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I think the real question we should be asking ourselves, is do we have our blinders on in making decisions on our tertiary study and career options?

Bianca grew up in Melbourne with no prior exposure to agriculture. She had no interest in agriculture, and it definitely wasn’t something she had on her radar for tertiary study options. She had her heart set on Veterinary Medicine, ‘it was vet med or nothing’ as Bianca put it, she had her blinders on. She got into a Bachelor of Animal and Bioscience at Latrobe University, but it wasn’t long before she decided Latrobe Uni wasn’t for her. So, she moved to Melbourne to try and get into the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Melbourne University, but she had one problem, it was a post graduate degree. Bianca was advised that getting an agriculture degree as her undergraduate would be a good idea. So, that is what she did, still with her one goal of getting into Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in the end. With that in mind, Bianca felt like she didn’t pay enough attention to her agriculture degree, because at the time Bianca thought there was no way she was going to pursue a career in it. At the conclusion of her agriculture degree, she applied for every post graduate Veterinary Medicine program in the country and got rejected from every single one of them. Heartbroken and still unaware of the great opportunities at her fingertips with her agriculture degree, Bianca googled agriculture jobs Melbourne, because at the very least she was adamant she was staying in the city.

Bianca applied for the first one that came up, a Customer Service role for Ridleys Agriproducts. She got a call the next morning for an interview, then a little while later she had the job. From this point on, Bianca got to see a lot more of agriculture and make connections in lots of different areas of the industry, which really opened her eyes to all the agricultural opportunities out there. Not long after starting her role in Customer Service, Bianca was promoted into a Territory Manager role, which meant leaving the city and moving 6.5 hours away to another state. In this role she was selling stock feeds, horse feed, chicken feed and dog food, among other things in the her product portfolio to many stores across Southern NSW. Which she loved, and the ball of agricultural opportunities had started rolling for Bianca. Just before Bianca got promoted, she also decided to go back to uni to do her masters in Agricultural Business Management at Charles Sturt University. Bianca felt like she didn’t give her bachelors the justice it deserved. In finishing her masters, she wrote a dissertation looking at how to increase the number of people entering agriculture careers. But not necessarily increasing the number of people studying agriculture. Bianca focused on how to get people from other degrees/areas into agriculture that had a cross over, for example accounting, or geospatial science. The thought was if we can modify certain subjects to include agricultural examples and or applications, we could maybe change the perception of what the agriculture industry is or needs. Bianca said the writing of her dissertation was personal. She ended up in agriculture by accident, if someone hadn’t planted the seed in her head that it would be a way to get into vet, she never would have done it. Now she hopes that she can also give other people a reason to join our wonderful industry that may have never considered it. ‘Something happened to me, and it was great, and I want other people to have the information to also have that opportunity’. Bianca found her passion in ag, how cool, and is now working with her supervisor to publish her dissertation. When it is published don’t worry, we will be sharing it to our pages, and also writing a piece next week about it.

In the middle of her masters, Bianca left Ridley Agriproducts on maternity leave, but completed her masters whilst on maternity leave. Yes with a new born, talk about a superwoman. When she returned to work after having her son she started in her current role with the Rural Assistance Authority under the Department of Regional NSW. The Rural Assistance Authority is an organization which offers financial assistance to farmers in or after natural disasters. For example, droughts and floods, as well as innovation funds. Which she does from home in her office on farm in regional NSW, how cool.

Like everyone, I asked Bianca if she had any advice for her younger self, a young person with career tunnel vision, and this is what she had to say. ‘Think outside the box, don’t fall into the trap of tunnel vision in cliché pathways. Just because your mum, or sister did it, doesn’t mean its going to work for you. Find something that you are passionate about and that passion will drive you where you need to be, where you think you need to be is not always where you are meant to be’.

Rimfire resources
Nufarm Careers
Harvest trails
Seek - Agricultural Jobs
cotton careers
Feedlot TECH - a portal designed to showcase feedlot career and training
Explore - Feedlot TECH


Well, in fact there is a job for everyone and that’s what Bianca’s research found. You guys remember lovely Bianca from last week. In many roles in the agriculture industry the agriculture component or application of the role can be taught or learnt and its other transferable skills that will be needed in the role. For example, most data management and collection in agriculture is a lot of math’s, spreadsheeting and organization. Or Sales, it takes a conversationalist, someone that has great customer service skills. But, then in the world of ag tech you need software writers and programmers that at least have a basic understanding of the application, or vice versa we need people in agriculture to understand tech and IT to come up with the ideas in the first place. These are just a few examples!

