Katakomben-Berlin The „ Katakombe“, centre for performing arts The „brand new“ Katakomben has arrived! We are a team of five artists (Frank Kraft, Felix Häckell, Uwe Mayer, Stefan Sing and Josh Dyffort), who have taken it upon ourselves to rent, renovate, and carry the financial risks of the Katakomben.

our goal is to maintain this renowned training area, so that performing artists have a place in Berlin to develop their skills via workshops, networking, and general overall exchange and inspiration with the other artists. Important for us is to keep the financial costs of the Katakomben to an absolute minimal. Hence, there will no longer be personnel at the desk and no more hourly rates availabl

our goal is to maintain this renowned training area, so that performing artists have a place in Berlin to develop their skills via workshops, networking, and general overall exchange and inspiration with the other artists. Important for us is to keep the financial costs of the Katakomben to an absolute minimal. Hence, there will no longer be personnel at the desk and no more hourly rates availabl

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Desert raisins require smoke from a fire in order for their seeds to germinate.

Marco Paoletti

Marco Paoletti

Katakomben-Berlin "El Templo del Malabar". Recuerdos, memorias y las buenas ya van a volver! (En 3 meses Kata estará otra vez andando)


Last Update regarding personal Equipment:
If you know of someone not in town, please help them move it.
If you still have something here, please get in touch asap.

We ll keep all the stuff until end of June safely stored, then we will have to give the remains away.

Thanks for your understanding.


Personal equipment is ready to be picked up again..
Pick up time from 18:00-20:00 for the next three days.. meet outside of the katakomben


Current updates....

The Space is trashed from the fire and careful estimations lead to a prognosis of 3 months closing time before we can reopen.
What exactly caused the fire has not! been 100% identified, but we will keep you posted.
Also thank you very much for all the offers of help and wanting to donate. For now we will still have to wait if the insurance company covers the damage and professionals must first clear the carcinogenic damage to the main areas before we can go in there and do any fine tuning again.
When and if we can use a hand we will keep you posted.

For the good news
There were no serious injuries and like a miracle nearly all personal equipment is undamaged, except a bit dirty.

Nevertheless we need everybody to pick up their belongings ASAP so we can efficiently start the renovations.
Please contact Declan Mee or Oli Pinchbeck (on Facebook) to arrange a pick up time.

Unfortunately, in the meantime you´ll have to search an alternative training space.
The Just Juggling Center (Zossenerstr. Kreuzberg ) offers open training from 10:00-16:00 for a fee of 3€ _limited hight
Tanzartstudio (kurt schumacher platz) for a fee of 3€ until 14:00 _hight 3.3m
Ballhaus Rixdorf (kreuzberg)_day fee 5€_message them for details
Vuesch (Friedrichshain)_ hight 5m_ message them for details
Artisraum (Weißensee)_day fee 5€_message them for details

So long and thx for all the fish!
Stefan and Josh


Hi all, in case you still have personal belongings and or equipment in the Katakomben space, please make sure you pick it up as soon as possible. If you know of someone currently out of town incapable of picking it up by themselves, maybe you can assist them by taking it for them in the meantime. Until Sunday contact Declan Me +4917630376657 to arrange a pick up time. Thank you for your cooperation, the sooner we have the Space cleared the sooner the restoration can start.


Unfortunately until further notice the Katakomben will remain closed, until the inspection has been finished and the space is restored. Last night a fire broke out, as far as we can judge no major damage happened to equipment, but the space isn't suitable for training until restoration happens. We are very sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause.


In our effort to maintain affordable and professional dance classes for our Members, we will soon invite different dance teachers throughout the year. The class Times will be as usual _ on Tuesday 11:00 am and Thursday @ 18:30 every Week. Stay tuned and check our Event tap for more details.

Sari Mäkelä Circus Arts

Sari Mäkelä Circus Arts



Vertikaltuch Workshop in Berlin..

In diesem Blogartikel habe ich alles nochmals zusammengefasst.

Hier alle Details in kürze.

