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Thank you all for joining us last weekend and thank you Umbrella Movement in Berlin for organising the event.

Thank you all for joining us last weekend and thank you Umbrella Movement in Berlin for organising the event.

In Hong Kong we frequently encounter people, especially the senior citizens, sarcastically mocking whoever doesn’t like Hong Kong should just leave off to somewhere else. To the older generations who are still borne with a migrant's mindset, to keep running from suppressive political realities is almost like an inborn survival skill, a skill that they think should apply for all sensible minds.

From first being irritated by such attitude to later on taking this as a challenge; We, as a group of Hong Kongers who are apparently 'off to somewhere else', are taking this as a great opportunity to show how ones can never run away from their identities, especially when it comes to safeguarding the freedom of your home city. Over the course of the Umbrella Movement, many overseas Hong Kongers like us are emotionally tied to every single protestor on the streets.

Thanks to the help of our friends from Hong Kong, we finally managed to organize this event within a short time. Through their works you can witness the suppression, discontent and anger that have been accumulated for a significant period of time. The Umbrella Movement might be geographically limited to Hong Kong, but the deep yearning for a genuine democracy is universal. We believe this is why media, scholars, novelists and various people from around the world are keen to show their support to the Hong Kong protestors. Just like every one of you who are here today, the willingness to care is already a great encouragement to people around the world who are dealing with an unconcerned government.

Thank you for coming. We do hope that the next time when we meet, we are celebrating the success of the Umbrella Movement. To all of us, the ultimate success would be seeing a change in any place that is still under the suppression of an unjust rule.

(Full credit of films & videos will be posted soon)

More info soon

More info soon

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

We're still amazed by the artists & audience. Thank you, Sofar Sounds Berlin

We're still amazed by the artists & audience. Thank you, Sofar Sounds Berlin

We are amazed by the flat we were invited into for our anniversary. We even got stadium like stands for our ever so pretty audience!

Sofar July Dates... Revealed
Sofar July Dates... Revealed

Sofar July Dates... Revealed

Apply by clicking on the DATE you wish to attend (it will link you to either an email address or signup form). We'll get in touch if we can squeeze you in! (ps. please make sure all your +1's are registered with Sofar as well)

RSVPs are open!

RSVPs are open!

On the 19th of June it's time for the next HN Berlin meetup. The previous one was a lot of fun for us, and we thank you all for joining us and for all the positive feedback we received. We'v


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Haltet durch!!! Habs für euch bestellt - wird morgen per Luftpost ausgeliefert!!!
As mentioned on pervious post on 18 Nov, the imminent vote on the "Article 23 for the internet" - later we found out it was just a rumor. The first window was broken ever since the Revolution/Movement begins, yet the reason behind is still waiting to be confirmed. Today police have nabbed another four men - including two from a radical political group and the chief editor of a free publication. Entering the 8th week of the occupying protest - we hope people are still united, and wish there's a light to guide us out of any false rumors, and may the protest end BY fulfilling people's demand! - 2 days left to our //Hong Kong Calling// film festival - come to Loft46 and discover what's the call about :)
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