Industrial Sound Pressure Level

Industrial Sound Pressure Level AWESOME SHIT MOTHERFUKKAAA!!!

Industrial Sound Pressure Level or short: Industrial-SouPreLev is an music-Label, booking agency, planning event 2017...(coming soon!), group/community for all about Industrial Hardcore, Hardtechno, Schranz, Gabber/Gabba an many more Hard-TeKKno music-styles!!! Artists: - AD/HS - meTzka - White Noise ... more informations coming soon! in association whith G-KEY'S music production ...

's cover photo

's cover photo

Sick - Weird - Hard

Sick - Weird - Hard

>> Out now - get it for free

Industrial Sound Pressure Level

Industrial Sound Pressure Level


Who should not have noticed:
Tomorrow (02.02.2019) I will celebrate my birthday in the VOID Berlin and will play there as meTzka on the core floor. So you are invited to appear there numerous!

There are 5 floors in total and the party will surely live up to its name ...
The Hardest Rave Of Your Life #4 // 5 Floors

I am happy about any known or unknown face and am already in full anticipation.

Here is my set from the "Core Floor - 1 Year" Party as a little taste ...

In this sense: stay hard and see you there ...

VOID + Kili Club – Wiesenweg 5-9, 10365 Berlin

meTzka @ Core Floor 1 year (re-recording)

meTzka @ Core Floor 1 year (re-recording)

Listen to meTzka @ Core Floor 1 year (re-recording) by Sick - Weird - Hard on | Hardcore, Industrial Hardcor

:D :D*static*

:D :D

I am a jumpup producer!

's cover photo

's cover photo

Industrial Sound Pressure Level

Industrial Sound Pressure Level

PRSPCT PDCST 033 by Axe Gabba Murda Mob

PRSPCT PDCST 033 by Axe Gabba Murda Mob

For PRSPCT PDCST 033 we got Axe Gabba Murda Mob to record a HUGE mix! For those of you that dont know. AGMM are the devious UK Hardcore combo consisting of t...

Photos from Industrial Sound Pressure Level's post

Photos from Industrial Sound Pressure Level's post



✜✜✜ Me siento muy feliz de compartir con ustedes mi último mix para el emblemático colectivo Nucleoroto.

"#Breakcore meets #Grindcore" es un gusano comiéndote los tímpanos, un insecto de la música: paisajes decadentes, beats quebrados, gritos frenéticos, violencia pura con el inconfundible estilo naïf, cacahuatazos sonoros si así lo prefieren.

Contiene tracks de productores amigos de Mexico, Rusia y Europa. El hermoso arte de portada, que contrasta y a la vez complementa el contenido sonoro, lo realizó Carlos Abrego.

¡Gracias a todos por el apoyo!

Conexión Mexican Core 🇲🇽 - Nucleoroto Música 🇲🇽

Released: 20 / Noviembre / 2018

01 Sick intro vs Ojo Araaki– para comprender me destruí
02 SHOTGUN ORCHESTRA with Jung List Vam Pire – Another 6 month
04 Cancerbero CDMX – AH PUCH
05 SAFOH – Oibara
06 D-BA55E aka Carlos Hernandez – Blackside
07 Angels Of Chaos – Tough Days
08 Braintune – It Is Coming
09 SAFOH – f**k the global economy
10 Vandvl – Drown It All Your Wishes In Ocean Of StarSky
11 SAFOH feat Khadjar – black love
12 Indian Junglist – Emotional Desert
13 Le Crabe – bad vs back to black

Here are just a few photos of my smartphone from last night at the Core Floor - 1 year @ Icarus. Club...So much was betr...

Here are just a few photos of my smartphone from last night at the Core Floor - 1 year @ Icarus. Club...
So much was betrayed to all who were not there: It was awesome! And anyone who was not there, has missed something and it is your own fault.

Hardcore Germany

Haha wie geil... ist aber leider echt eine Seltenheit.
(wobei man ja fairer weise sagen muss, dass die Polizei auf der F**kparade echt super entspannt ist - gut, gibt ja auch seitens der Gabba-Family keinen Stress, also wieso sollten die auch aggro sein oder so...)

Geliebte Mucke und verhasste Polizei ?
Hier sieht man dass es auch anders geht ❤️

Disziplin deaktiviert 💖 Geil junge !

Video by: Defqon 1 Go Hard or Go Home



☈⋄◬◇⎔⊙□▷ I'm feeling so happy to share with you my latest ep released by the powerful label SickBrokenBrothers Records .

"RUBEDO" is a word from latin and means dark(deep) red, it has been used in the alchemistry field to refer to the success in the matter transformations. ⚗️

All the tracks contain sick samples with death letters, more or less like a spell, to give to listeners the red trip of madness, specially the second track, black love, a collaboration with my dearest singer and composer Khadjar . Also, the cover is an original idea powered by one of my favorite artists in the breakcore world, my friend Vandvl. You can see scattered in the deep red, all these symbols that take your spirit in a trip of violence and sadness to then sublimate and transform it in a beautiful feeling about the shine inside of you. The hardest work of mastering was made by Igor.

¡Thanks a lot for support !

Conection Mexico 🇲🇽 - Russia 🇷🇺






Очень круто!

Label:SickBrokenBrothers Records
Catalog#: SBBR023
Format: File
Released: 11.10.2018
Style: Breakcore,Hardcore,Grindcore,

1. Living in darkness 03:05
2. Chernaya Lyubov' (feat. KHADJAR) 02:33
3.Requiem 01:23
4.Shattered 02:03

ART by Vandvl

Released October 11, 2018.

