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Filmkunstbar Fitzcarraldo CELEBRATE YOUR BIRTHDAY PARTY IN OUR BAR/CLUB! Bar & DVD Rental Store for Arthouse, Indie, World Cinema, Classics (...). Our Online Catalogue:

CELEBRATE YOUR BIRTHDAY at Filmkunstbar Fitzcarraldo. Contact: [email protected] or: facebook message Willkommen! ... und schön, dass Du vorbeischaust in der Filmkunstbar Fitzcarraldo! Aber velleicht kennen wir uns auch schon? Früher waren wir die alte Filmkunst-Videothek in Friedrichshain. Nach einem Zwischenspiel im "Roderich" in der Glogauer Str. findet man uns nun in Kreuzberg in der Reichenberger Str. 133 wieder, nun erweitert um eine Bar im dekadenten Stil, wo vor Oscar-Wilde-Tapete ein alter Wolpertinger über das Geschehen wacht. Was erwartet Dich bei uns? Zunächst einmal eine gutsortierte, bestens ausgestattete Programm- und Off-Videothek mit Filmen aus aller Welt, allen Genres und allen Zeiten. Wir selbst nennen das "Cinethek" - ihr sucht gutes asiatisches Kino, französische Dramen, klassisches Hollywood, künstlerisch ambitioniertes Avantgarde-Kino, wilde Gruselstreifen, interessante Dokumentarfilme oder einfach nur das, was ihr vor wenigen Monaten beim Programmkino um die Ecke verpasst habt? Kein Problem, haben wir alles da - und wenn ihr so gar nicht weiter wisst, hilft Euch unser Personal. Wer zuhause nach Tips stöbern will, schaut zum Beispiel auf unserer Webpage nach, wo wir alle Tips, Hinweise und YouTube-Videos posten, die Euch vielleicht Appetit auf mehr machen. Außerdem findet Ihr hier in der Spalte zum Stöbern (Featured Movies) komfortabel zusammengestellte links zu Filmen, die unserem Personal ganz besonders ans Herz gewachsen sind sowie unser gesamtes DVD Sortiment. Alles, was neu in den Laden kommt, findet ihr immer hier. Dann sind wir aber auch eine Bar im alten Stil. Dekadent im Ambiente, bodenständig in der Auswahl: Unkompliziert und entspannt statt fancy und nervös, wirklich vintage statt teuer nachgekauft. Nachmittags könnt Ihr locker zum Kaffee abhängen. Abends kann es schon mal etwas voller werden, ganz im alten Kreuzberger Stil. Und warum Fitzcarraldo? Weil wir einfach ein Herz für größenwahnsinnige Visionen haben. Wir hoffen, Ihr auch! Jedenfalls, wir sehen uns, Eure "Fitzcarraldos" (verfasst von Thomas Groh)

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Film List Thriller Northern Europe The Italian thriller has the Mafia, t...
Thriller Skandinavien | Cinegeek

Film List Thriller Northern Europe The Italian thriller has the Mafia, the British one is about agents, and the French one is in the tradition of film noir. Is there such a thing as a Scandinavian thriller? Nordic murders could be an association, resulting from the Scandinavian crime literature that so often makes it to the screen: Wallander or Martin Beck. From the North come refined thrillers that, in the case of the Millennium trilogy of Infatuation, Damnation and Forgiveness, far exceed expectations of a cultivated evening of crime fiction as a cruelly existentialist trip. The big cities are not crime scenes, but the sparsely populated, gloomy landscapes, lonely forest lakes and cut-off islands. The land and nature are stylistic in the tradition of elegiac sagas. The mysterious pond that casts a black spell on nearby inhabitants to drown themselves (The Pond of the Dead), that is the Nordic crime novel

Der italienische Thriller hat die Mafia, der britische steht für Agenten und der französische in der Tradition des Film Noir. Gibt es so etwas wie einen skandinavischen Thriller? Nordische Morde könnte eine Assoziation sein, resultierend aus der skandinavischen Krimi Literatur, die es so oft auf ...

