Galerie KLOT

Galerie KLOT Die Galerie KLOT lädt alle ein bis drei Monate zum exklusiven Ausstellungswochenende. Der Fokus liegt auf Künstler_innen der Urban-Art-Szene, illustrativer Malerei und grafischen Bildwelten.

Im Urban Spree Gebäude, Revaler Straße 99, Ecke Warschauer Straße

Magic Life - with IrgaIrga and Nartur Kunstgruppe

Magic Life - with IrgaIrga and Nartur Kunstgruppe

With "Magic Life" Urban Spree Galerie presents the last exhibition in 2015 and shows the works of nine artists from the Urban Art scene, whoms work transform the 'Urban' into 'Contemporary'

'Magic Life' is created by two art collectives and one artist. Irga Irga crew from Vienna, Nartur Kunstgruppe, from Münster, Osnabrück and Berlin, and berlin based Johannes Mundinger.

The Nartur Kunstgruppe is an art collective of artists based in Osnabruck, Berlin and Münster. Central to their work is the art of painting whereby the four artists seek to challenge the traditional forms of art and image conception. Their paintings are often used as part of installations or can be see in large formats on screens and other mediums. Through this process the artists aim to question, re-define and extent the meaning of art without taking away from its original value and validity. Any use of material is hereby welcome which often creates a form of art characterised by bright colours, cut outs and generous overpainting. The Nartur Kunstgruppe aims to combine abstract painting with graffiti, everyday life, children's wisdom and research. The artists of this collective are Henning Bischof, Nils Leimkühler, Moritz Neuhoff und Stefan Wiesnau.

Johannes Mundinger, born 1982 in Offenburg, studied in Münster and Brussels and lives in Berlin. Coming from a Graffiti/Urban Art background, the interaction between his work and a specific site has always been a central aspect of Johannes Mundingers work. His visual language consists of abstract shapes and patterns, seeming familiar, inhering hints to existing objects, but don´t revealing a specific reading.

The Irga Irga Crew is a collective of 4 artists based in Vienna. Linked through their mural work they are the publishers of Wandblatt a handmade magazine presenting various arban artists.

Fresh Max, Knarf, Mafia/Tabak und Shida

Fresh Max is inspired by the strange details of run-down corners in Vienna, faded store windows and many colourful 1EUR stores, he is searching for the ultimate magic Life. His aesthetic moves between shutterstock, tribals and tender romatic. The european Dream

Knarf is born in salzburg and known for his snappy lines in combination with expressive sketches and his strong touch of colours. His choice of motives are mostly human and animals wich look many times surreal and distorted. Some of his desgins seem a bit morbid and oppressive, but with a closer view the observer gets lost in the deepness of his large-sized work.

Mafia/Tabak, a Vienna native artist, started painting in 2004. Inspired by airbrush magazines, comic books and tv series of the eighties and nineties, he is reflecting these influences in the friskiness of his work. The playful compositions of forms and letters in combination with precise images shows the maturation of the artist to refine is style and drive in his works.

Shida an australian/polish multidisciplinary artist, now based in Vienna is Known for the large scale of his international spreading wall works.
On his journeys thru the world and collaborations with international artists, he gets that inspiration for his mythological touched and sometimes giant pictures.

Magic Life
Nartur Kunstgruppe * Johannes Mundinger * IrgaIrga

Opening with sound by Forty Fings Dynamo:
24.10.2015 7pm

25.10.2015 – 27.11.2015

Urban Spree Galerie

Revaler Strasse 99
10245 Berlin

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Photos by Thomas von Wittich

“Narrative Urban Poland" providing an insight into the contemporary Urban Art scene in Poland: * Zbiok Offici...

“Narrative Urban Poland" providing an insight into the contemporary Urban Art scene in Poland: * Zbiok Official * Magda Drobczyk * Otecki

Opening: 15. March 2014, 8pm
Exhibition: 16.03 - 06.04.2014
Urban Spree Gallery, Berlin

supported by, xXcrew and Molotow. Curation: Johannes Mundinger

Pio Rahner

Installationen und Fotografie: Pio Rahner.

Künstler • Bremen

Review on the walls painted in 2012
Wände 2012

Review on the walls painted in 2012

Ein Überblick über die in 2012 gestalteten Wände und Fassaden.

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

On December 1st, get ready for Urban Spree's Grand Opening Night!

Timeline photos

Timeline photos
Mi, 23.5. - Do, 24.5.2012, 17 - 17 Uhr
(Öffnungszeiten 12 - 19 Uhr)
Johannes Mundinger, xXcrew
24 Stunden Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien

Im Rahmen der ReKOLLEKT –
A Retrospective of Perspectives from Selected Eclected

/ walls

/ walls

At eye level / John Reaktor

Hinterhofgestaltung im Wedding « Urban Art in Berlin
Hinterhofgestaltung im Wedding « Urban Art in Berlin

Hinterhofgestaltung im Wedding « Urban Art in Berlin

In einem Weddinger Hinterhof entstand in den letzten Märzwochen eine Großkollaborationsbrandwand. Geschätzte 16 Menschen aus vier Künstler_innen-Kollektiven gestalteten gemeinsam einen Kopf mit Bart, Hut und Pfeife.

