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Filmkunstbar Fitzcarraldo CELEBRATE YOUR BIRTHDAY PARTY IN OUR BAR! Our Online Catalogue: Aber vielleicht kennen wir uns auch schon?

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Bar & DVD Rental Store for Arthouse, Indie, World Cinema, Classics (...). Willkommen! ... und schön, dass Du vorbeischaust in der Filmkunstbar Fitzcarraldo! Früher waren wir die alte Filmkunst-Videothek in Friedrichshain. Nach einem Zwischenspiel im "Roderich" in der Glogauer Str. findet man uns nun in Kreuzberg in der Reichenberger Str. 133 wieder,

RESERVATIONS: [email protected]

Bar & DVD Rental Store for Arthouse, Indie, World Cinema, Classics (...). Willkommen! ... und schön, dass Du vorbeischaust in der Filmkunstbar Fitzcarraldo! Früher waren wir die alte Filmkunst-Videothek in Friedrichshain. Nach einem Zwischenspiel im "Roderich" in der Glogauer Str. findet man uns nun in Kreuzberg in der Reichenberger Str. 133 wieder,

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FREE ON CINEGEEK.DE Dawson's Creek Kevin Williamso...

FREE ON CINEGEEK.DE Dawson's Creek Kevin Williamson is synonymous with the teen films of the 90s like no other, whether in cinema as the writer of Scream or on television as the creator of Dawson's Creek. (Although many would probably consider his Vampire Diaries (2009) to be the most important Kevin Williamson work). You notice we are in the middle of the Kevin Williamson teen universe. Anyway, Dawson's Creek was considered a controversial teen drama with indie traits in the late 90s. And on television! Even the pilot addresses: s*x with teachers, the stigma of virginity, homos*xuality (was this actually on the agenda of teen movies before Dawson's Creek?) and dysfunctional families - but the recurring question is: can women and men just be friends? Dawson's Creek introduces teenagers who sound quite precocious today. And isn't it all a bit sensationalist and overly melodramatic? And would one's own life one day really turn out like Dawson's Creek? Enter Dawson Leery wearing cargo shorts. How did Dawsons manage to make friends in the first place? And how did he manage to date Joey Potter? Dawson's Creek is about angsty teenagers. Those like Dawson, who fear any change and would prefer to stay in their nursery forever. Kevin Williamson created teenagers who wisely fantasise about the future and ask life's big questions at 16! So Dawson lives close to his family and friends in the picturesque coastal town of Capeside, Massachusetts, which doesn't exist. Dawson wants to be a filmmaker when he grows up. Like Steven Spielberg or Kevin Williamson. Of course, the 90s are the age of teen horror films (Williamson's Scream), Buffy or Beverly Hills 90210. But none of these productions flattered teen self-esteem as much as Dawson's Creek: these teenagers speak in long, well-considered sentences, are well versed in pop culture, are sensitive and capable of intense self-reflection. They suffer unrequited love, innocently dote on each other. They fall in and out of love (and speak in these extraordinarily long sentences). And Dawson Leery? Back in 1998, no one actually liked him. Dawson is self-absorbed, moody and confused. But we are left with Joey Potter, daughter of a dead mother and a criminal father. Or the "bad girl" from New York, Jen Lindley, who takes drugs and was caught having s*x by her parents. The punishment: off to Capeside to her grandmother. But most people like Pacey Witter, who has the charisma Dawson lacks. Fortunately, Pacey is the least prone to monologues about his state of mind. Together, at any rate, they provide a convincing picture of teenage yearnings. Doesn't that sound nicely nostalgic? And who knows, maybe they are even capable of real friendships between girls and boys?

FREE ON CINEGEEK.DE Lucky Lucky starts with a series ...