Sick - Weird - Hard

Sick - Weird - Hard

➤ Ladies und Men T-Shirts und Zip Hoodies

• Vorbestellung und Bezahlung bis zum 17.10.2018
• Ab 25 Einzelteilen kann ich die Sachen drucken lassen
• Wenn weniger als 25 Teile zusammen kommen, bekommt ihr euer Geld zurück
• Vorzugsweise möchte ich euch das Merch am 10.11. zum Core Floor - 1 year aushändigen, um Versand zu vermeiden.

➤ T-Shirts: 22,- € │ Zip Hoodies: 49,- €
• GOTS und Fairtrade zertifiziert / 100% Bio-Baumwolle
• Siebruck wird realisiert von fairtrademerch, ebenso GOTS zertifiziert.

➤ Versand
Falls ihr nicht zum Core Floor - 1 year kommen solltet:
• DE
T-Shirt: 3,- €
Hoodie (oder beides): 5,50 €
• EU
T-Shirt: 8,- €
Hoodie (oder beides): 10,-€

➤ Wenn ihr ein T-Shirt oder Hoodie haben möchtet, schreibt eine Nachricht. Bezahlung via Überweisung oder PayPal





BSA is set to drop his best work yet, a 6 track EP that has a solid Portostep vibe throughout, with his habitual musical flare. Featuring two fresh takes on tracks already known by crowds, 'Tyrel' with a VIP refresh and Triamer & Nagato's 'All I Need' remix, with a different, dynamic vibe. 'Sliced' and 'Extra Mile', two huge dancefloor killers for the Hard and Dark D&B fans, 'All Aboard' with its haunting sounds and melodies, and the stomping 'Rock So Well' complete this intense new effort by one the most promising artists of the harder end of the scene.

1 - BSA - All Aboard
2 - BSA - Rock So Well
3 - BSA - Sliced
4 - BSA - The Extra Mile
5 - BSA - Tyrel VIP
6 - BSA - All I Need ( TriaMer & Nagato Remix)

Release Date : 22nd October 2018 (Out on every good online shop)

Follow Yellow-Stripe Recordings:

Follow BSA :

Buy :
Bandcamp :…mile-ep ( Pre-order of The Extra Mile Ep. You get 1 track now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it’s released.)


Industrial Strength Samples

Industrial Strength Samples

SAMPLE PACK - Hard Industrial Techno-This incredible collection features our IS Loop Kits w/maximum usability for producing and DJing all in one pack. You get a dope set of Unmastered Full Loops, Broken out audio parts, Drum Shots, Fx, Music Loops and all the content can be mixed and matched with each other to create new back beats and grooves. All Tempoed up at 130 Bpm and any musical elements have been Keyed Up for ease of use. ++ Kick Drum Loops, Bass Loops Fx and loads of extra goodies to add extra Industrial Techno flavor. The 24 Bit Wav Audio is 100% License Available at Sound designed by Mr.Madness aka DX

Sick - Weird - Hard

Sick - Weird - Hard

➤ Trailer for Core Floor - 1 year 10th November
✚ Like, share & comment to win free entry

Comment with a gif describing the party!
2 x 1 free entry to win
Winner will be chosen 3rd November

• Line-up:
LEELOO HARDCOHOLICS - KILLABOMB - KlitoriX - Ulcerium - Bassinfected - RAGE HC - Dennis Mitchel - meTzka - species Kai

• Sound:
Polartribe 23 Soundsystem

• Venue:
Icarus. Club / Bunker Lübeck

• Pre-sale tickets:

• Event:

DJane Enigma

DJane Enigma

Lil live sesh from Almere, NL ☻

Sick - Weird - Hard

Sick - Weird - Hard

In case you want to level up your profil picture 😜🤘

Sick - Weird - Hard

Sick - Weird - Hard

➤ Core Floor - 1 year - VVK Tickets für 12,50 €

Wenn ihr vergünstigte VVK Tickets haben möchtet, könnt ihr das direkt bei mir machen.
Ich greife nicht auf einen Drittanbieter zurück, da die eher kleinere Anzahl von mir selbst handlebar ist.

• Zahlungsmöglichkeiten: Paypal, Überweisung, bar
• Schickt mir eine private Nachricht mit folgenden Infos:
- Euren Namen
- Wie ihr bezahlen möchtet
- E-Mail (optional)
• Ich antworte dann mit den Infos eurer gewählten Zahlart
• Wenn das Geld eingegangen ist, schicke ich euch ein mit Namen personalisiertes Ticket
• Da ich das alleine handle, kann es evtl mit dem Antworten und versenden des Tickets etwas dauern

Zum Abgleich der Tickets haben wir dann auch eine Liste an der Kasse. Das Ticket kann auch an andere weiter gegeben werden, ohne den Namen zu ändern.

Einblick in die TEKNO Invasion 1.1...

Einblick in die TEKNO Invasion 1.1...

Es war trotzdem ein Fest mit euch trotz der kurzen Dauer😘😘😘

Hardcore Radio

Hardcore Radio

PRSPCT Radio Episode 69 with The DJ Producer & Somniac One live from Worm Rotterdam!

Motormouth Recordz

Motormouth Recordz


Hellfish & Bryan Fury - Black Alert




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