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Galerie 5th people project - Berlin Galerie 5th People Project -Berlin Galerie 5th people project is a contemporary art project space in the district of Wedding, Berlin. Featuring a collective work of visual arts including installation, video and performing arts from an international group of both established and emerging artists.

The space is created by Japanese born artist, Yasuko Fujioka from New York City. It is divided into 2 components, the White Room and the Red Room, which symbolize the Japanese national flag and the philosophy of art in 静 “sei” (silence) and 動 “dou” (motion). In general, the White Room primary features paintings, photography and sculptures while the Red Room invites visitors to experience performances, video and multimedia installation arts. These two spaces interact as one project based on specified subject. and
Yes, we are open after 5!

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Saturday Night Live Music from New York!!!

The Zabalas
Saturday, 16th (yes, TODAY) 7-10 PM
free entrance


Malplaquetstr. 28


Montag 08:00 - 09:00


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