Wednesday Addams Wednesdays

Wednesday Addams Wednesdays Currently Defunct....again... Please contact us if you're interested in a resurrecting a Horrorable evening!! Currently Defunct. Will Post new info.

if/when there are new events at a new location.

Wie gewohnt öffnen


CANCELED - Wednesday Addams Wednesday - CANCELED Tomorrow!! Do NOT go to Toast Hawaii. Sorry for the late notice!


I'm sorry to announce that Wednesday Addams Wednesday has been CANCELLED by the Owners at Toast Hawaii. After only 3 events we have been shut down due to one of the Horror Films being “Too Disgusting. "One of the owners also said that "There was not enough interest in the event to keep it going." Perhaps that's because they didn't print flyers until after the first event was already over!! Giving us only two weeks to flyer and promote the event before cancelling it!! Also, it clearly states on the Flyer(that the owners had printed) "Disgusting Horror Movies" and "Terrible Music" What did they expect!? You can’t cancel an event for the same reason you started it!! We at W.A.W. are horrified by lack of Integrity shown by the Owners at Toast Hawaii. I should mention that one of the owners, Chris, was very supportive, helpful and friendly. We thank him for his time, help and always doing his best to make the sound and visuals the best they could be. Until we are resurrected once more, we at W.A.W. would like to Thank You for coming and enjoying our Terrible Music and Disgusting Horror Films!!!


People seem to like our kind of hell. K*m Sea 4 You-self!! This Wednesday at Wednesday Addams Wednesdays this moth at Toast Hawaii - Berlin


We may have a new Berlin location for the month of October for Wednesday Addam's Wednesdays!! Details cu***ng soon


Looking for a New Venue to DJ some great Punk, Deathrock, Goth, Industrial, SoCal Punk, Rock & Roll, here in Berlin. Anyone know of a killer spot? Any info is greatly appreciated!!


Stay in your caves! Unfortunately the event tonight has been cancelled!


Hell-O World of Sleaze! Tonight is the night!!!
Wednesday Addams Wednesday @ Chelsea Bar, Berlin
Hells Gates open at Midnight so be there and char your sickening souls, with the best Punk, Deathrock, Metal, Goth and Rarities splattered for your l***y listening pleasure!!

Free Entrance!!
Cheap Drinks!!
Killer Bartenders!!
Psycho Soundz!!




19:00 - 02:00




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