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Raphael Mathes Artist&Yogi yogic artisan or artistic yogi...up to you:) Only from your own authentic experience can you reach your highest potential and real wisdom. Raphael combines traditional Hatha Yoga elements with dynamic Astahnaga Asanas and deep relaxation techniques.

He offers his students profound and effective practices for gaining physical and mental strength, releasing tension to tender the body, freeing the mind from old thinking patterns and developing a healthy mindset. Never taking himself (or anything else) to seriously, as he knows the relativity of everything, he is playfully approaching to question the known and to trust your own unique feelings and experience. Only from your own authentic experience can you reach your highest potential and real wisdom. From the very beginning Raphael had the urge to gain deeper understanding over his body and mind as well as the visible and the invisible world around him. With half of his family living in Bali, he spent many years of his life on this beautiful island and calls it his second home. No wonder that the powerful Bali spirit has influenced him in so many ways, leaving a thirst to gather knowledge from all kinds of ancient traditions, todays science as well as his own experiments and experience. Yoga first came into his life at the age of 27 and from there it has constantly grown. He attended the classes of many teachers to gain more knowledge. In Koh Panghan he was taught the Ashtanga Primary Series by the wonderful Elise Greenspoon and in Berlin he met the great Federico from Lotos Yoga-Berlin, who taught him the traditional Hatha Yoga by Swami Satyananda.

I am very excited to host the first ‚real’ workshop with ‚real’ people today since the lockdown:))) no worries for all t...

I am very excited to host the first ‚real’ workshop with ‚real’ people today since the lockdown:))) no worries for all the participants, this pose on the image won’t be coming up on the workshop, I just wanted to have your attention😜 instead we will do a lot of transcendental breathwork and fly high on the beautiful frequencies of love and kindness! I will guide you through all the pranic layers, where, if we allow it, deep transformation can happen. I am super stoked my amazing friends! Let’s fly and get high on our own supply;)🐉. About the pose: Urdhva Kukkutasana (Upward Cock Pose) an advanced arm balance forms part of the Third Series of Ashtanga Yoga also referred to as the Advanced A series. This pose, when done separately, forms part of a yoga sequence where the focus is on arm balancing to build strength and stability. Urdhva Kukkutasana (Upward Cock Pose), when done in a flow, focuses on flexibility, strength and concentration.
For the practice of Urdhva Kukkutasana (Upward Cock Pose), mastering certain preparatory poses is essential, all of which are listed below:
Sirsasana Ii (Headstand Ii) for shoulder and core strength.
Bakasana (Crane Pose) for arm strength and hip strength.
Padmasana (Lotus Pose) for hip flexibility.This pose needs to be practiced without using the hands to cross the legs.
Sirsasana Ii Padmasana (Tripod Headstand Pose Lotus Legs) for strength, stability, focus, and flexibility. This pose is especially important as it is the main preparatory pose for Urdhva Kukkutasana.
Urdhva Kukkutasana benefits the following muscles and hence can be included in yoga sequences with the corresponding muscle(s) focus:
Arms and Shoulders
Biceps and Triceps
Core (Abs). #highonyourownsupply #yogawuerzburg #kukkutasanab #asanaoftheday #wuerzburglieben #yogaberlin #yogabali #pranaflow #yoga #meditation #mindful #pranayama #onelove


Für all meine Würzburger Yogis 🙏🏼🙌🏼

CREATIVE SPIRIT – Prana flows Workshop
Samstag 14-17 Uhr 20.06.2020

Jeder Atemzug, jede Bewegung, jeder Gedanke und jede Emotion. Alles ist Energie. Alles ist Prana. Dieser Workshop ist ein Deep Dive in dein inneres Energie Universum, durch Meditation, Pranayama, Asana, und Yoga Nidra.

