubistischen Stil in der Tradition von Aristide Maillol und ihrem Lehrer Bernhard Hoetger. 1937 ist Roeders Terracotta Schwangere in der Münchner Entartete Kunst Ausstellung vertreten, nachdem sie aus dem Karlsruher Museum entfernt wurde. Roeder selbst arbeitet in den kommenden Jahren in Florenz in der Villa Romana. Nach dem Krieg noch in Rom ansässig, kann sie in den 50er Jahren in Deutschland wieder Fuß fassen und an ihre früheren künstlerischen Erfolge anknüpfen: zahlreiche Portraitbüsten entstehen. In ihrem schöpferischen Prozess bleibt sie weiterhin auf der Suche nach der Verdichtung des Wesenhaften von Mensch und Tier.

December 24Otto LangeDIE HEILIGEN DREI KÖNIGEColor woodcut. 1917.522 x 463 mm.

December 24
Otto Lange
Color woodcut. 1917.
522 x 463 mm

December 23Karl HubbuchNEUE ZEITEtching. 1919.188 x 180 mm.

December 23
Karl Hubbuch
Etching. 1919.
188 x 180 mm

December 22Svenja SchüfflerSCHRÖDINGER´S BIRD '11Scratching, pastel chalk. 2020.910 x 735 mm. #adventcalender

December 22
Svenja Schüffler
Scratching, pastel chalk. 2020.
910 x 735 mm

December 21Georg MucheTIERKOPF (WIDDER)Etching. 1921.149 x 100 mm.

December 21
Georg Muche
Etching. 1921.
149 x 100 mm

December 20Ludwig MeidnerSELBSTBILDNIS Drypoint. Circa 1922.209 x 190 mm.

December 20
Ludwig Meidner
Drypoint. Circa 1922.
209 x 190 mm

December 19Conrad FelixmüllerARBEITER IM SCHNEEColor woodcut. 1921.549 x 346 mm.

December 19
Conrad Felixmüller
Color woodcut. 1921.
549 x 346 mm

December 18Max LiebermannSELBSTPORTRÄTEtching. 1906. 245 x 195 mm.

December 18
Max Liebermann
Etching. 1906.
245 x 195 mm

December 17Wassily KandinskyLITHOGRAPHIE NO IIILithograph. 1925.264 x 190 mm.

December 17
Wassily Kandinsky
Lithograph. 1925.
264 x 190 mm

December 16Johannes MolzahnSCHNEEKRISTALLEColor lithograph. 1925.180 x 260 mm .

December 16
Johannes Molzahn
Color lithograph. 1925.
180 x 260 mm

December 15Gerhard HoehmeZWISCHEN SCHWARZ UND ROTEtching. 1959.475 x 390 mm.

December 15
Gerhard Hoehme
Etching. 1959.
475 x 390 mm

December 14Willi BaumeisterMOBY DICKScreenprint. 1951.460 x 540 mm (615 x 695 mm).

December 14
Willi Baumeister
Screenprint. 1951.
460 x 540 mm (615 x 695 mm)

December 13Jeanne MammenARABISCHE TÄNZERINLithograph. Circa 1930.507 x 421 mm (762 x 520 mm).

December 13
Jeanne Mammen
Lithograph. Circa 1930.
507 x 421 mm (762 x 520 mm)

December 12Max KausMANN AM TISCH (SELBSTBILDNIS)Lithograph. 1921.Circa 538 x 392 mm (591 x 462 mm).

December 12
Max Kaus
Lithograph. 1921.
Circa 538 x 392 mm (591 x 462 mm)

December 11George GroszTANZENDEReed pen, pen and ink drawing. 1926.481 x 325 mm.

December 11
George Grosz
Reed pen, pen and ink drawing. 1926.
481 x 325 mm

December 10Emil NoldeBOOTEColor lithograph. 1907/15.322 x 495 mm (396 x 573 mm).

December 10
Emil Nolde
Color lithograph. 1907/15.
322 x 495 mm (396 x 573 mm)

December 9Hermann Max PechsteinRUSSISCHES BALLETT IEtching and aquatint. 1912.297 x 250 mm (516 x 324 mm).

December 9
Hermann Max Pechstein
Etching and aquatint. 1912.
297 x 250 mm (516 x 324 mm)


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