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With this NEW YEAR posting, we wish you all the very best for the coming year. May it bring health and easier times for all of us.
Love and gratitude from Barbara Thumm and team.

Alex Schweder
From Want Of Purse To Crave Of Pout
2020, 00:00:52,
Digital Animation

Made to mark an end to the year of empty buildings, From The Want Of Purse To the Crave Of Pout reflects Alex Schweder’s current creative direction that reimagines his inflatable environments as ‘spatiosonic’ instruments. Working in collaboration with sound artists to develop these devices, sound and space produce each other.

Teaming up with Los Angeles based sound artist, Geneva Skeen, From The Want Of Purse To the Crave Of Pout mounts microphones to the ends of what might be best described as ‘disco sacs’. As blown air turns these forms from flaccid to engorged, reverberation is produced as the distance between mics and speakers opens and closes.

This digital work follows the live installation of The Breath Before… for the eighth edition of
A L’ARME! On December 11, 2020. For this renowned festival of avant-garde jazz, experimental music & art, Schweder worked with internationally praised sound artist, Mieko Suzuki, thus fulfilling A L’ARME!’s mission to encourage new creative collaborations. Existing this year as a video edition, their project can be seen at:

Special thanks to Egmontas Geras for using his talent and offering his dedication to realize this exquisite animation.

Schweder would also like to thank his wife and curator of The Breath Before..., Karina, for offering the context to work beyond his habits.

Mieko Suzuki and Geneva Skeen also have his gratitude for their collaborative trust that opened new artistic possibilities.

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NEW VIEWINGS \ 10 MONTH \ 70 Shows

2020 has been an incredible and unforgettable year. Despite the lockdown, unsettling experiences and uncertainties, it also brought the wonderful gift of creativity to us all. Together we started the fantastic alternative platform New Viewings. To many of us, it literally opened new viewings into their practice and into creative possibilities.

We are very proud to say that in ten months, we posted seventy shows, what an outburst of creativity! In the coming year, we are going to further expand the platform New Viewings as part of our gallery activities. With the support of Stiftung Kunstfonds, we will be able to launch a new website in the spring.
We are also looking forward to exciting gallery exhibitions which will link our digital projects with analogue productions.

We would like to thank all artists and curators for their contribution!

Please follow the link in our bio to watch the outstanding videoreview of all 70 projects



Thank you!

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Teresa BurgaCOVID 19, 2020Feltpen on paperA3 On the 26th of December, the newspaper El Commercio published a drawing by ...

Teresa Burga

COVID 19, 2020

Feltpen on paper


On the 26th of December, the newspaper El Commercio published a drawing by Teresa Burga which she made during quarantine, in their series De Voz a Voz. The project was curated by Jorge Paredes and the museum of contemporary art MAC in Lima. To view the paper, follow the link:

For some time I have been drawing scenes from everyday life, but not in domestic or family situations; Rather, I try to choose events that concern social groups or a large part of Peruvian society. In this case, I chose the subject of COVID 19, although it is a global issue, it has affected each region or country differently. In Peru, where there is a lot of inequality among citizens, it has been noticeable how people have been affected in different ways, according to the place of residence (for example, greater or lesser access to health benefits), economic situation, group age, etc. In this panorama, we have seen how the inhabitants of native communities have been seriously affected.
An important element of my proposal and that is part of the work, is the registration of the dates and times that I dedicate to the production of the drawing; I started doing this in 1974, but it is in the last few years that I have made more works with this characteristic; To that is added that the images I use in recent works come from newspapers or the internet. Teresa Burga

Hace un tiempo vengo dibujando escenas de la vida cotidiana, pero no en situaciones domésticas o familiares; más bien trato de escoger sucesos que atañen a grupos sociales o a gran parte de la sociedad peruana. En este caso, escogí el tema del COVID 19, si bien es un asunto global, ha afectado de distinta manera a cada región o país. En Perú, donde existe mucha desigualdad entre los ciudadanos, ha sido notorio cómo las personas se han visto afectadas de distintas maneras, de acuerdo con el lugar de residencia (por ejemplo, mayor o menor acceso a prestaciones de salud), situación económica, grupo etario, etc. En este panorama, hemos visto cómo los pobladores de comunidades nativas han sido seriamente afectados.