In einer tiefgreifenden meditativen Atem- und Bewegungspraxis, wird dein Bewusstsein für den unendlichen Energiefluss in und um uns herum verfeinert, und du lernst, wie du Energieblockaden in deinem Geist und Körper erkennen, auflösen und wieder bewusst in Richtung Heilung und Liebe fließen lassen kannst.
PRANA FLOWS ist eine Kombination von Yoga-Praktiken, bei denen das Bewusstsein darauf ausgerichtet wird, den pranischen Energiefluss in uns wahrzunehmen, zu beobachten und zu formen. Anstatt sich nur auf die Körperhaltung zu konzentrieren, besteht dieser Workshop auch aus Pranayama, innerer Reflexion, Stille, Konzentration und Meditation.
Begleite uns auf eine kraftvolle, introspektiven Reise, die dich in einen fließenden meditativen Zustand des Wohlbefindens und der Fülle führt.
Theoretische Einführung in die Welt der Energien ( yogische und neueste wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse der Energie Matrix und wie unser Bewusstsein sie formt) - 30 min

Pranayama - Energetische Atemübungen - 20min

Energie Meditation - Herz und Verstand (Gefühle und Gedanken) im Einklang
Positive Affirmationen und Intentionen setzen - 30min

Asana Sequenz mit Focus auf die energetische Geist-Körper-Herz Verbindung - 45min

Yoga Nidra - Bodyscan und Licht Visualisierung - 30min

energetische Klangschalen Harmonisierung - 20 min

Creative Spirit - Prana Flows mit Raphael
Datum: 20.62020
Uhrzeit: 14-17 Stunden hr
Lehrer: Raphael
Kosten: 29.-
Glücksbringer Vertragsmitglieder: bekommen 10% Rabatt!
Plätze: auf 25 limitiert

Zur Anmeldung gehts hier:


#yogawuerzburg #dieglücksbringer



colors&shapesEriceira, Portugal📸@positive.psychology.in.action #devote #dedicated #innerpractice #selfcare #trueessence ...


Ericeira, Portugal

#devote #dedicated #innerpractice #selfcare #trueessence #meditate #yogaasana #selflove #journal #naturelove #changeforgood #creativeworkshop #breathe #growthmindset #loveyourself #healyourself #healtheworld #yoga #yogaworkshop #yogaericeira #yogaportugal #yogaberlin #yogadeutschland #yogafrankfurt #yogabali

16th November 10 am – 1 pm  @selinaboavistaericeiraINTUITIVE PAINTING MEDITATION WORKSHOPIn this workshop, I invite you ...

16th November 10 am – 1 pm @selinaboavistaericeira


In this workshop, I invite you to return the curious, bold, and expressive kid, that you once were! That was ok being messy. That was ok not knowing what the outcome will be. That kid that listens to its impulsive intuitive heart and follows the flow of energy, where ever it might take you. Let's paint your inside out!

There is an Artist in all of us! We all have emotions and feelings, longing to break out. Meditation and Painting are beautiful ways to bring our inside world to the outside. *

This workshop is for you if you:

•love to paint or always been curious about painting, but been blocked doing it, for any reason

•longing for creative output to release emotions and feelings

•want to enjoy the fun and the ease of creating

•like to experience a deep flow state

•wish to heal your abandoned parts and make you whole again.

•want to gain a deeper understanding and relation to yourself and your essential place in this life.

•Remember that it is possible to live in peace and bliss with yourself and your fellow beings.

•Rebirth your creative genius

PART ONE: Yin Yoga
We start by reconnecting to the body to see where tensions might be held. Gradually allowing the body to soften and releasing physical energy blockades. *

PART TWO: Guided Meditation
We will create a safe and sacred space through a ritual process, were we transit from a place of ‚not enoughness' to a place of ‚inner richness', where no judgment and no comprehension exist. Where we allow everything to be, the darkness and the light, the good and the bad.
Where we completely let go of everything that holds us back and return to our core, our true nature, our innocent, creative and bold Self. *

PART THREE: Intuitive Painting
From this place, we dive into deep resonance with our inner child and Higher Self, and let it express itself on the canvas. Going beyond the Ego and giving voice to anything that wants to be released. Everything is allowed. Brush, use a Sponge, use your Fingers, Smear, push, and pull the paint. We ask you to be messy☺ Just flow, be bold and see whats unfold!

We will have a journal next to us, to capture anything that comes up.

What's included?