Gruppe 1 immer Donnerstag von 19.30 - 21.00 Uhr
Termine. 26.05.//02.06.//09.06.//16.06.//23.06.//30.06./
-> bereits ausgebucht, nur noch mit Warteliste

Gruppe 2 immer Freitag von 19.30. - 21.00 Uhr
Termine. 27.05.//03.06.//10.06.//16.06.//24.06.//01.07./
-> nur noch 3 - 4 freie Plätze

Kosten für alle 6 Termine je Gruppe: 75,00 €
Anmeldung und weitere Informationen per E-Mail.
[email protected]


Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Lukas Vernaldi Akrobat

Lukas Vernaldi Akrobat


BRLN 2-3-23
BRLN 2-3-23

BRLN 2-3-23

Berlin - Katakomben Erasmus+ Mobility Project - Staff training abroad 2015

very few places still availableget in touch soon if your interestedhttp://www.katapultberlin.com/
Katapult – Performance. Art. Training.

very few places still available
get in touch soon if your interested


Berlin January Workshop Series – Mikel Ayala, Matthias Romir, Sakari Mannistö Join us in Berlin for the first Katapult workshop series. This time we have chosen three of our favourite juggling creators, and it gives us great pleasure to announce workshops with: Mikel Ayala – 8-10 January, 2016 (Deta…



dance: Paraskevi Terzi camera & edit: Dirk Fischer music: Remood - talk don't talk camera: Sony a7r II gimbal: DJI Ronin

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Alex tonton

Alex tonton

Regarder la vidéo «Alex tonton» envoyée par Berliner-Flair-Labo sur Dailymotion.

Katapult – Performance. Art. Training.
Katapult – Performance. Art. Training.

Katapult – Performance. Art. Training.

Balance in Challenge – 19 – 25 May 2014A workshop in applied Alexander Technique – with Peter Sweet and Jeanine Ebnother TrottThis is a highly personalized workshop. You will have the opportunity to develop a rich understanding of your own movement patterns and acquire a set of tools for reducing te…

Untitled Album

Untitled Album

the times of Emmanouela´s class have changed....

the times of Emmanouela´s class have changed....



If your around on this dates and interested in participating please write them directly

If your around on this dates and interested in participating please write them directly



The Katakomben Team says THANKS for 1000 Likes !!

Since Christiana is gone for a couple of weeks,with Emmanoulea we have a great substitute contemporary dance teacher in ...

Since Christiana is gone for a couple of weeks,
with Emmanoulea we have a great substitute contemporary dance teacher in the meantime.
open for beginner level as well

Nackte Armut in Berlins freier Szene
Nackte Armut in Berlins freier Szene

Nackte Armut in Berlins freier Szene

Auf dem „100 Grad-Festival“ - einem Theater- und Performancemarathon aus der freien Szene in Berlin - erhalten die Künstler keine Gage. Angesichts knapper (...)

Troeber Casting

Troeber Casting

*** männliche + weibliche Ballerina gesucht ***

für einen Werbespot einer Automarke suchen wir erfahrene Ballerina, männlich & weiblich, zw. 18 - 25 Jahre.

Casting: Di. 04.02. (Termine nach Vereinbarung)
Dreh: 17.- 18.02. 1 Drehtag in Berlin

Bei Interesse & weitere Infos melde dich gerne telefonisch bei uns.

Ein zauberhaftes Wochenende wünschen die Tröbers***


next week there will be no dance class on Tuesday and Thursday, since christiana is away
instead there will be a class on Monday the third @ 10:30 to make up for it

the week after everything is back to normal




Montag 09:00 - 22:00
Dienstag 09:00 - 22:00
Mittwoch 09:00 - 22:00
Donnerstag 09:00 - 22:00
Freitag 09:00 - 22:00
Samstag 09:00 - 22:00
Sonntag 09:00 - 22:00


+49 30 44036879


Lassen Sie sich von uns eine E-Mail senden und seien Sie der erste der Neuigkeiten und Aktionen von Katakomben-Berlin erfährt. Ihre E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht für andere Zwecke verwendet und Sie können sich jederzeit abmelden.