FREE ON CINEGEEK.DE Lucky Lucky starts with a series of shots of the Arizona desert. With cactuses reaching into the sky and a turtle crawling through the sand. Then we experience their human equivalent: It is Harry Dean Stanton as Lucky. No, not AS Lucky. Harry Dean Stanton IS Lucky, as the movie poster says. Harry Dean Stanton, then 89 years old and deceased before the film was released. During the following 88 minutes we will spend almost every moment together with Lucky. A veteran from World War II, retired a long time ago. Lucky has friends, but he often snubs them. He has his routine and as with most old people, this routine shapes his everyday life. During his walks, he stops in a cafe, talks to the owner (Barry Shabaka Henley) and a waitress (Yvonne Huff), who behaves almost like a daughter. We get to know his tiny home and his favourite bar. In the morning Lucky does some pushups to stay fit. Lucky achieves his depth with the shots of Harry Dean Stanton in front of a panorama that would adorn any western. Lucky is about death and fear of death. It's about loneliness and the will to stay healthy. It's about decisions that have never been made. Lucky regrets a lot. This is probably mainly because he prefers to argue with people rather than just talk to them. He is never open and he is certainly not vulnerable. Essential: Lucky's atheism, which in turn reveals a lot about his relationship to death. "Friendship is essential to the soul"; explains his friend Paulie at the bar. Lucky disagrees. She doesn't exist. The friendship? No, the soul. Lucky is also about friendship and this becomes most obvious in the conversations with Lucy's friend Howard (David Lynch). We remember: Harry Dean Stanton IS Lucky and Lynch Harry Dean Stanton's friend and something like his house director. Lucky is one of those men who doesn't want to make new friends at some point in their lives. All the more surprising for us and himself when he opens up to younger people! I've seen so many American movies trying to be Lucky. They play in small towns or in neighborhoods that meet in bars. Full of eccentrics, of course. But only very few of them are as elegant as Lucky and above all as safely staged! This was not necessarily predictable, as Lucky was shot by actor John Carroll Lynch (not related). That's because he trusts Harry Dean Stanton completely. That's why he succeeds in scenes like the one in which Lucky smokes and thinks about ci******es at night. One of Johnny Cash's late songs is on. One of the songs Cash recorded in the face of death. Harry Dean Stanton's tanned face acts like a film in the film. We experience a whole life in this face! Certainly one of the most powerful scenes I've ever seen. Somehow I had the feeling that I had actually known him. We get to keep this scene as Harry Dean Stanton's estate.

FREE ON YOUTUBE Bob Rafelson - Five Easy Pieces

FREE ON YOUTUBE Bob Rafelson - Five Easy Pieces Try showing Five Easy Pieces at a video night with your girlfriends. This is how your evening will go; with explosive laughter, deep silence and stunned attention. Five Easy Pieces is a film of unusual depth and intensity and presents one of the most unusual characters in the history of cinema. Robert Eroica Dupea, whose name was inspired by Beethoven's symphony. He is embodied by Jack Nicholson, who shortly before became a film star through the New Hollywood movement (after a career of almost ten years in smaller films). Nicholson flourished during the early 70s, playing outsiders, capable of anger, sarcasm, self-pity, but also tenderness. And in Five Easy Pieces he is a revelation! Imagine experiencing such a great film in the cinema in 1970! That was exactly the direction in which the New Hollywood direction was developing! With idiosyncratic characters and dialogue with a sense of the vulgar & literary, with a plot driven by the development of the characters (and always surprising us!) and finally an existential ending. That's how New Hollywood works! In addition to Jack Nicholson, quirky supporting characters also appear, embodied by actors who were all newcomers. Director Bob Rafelson is considered one of the most creative minds of New Hollywood cinema and whoever the camera reminds of Easy Rider - both films were made by Laszlo Kovacs. Nothing is predictable in Five Easy Pieces. The screenplay allows itself deviations and excesses that never disturb but delight us every time. and how many moments went down in the collective memory of cinema? Who could fail to quote the famous Chicken Salad scene, called Geek? After all, the chicken salad scene let Jack Nicholson go from movie star to legend. His Deupea, by the way, is a voluntary outcast. A man who cannot return to his former life. However, he also has no way to move on. Somewhere he is stranded. Stranded between different jobs, ambitions, even social classes. He is a character that does not fit into the film. In no scene does he feel at ease with the people around him. Nowhere is he at home. Always B***y Deupea disappointed others or he didn't perform enough or he misbehaved. During the first half, Bobby works as an oil driller in California. He lives with waitress Rayette Dipesto (Karen Black), whose fear of losing him seems pathetic. At one point he learns from his crazy friend Elton (Billy "Green" Bush) that Rayette is pregnant. When Bobby wonders what he's even doing with crazy Elton in his living cheeks, we wonder how crazy Bobby actually is? Otherwise, we follow Rayette and Bobby and Elton in their blue collar world. At one point Bobby has s*x with Betty (Sally Struthers), afraid of bonding with Rayette. But Betty, the ripper, isn't what he's looking for either. And at one point we can see Bobby playing the piano (the piano is on the loading ramp of a truck). He plays frantically, furiously, loudly. And at one point, when he meets his sister and learns that their father has had a stroke, the second half of Five Easy Pieces begins.... Bobby will go to the Washington coast, back to family. He meets Catherine, who asks him, "You have no love for yourself, no love for family, for friends--how can you ask for love?" It sounds like Fellini's 8 1/2, which is exactly the depth of Five Easy Pieces. It involves us in the life of Bobby and his friends. It implicates us in its time and place. We remember Rayette and Bobby because they are fully themselves. Needy, tightly driven and so brave in their loneliness! Once you've seen Five Easy Pieces, you'll find it hard to go back to the netflix agenda.