This is exactly what Bianca speaks about in her dissertation. There are many cross over degrees that are needed in the agriculture sector. Thus, how can we attract more of these people? Or showcase to them what they can do in agriculture.

So, here is my question for you! Even if agriculture is not your first passion, maybe you are studying accounting, IT, entomology or geospatial science to list a few, would you consider a career in agriculture and the application of your degree in our industry?

Just some food for thought. Have a think about it and maybe do some research in your chosen field, because there probably is a job for you in agriculture.

Not the best of starts for Casey.This is a seeding round for the final.Casey will improve.

Not the best of starts for Casey.
This is a seeding round for the final.
Casey will improve.

Casey is currently competing in the Australian titles this Easter.1st round of jump is finished.

Casey is currently competing in the Australian titles this Easter.1st round of jump is finished.


What a weekend!
Local skiers had great success.
Brothers Archie and Fred Carrigan enjoyed success in there respective divisions.
Melissa and Mark (mum & Dad)were both pacing the banks watching the boys ski.
Archie took home gold with a new tournament best score of 3 buoys @ 46kms blitzing the division 5 field.
Meanwhile Fred finished 3rd in division 4.An incredible effort considering he has only just been moved up a division.
Casey Wooderson entered only 2 of the 3 events.She has been working tirelessly on a new trick run and is not quite ready to unleash the run in a tournament.
Casey came home with 2 golds with scores to build on for upcoming events.
A big thank you to waterski QLD southern region for helping with the event.
Also a big big thank you too The 2 families who made there boats available to tow the event.
The goondiwindi council for helping with the event.
Last and not least all the locals who give up the weekend to allow us to run the event.


A reminder to all the boat users.
The waterpark is closed from today and will reopen as usual Monday morning.
This is to run the Goondiwindi waterski event being held.
WveryoNe is more than welcome to come watch entry is free!
Bring your chairs.

The entries for next weekends event in case you missed it.There will be familiarisation sets on Friday.They will  be4 pa...

The entries for next weekends event in case you missed it.
There will be familiarisation sets on Friday.
They will be
4 passes slalom
3 jumps
2 trick passes
Cost is $45 a set
DM the club for bookings

3 Event, Slalom Trick and Jump. L class 3 rnds of first event - time permitting. Towed by Malibu boats.


A reminder that the water park will be closed the 17th to the 19th of February.
The club will be offering familiarisation sets on Friday the 17th for those entered in the tournament.
There are some facilities we can help them with at the park to make things easier.


For anyone interested.
We have a tournament at the waterpark on the 17th -19th of February.
The park will be closed on those dates for the event.

Casey Wooderson has brought home another trophy to Goondiwindi winning the prestigious open women’s title at the oceanic...

Casey Wooderson has brought home another trophy to Goondiwindi winning the prestigious open women’s title at the oceanic games aboard her D3 waterskis.
This would not be possible without the waterpark facility that the Goondiwindi Regional Council has provided.
A world class waterski lake.

Casey Wooderson has done it again at tge Oceania games.In her pet event Casey has taken out gold in the jump final in po...

Casey Wooderson has done it again at tge Oceania games.
In her pet event Casey has taken out gold in the jump final in pouring rain.

Local skier Casey Wooderson is currently competing in the prestigious Oceanic games at mulwala near the Victorian border...

Local skier Casey Wooderson is currently competing in the prestigious Oceanic games at mulwala near the Victorian border.
her 1st round score has booked a place into the final with a score of 1@11.

Local Skier Casey Wooderson has excelled at the Australian waterski championships over the weekend at Mulwala close to t...

Local Skier Casey Wooderson has excelled at the Australian waterski championships over the weekend at Mulwala close to the Victorian border.
Casey skis in the open womens division in all 3 events,slalom,trick and jump.
Casey’s results were a

3rd in slalom
1st in jump
4th in trick

Cumulative scores with the 3 events are tallied up for the overall best skier.
Casey won the award this year for the 2nd year in a row.
Thank you to all the boats who would stop and wait for her to finish her practice sets.

Congratulations Goondiwindi
On producing fine athletes!

Local Skier Casey Wooderson competed in the Moomba masters waterski event on the Yarra river smack bang in the middle of...

Local Skier Casey Wooderson competed in the Moomba masters waterski event on the Yarra river smack bang in the middle of Melbourne CBD.
The prestigious event is considered all around the world as the best international event to compete in.
Casey finished 3rd in the jump event(pictured on the right)and 8th in the slalom event missing the final by 1 position.
Casey could not of acheived her results without this great facility we have at Goondiwindi.


