Tape Art Convention

Tape Art Convention Tape Art Convention is a joint exhibition of internationally renowned tape artists, showcasing the diversity of this increasingly influential urban art form.

TAC20 is a joint exhibition of internationally renowned tape artists, showcasing the diversity of this increasingly influential urban art form.


Tape Art Convention 2020


Tape Art is art with adhesive materials. The Tape Art Convention is the world's biggest international group show of tape artists from around the world.

Opening Hours

Tue-Sun 12.00-20:00
Monday closed: Booked Tours only | Booking requests: [email protected]

Entry: Pay what you want
02.05. 7pm | Opening Night

Art Gallery
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Neuzeit Ost – Modersohnstraße 49A, 10245 Berlin

Tape Art Convention

Tape Art Convention

Tape Art Convention's cover photo

Tape Art Convention's cover photo

Tape That

Check out the newest project of Tape That in Berlin. They have worked together with Xi-Design and combined a MASSIVE black and white room installation with the possibilities of augmented reality. With an app visitors can colorize the black and white world and draw their own artwork.

Visit our newest augmented reality Tape Art installation at the Schönhauser Allee 187, 10119 Berlin now.⠀
"re:imagine Street ARt" lets you explore how digital and analogue art connect and interact with artworks all around Berlin.
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Tape Art Convention

Tape Art Convention

Tape Art Convention's cover photo

Tape Art Convention's cover photo

Hört euch unseren Beitrag zur Tape Art Convention bei radioeins an!Listen to our radiospot about the Tape Art Convention...
Audio "Tape Art Convention 2018" - Die radioeins Dachlounge

Hört euch unseren Beitrag zur Tape Art Convention bei radioeins an!

Listen to our radiospot about the Tape Art Convention at radioeins! – There is some english in there ;)

- with Tapigami

Man nehme mehrere Rollen farbiges Klebeband, suche sich eine Fläche, entwickle eine Idee - und los geht's mit der kunstvollen Kleberei!

TAPE-ARTIST OF THE DAY: YGREK 1-------------------------------------------Since the late 90‘s, YGREK has gradually conqu...

Since the late 90‘s, YGREK has gradually conquered the Geneva urbanscape as a graffiti writer, turning walls into canvas for his typographic art. After earning a Master‘s degree in space design, eager to challenge the eye and the mind, his passion for fonts and graffiti broadened into pixel styled lettering and optical effects, using tape or thread on public mesh fences. Nothing stands in the way of YGREK‘s curiosity as he keeps exploring further past ordinary limits. Dull metal grids become ephemeral screens, playfully revealing contrast and depth, to the attentive bystander. A casual jump over the wall and into a legal loophole, his spontaneous fancy signatures can be spotted in various cities throughout the world, from Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Milan, Lisbon, Lyon, Zurich… to the Canary Islands, Montreal and Quebec City.

TAPE-ARTIST OF THE DAY: t.w.five ------------------------------------------“T.W.FIVE” a mixed international artist colla...

“T.W.FIVE” a mixed international artist collaboration duo residing in San Francisco. As a pair, we explore our opposite culture and turn our ideas and thoughts into massive sizes vinyl installations.
The adhesive-backed vinyl comes in big rolls that we carefully hand-cut and placed onto boards or directly onto windows, walls, ceilings and floors. t.w.five’s work often investigates the experience of culture shock and the impact of technology and the idea of a diverse society, with a focus on inclusion/exclusion, including such themes as alienation and also notions of togetherness. Our goals are to be accessible to a broad audience and to open up communication between art viewers everywhere. We are not seeking to create confusion about what the viewers are seeing; instead, we want to connect with their viewers by making art that they can understand.

TAPE-ARTIST OF THE DAY: Tapigami--------------------------------------------The art of applying imagination to tape! TAP...