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CELEBRATE YOUR BIRTHDAY at Filmkunstbar Fitzcarraldo. Contact: [email protected] or: facebook message Willkommen! ... und schön, dass Du vorbeischaust in der Filmkunstbar Fitzcarraldo! Aber velleicht kennen wir uns auch schon? Früher waren wir die alte Filmkunst-Videothek in Friedrichshain. Nach einem Zwischenspiel im "Roderich" in der Glogauer Str. findet man uns nun in Kreuzberg in der Reichenberger Str. 133 wieder, nun erweitert um eine Bar im dekadenten Stil, wo vor Oscar-Wilde-Tapete ein alter Wolpertinger über das Geschehen wacht. Was erwartet Dich bei uns? Zunächst einmal eine gutsortierte, bestens ausgestattete Programm- und Off-Videothek mit Filmen aus aller Welt, allen Genres und allen Zeiten. Wir selbst nennen das "Cinethek" - ihr sucht gutes asiatisches Kino, französische Dramen, klassisches Hollywood, künstlerisch ambitioniertes Avantgarde-Kino, wilde Gruselstreifen, interessante Dokumentarfilme oder einfach nur das, was ihr vor wenigen Monaten beim Programmkino um die Ecke verpasst habt? Kein Problem, haben wir alles da - und wenn ihr so gar nicht weiter wisst, hilft Euch unser Personal. Wer zuhause nach Tips stöbern will, schaut zum Beispiel auf unserer Webpage nach, wo wir alle Tips, Hinweise und YouTube-Videos posten, die Euch vielleicht Appetit auf mehr machen. Außerdem findet Ihr hier in der Spalte zum Stöbern (Featured Movies) komfortabel zusammengestellte links zu Filmen, die unserem Personal ganz besonders ans Herz gewachsen sind sowie unser gesamtes DVD Sortiment. Alles, was neu in den Laden kommt, findet ihr immer hier. Dann sind wir aber auch eine Bar im alten Stil. Dekadent im Ambiente, bodenständig in der Auswahl: Unkompliziert und entspannt statt fancy und nervös, wirklich vintage statt teuer nachgekauft. Nachmittags könnt Ihr locker zum Kaffee abhängen. Abends kann es schon mal etwas voller werden, ganz im alten Kreuzberger Stil. Und warum Fitzcarraldo? Weil wir einfach ein Herz für größenwahnsinnige Visionen haben. Wir hoffen, Ihr auch! Jedenfalls, wir sehen uns, Eure "Fitzcarraldos" (verfasst von Thomas Groh)

Kunst & Unterhaltung in der Nähe

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Ich habe gestern leider aus versehen eine Jacke mitgenommen und meine da liegen lassen
Vllt ist dasselbe dir passiert… Können wir die tauschen? 🙃
Hey Berliners!
Hallo liebe Cineasten, in diesem Jahr findet das 10. kurdische Filmfestival Berlin statt. Es gibt trotz Corona einige Vorstellungen im Babylon, Moviemento und FSK Kino. Außerdem hat man die Möglichkeit sich die Filme auch Online zu streamen
Für Fragen stehe ich euch gerne zur Verfügung.
Enjoy kurdish cinema 😃
We're very excited to share our first session back from this prolonged hiatus with a nerve racking performance by .
Full video drops on Wednesday 9.09, at 7pm CEST. Tune in!

Tim Granbacka Hal Strewe Dhanesh Jayaselan Filmkunstbar Fitzcarraldo Asiko Tom

Hello everyone. How are you guys holding up?

This is such crazy time to be alive. Its amazing to see everyone is pulling together and helping each other out in any way possible that makes this ordeal somewhat bearable. It’s also so cool to see how much people are creating things and using their time to focus on what they love, whether it be music, art, knitting etc etc..

But anyway I just came on here to let you guys know I’m gonna do a little live stream tomorrow night live from my good friends at Filmkunstbar Fitzcarraldo. They’ve started to do some live streams from their bar to help distract people in a little way from these long days. I’ve been away from music for over a year now since I moved here. I’m planning some things but in the meantime I decided I’d do something productive and play some songs, new and old for you guys. It’s gonna be weird, scary and probably awkward but what the heck.

Going live at 19:30 (18:30 Irish time) on Filmkunstbar Fitzcarraldo Instagram and Facebook. I’d love to see some of you guys there and join in with me while I drink beer and play some songs.

Btw follow the guys. They’re an amazing bar that really promotes and encourages film, art and music.

Okay rant over see you tomorrow!

OC x

His mouth Is open wide
He doesn't have a stomach
He would if could
Swallow up the universe.

His eyes are looking out
Longing to be out there
And yet he can't
Look inside his own two I's

And Every dinner
He eats another Cow
He pours gravy
On the Goddamn thing
He eats it up Alive.