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FREE ON CINEGEEK.DE Los Debutantes As a Kreuzberg video store owner, I naturally have a lot of contact with filmmakers who are trying their luck without a budget. You are all advised to check out Los Debutantes, which has gained a loyal following at our store over the years. Los Debutantes shows many qualities of a production that is very sparsely equipped: a film noir - because traditionally the representatives of the black series belong to the category of B-movies - with a polished script. When Los Debutantes hit theaters, Tarantino-mania was in full swing; everyone was eager to invent a convoluted script and lead us viewers by the nose. Debutant Andres Waissbluth takes Akira-Kurosawa as a model and tells his thriller in three perspectives. At the center are two brothers, just arrived in Santiago and penniless. They find themselves in the haze of a strip club, where the older finds a job. Here dances the beautiful Gracia (Antonella Rios); a femme fatale who is to cast a spell on both brothers. Where will the journey take them? What can the three social losers expect? Los Debutantes tells this love triangle story with sparse means and a lot of speed. The eye-catcher: the manipulative Gracia as the center of the unfolding carnage. P.S. While the film accuses Gracia's gangster boss of feasting on Gracia's body, one must make the same accusation against the film of having Antonella Rios perform a dance before our eyes only smeared with cream. Los Debutantes, however, gains depth when we learn things that the characters themselves are too busy to notice. Is the wicked Gracia herself a trapped innocent; a desperate mother? It's telling that the characters never ask themselves such questions, let alone care about the answers. It's a tough world, neo-capitalist Chile!

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Film List Sundance Festival inc. FREE STREAMS The largest film festival for independently produced film in Park City (Utah) has become something like the seismograph of the film industry. Already in 1978 the festival was a podium, especially to attract more filmmakers to Utah. In 1981, Robert Redford saved the festival from remaining a marginal existence by becoming chairman of the board. It takes its name from Robert Redford's role as the Sundance Kid. The list of famous directors who celebrated their breakthrough in Sundance reads like a who's who of modern American film: Quentin Tarantino, Jim Jarmusch, the Coen Brothers, Robert Rodriguez or Kevin Smith. After the decline of New Hollywood and the resurgence of US cinema in the blockbuster, Sundance took on the function of continuing the demanding American film. Since the big studios no longer relied on authors after the debacle of Heaven´s gate, the small independent distributors positioned themselves. Eventually something like a type of "Sundance film" established itself, which can be attributed the attributes Coming of Age, Province, Suburb, Drugs and Poverty. But in Sundance also movies for the public like Little Miss Sunshine were born. The success of Beasts of the Southern Wild 2012, which was traded as an Oscar candidate, proves how much the American film industry still looks to Utah.

Das grösste Filmfestival für den unabhängig produzierten Film in Park City (Utah) ist so etwas wie der Seismograph der Filmindustrie geworden. Bereits 1978 war das Festival ein Podium, vor allem, um mehr Filmemacher nach Utah zu ziehen. 1981 bewahrte Robert Redford das Festival davor, eine Randex...

FREE ON YOUTUBE Gesichter - Faces (1968) (Rating 8,8) DVD 9975 and 5097 | Cinegeek

