Zoopark Studio / Berlin

Zoopark Studio / Berlin Zoopark Studio [Berlin] is a showroom/gallery for limited edition photography and graphic prints, artist books, zines by Zoopark Publishing and other Russian and Eastern European artists.

A publishing office, space for events, workshops, artist talks.

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It’s been almost two years since we started to lead offline and online zine-making workshops. It was always intense and fun and we were happy with the results, but we always felt the urge to go much deeper into the editing and sequencing process than we could do in the frame of the short workshop.

Since already a while we’ve been dreaming of a more extended course where we could really devote the necessary time to working with projects in a way that would allow us and the participants to work iteratively, reviewing and reworking the editing and sequence many times and developing it in a slower pace. We wanted to put the main focus not only on technical tools of bookmaking, but on the creative part of it, the concept, editing and sequencing.

We would like to lead our students through all the steps of this challenging process, working and reworking the drafts, having group discussions, working independently and receiving our feedback.

So on the 9th of March 2021 we are launching our Extended Online Photobook Making Course.
Huge thanks to The Phooks platform for hosting it and helping with the start. All the details you can find on the Phooks Course page (link in the comment below the post).

Feel free to hit us up with any questions at [email protected].
And we will keep you posted about the news and updates.

Photos from Zoopark Publishing Collective's post

Photos from Zoopark Publishing Collective's post

Some places available for the workshop this weekend 30-31 January!

Some places available for the workshop this weekend 30-31 January!

Zoopark celebrates 5 years! 🎂🎉

Zoopark celebrates 5 years! 🎂🎉

Zoopark Publishing Collective

The new workshop is coming soon!

Dear all!

We're launching a new version of our ONLINE ZINE MAKING WORKSHOP less intense in time and with two pricing options.

SLOW online zine making workshop:
3 weeks - 3/6 meetings (Basic option / Extra option)

Creating simple A5 photo zine with Adobe InDesign
[40 pages / saddle staples or saddle stitches / soft cover / print in copyshop or at home]

We show all the steps of creating a zine on one example randomly chosen by lottery from the Extra option participants’ projects.

Basic option: 1 weekly meeting, unlimited number of participants, no feedback for hometasks, Q&A in group chat. Price 20€.

Extra option: 2 weekly meetings with feedback & group discussion of homework. Max 6 people. Price 60€.

Link to the detailed program & FB event in the first comments.

Zoopark Publishing Collective

Zoopark Publishing Collective

Dear friends,
We are looking for contacts with art / photography schools, courses or any cultural institutions all over the world that might be interested in hosting our online zine or photobook making workshops.
If you know someone or have any ideas please let us know.
Thank you so much in advance!

Zoopark Publishing Collective

Zoopark Publishing Collective

Christmas and time for presents is coming soon so we offer a
🎁 🎄 🎁 🎄 🎁 🎄 🎁 🎄 🎁 🎄 🎁 🎄 🎁
Until 31.12.2020 we are making all the prints on our website (link in the comment) available with free world-wide shipping!
Also this offer extends to the two recent books by Zoopark:
'Settlement' by Tatyana Palyga and
'Vorona [The Crow]' by Alexander Bondar

Zoopark Publishing Collective

Need some help with your future photobook / photozine / or any printed publication?
We're here for you!



Zoopark offers help with design and production of your photobook / zine / catalogue / booklet.
We can be involved in all the steps of making a publication from scratch, including creating and editing the book concept, content selection, layout, sequence, dummy and edition production (printing, binding).

Basically, we can take all functions of a publisher except distribution, or any part of it.

When it comes to production we usually specialize on limited edition photobooks, artist books and zines with high quality inkjet printing and manual binding, but we have established links to outsource other types of printing and binding.


- Editing / Selection / Sequencing for your book or project

- Book design:

layout, typography, cover design, book structure, size & format, dummy production


making a full edition of your book either using our inkjet printing and handbinding or outsourcing for any types of low-run digital printing technologies

To get a quote for these services feel free to contact us with your book details: [email protected].

- Consulting:

We can share with you our experience regarding any conceptual or practical aspect of book making: editing, design, production, distribution, etc., from working in InDesign to printing & binding choices and distribution options.

