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Thanks to everyone who has liked Kühlspot Social Club--looking forward to the many shows that lie ahead and especially want to encourage the musicians, poets and performers among you (and audiences!) to participate in the upcoming Haus in Flammen Jams for the one 20 Dezember, next week.



On Saturday, 22 June, I will perform with the following quartet at the Kühlspot Social Club:

Frank Paul Schubert – soprano saxophone
Kriton Beyer – harmonium, objects
Klaus Kürvers – double bass
Maurizio Ravalico – percussion

Venue: Kühlspot Social Club
Address: Lehderstraße 74-79
13086 Berlin-Weißensee
Stop: Prenzlauer Allee / Ostseestraße
Tram: M2 or M13 // Bus: 156 or 158
Free parking available on the street

Doors: 20:00
Music: 20:30
Entrance: 10 EUR
Reduced: 7 EUR



On Tuesday, 25 June, I will play with the following quartet at the Kühlspot Social Club:

Kriton Beyer – daxophone
Kalle Kalima – guitar
Andrew Lafkas – double bass
Willi Kellers – percussion

This event is part of the Jazzwoche #1 and kindly supported by the IG Jazz Berlin.

Venue: Kühlspot Social Club
Address: Lehderstraße 74-79
13086 Berlin-Weißensee
Stop: Prenzlauer Allee / Ostseestraße
Tram: M2 or M13 // Bus: 156 or 158
Free parking available on the street

Doors: 20:00
Music: 20:30
Entrance: 10 EUR
Reduced: 7 EUR

Untitled album

Untitled album

EIEO--Easter Island Ecstatic Orchestra

EIEO--Easter Island Ecstatic Orchestra


Das Zuhause für Kunst und Musik in Berlin, Weissensee--the home for art and music in Berlin Weissensse, with Tango, improvised music for dancing and improvisation concerts every week--all with live music, plus art exhibitions and space rental for your own events.


74-79 Lehderstrasse


Lassen Sie sich von uns eine E-Mail senden und seien Sie der erste der Neuigkeiten und Aktionen von Kühlspot Social Club erfährt. Ihre E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht für andere Zwecke verwendet und Sie können sich jederzeit abmelden.

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tonight Kühlspot Social Club
I'm playing the first set with wonderful pianist Isabel Anders
the first set.
Looking forward,
also to the following sets and artists!
Excited to play again with the Hunter Underwater cello quartet tomorrow at Kühlspot Social Club
See you there! ; )
the Hunters are back!

>27.04 Kühlspot Social Club
After a long break caused by a well known virus, SORBD is happy to be back! Thanks Jazzkeller 69 e.V. and Kühlspot Social Club for having us!
Edith Steyer(reeds), Mia Dyberg (reeds), Rieko Okuda (piano), Isi Rö (double bass)Sofia Borges (drums & percussion)
Tonight in Berlin at Kühlspot Social Club
Wir freuen uns auf das Meretrio Konzert morgen!!
Reinterpreting/adapting/morphing the traditional shadow theater "Karagöz" on February 5, 2022 at Kühlspot Social Club with Kriton Beyer and Nicolas Wiese

̈z ̈z
Dark Eye, an audiovisual performance conceptualized by Kriton Beyer, Nicolas Wiese and Korhan Erel based on the Anatolian shadow theater tradition of Karagöz and Hacivat, on February 5th, 2022 at Kühlspot Social Club.

Kindly supported by Initiative Neue Music Berlin
Happy new year and I wish us a beautiful 2022!

The last two years were not easy but we kept making music with Meretrio and had the pleasure to release three new albums!

We will be back on tour in Europe from Feb to May to perform this music live and would love to share the news with you.

Here you find all our dates and we will be glad to meet you around!

All the best from Luis Oliveira (), Gustavo Boni () and me (, 😉

Thank you to all clubs, festivals and Land Steiermark for the support!

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A moment from Toms Rudzinskis Quartet show with these cats Tarek Yamani, Igor Spallati and Marc Michel. Was such a pleasure to play and hang, and test out some new compositions I've veen working on lately for the Acoustic setup. Love playing with these guys, love the energy and interaction every time! Defenitely looking forward to recording this material with these guys in the near future..!

As some of you have asked are there longer versions of these live videos, you can go and check out the full "Blue Velvet" outro on my YouTube – here ! Be sure to leave a like and a comment.. so I know you'd like to see more of these longer live versions!

Big Thanks to Kühlspot Social Club for hosting and Jazz am Helmholtzplatz e.V. series for introducing me to this venue. Here we're playing with Siegfried Kühl's art around us 🎨

🎷 Henri SELMER Paris Saxophones Gottsu Co.,Ltd. RIGOTTI Gold Reeds ReedGeek/ReedGeek, Inc.

Thank you to all who came out for the show! 🥳

Loved trying out few of my new tunes and playing with Tarek Yamani Igor Spallati and Marc Michel – looking forward to playing with the guys soon again, always fun, always great energy and sound! 🔥Will have to share some videos soon!

Go and see a show at Kühlspot Social Club , check out the Jazz am Helmholtzplatz e.V. series – support the local venue and it's organisers!

And keeping up with the tradition, here's a photo with Kühlspot Social Club's director Christoph Kühl with late Siegfried Kühl's art around us 🎨

Here's to the weekend!

Tomorrow Toms Rudzinskis Acoustic Quartet at Social Club 🔥

Looking forward to playing with these cats Tarek Yamani , Igor Spallati and Marc Michel tomorrow, Thursday 11.11., at Kühlspot Social Club !

Come out!!
Blast form the past and a big invite to come out TOMORROWToms Rudzinskis Acoustic Quartet at Social Club at Kühlspot Social Club with same amazing Tarek Yamani on piano and Igor Spallati on bass, March Michel on drums!

This one is a tune called Blue Velvet that I've also adapted for my quintet ABYSS for the next album! 🎷Performed here with musicians I love to play and interact with –Tom Berkmann, Fabian Rösch and Tarek Yamani at the B-Flat-Berlin. This was such a smashing night! 💥

See you tomorrow!

🎷 Henri SELMER Paris Saxophones Gottsu Co.,Ltd. RIGOTTI Gold Reeds ReedGeek

Back to BERLIN! 👨‍🚀

What an amazing 12 days in ! Couldn't be more happy for all the music played, people met, students and teachers 🙌 Playing with and Nordkraft Big Band and then every night with Kenneth Dahl Knudsen - Bassist/Composer all over the town with such great musicians and friends that I almost did not return 😂

BUT! Here I am, back in BERLIN 🐻 and can't wait to see you all live! I'm playing this Friday at Café Tasso - Das andere Antiquariat with Ramiro Olaciregui – a long overdue duet, followed by NEW MUSIC with my acoustic quartet at Kühlspot Social Club next Thursday 11.11.! Come out!!

5.11. Konzert: Rudzinskis/Olaciregui Jazz Duo
11.11. Toms Rudzinskis Acoustic Quartet at Social Club

Once again, a big thanks to all you beautiful people of Aalborg 🇩🇰 , Kenneth Dahl Knudsen - Bassist/Composer and JAZZ9TUS team Lukas Bjørn for organising. I'm sure I'll be back soon again!



October 15Kühlspot Social Club

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