What a weekend!
Unfortunately the weather was not on our side Saturday with a limited amount of parking on the back straight.This did not stop the competitors however.
Local skiers Fred Prosser,Fred Carrigan and Archie Carrigan competing in there 1st tournament.Whilst local tournament specialists Robbie Porrit,Casey and Virginia Wooderson competed in there respective divisions.
The Carrigan boys finished 1st and 2nd in there division.
Fred Prosser however was told he was to good for the beginner division,marched up 2 divisions and took 1st place.
Local stalwart Robbie Porritt entered both slalom and the trick ski events.In his pet event trick Robbie took home gold.Training had been torture for Robbie with countless hours put into perfecting his trick run.
The current Australian women’s champion Casey Wooderson used the tournament as a prequel to the prestigious Moomba masters event taking home a gold and silver.
Virginia Wooderson the veteran of the field skied incredibly.Some would say the Ski Nautique(brand of boat)did the skiing for her.
A big thank you to:

Gore Earthmoving
Gundy Fruit and Veg
Goondiwindi communications
Goondiwindi regional council
Without there support this event wouldn’t of been possible.
Also the members of the goondiwindi ski club who worked tirelessly to make the event go off without a hitch.
A big thank you to all the local skiers for there patience as the ski club has to close the park for the event to happen.
Last but not least Waterski Queensland for coming all this way to run the event.


Shot to U Coffee will be on the front lake


The Waterpark will be closed for the SEQ waterski titles from 11am 24th February until opening on Monday morning 28th February
We apologies for the inconvenience.

The 5th round of the SEQ waterski titles is being held here on the 26-27th February.The entries were opened Wednesday at...

The 5th round of the SEQ waterski titles is being held here on the 26-27th February.
The entries were opened Wednesday at 6.30 and closed after 10 minutes with the entries list full.
This will bring 150-200 people to goondiwindi.

We have another tree down at the northern end of the waterpark!It has taken 1/2 the waterway available.As you are all aw...

We have another tree down at the northern end of the waterpark!
It has taken 1/2 the waterway available.As you are all aware it is very narrow at that end be VERY,VERY CAREFUL

Hey everyone,With the water height at 2.6 there are a few obstacles to be aware of.The last turn coming onto the front s...

Hey everyone,
With the water height at 2.6 there are a few obstacles to be aware of.
The last turn coming onto the front straight there is a tree down,a yellow bouy is placed to give you an idea.
On the back straight some of the slalom course bouys are submerged.
Whether they are submerged or out of the water These could bend a prop as they have a metal clip on them. not to mention they are $15 a pop every time one has been run over.
Someone will lift the bouys today.
Have a great weekend and enjoy your skiing!

Always wondered what all the bouys are on the back straight?Would you like to learn how to use the slalom course properl...

Always wondered what all the bouys are on the back straight?
Would you like to learn how to use the slalom course properly?
GWSC will be holding a “come and Try” event shortly.
If you are interested and age from 0-99 come join us.
Please PM you’re interest here and we will keep you up to date with a date.Usully these are run over 2 days and numbers will be limited.

Ski you later

Council has notified us that another tree has fallen into the water at the northern end of the front straight.It is just...

Council has notified us that another tree has fallen into the water at the northern end of the front straight.It is just after the last turn.
Please be careful,a yellow bouy has been placed to help.


Ramp on its way out for new ramp extension


Hi Guys,

I’m sure you all aware of our situation with the lack of water in the park at present. Just the same all is not lost as our club is part of the new Tournament Water Ski North West New South Wales. It has been put together to attract new skiers to tournament skiing with coaching and events being held in several regional areas north to the border and around northern NSW. While Gundy has no water, the three scheduled events which are part of the NSW Malibu series, are being transferred to the new Moree water park but we’ll spread the love as water becomes available. Our first event is next weekend with all welcome to come and give it a crack, if you haven’t before we’ll provide coaching to get you going. Send us a message if you‘re keen and we’ll get you sorted.

Tournament Waterski North West New South Wales

Tournament Waterski North West New South Wales

Welcome to Waterski NSW North West Region. We have created this division to attract new skiers into tournament waterskiing by hosting competitions, coaching clinics and come and try days in the remote area of north west NSW. Being in a remote area and having a growing amount of sites to ski on we hope to raise the number of participants in this regional area by having closer events whilst also creating a town competition and rivalry in the sport like other sports around the area. We would like to thank Tournament Water Ski New South Wales and Malibu boats for their support of this new movement within Waterski NSW.