NEW VIEWINGS featuring today, Saturday 27th December 2020: Astrid Busch “Volatile images, fluid spaces” \ curated by Lud...

NEW VIEWINGS featuring today, Saturday 27th December 2020: Astrid Busch “Volatile images, fluid spaces” \ curated by Ludwig Seyfarth

The exhibition brings together two artists, who both explore different materials to find a new pictorial imagery as well as they use the exhibition space as a stage for sculptures and installations, always playing between physical substance and a sense of fluidity and transitoriness.
For her staged photographs, Astrid Busch collects a wide variety of material. She then builds sets in her studio, in which she arranges, sprays, and illuminates the materials in various layers, or projects her own video recordings onto the set. What is physically present and what is projected is deliberately obscured.
The photographs themselves become in turn components of staged, site-specific installations, which she generally develops for exhibitions in direct response to the respective architectural situation. Both in the photographs and in the installations, different levels of illumination create a state of suspension between representationalism and abstraction, between two and three-dimensionality, between stasis and movement.
In her examination of urban structures, Astrid Busch also allows us to “see through”—which we can take almost literally—how the self-sufficiency of closed buildings is increasingly called into question by the immateriality of today’s communication technologies. The field of tension between the atmospheric and the architectural, mood-enhancing indeterminacy and the compositionally solidly built, is a leitmotif of Astrid Busch’s multi-layered art, which also thinks photography further in an original way.

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NEW VIEWINGS’ featuring today, Saturday, 26th of December 2020: Paul Schwer \ ‘Volatile images, fluid spaces’ curated by...

NEW VIEWINGS’ featuring today, Saturday, 26th of December 2020: Paul Schwer \ ‘Volatile images, fluid spaces’ curated by Ludwig Seyfarth

In Paul Schwer’s work both the single object and an overall arrangement in an exhibition hall or outdoor space often have an air of instability and fragility, a situation that could immediately get out of control with the slightest shift in balance.

Not only do we find upturned houses resting on the roof edge. It is always touch and go between two and three dimensionality. The »painterly« application of paint does not take place on a plane surface. The most frequent image carrier is transparent, warmed PET plastic (or Plexiglas) spun in a fluid state and rehardened. The »pictorial ground« thus becomes a plastic object freely positioned in space or lying on the floor. With its irregular contours, this object recalls a crumpled piece of paper, as if a picture or drawing has been discarded, thrown away. Every picture is therefore also a sculpture, and sculptural elements also tend to be architectural elements in space.

With our online format NEW VIEWINGS we want to provide an experimental form of presentation through which we can build a network of diverse artistic positions and ideas.
The project is driven by the gallery's mission to create a network as a positive and creative space for artistic utopias even in times of global crisis. Visit our Website to explore all available Works.

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We are pleased to present you our latest Q&A video with Martin Dammann talking about the exhibition „Exfreundin“
While gallerys are closed again you can visit the webpage to walk trough the exhibition in 3D and explore all the artworks shown! (link in bio)

„At the beginning of the year, I basically had enough of all the blinky blinky going on around me. So I thought to myself, now you do things the other way round. Make it really personal. I told a colleague that I wanted to do an exhibition about my ex-girlfriends. She laughed and said that she had just done a drawing of her ex-boyfriend. She took out her sketch book and showed me – a gorilla.
Quite funny, yet I would not be able to get away like this.

Because after all, as a man you are not supposed to do that kind of thing. Bam – my house, bam – my car, bam – my girlfriend. The clichés immediately start rolling. Male clichés. That is curious, but it is also telling: I am planning an exhibition about ex-girlfriends, and the problem is trying to avoid - not clichés about women, but clichés about men. The consequence: inhibitions, doubts, concerns. Also: what will my ex girlfriends reactions be? And: will anyone else be interested?

This may sound like one of those points at which one should just turn around and do something else instead. But after all, problems, vacillations, being torn between wanting and not wanting to show, as well as fears – these are all things that can be negotiated using images. So I made a start.

Now I am standing in front of the finished works. I have never understood what a narrative image is supposed to be. Pictures do not tell stories. There is nothing before or after the moment. Nevertheless, there are photos (surprisingly few, given the vast quantities I took over the course of those years) that contain a lot of what has been. What these relationships were. At least to me. Traces, likenesses of moments that happened.

