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GO CITIZEN! is an broad-spectrum transmitter of multitude of underground musical genres - awesome, untamable, maniacally desired and engulfing! The musical scope ranges from the primitive and desperately temperamental Blues, Hillbilly, and Rockabilly to the boundless instrumentals of the 50's… From the hedonistic Surf, Twist, Soul and Lounge to the perplexingly deep and exalted to amok Garage Rock, Freakbeat, and Psychedelic of the 60's… From the irritating to the point of hysteria Protopunk and the kitschy, disturbingly androgynous Glam to the unabashed Pub and the pure filth Punk Rock… From the evil, necrotic Psychobilly to the raw and uncompromising Garage Punk of the 80’s... and last but not least - the ingenious Revival of all these styles, from the 80's up to the present day. We welcome all of you to comment, post and share! Bon voyage! ***************************************************************** GO CITIZEN! е широкоспектърен предавател на множество ъндърграунд жанрове в музиката – зверски, неукротими, маниакално желани и обсебващи! Музикалният диапазон е от примитивните, отчаяно-темпераментни Blues, Hillbilly и Rockabilly - до необятните инструментали на 50-те... От хедонистичните Surf, Twist, Soul и Lounge - до дълбоките до неяснота и екзалтирани до амок Garage Rock, Freakbeat и Psychedelic на 60-те... От раздразнения до хистерия Protopunk и кичозния, притеснително андрогинен Glam - до непукисткия Pub и напълно порочния Punk Rock... От злото, некрозно Psychobilly – до суровия, безкомпромисен Garage Punk на 80-те... и на края, но не по важност – целият гениален Revival на тези стилове от 80-те до сега. Ще се радваме да коментираш, публикуваш и споделяш! Bon voyage! GO CITIZEN! activities: E-zine: http://gocitizen.net Студио за графичен дизайн и продуктова линия KARANAPO: http://www.facebook.com/karanapo7 Продуктова линия - значки KARANAPO: http://www.facebook.com/karanapo.pins You are welcome!


Go Citizen - booking & promo's cover photo

Go Citizen - booking & promo's cover photo

The Godfathers

The Godfathers

The Godfathers have confirmed another German concert in Freiburg on Thursday March 30th & TWO Austrian concerts in Vienna on March 31st & Steyr on April 1st to their previously announced A BIG BAD BEAUTIFUL EUROPEAN TOUR!! For details of The Godfathers 13 concerts in France, Belgium, Holland, Germany & Austria see list below for dates, venues, cities & ticket links:

9 March Lescale - LE HAVRE (FR)
**Tickets available from venue - https://www.facebook.com/saidlescale/
11 March Den Trap - KORTRIJK (BE)
12 March Het Bolwerk - SNEEK (NL)
13 March Privatclub - BERLIN (D)
14 March Lila Eule - BREMEN (D)
15 March Sonic Ballroom - COLOGNE (D)
16 March Moritzbastei - LEIPZIG (D)
17 March Glad House - COTTBUS (D)
18 March Monkeys Music Club - HAMBURG (D)
**All tickets for German venues available from the link below:
30 March The Great Rang Teng Teng - FREIBURG (D)
31 March Chelsea - VIENNA (AT)
1 April Kulturhaus Roda - STEYR (AT)

Godfathers' photo by Sean Robert Howarth

Here is the last Vol of Buzzsaw Joint for 2016. Good to end the year with a scorching mix from Sweden's Dj Undertaker & ...
Buzzsaw Joint Vol 33 (Dj Undertaker & Morticia)

Here is the last Vol of Buzzsaw Joint for 2016. Good to end the year with a scorching mix from Sweden's Dj Undertaker & Morticia!!!

We're Martin Kubista & Louise Ercolino, aka dj Undertaker & Morticia, from Sweden's rough and cool city of Malmö. The Undertaker has a vast selection ranging from wild 50's rock'n'roll and rockabilly to exotic instros and savage 60's garage punkers. Morticia has dedicated her nights to dig out all t...

“Some people accuse us of being into nostalgia and being narrow-minded because we don’t listen to the ‘latest’ music,” h...
Billy Miller, Curator and Historian of Fringe Music, Dies at 62

“Some people accuse us of being into nostalgia and being narrow-minded because we don’t listen to the ‘latest’ music,” he told the authors of the guidebook “Incredibly Strange Music” (1993). “But it’s not nostalgia — I wish I’d heard all these obscure records when I was a little kid.”