FREE ON CINEGEEK.DE tHE BEST MOVIES IN OUR VIDEO STORE! John Cassavetes - Faces Faces by John Cassavetes is one of those movies you start a video store because of: To grab people and shout "Here, you watch this one today, it's that great!". After all, in Corona Lockdown in particular, we're inundated with all the crap on netflix and amazon that such a triumphant film is absolutely needed! Because no one lives like they do in the movies that run 24/7 on netflix. Nor does anyone we know. What Cassavetes has made is therefore only all the more astonishing: Faces is tender and honest and uncompromising - a film that examines how we really live. The main characters are middle-aged, middle-class and quite ordinary. In fact, they possess everything they desire. Except love and fulfillment, perhaps. They have become consumers in the cruelest sense. Their essence is that of an economic being who earns money and spends it again. Beings with meaningless existence. They do nothing, create nothing, they only use. Thus stranded, with no possibility of escape. In a long night, when the marriage reaches its breaking point, there are only two possibilities of escape: alcohol or adultery. Because, unfortunately, our life does not offer too many other possibilities, or does it? It all starts with the man (John Marley), a manager, successful, stopping at a whore. The prostitute (Gena Rowlands) and her roommate are already entertaining two clients and so it comes to a meeting full of dirty jokes doused with lots of alcohol. The man goes home to his wife (Lynn Carlin). They sit at the dinner table and talk about sex and we notice that they are terribly "sophisticated". In truth, however, they are rather frightened and uptight. In an alcoholic breakdown, the man announces that he wants a divorce. He makes a phone call to the whore. He will visit her again, while his wife goes off with three friends.... This could all seem very maudlin, but Cassavetes film never reaches that level. Faces is at no point cheesy. This is mainly thanks to the great Gena Rowlands, who plays her prostitute with so much human compassion that I wanted to see Faces again right away - and give the DVD to everyone else as well! P.S. For a long time, the film was out of print in our country, so Henry Hopper, Dennis Hopper's son, rented it and never brought it back. One of my favorite anecdotes and after all one of our most prominent reminder customers.

FREE ON YOUTUBE (DU FINDEST DEN GANZEN FILM FREI AUF YOUTUBE) THE BEST MOVIES IN OUR VIDEO STORE! Faces von John Cassavetes ist einer dieser Filme, wegen denen man eine Videothek gründet: Um die Leute zu packen und zu rufen "Hier, den siehst du dir heute an, so toll ist der!". Immerhin werden wir i...

FREE ON YOUTUBE Forrest Gump (1994) (Rating 9,0) DVD2755 | Cinegeek

FREE ON CINEGEEK.DE THE BEST MOVIES IN OUR VIDEO STORE! Forrest Gump I have never met anyone like Forrest Gump in any other movie, ever before or since. Consequently, I have never seen another movie like Forrest Gump! To describe this classic by Robert Zemeckis even runs the risk of making it seem more conventional than it actually is. An attempt at description would have to start like this: Is Forrest Gump a comedy? Or a drama? Perhaps a dream. The script is reminiscent of modern fiction in its complexity. It never works with the formulas of modern films. At the center is Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks), a decent man with an IQ of 75, who somehow manages to be involved in every event in American history from the 1950s to the 1980s. And he survives it all thanks to his niceness and honesty. Fortunately, however, Forrest Gump does not present a heartwarming story about a mentally retarded person. That would be an overly hackneyed Hollywood formula and far too limiting for Forrest Gump. Rather, the film functions as a meditation on our times through the perspective of a man who lacks any cynicism and accepts things as they are. Can anyone imagine anyone other than Tom Hanks in the role? I don't think so. Hanks makes Gump a dignified and straightforward human being, and seemingly along the way, he walks a unique tightrope between comedy and sadness. It's a story rich in laughs, but also in truth. Forrest is the son of an Alabama boarding house operator (Sally Field). She tries to correct his attitude, gives him a corset. His mind, however, she never criticizes! He is not stupid! Rather, Forrest proves incapable of anything less profound. Eventually, the corset just falls off Forrest and he can run like hell. Because of this, he gets a college football scholarship and Forrest becomes a football hero. It's not supposed to stop there. He gets a Medal of Honor in Vietnam and advances to ping pong champion. Forrest becomes a shareholder in this new fruit company that makes computers with an apple. And he runs across America. Now, you might assume that Forrest, with his IQ of 75, doesn't really understand what's going on. But that would be a mistake. He understands everything he needs to understand. Forrest also knows what love means, although his great love has been telling him since elementary school, "Forrest, you don't know what love is." By this time, however, she is already working as a stripper. The tour through recent American history is simply brilliant! In this sense, Robert Zemeckis has created the very first blockbuster for adults. Forrest teaches Elvis how to swing his hips and he visits the White House three times. He speaks at a peace rally against the Vietnam War and even gets a recommendation from Nixon: the Watergate. His grade school sweetheart Jenny (Robin Wright) also takes a tour, but one into counterculture. Jenny goes to California as a dropout, takes psychedelic drugs, and at some point we realize that Forrest and Jenny have been through all the stages of recent cultural history. Counter-cultural, of course, and when they find each other at the end, it's like a reconciliation for the American people. What a magical - and today in 2021 - timeless film!

