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Jo-Mei GmbH Jo-Mei is an independent Developer of Video Games.

Jo-Mei Games is an Independent game development Studio based in Berlin, Germany. It was founded 2009 by Cornelia Geppert and Boris Munser, who have been part of the games industry for more than 12 years. With online and mobile Publisher Upjers, Jo-Mei Games developed multiple browser and mobile games of different scales. Starting from "Koyotl", "Brave Little Beasties" to "Monkey Bay", every title has brought a unique experience to players and also enriched the publisher's online portfolio. In mid 2014, Jo-Mei Games started its first Independent Project called "Sea Of Solitude" - an emotional Exploration game developed with the Unity Engine. The Company finished its first prototype in 2015 which was backed with a funding package of the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.


Monumentenstr. 35


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