Who knows what will happen when you see them. Will they really communicate something personal? Will you be able to get close to those moments, or to similar moments of your own? Perhaps my moments will become yours. Just for a moment.
Would be fine with me.“


galerie_barbara_thumm New Viewings featuring today Sunday 13th of December 2020: Alex Schweder, How Does Your Inside Become My Inside?

2020, 00:00:58, Digital Animation

Pursing and pouting, animated by currents, inflatable spaces offer a recognition approximating my sense of flesh … my desire for other peoples’… the foreignness of my own… the meanings stuffed into it… the seduction of its stink. Tossed in the roiling of inflatable space, alone, I press against other occupants… my own subjectivities, previously without permission, without possibility, the suppler of my selves… drinkers of the milk I yearn to leak… tiny drops sweating through my shirt… expanding in a stereo broadcast of my longing to nourish … lacteal masculinity leaking out.

-Alex Schweder, from “Architects After Architecture”, Routledge, 2020

For over a decade Alex Schweder (born 1970, New York City) has used the term ‘performance architecture’ to describe the creative practice in which he uses buildings as media to ask questions about who we become through our actions in relation to them. His works along these lines have been collected and exhibited internationally including New York’s Museum of Modern Art, The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Performa 17, and the Tate Britain.

Recently Schweder has been exploring inflatables as instruments to simultaneously create sound and space in collaboration with sound artist Mieko Suzuki for the 2020 A L’ARME! Festival with The Breath Before. In the fall of 2021 this auditory direction will be furthered at the invitation of Carrie Mae Weems as part of her ground breaking presentation of ideas at New York’s Park Avenue Armory.

Special thanks to Oscar Maguire for making it possible to think through animations.

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We are very happy and pleased to announce that the selection committee for the 14th DRAWING PRIZE awarded by the DANIEL ...

We are very happy and pleased to announce that the selection committee for the 14th DRAWING PRIZE awarded by the DANIEL & FLORENCE GUERLAIN Contemporary Art Foundation has chosen Martin Dammann as one of the three shortlisted artists for its 2021 prize.
The announcement was made yesterday, on the 10th of December 2020, by digitalization.

Please find the video here:

NEW VIEWINGS’ featuring today, Saturday, 28th of November 2020, Igor VidorBorn in São Paulo, Igor Vidor (*1985) has sett...

NEW VIEWINGS’ featuring today, Saturday, 28th of November 2020, Igor Vidor

Born in São Paulo, Igor Vidor (*1985) has settled in Rio de Janeiro in 2012, where he produced, in the past few years, a large body of work informed by his research on urban violence, gun cultures and social inequality. Working across different media, such as video, sculpture and installation, the artist’s pieces include objects such as handmade gun toys and bullet shells, collected in economically dispossessed territories. After the repercussion of his solo show in São Paulo, in 2018, Vidor became the target of death threats by members of a militia group in a moment of political polarization, marked by the censorship and persecution of the arts in Brazil, led by the rising right. His move to Germany, then, was one of self-exile helped by german institutions, taking place a few months following the election of the current president.

During the period of his residency in Berlin, Vidor’s research process includes visits to the arms manufacturing companies which have been sold weapons to Latin America since the 19th century, and studio experiments with materials used to produce bulletproof equipment and projectiles, such as aramid fiber and lead, which he incorporated in his new works.

Igor Vidor studied at the Centro Universitário Belas Artes in São Paulo. He worked several years in the field of education and mediation at the Museu de Arte do Rio (MAR). His work has been shown in several international exhibitions, including Künstlerhaus Bethanien (2020); Pérez Art Museum Miami (2018); Mercosul Biennial (2018); Sesc 24 de Maio, São Paulo (2017); Museu Histórico Nacional, Rio de Janeiro (2017) and Museu de Arte do Rio (MAR) (2016). Since 2019 Igor Vidor lives in Berlin and is artist-in-residency at Künstlerhaus Bethanien.

Unfortunately, his exhibition @berlinischegalerie which was supposed to open in November was postponed due to the current regulations at Berlin. Stay tuned and visit our website to discover available works. (Link in bio)


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