Price for consulting: 30€ / hour

Contact: [email protected].

Link to our portfolio on Behance is in the first comment.

The first production session, which was a follow-up for our online zine-making workshop.Together with Zoe Borie we print...

The first production session, which was a follow-up for our online zine-making workshop.Together with Zoe Borie we printed her awesome intricate zine, streaming and explaining the whole process on the way. Was fun!

We're in love with the beautiful zines by the participants of our previous online zine making workshop!Next workshop is ...

We're in love with the beautiful zines by the participants of our previous online zine making workshop!
Next workshop is already the upcoming weekend.
Sign up if you'd like to make your own zine with our help!
zoopar[email protected]
Titles and authors in order of appearance: 'Winter Swimmers' by Aristotelis Psirropoulos, 'Nothing will be the same' by Alex Blanco, 'Sorry about you p***s' by Nuša Whoknowswho Hernavs, 'The Balkan route' by Dimitris Chantzaras, 'Kittycat Hell' by Elijah Jackson & Yuma Valentine Carpenter-New

Trials for the dustcover for the To Sea Again book by @boomson. Screenprinted on carton. Really excited to work on editi...

Trials for the dustcover for the To Sea Again book by @boomson. Screenprinted on carton. Really excited to work on editing and design. Looking forward to the first dummy @ Berlin, Germany

Happy birthday and happy LP release to Gene Bogolepov / 1314! Were thrilled to work on the cover and the album booklet, ...
1314 LP - Booklet

Happy birthday and happy LP release to Gene Bogolepov / 1314!
Were thrilled to work on the cover and the album booklet, with band photos by Aleksandra Perova (https://www.facebook.com/emgmhm) and drawings by Nastia Eliseeva (https://www.facebook.com/pimienta.negra)

The album is available at http://bogolepov.de
🚀🚀🚀 Don't miss it out 🚀🚀🚀

Check out the PDF here:

A booklet for 1314 project (bogolepov.de) Zoopark Studio - graphic design / photos Sasha Perova - cover photo / band photos Nastya Eliseeva - drawings

Zoopark Publishing Collective

Zoopark Publishing Collective

Dear friends!
As for most of you the pandemic has severely interfered with our plans, events and publishing activities, book fairs and exhibitions cancelled and postponed, still we try to stay optimistic and keep up! 💪💪
All our publications are as always available online from our website and delivery still works 🚛
Additionally, we are converting our publications to digital form and making them available online (see the link in the first comment 👀).
Another great news, we've just launched a new publication! 🤩🥳👏 This time it is something completely different, but we hope you'll still like it :)
It is a COLORING BOOK with the drawings by Tatyana Palyga which can serve as a great anti-stress both to children and adults!
The digital version of it can be downloaded for free or for any donation if you wish. All you need is to print it out and color it with anything you have at you hand 👩‍🎨👨‍🎨
Share with us your colored pictures, we'd love to see them! 😍
Besides two kinds of paper versions of the coloring book are also available now for pre-order (link in the second comment).
We really hope to see you soon and celebrate having our freedom back!
Stay safe ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Photos from Zoopark Studio / Berlin's post

Some pics & videos from yesterday GSL Projekt & Zoopark's XMas Markt.
Thank you, Alana Lake for organizing this, all the artists who participated and exhibited works, Andrey Kharitonov for his Nerushimoe set and all who came!
Merry Christmas! 🎄⛄

This Saturday come to GSL Projekt  & Zoopark Publishing Collective's XMas Markt in Berlin to get some Christmas presents...

This Saturday come to GSL Projekt & Zoopark Publishing Collective's XMas Markt in Berlin to get some Christmas presents from us and other cool international artists!
Prints, drawings, photobooks & zines, upcycled clothing with custom silkscreen prints by Zoopark and lots of other stuff.
Live music by Indiscreet Jewels, drinks & fun 🥂
Liegnitzer Strasse 34, Kreuzberg
Starting from 12pm on Saturday!
On the photos: silkscreen prints by Alexander Bondar

Zoopark Publishing Collective

Zoopark Publishing Collective

Hey! From today to Sunday we are part of P.A.G.E.S. Print & Art Book Fair in Geneva!
Come by and meet @alexanderbondar at our table.
More that 100 publishers with art and design publications, fanzines, posters, reproductions, graphic novels, magazines, newspapers, limited editions and other printed objects, as well as conferences and workshops are waiting for you! See u there!

