Dangerous Drums

Dangerous Drums Berlin based Event series started Dec 98, Label in 2000, Co-run by Dj Vela & ED2000. Specialised in Drum Driven Bass Empowered Dancefloor Ritual.

dangerous drums, subculture, ritual dance

dangerous drums, subculture, ritual dance

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DreamTime treated field recordings of a world peace ritual – Cashmere Radio
DreamTime treated field recordings of a world peace ritual – Cashmere Radio

DreamTime treated field recordings of a world peace ritual – Cashmere Radio

treated field recordings of a full moon midnight world peace ritual performed by monks in a temple atop a forest clad mountain on the outskirts of kyoto, japans temple city. treated at the dangerous dreams studio berlin. image photo by nika radic,

Dub Intervention
Dub Intervention

Dub Intervention

Where past, present & future meets this is Dub Intervention


August Strasse 10


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Our Story

After 13 years at the legendary Maria am Ostbahnhof, where we held the box office record at their first location, and the record for longest running and most staged event series in both their locations, we were honored, to have our new homebase @Tresor where we stayed for 6 years! Now in 2019 we are very pleased. and feeling priveledged be able to say that our homebase has now become 2 homebases, one is the Gretchen Club in Berlin, the other Der Weisse Hase.

On Nov 30th 2018 we celebrated 20 Years Dangerous Drums at Berlins Gretchen Club. Thats 20 years, 200+ guest artists alongside our local residents on rotation, over 100 events in 12 different countries, 100 artists released on our imprint, many of them for the first time, some of them as a stepping stone to seriously successful full time dj/producer careers, all of them loved, cherished and appreciated as jewels ine the crown that is a thriving life affirming ever evolving contemporary subculture for sound and vision.

Since then we started “dangerous drums roots” in box 2 at gretchen, to allow our djs and special invited guests to play a set that shows how they arrived at where they are today , musically speaking. In Der Weisse Hase we have the perfect venue for the Techno end of our current musical spectrum. 2019 also see us with our own truck on “zug der liebe”. immense and heartfelt repsect and thanks goes out as always to those people who grace our events with their invaluable presence, and whose free time and financial resource is accepted by us, with a full awareness of its worth and its value, both to us at dangerous drums, and the people who give it, and for whom it is after all in this busy digitalised world we live in, a limited resource. without you and your support we and our fellow artists, who we are proud to and whom we feel bound to present, to and for you, would have no platform and subsequently a far lesser reach and scope in the communication of their "in the zone" contemporary soundcraft, and the art and culture of which it is, for us, the heart beat. thank you ! watch this space !

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On we go with a true legend and a master of broken beats! The man Leeroy Thornhill @ Rave The Planet's INSTANT RAVE Return Edition Vol. 6! The British artist has been an active musician & dancer for thirty years and it is still his passion: „Taking something you've produced, playing it on your set and getting a reaction to share that connection with the crowd is a high like no other.” Leeroy has an impressive biography! He used to be a live keyboardist and dancer for The Prodigy and currently works with the German artist MARTEN HØRGER under the project name SMASH HIFI. ≫
bang the drums
the love train is coming! are you ready to get on board ?
We at Dangerous Drums are really happy to contribute music to Zug der Liebe 2020 | Online. Tune in, have fun and most important...stay safe.