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Forum Obscurum Konzertreihe für Ambient / Depressive / Atmospheric / Doom / Psychedelic Black Metal FORUM OBSCURUM DREI, Samstag 24.

September 2011

Der Weg Einer Freiheit

The city of Aschaffenburg has been on the metal map for quite a while, mostly due to the sophisticated program of its primary rock club Colos-Saal. But while hard rock, progressive rock, power and symphonic metal are the genres you get to see the most in said venue, organizer ARTicaz has opted to bring some black meta

l to the city: in the scope of the event series "Welt in Trümmern" ("World in Ruins") names like Dark Fortress, Horna, Glorior Belli and Todtgelichter have brought darkness to this Franconian town in the past years. Under the banner of the new event series "Forum Obscurum", established in 2009, the organizers pay tribute to the more recent developments in the scene, namely progressive, suicidal and post-black metal. The third installment of this little festival features depressive black metal band extraordinaire Lifelover, who will present songs of their new album Sjukdom for the first time in Germany, Romania's Dordeduh, who feature 2/3 of the original Negură Bunget lineup, and German up-and-comers Der Weg Einer Freiheit. Support will come from progressive black metal band Apsis, who had been nominated in the Metal Storm Awards 2010 as one of the most promising newcomers and who have welcomed the drummer of Nocte Obducta in their ranks by now, and suicidal black metallers Sterbeklang. Tickets cost 18 € in advance and 20 € at the doors and can be obtained in the ARTicaz shop. Aschaffenburg is located in Southern Germany, 40 km southeast of Frankfurt and 80 km northwest of Würzburg and easily reachable from both cities via the autobahn A3. For directions you might want to use Google Maps. And if you want to arrive by train, the site of the Deutsche Bahn should provide all information you need.


updated flyer & updated billing: + Apsis + Sterbeklang


Ticket Eintiegspreis 17 Euro inklusive Versand noch einen Tag gültig!


confirmed: Der Weg Einer Freiheit & Dordeduh


date confirmed for FORUM OBSCURUM ...

date: september 24th, 2011
venue: JUKUZ Aschaffenburg


Da das Forum wohl nicht zum letzten Mal stattfinden wird, gibt es zu dieser Veranstaltung nun auch eine eigene Seite!




18:30 - 01:00



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