FREE ON YOUTUBE (DU FINDEST DEN GANZEN FILM FREI AUF YOUTUBE 7.2.21) THE BEST MOVIES IN OUR VIDEO STORE! Jemanden wie Forrest Gump habe ich in keinem anderen Film, jemals zuvor oder danach, je getroffen. Demzufolge habe ich auch nie wieder einen Film wie Forrest Gump gesehen! Diesen Klassiker von Ro...

Film List New Hollywood Thriller I can well imagine how the audience mu...
New Hollywood Thriller | Cinegeek

Film List New Hollywood Thriller I can well imagine how the audience must have felt in 1967 when they saw Arthur Penn's Bonnie And Clyde on the screen: This "first modern American film" had the effect of a punch right in the face! Never before had anything like it been seen! In tone and freedom, Bonnie And Clyde descended from the French Nouvelle Vague - especially early Truffaut. And much like the French models, it sparked a worldwide fashion boom (Warren Beauty's beret and Faye Dunaway's skirt), plus the soundtrack by Flatt and Scruggs). At the center; a violent character with sexual problems. None of the main actors were known before, all became stars. The idiosyncratic camera and editing techniques triggered a flood of imitators, all wanting to look just as French Impressionist. In short, something new was born: New Hollywood. Born out of the bankruptcy of Middle America with the courage to break old cinematic habits and self-destructive antiheroes. The America of rural backwoodsmen, seedy motels and decaying cities, the America of bigoted communities in the bible belt. New Hollywood is not simply the end of the old studio system and the brief flowering of the American auteur film, but simply a time of upheaval full of new talent, a "regime change." The thriller is one of the most typical forms of New Hollywood cinema, openly marked by the loss of confidence in the USA and the self-doubt as to whether life, liberty, happiness and justice are still American values.

Ich kann mir gut vorstellen, wie sich das Publikum 1967 gefühlt haben muss als es Arthur Penns Bonnie And Clyde auf der Leinwand sah: Dieser "erste moderne amerikanische Film" hatte die Wirkung eines Schlags mitten ins Gesicht! Nie zuvor hatte man so etwas gesehen! In Ton und Freiheit stammte Bonni...

FREE ON CINEGEEK.DE Billy Wilder - Kiss Me Stupid
FREE ON YOUTUBE Küss mich, Dummkopf - Kiss Me, Stupid (1964) (Rating 8,0) DVD1504 | Cinegeek

FREE ON CINEGEEK.DE Billy Wilder - Kiss Me Stupid Billy Wilders Kiss Me Stupid is considered a fiasco. Wilder himself only likes to talk about his hits and dislikes his flops. Statements about Kiss Me Stupid are therefore rare. I think: Wrongly! In his heart, Kiss Me Stupid is a comedy about jealousy. Vulgarly presented with a Dean Martin who is obviously allowed to be himself. A cynical Bedroom Exploitation - and of course the American women's federations ran storm against it (no wonder, Wilder gives two of these ladies a nasty performance!). Here comes a still refreshing farce about our human weaknesses! Dean Martin plays Dino, who in turn is Martin. He performs in front of a sold out hall in Las Vegas, with a bourbon in his hand and blasphemes about his friend Sinatra and himself. Dino announces that he will then shoot a film in Hollywood. The path leads via Climax, Nevada, where he meets two songwriters who hope to make a breakthrough through him. Orville Spooner (Ray Walston), organist in the church and married to a beautiful woman and the local gas station attendant (Cliff Osmond) who manipulates Dino's car. Dino is forced to spend a night in Climas. He hopes it will be a wild night with the beautiful wife of morbidly jealous Orville. Orville is the typical wild figure. A husband and good citizen who, when asked if he trusts his wife, immediately yells "No! Therefore she is not allowed to be present and is replaced by Pistol Polly (Kim Novak), a prostitute. Orville's wife spends the night in Pistol Polly's trailer. The housewife and the hooker, they change roles (although the housewife has no idea what is being played). But Pistol Polly discovers her love for Orvill and her abilities as a wife - the pathological Orville, on the other hand, wants to protect his bait from Dino. But how can Dino be persuaded to buy songs without spending the night with the lady of the house? The best surprise: How Polly turns from a $25 whore into a loving wife, disgusted by the drinking and grabbing Dino. In the end, it's the women who practically decide how to get Dino to buy. Why didn't anyone like Kiss Me Stupid? Didn't Dean Martin want to come across as pathetic? Did Billy Wilder not want a comedy with such a bitter basic tone? But Kiss Me Stupid has become a real feat and finally we decide, the audience!