Nächste Woche: Vandal Café #6 – Graffiti im Kiez « Urban Art in Berlin
Nächste Woche: Vandal Café #6 – Graffiti im Kiez « Urban Art in Berlin

Nächste Woche: Vandal Café #6 – Graffiti im Kiez « Urban Art in Berlin

Ghetto-Flavour oder Hipster-Kulisse?: Im sechsten Vandal Café geht’s um unser Verhältnis zur Stadt Berlin. Graffiti und Streetart gehören zu dieser Stadt wie die Schrippe beim Bäcker. Die einen sehen darin Verfall, die anderen Attraktivität. Die einen wollen mit ihrer Kunst aufwerten, die andere...

Gibbs Rosa about Danny Gretscher

Gibbs Rosa about Danny Gretscher

It is an old tradition to study mysterious entities, their meanings and powers. Their impact on the visible and the invisible is what inspires Danny Gretscher in his work as well as his urge to consciously get closer than us humans usually do to what is the origin of things.

His essential struggl...

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

Join us at Idrawalot Gallery/Showroom for a Solo Exhibition by Johannes Mundinger: 2.2.2012 * 7pm

Releasing a Special Edition Artist Book - Signed and Limited Edition at the Exhibition Opening!

2.2. - 25.2.2012
Boddinstraße 60 - Berlin

Opening | Solo Exhibition: 신비한 꿈 (Mystical Dreams)
Opening | Solo Exhibition: 신비한 꿈 (Mystical Dreams)

Opening | Solo Exhibition: 신비한 꿈 (Mystical Dreams)

독립문화공간 아지트/ INDIE SPACE AGIT South Korea.Busan Zéh Palito(Brazil)의 개인전 '신비한 꿈'이 아지트에서 진행 될 예정입니다. Danilo는 브라질출신의 작가로 북미, 유럽 및 아프리카 등 다양한 지역의 거리에서 작업을 진행 중인 Street artist입니다. 아시아의 처음을 독립문화공간 아지트와 함께하고 그는 현재 이곳에 머무르며 페인팅, 벽화, 거리 작업 등 다양한 작품활동을 진행하고 있습니다. 아지트에서'만' 볼 수 전시 Z...

Word, Alter!
Word, Alter!

Word, Alter!

Die Galerie KLOT hat alles richtig gemacht: in einem alten Bordell zeigt sie angesagte Urban Art. Leider jetzt zum letzten Mal mit der Ausstellung "Word, Alta".


vermisst jemensch seine Kontoauszüge? Beim Aufräumen wurden hier welche gefunden.. falls ja, mail an: klot at

WORD, ALTA! - 2. / 3. Dezember 2011

WORD, ALTA! - 2. / 3. Dezember 2011


*next vernissage: 2.12.*

Photos by Zéh Palito

Photos by Zéh Palito

+25 Pictures Inside Galerie KLOT Stuttgarter Platz 15 Otecki (Poland)• Patu (Berlin) • Tom Brane (Freiburg) • Zéh Palito (Brazil) • Johannes Mundinger (Berlin) Music: Jason&Theodor

Photos by Otecki, Zéh Palito, Johannes Mundinger

Photos by Otecki, Zéh Palito, Johannes Mundinger

Teresa Köster über uns:
Galerie KLOT | Urbane Kunst in Charlottenburg

Teresa Köster über uns:

Findet Urban Art doch im gesamten städtischen Raum statt, tun es ihr langsam, aber sicher auch ihre Galerien nach und verlassen dabei immer öfter Mitte. Neben zahlreichen anderen neuen Standorten...

Photos by Otecki, Zéh Palito, Johannes Mundinger

Photos by Otecki, Zéh Palito, Johannes Mundinger



PUFF THE MAGIC DRAGONAzione /Nonstop Nonsens • Irgh /Wurstbande • Johannes Mundinger /xXcrew • John Reaktor /Sam Crew • ...


Azione /Nonstop Nonsens • Irgh /Wurstbande • Johannes Mundinger /xXcrew • John Reaktor /Sam Crew • Kid Kyuss Hope /Sam Crew • Lena Schall • Moi /Nonstop Nonsens • Urkel /Wurstbande

Ausstellungseröffnung: Freitag, 17. Juni 2011
geöffnet: Samstag / Sonntag 18./19.6. je von 14 bis 18:30 Uhr

Stuttgarter Platz 15, Berlin
(vis-à-vis vom S-Bahnhof Charlottenburg)

Als Streetartists eher daran gewöhnt im offenen, lichten, öffentlichen Raum zu arbeiten, quetschen sich für ihre Gemeinschaftsausstellung neun Berliner Künstler_innen bei schönstem Sommersonnenwetter in ein kleines, dunkles Etablissement hinter (oder vor?) dem Bahnhof Charlottenburg. Dort präsentieren Sie Getränke (gegen Spende) und ihre Arbeiten.

Dieser ambilvalente Akt, die Flucht aus dem öffentlichen Raum, bei gleichzeitig explizit ausgesprochener Einladung an die Öffentlichkeit, zu Besuch zu kommen, spiegelt ganz bildhaft die Komplexität des Streetartistendarseins, wieder, zwischen Unabhängigkeit und Kommerzialisierung (da ist sie wieder), Gratiskunst und Broterwerb.
Unterstrichen wird diese ganze Chose ganz passend durch die bisherige Nutzung der Lokalität: als Puff.

Die neun Austellenden zeigen aktuelle Arbeiten auf selbstgewählten Untergründen.


Revaler Straße 99


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