The art of applying imagination to tape! TAPIGAMI is an art form that can effortlessly jump from fine art installation to hands-on creative workshops for adults and children. At its core, TAPIGAMI is the art of applying imagination to rolls of tape. Social interaction and creativity fuels TAPIGAMI and the medium of tape allows the artist to create sculptures anywhere they go. Armed with a pair of scissors, tape, and imagination a TAPIGAMI
enthusiast can quickly turn a stranger into a friend, create gifts for loved ones and express themselves through a tape creation. Danny Scheible, the creator of TAPIGAMI, believes art is better shared and touched than just seen, which is why TAPIGAMI’s motto is “Touch the Art!”

TAPE-ARTIST OF THE DAY: Taped metal canvas----------------------------------------------------My journey as a tape artis...

TAPE-ARTIST OF THE DAY: Taped metal canvas
My journey as a tape artist began in San Francisco. As a city native, I was introduced to a diverse array of art forms and entered the graffiti scene at a young age during the mid-1990s. I was immediately drawn to the range of colors, shades, and shapes made with spray paint.
As I grew older, my fascination with street art transferred onto tape, stickers, and anything adhesive. I experimented with tape art on a variety of surfaces, but more seriously after entering the metal industry. In 2009, I discovered the ultimate canvas- galvanized steel. Its ability to maintain the integrity of tape became the foundation for my style. Reflective tape is my secret ingredient, adding depth and dimension under different levels of lighting. When I create a new piece, I allow it to evolve on its own. The methods and materials I use to carve, weave, and layer tape transform it into balanced, symmetrical, and often abstract artwork. This unique combination birthed the name I came to use to encompass my artwork: Taped Metal Canvas.

TAPE-ARTIST OF THE DAY: Tape That------------------------------------------------We are a collective of six artists and ...

We are a collective of six artists and formed TAPE THAT in 2011. Inspired by the possibility to create something new out of an everyday object, we mostly works with adhesive tape as a medium. With roots in the urban art movement, our works range from complex and colorful tape and light installations to minimalist black and white murals. These tape artworks can be found in a variety of places, such as underground nightclubs, abandoned buildings, showrooms and galleries. While focused on Berlin, the collective is active in many other cities, nationally and internationally, with recent and ongoing projects in the Bulgaria (Sofia), Cambodia (Phnom Penh, Battambang), Egypt (Cairo, Minya), Namibia (Windhoek), Peru (Lima), Qatar (Doha), Saudi Arabia (Riyadh), Spain (Palma de Mallorca), the UK (London) and the USA (Los Angeles).

TAPE-ARTIST OF THE DAY: Tape Art New Zealand-----------------------------------------------------------Creative team Eri...

TAPE-ARTIST OF THE DAY: Tape Art New Zealand
Creative team Erica Duthie & Struan Ashby are ephemeral public artists and forerunners of the vibrant field of tape art. They have built their career on their ability to temporarily transform large architectural spaces with short-lived, whimsical narratives punctuated by portraits of passers-by. Their blue silhouette styled tape murals with expressive hand ripped tape lines often mix social history and live improvisational drawing. Struan and Erica’s compelling drawing performances have been showcased at many international festivals and special events over the past two decades (Dubai Canvas, World Buskers Festival, Womad, Disney World). Their tape drawn murals include physically ambitious multi-day projects that re-imagine art museum frontages; experimental collaborations – like their Taguraumer/Daydreamer project with poet Kate Camp for the Frankfurt Book Fair; and residencies in communities and healing environments.

More recently Erica & Struan have been evolving their art form at a pace – making vibrant street labyrinths and installations that weave tape drawing, colourful window elements, animated projections and audio components. Amidst the changes of approach these two maintain a strong interest in figurative narrative based mural projects.

As educators they share a wealth of experience facilitating workshops and collaborative public murals enabling artists to explore tape as a medium and working in the public realm.


In our Tape Art workshops we teach you how to create your own tape artwork. We are looking forward to see you at Tape Art Convention Workshop: Create your own Tape Artwork

The first week is over!! But don't worry the exhibition is still open until July 28th.THANK YOU to everyone who came by ...

The first week is over!!
But don't worry the exhibition is still open until July 28th.

THANK YOU to everyone who came by and for the lively interest!
We are looking forward to welcome more visitors. :)

You still have the chance to sign up for one of our workshops, in wich we teach you, to create your very own Tape Artwork!!