•large canvas (1mX60cm)
•loads of colors, brushes, and tools to paint with
•inspiring music
•tea and cookies

What to bring?
An open and curious mind and some old cloth, as it can become messy;)
We will provide little journals. But if you already have one bring your own☺

Price 40.- (Bring a friend 35,- each)

To reserve your spot either book directly at Selina, PM me or send me a mail under [email protected]

We are limited to 10 pers. 5 are already booked.

So make sure to save your spot!



Really happy and thankful be part of the Selina Boavista Ericeira Team;) Great vibes, incredible Team and lovely conscious Community, with loads of unique Events and Workshops!
The place to be in Ericeira!

pssst, check who is moving there at minute 1.26;)

Come live the Selina Experience in Ericeira!

'Sing like no one is listening.Love like you’ve never been hurt.Dance like nobody’s watching,and live like it’s heaven o...

'Sing like no one is listening.
Love like you’ve never been hurt.
Dance like nobody’s watching,
and live like it’s heaven on earth'

I wish you a wonderful day😊


Hey Ericeira Tribe,I am happy to announce that you can now breath, meditate, move, connect and love with me every day th...

Hey Ericeira Tribe,

I am happy to announce that you can now breath, meditate, move, connect and love with me every day throughout November at the beautiful space of Selina Ericeira.

Every Monday and Tuesday, from 10-11 am we will reinvent the way you move in the ‚Creative Movement Flow‘ Class.

Every Tuesday 5.30-6.30 pm and Wednesday from 10-11 am you can join me on a yoga class specially designed for you surfer lovers.

Every Thursday 10-11 am we will work on your strength, flexibility, and breath in a creative ‚Ashtanga Yoga‘ Class.

Every Friday from 10-11 am I invite you to discover the magic gift of your smile in a Taoist Meditation Technique called ‚Inner Smile Meditation‘

And every Saturday, we will restore and reconnect to our inner essence of love in a slow and deep ‚Yin Yoga‘ class.

A very special and unique Workshop is waiting for you on the 16th (Saturday 10 am-1 pm) of November.
Called ‚Intuitive Painting Meditation‘ Where we will awake your inner child and playfully explore the joy of creation.
Letting go of fear and expectations to allow your painting to evolve based on your heart callings, vision, and play.
I am so stoked about that. As it brings all together what I love. Art and Spirit. ( no prior experience needed. everyone has an artist inside, waiting to be unleashed;)!)
More Infos in the next days.

If you have any questions about the classes or workshop, just text me, I am happy to connect.
till then stay tuned and keep your spirit high!

Blessings and love,
Raphael @ Selina

Raphael Mathes Artist&Yogi's cover photo

Raphael Mathes Artist&Yogi's cover photo

Devote yourself to your inner practice and everything is coming. Everything is already insight of you. All the treasures...

Devote yourself to your inner practice and everything is coming. Everything is already insight of you. All the treasures you were looking for so long on the outside, you won’t find them in the external world. They all buried deep insight yourself. Under all the crust of wrong self believes and social conditioning, that is overlaying your true essence. Begin to be devoted to your inner growth. Set time aside every day, for Meditation, for physical Practices, spending time in nature, spending time with people that light you up, to Journal and reflect your progress. Let it be your priority and I promise you, you will find all that you been searching for so long. Crack through the Crust and everything will be there. Gratitude, Love, Happiness, Purpose, Connection. And from this place. your inner essence, you will find the strength and the passion to rise and shine. Then everything will be playful and with ease and you will serve the world with your beautiful loving light.

#devote #dedicated #innerpractice #selfcare #trueessence #meditate #yogaasana #selflove #journal #naturelove #changeforgood #creativeworkshop #breathe #growthmindset #loveyourself #healyourself #healtheworld #yoga #yogaworkshop #yogaericeira #yogaportugal #yogaberlin #yogadeutschland #yogafrankfurt #yogabali

This is a nother Thank you post to my lovely soul sister and brother Lavi und Samu from Almashala Ericeira. Thank you fo...