FREE ON YOUTUBE (DU FINDEST DEN GANZEN FILM FREI AUF YOUTUBE) Billy Wilders Kiss Me Stupid gilt als Fiasko. Wilder selbst spricht ausschliesslich gern über seine Hits und ungern über seine Flops. Äusserungen zu Kiss Me Stupid sind daher rar. Ich finde: Zu Unrecht! Im Herzen ist Kiss Me Stupid ein...

FREE ON CINEGEEK.DE Klaus Lemke - Ein komischer Heiliger
FREE ON YOUTUBE Some Kind Of Saint - Ein komischer Heiliger (1979) (Rating 7,9) DVD6249 | Cinegeek

FREE ON CINEGEEK.DE Klaus Lemke - Ein komischer Heiliger Klaus Lemke, who just turned 80, films according to his own rules, and they are strict. O-Ton Lemke: "German film is paralyzed by agreement with a funding system that is a kick in the creativity of every director. Creativity needs independence. And that only exists in film as long as the money at stake is the director's own. Everything else is clapping with one hand. Distortion. The aesthetics of casualness. I try to draw the audience into my films by inventing what happens right before their eyes. I don't know exactly what happens next. This gives the viewer the impression that he is the one whose premonitions are pulling the story. Film was the last great boy's sport - where there's always more in the mouth than kissing in the dark. Today, there are only crybaby proposal writers. And key pressers. I always ask: Who is actually acting out in my films? Who is this "dark passenger"? Under the skin. With every film I try to lure the invisible stranger out of the blind spot of perception... by making the concentrated irrationality of the film even more irrational. I don't have a computer. I've never seen Tatort. And I haven't had a shower in 35 years until a year ago. I have very few pockets to reach into. But at least they're my own. I'd rather be the film itself - than just the director of my films. Like in Japanese films: where the furniture in the house eats the master of the house. I know how film wants to be moved. You don't need money for that. Because you can buy market share. Profit can't. Few films get beyond a German Leistungskurs about the FFA (Film Förderungs Anstalt). Because usually the mechanics of a stupid plot kills story and characters. Exception: Petzold, Graf and few others. And THE BIGGEST SECRET: Supa loose beachmen and greedy nymphs locked in the Charterhouse of Parne, Stendhal. Mon Amour" (In Thomas Groh blogspot, post by Lemke). Klaus Lemke's rules are recognizable as dogmatic. None of his actors may be an actor, because actors are spoiled and prefer to become stars. But they don't exist in Lemke's world. The filming locations must also be the same as in real life. Nothing may be changed. Lemke works with little scratch sheets. He scribbles dialogues and instructions on them and gives them to his actors shortly before shooting. Sometimes something inspires him during the shoot, and then the story changes. That's why he needs actors like Cleo Kretschmer, who obviously has great comic talent and improvises freely. She always seems genuine and spontaneous. The girl next door, who may not be as tall and blond as the other girls, but always says exactly what is on her mind. Just as unfiltered as Lemke's films. Beautiful, isn't it?

FREE ON YOUTUBE (DU FINDEST DEN GANZEN FILM FREI AUF YOUTUBE) Klaus Lemke, gerade 80 geworden, filmt nach seinen eigenen Regeln und die sind streng. O-Ton Lemke: "Deutscher Film ist gelähmt vom Einverständnis mit einem Fördersystem, das ein Tritt in die Kreativität jedes Regisseurs ist. Kreativi...