RIP Billy, you'll be deeply missed!

Mr. Miller and his wife, Miriam Linna, revived the reputations of several bands through their efforts to distribute rockabilly and garage band music.

VOM - "In Love with Your Mom" Triple X Records

Again for the very first time :P

Like this video? Come see thousands more at the Net's biggest, uncensored, completely d.i.y. punk, hardcore, indie and alternative music video site, BlankTV....

Alan VEGA - Wipeout Beat

Bon voyage, Alan!

Crazy video clip from Alan Vega's song "Wipeout beat", from "Saturn Strip", his third album

“Love Me” was written in ten minutes and recorded in Mobile at Gulf Coast Studio in the summer of 1958. It is one of tho...
We have Pat Boone to thank for the most psychotic and deranged rockabilly record of all time!

“Love Me” was written in ten minutes and recorded in Mobile at Gulf Coast Studio in the summer of 1958. It is one of those rare, lust-filled, psychotic explosions that, in one minute and twenty nine seconds, packs more punch than most punk records did and is considered by many to be the wildest rock and roll song ever recorded. It had to wait until the new decade to see a release.

Marty Lott aka Jerry Lott aka “The Phantom” was born near Mobile, Alabama in 1938 and moved to Leakesville, Mississippi during infancy. He played country music on stage at school which progressed to playing country and western at Paynas Furniture Store in Lucedale, Mississippi. Jerry started enter...

Mac Rebennack - Storm Warning

Mac Rebennack is the real name of Dr. John
The legendary Dr. John is a six-time GRAMMY Award-winning musician and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee. Known throughout the world as the embodiment of New Orleans’ musical legacy, Dr. John is a true icon in American culture. His colorful musical career began in the 1950s when he wrote and played guitar on some of the greatest records to come out of the Crescent City.
-- Review by Thom Owens

Storm Warning by Mac Rebennack from the album The Roots Of Psychobilly Released 2012-01-13 on Not Now Music For those with an interest in the early roots of ...

Summertime ;)
Long Evilo: A Twist Talk 'bout Pin-up Chicks

Summertime ;)

Иво Стоименов (aka Long Evilo) e eдин от основателите на култовите столични ъндърграунд клубове "Хаос" и „Три Уши”. Създател е на букинг и промо агенциите Seven Day Weekend (2005-2007) и Go Citizen! (2007), благодарение на които в България са гостували бaнди като UK Subs, Green Goblins, Ragman, Тhe…

Wilko Johnson

Wilko Johnson

On this day in 1952, Lee Brilleaux was born! Raise a gin and tonic to this singular chap #drfeelgood #leebrilleaux

The Savages - The World Ain't Round, It's Square

The Savages - The World Ain't Round, It's Square

reload, been meaning to do a higher resolution version of this for ages, quality dropped on original over the years....might re-do some others, feel free to ...

Enjoy the latest mix from Buzzsaw Joint. Danny O takes us on a British journey.
Buzzsaw Joint Vol 29 (Danny O)

Enjoy the latest mix from Buzzsaw Joint. Danny O takes us on a British journey.

Hey folks, I'm Danny 'O' head disc jockey of the entirely non-existent The Moose Lodge fraternity. One thing I’ve noticed in my time attempting to spin wax is that British rock'n'roll seems to get a pretty bum wrap. I guess most people remember Tommy Steele's teeth instead of Vince Taylors leather-c…

Such a sad day... RIP Andrew!
R.I.P. Dead Moon Drummer Andrew Loomis

Such a sad day... RIP Andrew!

Legendary Pacific Northwest punk act Dead Moon have lost a key member, as drummer Andrew Loomis has passed away. The news was confirmed on Twitter via Pierced Arrows, the current group run by Dead Moon's Fred and Toody Cole. While Loomis' exac...

Guitar Wolf - FIGHTING ROCK (Official Video)

Kenka Rooock ! ! !

Guitar Wolf - FIGHTING ROCK (KENKA ROCK) (Official Video) taken from the album DEAD ROCK. CD & download available all over Europe! Guitar Wolf DEAD ROCK 1. D...





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