Also a big THANK YOU to all the artists, participating in the #TAC18 some of whom came all the way from the USA to be part of the Tape Art Convention.

Benjamin Murphy Carlo Galli @Christian Winkelmann @Evi Kupfer Felix Rodewaldt Fabifa Jay Walker Joshua Lee Klebebande Berlin Lamia Michna MR GALLE Mark Khaisman Max Zorn Slava Ostap Bender Tape That @tapedmetal canvas Tapigami Tape Art New Zealand t.w.five YGREK 1

TAPE-ARTIST OF THE DAY: Slava Ostap Bender-------------------------------------------------My name is Slava „Ostap“ Osin...

TAPE-ARTIST OF THE DAY: Slava Ostap Bender
My name is Slava „Ostap“ Osinski and I am an artist that is in love with urban art. I was born and raised in USSR, where I studied Architecture. In 1995 I moved in Germany. Since 2003 I’m living in Berlin. Here I started my way in street and tape art. I was the resident artist at Urban Spree Gallery Berlin from 2012 till 2014.

It is in Berlin where I discovered tape art six years ago. Since then I mostly work using this technique, but sometimes also mix it with other forms of art like classic street art, creating new ways of expressing oneself. I’ve been involved in different projects as a tape-artist since then. In 2015 I founded Berlin-based artist’s collective SELFMADECREW. Since then our works have been parts of various projects and exhibitions. We’ve been also doing tape art workshops, eager to spread this art widely and help others to open their creativity and ind themselves in it.

TAPE-ARTIST OF THE DAY: MR GALLE-------------------------------------------------MR GALLE, Anfang der 90er geboren und a...

MR GALLE, Anfang der 90er geboren und aufgewachsen in Berlin-Spandau, sammelte seine ersten künstlerischen Erfahrungen im Waldorfkindergarten und schon damals musste man ihm die Wachsmaler förmlich aus der Hand reißen, um ihn zum Mittagsschlaf zu zwingen.

Die Eurythmie mit den tanzenden Buchstaben und der Mathematikunterricht waren wegweisend für seine heutigen Arbeiten, in denen er sich inhaltlich sich zwischen grafisch, abstrakten Geometrien, Typografie, Graffiti und detaillierten surrealen Illustrationen bewegt. Sein Stil ist meist sehr komplex und zeigt sein ständiges Suchen und Erforschen neuer Darstellungsformen. Inspirieren lässt er sich von allem, was ihn umgibt: Strukturen, Architektur, Buchstaben, die Natur und die Musik. Mit seiner Crew ist er national und auch international aktiv, wobei das erste Tape Art Piece auf dem Mond auch schon in Planung ist…

TAPE-ARTIST OF THE DAY: Joshua Lee-----------------------------------------------Joshua Lee started his creative journey...


Joshua Lee started his creative journey in the Berlin graffiti scene at the age of 13.

Early 2010 he started working with tape as his weapon of choice and has been immersed in the material ever since.

He is blending the line between material and convention. Lately mixing more typographical and calligraphy elements into his mostly geometrical work. His style can be discribed as versatile, accurate and messy if needed. Playing with perspective to create a world of his own.

TAPE-ARTIST OF THE DAY: Max Zorn--------------------------------------------With a surgeon’s scalpel for a brush, Max Zo...

With a surgeon’s scalpel for a brush, Max Zorn is an artist who uses ordinary brown packing tape as his medium and a scalpel as a brush. Rising to fame in 2011 as an urban artist because of his exclusive use of tape art on street lamps, Zorn’s work dotted the streets of many European capitals like London, Madrid, Lisbon, and Berlin. In an impressively short timeline, Zorn continued to evolved his ‘tape art’ into solo exhibitions, with an international resume spanning innovative projects from Art Basel in Hong Kong and Miami to downtown Bangkok and Dubai.

Currently based in Amsterdam, Zorn has become established for his freehand craftwork and the vividness of his sepia toned creations. His ability to shape layers upon layers of tape on acrylic glass that, when illuminated from behind reveal contrasts and warmth, is simply unique. With his unmistakable way to compose cinematic settings, Zorn pulls the spectator into his motifs and encourages his audience to continue his story.