He'll eat a mother
In her kidnapped babyscream
He's a narcissistic Humanoid
He doesnt know it's him.

Out of His way
He's here to stay
Look in his eyes
SurpRiSe sUrPriZe...
My mouth Is open wide
I ain't got a stomach
I would if could
Swallow up the universe.

My eyes are looking out
Longing to be out there
And yet We can't
Look inside our own two I's

And Every dinner
We eats another Cow
We pour gravy
On the Goddamn thing
We eat it up Alive.

Rise Up Burn Up
All that we don't Need
Our numbered days are screaming out
'Can't Satisfy The Greed.'

Out of our Way
Were here to Stay
Look In Our Eyes
SurPriSE SurpriZe...

Where do We go when we go
Where do we go no one knows
Where do We go when we go
ShiShkO ShiShkO DisCo diScO

Hello Beautiful Humanoids!
Moshe and Joy here 🙂

We are happy to release the first of 3 upcoming videos. We have been super lucky from the get go to have such an amazing and talented team of toddlers helping to make our dreams real!!

The song Africa is now called The Greed, and after years of wishing for it, Mosh got to place his words over it.
maybe you like it, maybe you don't. tell us in the comments.

This video was made possible by the gracious Martin Schuffenhauer at Filmkunstbar Fitzcarraldo who allowed us to use his space.

Secondly we would like to recognize and thank Jamie Collier for his recording and mixing (,
Jan Luis Gottwald for the camera work (
And The one and only Mr. Paco Kuntproducktion who filmed edited and directed this video.

Our Gigs are all canceled, BUT! we have a few releases coming up this Spring/Summer, including a re-release of the album with a new mix.

We would love to see more organic engagement from Shishko lovers. If you feel like helping and you can:
*Share our releases*
*Like our youtube page*…
*put us in your playlists*
*broadcast us in your radio*
*get you parents to like our page*

and mostly, stay positive keep strong and creative!

Recorded At Filmkunst bar berlin 11.19
Video Editing by: Paco
Camera : Jan Luis Gottwald and Paco
Kuba Gudz: Drums and Synth bass
Joy Tyson: Vocals and Synth
Moshe Zehavi: Guitar and vocals
Recording, Mixing and Mastering: Jamie Collier
Music and Lyrics by: Moshe Zehavi and Joy tyson
FILM/SYNTH | 20:00 | Filmkunstbar Fitzcarraldo: Bei Synth-meet-films ist jeder eingeladen ein Teil des Abends zu werden. Wenn du VJ bist, gut mit Synths umgehen kannst oder auch gute Filmtipps hast kannst du dich bei [email protected] anmelden und helfen Filmpassagen mit Musik zu remixen und somit ein individuelles Gesamtkunstwerk des Abends zu schaffen. Dürfte echt interessant werden, aber definitiv auch ziemlich anspruchsvoll. Mitmachen wird belohnt, wer sich reinhängt kann auch bezahlt werden +++ HOUSE | 20:00 | Bulbul Berlin: Zur Mitte der Woche ruft die Midweek Kindness mit nem ziemlich fetten LineUp für ne Mittwochs-Bar-Veranstaltung. Oliver Klostermann, Coramøøn, Mosebo, Friends w/ Benefits und Cihan Ceyhan spielen den housigsten Sound des Abends und bringen nebenbei auch noch Africa-Elemente rein. Wird also verspielt, aber trotzdem sehr stimmungsreich. Eintritt müsste umsonst sein, und geclosed wird mit dem letzten Gast +++ AKUSTIK | 19:30 | Laksmi Bar Berlin: Interessant für alle Straßenmusiker und Leute, die auch so gerne unbekannte Peoples beim spontanen Musizieren beobachten. Open Piano/Guitar in der Wrangelstr. 93 mit Anmeldung um 19:30. Gerne kann man auch eigene Instrumente mitbringen. Die Mutigen bekommen ein bis zwei Drinks aufs Haus, ansonsten ist der Eintritt for free +++ Ab Nulle bietet sichs an einen Block weiter zum Watergate Club zu laufen. Toni Strauss, Kavage, DOBé und Sahil Airy holen auch hier den chilligsten House der Stadt aus der Wasserfloor-Anlage. Tanzen oder nur mit Blick aufs Wasser auf der Couch hocken für Einen Euro pro Stunde bis um Zehne +++

New Faces at Tresor w/ Habgud, NUEA
Techno Mittwoch at AVA w/ Dominik Vaillant
The Unknown at Zu Mir Oder Zu Dir
Blue Space at Paloma w/ Felipe Gordon
Flauschige Runde at Maze w/ Herz aus Gold
Symbiotikka at KitKat w/ Maurice Mino
Distinct decor, awesome and diverse staff! I think I found my home away from home 😌

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