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Comedy Therapy Comedy Therapy manages Berlin based shows where comedians give the audience advice on their problems How does it work? You complain - we entertain!

Ever wanted for someone to take your problems and make them go away? Look no further - at Comedy Therapy comedians will take care of all your life drama! First Berlin's funniest minds perform for you and then dig right into your darkest issues, dissect them (anonymously) and give you the advice you sorely need! We'll give you pens and paper, so the only thing you need to bring are your problems (o

r friends with problems)! It's a free-entry show with a suggested donation of €10. We're waiting for you every Friday in Bar Vostok in Prenzlauer Berg! So, don't be scared to make mistakes in your life as we will help you!

Since winter is *technically* almost here, we are saving you from having to wander the streets in the darkness by starti...

Since winter is *technically* almost here, we are saving you from having to wander the streets in the darkness by starting at 7pm from now on!
Doors 6pm
Show 7pm
Book a seat already to be proactive and loved by those who always wanted you to be proactive (your parents probably)


Voigtstr 42


Mittwoch 19:00 - 22:00
Samstag 18:00 - 21:00



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Four comedians get up on stage every Monday in Berlin’s first English comedy club c The Wall in Friedrichshain to mix comedy and therapy.


Well, it’s not a secret comedians are messed up people - they deal with their life drama through finding a funny side to it and even manage to make other people laugh in the process.

So who better than them can solve your problems? Well…a qualified therapist maybe, but why not have a laugh first?

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