Torstraßen Festival

Torstraßen Festival
June 12th - June 14th, 2020, Berlin - Mitte. Torstraßen Festival is not a street fair. TSF is a music festival at heart.

but it is also about community. A musical matinee showcase with a current look into the local and international music scenes that encourage: discovery, diversity and community with a cross-genre soundtrack. We promote a mix of old and new structures in our neighborhood Mitte and rally the neighbors to add their own spice. We see ourselves and our festival goers as explorers, who are not afraid to

trust their curiosity instead of big headliners. We strive to be a forum for current and relevant development within Berlin’s music scenes: for locals, transients and their Influencers. We keep ticket prices as affordable as possible so that as many fans, neighbors and music lovers find it easy to make new discoveries. We showcase and support venues that have been bringing music culture into the city, many of them for years. Also we cultivate a few unlikely venues which allow the music to shine in a new light. We stand for music as an integral part of urban life. And as always, we invite our neighbors to participate and add their own spark to the festival. Tickets & Information via

«eines der lohnenswertesten Festivals für Musik von morgen» Spex

«a festival that takes risks, showcases new talent and explores the best of Berlin’s music scene and beyond» Crack Magazine

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