New book by @alexanderbondar.Launch today at @PolycopiesParis2019!Come by

New book by @alexanderbondar.
Launch today at @PolycopiesParis2019!
Come by

November turned to be very productive for us, so today we announce the official launch another new photobook "Back Home" by Alexander Bondar 🤩
Limited edition of 50, only 8 copies with us in Paris.
Inkjet print / Cardboard cover / Glue binding
Size 18x23cm / 60 pages
Signed and numbered by the author
Join us today at 17h on the lower deck of Polycopies Paris 2019 to meet the author, get your copy signed and have a drink with us!
About the book:
This is a visual track of the author visiting his home country, Russia, which he left in 2013 to live and study abroad. In a way, the distance allows to better observe changes, while coming back periodically, it resembles the stroboscopic effect. Economical and political changes show themselves through everyday life on the streets, life of the author’s friends and family. The short and intense visits leave dizzying, kaleidoscopical impression, which is reflected in the work.
More about the book and order link here: http://zooparkpublishing.com/Back-Home-by-Alexander-Bondar
Our FB event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/2694448017313172/

Zoopark Publishing Collective

Meet our three brand new publications! 🥁🥳🙌💥💫🎆🤩🎇🎊🎉🎁
"Akeji", "Solitaire" and "Zoopark #4. Berlin Dreamboard"

Zoopark Publishing Collective

Zoopark Publishing Collective

This past weekend we were super lucky to take part in Rolling Paper #3 : Salon de l'édition photo indépendante which took place at one of the most important photography exhibition space with a great photobook shop in Paris, Le BAL.
This event dedicated to independent photobook publishing exceed all our expectations. Perfectly organized, very respectful and attentive approach to the participants, very thoughtful system favoring small (or self-)publishers and giving them an opportunity to show and sell their work without painful table costs... Everything was thought out and taken care of: such little things like bottles of water for each participant, a coupon for a hot-dog upon arrival (some of the participants arrived from other cities and for some this was the rescue from hunger). Those who participated in similar fairs know that this level of care and thoughtfulness is very rare even for those fairs where you pay a lot for a table.
A small and accurate selection of publishers didn't scare the visitors off and all of them had a chance to go through all the publishers presented and even several times, without being overwhelmed and in a hurry.
On the opening day (Friday) there was a nice concert in the end. It was so good to exhale after work listening to relaxing sounds in meditative ambience.
The fair was placed in -1 floor and on the first floor the visitors could enjoy photography and photobooks exhibition, artist talks, presentations and lectures on the topic of photobooks, not mentioning the selection of books in the photobook shop.
Then on Saturday there was another little (but big in its importance) thing - a small "apero" organized specially for the participants where we could chill together after an intense work day, share our experiences and get to know each other better.
What's also really important - the crowd the organizers managed to gather in one place was just amazing! Such friendly, attentive, creative people (both participants and visitors) and very warm and inspiring atmosphere... During the last year we've participated in 12 fairs all around Europe and in Russia and we definitely have a competence to compare.
The members of the organizational team were always nearby, several times per day they came up to each of us and asked if everything goes well, they even found time to look though the book at ALL THE TABLES! And I know how much work it is to organize this kind of event...
After this event I feel strong, in demand and inspired to go on, as a person and a publisher. In short, I was feeling like a queen there and felt that I deserve that! 👑
On top of all that, we had good sales! And this is often a decisive moment in choosing to participate or not in a fair next time.
And we really hope to see Rolling Paper #4 next year!
I want to express the highest gratitude to Emilie Lauriola, Chloë and Nastassja and all the others for the initiative, organization and invitation! 🥰❤️💪 You did such a great and important job, seriously. Good luck with all you projects!
And thank you all the participants whom I met there, with whom I laughed a lot, shared experiences and drank wine :) You're the coolest!
PS: See some more photos from the event in out Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zooparkpublishing/

Zoopark Publishing Collective

Zoopark Publishing Collective

Yohoooo!! Our site was just updated and THREE new publications were added: "Zoopark #4" dedicated to Berlin, "Solitaire" by Alexander Bondar with communal flat still-lives and "Akeji" based on postcards found in a studio of a Japanese artist.
Have a closer look at them and let me know your opinion ;) http://zooparkpublishing.com/
If you're in Paris, you have a chance to touch them and even to buy them 😁 at Rolling Paper #3 : Salon de l'édition photo indépendante this weekend!