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Hallo liebe Cineasten, in diesem Jahr findet das 10. kurdische Filmfestival Berlin statt. Es gibt trotz Corona einige Vorstellungen im Babylon, Moviemento und FSK Kino. Außerdem hat man die Möglichkeit sich die Filme auch Online zu streamen Für Fragen stehe ich euch gerne zur Verfügung. Enjoy kurdish cinema 😃
Distinct decor, awesome and diverse staff! I think I found my home away from home 😌
Raucher oder Nichtraucher Bar/Konzerte? Xo 🙃
I'm looking for a black-brown coat that got lost yesterday (02.11). Please let me know if you took it by accidence. I really love this coat and it would be cool to get it back! :) Thanks!
Hat jemand vorgestern, am 27. September ein graues kariertes Jäckchen mitgenommen? Es hat einen hohen emotionalen Wert und ich brauche es dringend zurück und würde mich riesig freuen wenn jemand sie ausersehen mitgenommen und sich bei mir meldet oder etwas weiß ❤️ I'm looking for a grey jacket that got lost last Friday, September 27th. I really hope I'll get it back, if you know something please please let me know. ❤️
Stammgäste reinrassig
Hier mal ein Geheimtipp, für alle die manchmal gerade nicht weiter wissen, fest stecken, Inspiration brauchen, sich verändern wollen, Orientierung suchen. Katti Jisuk Seo macht so tolle Workshops, mit ihrer Hilfe habe ich schon so viel Inspiration und Motivation erfahren, neue Wege eingeschlagen und unendlich viel Mut gewonnen. Ihre Methoden sind sehr spielerisch und machen spaß und es passiert quasi von ganz alleine, dass sich etwas ändert! Probiert es doch einfach aus, z.b. in ihrem Schreibworkshop. Hier ein Zitat aus ihrer Ankündigung: "Oft leben wir so, als ob das eigentliche Leben erst irgendwann stattfindet. Vielleicht willst du dich trauen, Mosaikkünstlerin zu werden, ein Sabbatjahr zu machen oder dein Arbeitsleben neu zu visionieren. Oder du sehnst dich einfach nach Morgenritualen mit Himbeeren und Frischluft, nach Zeit im Fluss oder To-Do-Listen, die Vorfreude machen. Vielleicht struggelst du mit Selbst-Blockaden und wünschst dir, dass all deine Kräfte gemeinsam an einem Strang ziehen. Oder du willst etwas in der Liebe verändern, einer Herzensperson näher und fremder werden, einen begehrten Menschen zum Staunen bringen oder Baumhäuser mit jemandem bauen. Und dabei bei dir sein. LIFE CHANGE – RE-WRITE YOUR MIND wird dir helfen, durch Schreibübungen neue Anstöße für dein Leben zu finden. " Ich verdiene nicht daran, sondern bin einfach nur Fan und Gutes muss geteilt werden :)
Hey ho. Gibt es heute Party im Fitzgeraldo ?
This afternoon at 5pm, the two winners of the LOOP Discover Awards organized by the LOOP Barcelona Festival for Video Art will be screening their film the Lives Beneath and answer questions about their award-winning film "The Lives Beneath". LOOP Discover Film Awards | Berlin is screening at Glogauair from 12-6pm today and tomorrow, make sure not to miss it! ABOUT THE LIVES BENEATH Bianca Kennedy and Felix Kraus depict a world in the year 4000. Everything in nature gets merged into one single mind. Plants, animals and human beings form a worldwide super-network of consciousness. The few remaining non-hybrid humans have become obsolete for nature's plans and are being forced to live underwater in floating shiplike cities. Humans try to convince nature that they are still valuable, using songs, meditation and yoga. 'The Lives Beneath' examines the downfall of a society that refuses to live with nature in harmony. But on the other side is a self-conscious planet, which suffers from the burden of having to think for all eternity.