Service Kontaktieren

Nachricht an Katakomben-Berlin senden:


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Hello circus folk! We're currently hiring a female silks performer for an upcoming film shoot. Please feel free to send videos to [email protected] Thanks! ;)
[Pour le plaisir] Il y a 4 ans, Julia Christ présentait à Nexon son solo "Soulcorner". Plongez dans l'oeil du tigre avec France 3 Limousin... Production Soulcorner est porté par Circo Aereo/Jani Nuutinen & Association W /Jean-Baptiste André. Julia Christ a bénéficié du dispositif d‘accompagnement européen circusnext et du Fonds Transfabrik franco-allemand pour le spectacle vivant avec l'Association w/Jean-Baptiste André; et du dispositif d’aide au compagnonnage de la DGCA et de la DRAC Limousin Ministère de la Culture avec Circo Aereo/Jani Nuutinen. Coproduction Le Sirque – Pôle National Cirque de Nexon Soutiens CircusNext, dispositif d’accompagnement européen coordonné par Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe et soutenu par la Commission Européenne. Résidences Espace peripherique - La Villette (Ville de Paris), Théâtre de l'Agora, scène nationale d'Évry et de l'Essonne, Katakomben-Berlin, Espace Catastrophe (Brussels), La Brèche, Pôle National Cirque de Normandie (Cherbourg), Le Sirque, Pôle national cirque (Nexon), Subtopia (Norsborg), Scène Conventionnée La Mégisserie (Saint-Junien), Circus Akademie Cabuwazi (Berlin) Remerciements à La Muse en Circuit, Centre national de création musicale (Alfortville) et au Théâtre de l'Union - Centre Dramatique National du Limousin https://www.francetvinfo.fr/culture/spectacles/danse/soulcorner-julia-christ-danse-et-boxe-en-hommage-a-mohamed-ali_3390869.html
Selling my set of 5 handstand canes; 76 cm high, 5 fixed rectangular canes one with rotation device 360° including wooden platform. Ready to use. In perfect condition. Made by Hugo Noel of Circus Concepts Inc in Montreal. €1300 (Original Price US$2200)
CALL DEADLINE 31st august! #RastelliFestival #RastelliAward #EnricoRastelli #giocoleria #juggling #jonglage #malabarismo #jonglieren #giocolieri #jugglers #jongleurs #malabaristas #jongleuren #circo #circus #cirque #zirkus #circocontemporaneo #contemporarycircus #cirquecontemporain #zeitgenössischenzirkus #danza #dance #danse #tanz #bergamo #teatrosociale #teatrodonizetti #ambaradan https://ambaradan.wordpress.com/…/08/20/rastelli-award-2018/
Sehr geehrte Katakomben-Crew, Ich studiere Modedesign an der Universität der Künste Berlin und mache gerade mein letzte Hauptprojekt vor Bachelor. Ich bin auf der Suche nach eine Kontorsionskünstlerin der Lust haben könnte in ein abstrakte Modefilm-Projekt teilzunehmen. Die Idee / Konzept ist, in einem Tag mit meine "Outfits" (bzw textile Material / gestrickte Schlauche) zu untersuchen, wie das Material sich an ein sehr dehnbare Körper sich verhaltet und diese Untersuchung aufzunehmen. Ich suche deswegen ein weibliche Artistin der sich besonderes bewegen kann und Lust hat mit uns auszuprobieren, was man mit meiner Outfits machen kann. Am Ende sollte ein abstrakte Reflexion, über die Relation zwischen gestricktes dehnbares Material und Körper, durch der Filmdreh entstehen. Das Projekt ist leider sehr kurzfristig angesagt und der Dreh wird am 30/6 stattfinden. Ich erkläre gerne mehr über das ganze Konzept, wenn Interesse geweckt ist. Mit freundliche Grüsse, Sara Smed Universität der Künste Berlin tlf. 01742101780 mail: [email protected] Rediger
Hello! I'm visiting from the US and was hoping to do some juggling/club passing while in Berlin! Are there any specific days/nights when people are hanging out and juggling here? Or if there's any other weekly get-together in the city, I'd love to stop by!
Hola :-) I just arrived in Berlin. I found your page on the net and i'm looking for practicing aerial silk dance. I usually traveled with my tissue. But I definitely need to buy a new one. I'm wondering if you do have a tissue space or at least a spot where I can hang mine ? Of course if you're interested in this discipline. Let me know whats going on please guys. I would love to come over to discover your universe. Ciao :-) Stella .
Hola :-) I just arrived in Berlin, I found your page on the net. Im wondering if you do have a tissu for aerial silk dance. I used to travel with mine. But I need to buy a new one. Do you practice aerial performance ? Is there a spot to hang my tissue ? I would to come over the space and discover your universe. Let me know what going on please :-) Ciaoo. Stella