TAPE-ARTIST OF THE DAY: Mark Khaisman------------------------------------------Mark Khaisman’s representational works ar...

Mark Khaisman’s representational works are rendered from carefully layered strips of translucent packing tape applied to backlit acrylic glass. The artist is mixing materials produced by technological society with themes derived from the media.
His works are categorized into several archetypal groups: fragmented Hollywood rags, film noir stills, iconic objects of prestige from art history and from pop culture. The artist uses commercial tape as a wide brush, with the light offering shadow and depth to create a recognizable resemblance. Subjects broken into grids, pixels, and layers appear in a state of fragmentary fuzziness, appropriate to their origin in our shared collective memory.
Made of a familiar material formed into a familiar image, Khaisman asks the viewer to recognize and complete the work, stimulating both memory and interpretation in the process. Mark Khaisman studied art and architecture at the Moscow Architectural Institute. He worked for several decades in architecture, animation, and stained glass design. He began exhibiting his tape works in 2004 and has since gained recognition in the United States and around the world.

TAPE-ARTIST OF THE DAY: Lamia Michna------------------------------------------"During my diploma I experimented a lot wi...

"During my diploma I experimented a lot with materials and fell in love with tape. I started my own tape-art projects and experienced a flowing transition to self-employment. Owing to a large network of musicians and event managers I could present my art to the public and use the city’s vibrant electro clubs as creative playground. This led the way to incredibly interesting and inspiring experiences as well as the constant exchange and collaboration with other artists.

Through personal recommendations I was hired for my very first commercial job for Mercedes-Benz in 2012. I felt the high potential of this art form and focused all my energy on tape art. Now the only way imaginable for me is to work independently on self-determined projects. Flexibility and freedom enabled successful and fascinating project offers around the globe. An incredible and overwhelming stream of opportunities has opened up in the past years, giving me the chance to creatively work in previous unimagined environments such as film sets, festivals, scenography, music videos, light installations and many more."

TAPE-ARTISTS OF THE DAY: Klebebande Berlin------------------------------------------------Klebebande Berlin is a tape ar...

TAPE-ARTISTS OF THE DAY: Klebebande Berlin
Klebebande Berlin is a tape art collective of Bruno „BeezeBoe“ Kolberg, Bodo Höbing and Nikolaj „NkoBu“ Bultmann. Together they have been operating since 2010 to create new and innovative art installations such as murals, interior design concepts and art events all around the world. Their motives are often influenced by urban structures and geometrical forms which stay in contrast with organic formations of nature and animals.Working with tape means for them to discover new dimensions, to develop new techniques and to expand into completely different zones of creation:

„…the most important thing though is that we are following our artistic passion – Tape is the new Paint for

Influenced by the people and places they visit, the Klebebande creates installations that can be either abstract or figurative. They transform their surrounding in original ways, to create new images that can excite your imagination. Using different materials in their work they even occasionally invade the world of performance and stage design. By utilizing their own special techniques the Klebebande collective succeeded in creating something truly special. Combining masking tape, different folios, spray paint and other techniques like video projection which shows their unique work.


It's going down!
Mark the 7th of July red!


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07.07.2018 rot markieren!

TAPE-ARTIST OF THE DAY: Jay Walker---------------------------------------"My work deals with tandem obsessions: material...

"My work deals with tandem obsessions: materials and mystery.

As a child, my mother would give me a number of random objects and challenge me to create something from them. I challenge myself by taking what is in front of me and making it into something interesting: worm-eaten wood, vibrant colored tape, or the curation of other artists’ work.

I’m aware that I don’t understand reality. I like to observe patterns as they develop, but also when they break down. I love strategy and tactics and am fascinated when they fail.

Create a rule.
Break a rule.
Create a new rule opposing the original rule.

Then, there are the archetypes. I am told that art is cultural, a form of subjectivity based on experience and figures with which the ages are pre-occupied.

Who are these figures?
Why do they exist?
What do they embody?
These are questions I explore."


Modersohnstraße 49A


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