Hi All,
The National Water ski title action continues today at the Goondiwindi water Park! Open Men and women begin competition today with slalom mid morning this morning and jump later this afternoon. Big congratulations to Jason Sleep with a pending World Record in disabled men’s tricks!!!! We have coffee and food on site with full bar operating on both lakes. See you all there.


Hi All,
We’ve been a bit slack with facebook but the 2018 Mastercraft / Lowes petroleum National waterski titles have started today with the Gundy ski Club as the hosts. Come out and see the best of the best in the disciplines of jump, tricks, and slalom over the next few days at the Gundy water park. Conditions are perfect and we congratulate Maggie Storey and Abbey Teague on their pending Australian records already broken. The photo attached is ACT open men’s skier Archie Davis jumping comfortably over the 60m mark in practice on Monday. All are welcome and we have coffee, food, and full bar on site, with slalom on the front, and tricks and jump on the back of the lake. WaterskiQld Southern Region, Gundy Water Sports,


Hi Guys,

Just posted running orders for tomorrow, skiers briefing 6.30am, first skier on the water 7.00am, see you in the morning.


Gundy February Malibu series running orders!


Hi All,
Next weekend the 18th and 19th November the Goondiwindi ski club is hosting round 3 of the NSW Malibu tournament series. We are still taking entries until this Sunday the 12 Nov, and we encourage locals to participate. For entries contact the club on fb messenger or 0427 715990. The lake will be closed to general boating for Saturday and Sunday and we thank the Goondiwindi water park users for their consideration in advance. The action will be conducted at the ski club area on the northern side of the lake and we encourage spectators to come and see what tournament water skiing is all about.


Goondiwindi does it again
Sade Ferguson
Pending Australian record


Hi All,
Goondiwindi ski club this weekend is hosting round 7 of the WaterskiQld Southern Region tournament series. As such the waterway of the park will be closed from Friday the 24th until Sunday the 26th. We thank all waterpark users in advance for their patience and we encourage all to come and watch the action. There will be slalom and tricks on the front of the lake with slalom and jump around the back.
See you there
Goondiwindi ski club


Judges hut in place, now the setup. Griff and Gaz enjoying a coffee break during the first working bee. All got to enjoy a ski the next day, conditions were perfect.


The Goondiwindi Ski Club judges hut loaded and ready to transport to its new location. A huge thank you to Stephen and Michael Marschall and the crew from Mann's Marschall's Crane and Transport Specialist in Goondiwindi. A very professional job thanks guys.


How many boats can you fit on the Goondiwindi waterski park on Boxing Day? 17 its seems.


Johnston Road
Goondiwindi, QLD


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If you participate in any towed water sport, please take part in an anonymous 2-minute survey to indirectly reduce the impacts it has on the environment!

I am an Australian industrial design/engineering student. For my final year project, I hope to design an innovative product to enhance the sustainability of towed water sports.
To inform participants of what is happening with the data, all relevant ethics/consent forms can be found at the end of the survey.

This study has been approved by the QUT Human Research Ethics Committee (approval number 1800000355).

Many thanks for your consideration,
Harrison Lilwall
Hope it’s ok to post... just advertising our local race coming up, on the tweed river...

Tweed ski club is a great family friendly club, with races from next gen and novice (15km) to unlimited...(52km)

We host range of water conditions- rough in the ocean and calmer in the river - great for your pre-season workout...

racing commences on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning- so heaps of time to get here without taking a day off work...

We are currently looking for skiers for boats already entered and boats/teams who want to try there luck against the locals...

Great incentives, on offer...if you decide to take the challenge and join us... YOU WONT REGRET IT!

interested - hit the link below , or call pete monger on 0416 537 947.

“See you on the tweed”
Hi we are looking to come out to the Qld Ski Championships. Wondering if you can confirm dates for me - the Waterki Qld website is showing 29/03 - 02/04 however is showing 24/03 - 25/03? Thanks
2014 Sleekline CX22 with 160 hrs.

Upgrades include:
HO fuel injected PCM303
Wake tower
Board racks
Tower mount rear view mirror
Remote prop shaft greaser
Fresh water flush kit
Clarion stereo
Factory boat cover
Custom made outdoor weather resistant cover for boat and trailer
Galvanized tandem easy tow trailer with guide poles, guide pole covers, spare tyre and bracket.
Rear boot ski locker

I am the original owner, the boat has been washed and flushed after every use and only ever been used in fresh water mainly at Somerset Dam. Boat is in excellent condition and has just had its 150hr service.

Comfortably seats 7 adults, creates a decent wake boarding wake and flattens off for skiing at higher speeds.

Any further information please call or txt me. 0401 692 763