This is a nother Thank you post to my lovely soul sister and brother Lavi und Samu from Almashala Ericeira.
Thank you for everything, for your love and kindness, for your wisdom and holding a place of caring and sharing.
This weekend i was gifted to be part of the ‚Divine touch‘ Yoga Thai Massage workshop leaded by the incredible sweet Maya. She open heartedly shared here knowledge and experience about the secretes of being present and holding space for a nother being, and allow it to heal with your own hands.
Allowing yourself and your partner, to really connect on a energetic level, communicating with the wisdom of the body and to enter a state of deep healing.
This is a nother great tool in my tool kit, to share the love and healing with the world.
If you interested in learning about the divine touch and you around Barcelona, drop me a line and ill be happy to connect you with maya.
Till than again all my love. be light and shine bright

#yogapractice #yogathaimassage #divine #touch #almashala #creativespirit #healingart #yogamassage #yogalove #yogaericeira #yogaberlin #yogawuerzburg #yogaportugal #yogagermany #yogadeutschland #yogabali #artofhealing #consciouslove #consciouschangemakers #caring #sharingiscaring #sacred @ Almashala

A bit belated post on the Global Climate Strike last week 21.-27. SeptemberFirst of all, I just want to share my deep lo...

A bit belated post on the Global Climate Strike last week 21.-27. September

First of all, I just want to share my deep loving gratitude and appreciation for Greta and this powerful and so needed Movement she started. What an amazing time, where the youth finally find their voice and stand together for the planet.
Almost 8 Million People marched on the streets worldwide to bring understanding and awareness to the most threating issue we are facing.
It gives me goosebumps and tears of joy, to see all these beings, who deeply care and unite their voices to one powerful roar of justice.

Here are some Impressions from the last two Fridays, where we went out to support the global climate strike movement.

One was on Friday 21th, where we took part in a Beach Clean Up, with the Skeleton Sea Collective. Where we almost collected half a ton of trash! What i love about the Skeleton Sea Project, Is the creative and playful way they educate kids about their environment and the understanding of the fragility and interconnectedness of Mother Nature. Involving them by collecting the trash on the coasts of Ericeira and building a trash monster out of it. Find out more under skeletonsea.com

And the last Friday 27th, where me and my soul sister Pati prepared this pretty shield and went to the Strike in Lisbon.
I hardly can put in words, how uplifting and connected I felt to all the young people that went out to unite and make a change. It is so humbling and nurturing to drop your Ego and your small selfish struggles and unite to be part of something so much bigger than yourself. It really feels like a global family that is growing and creating a better future for all of us.

For all of you that might miss it. I can just highly recommend you to inform yourself and get active. There is nothing else that could give you possibly more meaning and purpose and fills your heart with love and light than connect with other like-minded people for a higher cause.

So if you are interested, there is a great resource on the globalclimatestrike.net website. they really put a lot of effort and love to support you with high-quality content, how you can become a light of change. 🔽 In either creating your own Actions, get inspired by the countless artworks from gifted Artists that share their art to inspire or the free Globalclimatestrike Handbook, where you get all the facts and action steps.
I am also here openly to share and exchange anything about the topic and how we can get active together. So just drop me a line.
Till then all my love to you, be light and shine bright

'You do not break, you bend.Maybe you lost, but you are not a loser.Maybe you failed, but you not a failure.Maybe you fa...

'You do not break, you bend.
Maybe you lost, but you are not a loser.
Maybe you failed, but you not a failure.
Maybe you fallen hard, but you can get up again.
Maybe you have been destroyed, but you will rebuild.
Maybe your heart has been broken, but i will mend.
See, no matter how close you come to breaking, just continue to bend.'

If you want to bend your body and mind with me, join me tonight from 7 to 8pm for a sunset deep flow yoga class at the beautiful rooftop @selina #selinaboavistaericeira

Thank you my beautiful soul sister @patiway for capturing the moment💚

#backbend #deep #meditative #flow #yoga #sunset #ericeira #yogaericeira #yogaberlin #yogaportugal #body #mind #soul
#yogawuerzburg #creativespirit #creative #spirit #practice #yogaeverydamnday #transform #lightlove #highvibes


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