Zoopark Publishing Collective

Zoopark Publishing Collective

Oops, we did it again! :)
And we have to say that our second zine-making workshop turned out to be a blast! We really enjoyed its flow 🏄‍♀️🏄‍♂️
And we are grateful for that to all our participants for trusting us and sharing with us their ideas and creativity!
Very cool results, great team work! 🙌🤝👏👊🤘💪
We're already thinking of the extended 2-days photozine/photobook making workshop to dive deeper in all the steps of the process.

Ohhhh that summer was a blast! 😎🙌A short film shot and edited by Tatyana Palyga showing how good it was ;) A great sneak...
Film about Zoopark Studio / Berlin, June-August 2018

Ohhhh that summer was a blast! 😎🙌
A short film shot and edited by Tatyana Palyga showing how good it was ;) A great sneak peek into Zoopark Studio / Berlin atmosphere and a must watch especially if you missed that glorious epoch 😁🧐
Tag if you find yourself or your friends on this video
With Alexander Bondar Tatyana Palyga, Benjamin Pfau, Torsten Schumann, Andrey Kharitonov, Diana Karlssone, Marianna Prigozhina, Tanya Sharapova, Anastasia Sukhoroslova, Nikolai Ivanov, Eugenio Acrartep, Alexey Loginov, Ula Kahul, Colin Aherne, Alana Lake, Lizzy Short, Boris Schneider, Nuša Whoknowswho, Victoria Kravtsova, @BenYamamoto, Darwin, Ellie Dempsey, Beatrice Duncan, Bea Grundheber, Claudia Heidebluth, Yuri Leiderman, Sergey Medvedev, Melle, Sissel, Irina Kholodna, Eric Pawlitzky, Sergej Vutuc, Isotta Giulia Acquati Martani and many others.....

Film about Zoopark Studio / Berlin, an experimental art space / gallery / photobooks & zines & art print shop, organizing and hosting concerts / reading…

А great artist work&retreat residency on the French Riviera we would recommend to apply to :) Good luck!

А great artist work&retreat residency on the French Riviera we would recommend to apply to :) Good luck!

Dear friends! It’s time to announce our new open call for the next residency season of Cassis AIR: 2019-2020! Artists of all disciplines as well as art curators are welcome to come and work on their personal projects in our cosy house on the French Riviera, 5 minutes walk from the center of Cassis and 20 minutes walk from the Calanques National Park. Residency sessions: (each artist can choose up to 2 consecutive sessions) 14 November 2019 – 12 December 2019 (4 weeks) 12 December 2019 – 9 January 2020 (4 weeks) 9 January 2020 – 6 February 2020 (4 weeks) 8 March 2020 - 20 March 2020 (2 weeks) We have 4 rooms available, they can be shared. You can come with a partner and we host artist collectives too. Please, visit our website to read the requirements, conditions and accommodation fees: www.cassisair.com To apply download an application form from the website, fill it in and send it to [email protected] together with your portfolio by August 11th. The selected artists and those who are in waiting list will be notified by the end of August 2019. Looking forward to see your applications! Don’t forget to share this open call with your friends :) http://bit.ly/2RuiYz1




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Zoopark Studio

Zoopark [Prague - Berlin - Paris] is and Art & Design studio. A team of two Russian-born artists and photographers, Tatyana Palyga and Alexander Bondar, specializing in zine- and bookmaking, printmaking, graphic design and photography.

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Some places available for the workshop this weekend 30-31 January!
New Online Zine Making Workshops coming!
Zoopark celebrates 5 years! 🎂🎉
The new workshop is coming soon!