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What it's makings you as person stay motivated on social medias
Everytime when you pull up on it


Check in reliance return it was nothing we seen
It depends on weather conditions don't trust much believe that isn't gone for real as we relocate our hearts we are down, up it never get
No responsibility has being taken into this world i made you a believer so then also believe
That you cannot shake my world never it goes it own ways
Am broke certer 3 into pieces 30 it wasn't any of my interest from anyone
I'm unbreakable goingwell on and on.
Way back to son darkness isn't gone
Feel sound of storm flipping filed on
Am giving you gums for shows fake my love the son while i was there cause it was only heart to stick and it's nothing it can change that

Put the shame on
Game of love lie lie


Life it has more problems which it'll always gives you stress and trouble your life never giving you peace
I rather die poor i did not come into my mother's womb holding money to impress person
Indeed of my life I made choice??


I write they are taking using me
Ending called me this selfish foolishness forget they are using
that selfish foolishness like am in Nigerians grannies
who is foolish foolishly
Between me and you
?🤣 plus don't you are using me


My mother she didn't want me play soccer, she didn't want me singer, wanted to be songwriter she didn't, wanted to be storywriter with it didn't, story teller with it I wasn't allowed, try more things I wasn't allowed to be, she was always comfort me talling me telling me why you're blind don't see enemies are behind you don't be blind to see you life I give you shall to protect yourself against yourself
But she plans decided me be soldier
With myself attack quite school class starts to behaviours like cow
Cause i was know my bad and good didn't want to be killer instinct
I feel my silence
Being thinking soldier is to kill only

Today calls me foolish which i think i


I grows up in pains
Eating pains
But today you are
Who you think you are
Come so easily bothered me with your broken plans
Call me world telling me am fake you have originally vision of me I don't belong here world is my, I don't belong here for what?? World is my for what??
Yeah you are right i don't belong here I belong into mother is wom which I'll be calling it my world
Who you think you are coming up easily wanted takes my life in pieces so easier like this


You are not allowed powerful enough to reach me as diamond light and faking it it's your own problem or i rather change phone and hide where on one will find me right outside of this country find mountain stay sorry guys am not strong enough to see what happens and don't see it happens again
😭😭 Old songs are about me
Sings my name
Churchs sings my name
Why me and why my name
Who did that with my permission calls me light
Elders of world look for what you are done is to interrupt my soul
If you want me fight against it
I'm definitely going die young
And I still want to be through see lots I also know my raise heard about biggest raining
Before my success i couldn't survive from the storm
Africa why am i supposed to suffer like this case look for good heart I wanted to leave my life longer please don't trouble my soul something stuck in neck writing crying which is wrong now from on am excited higher emotions thinking i trouble world now working of kill myself
Why you don't tell me truth if I know I'll explain it for you truthful rather to trouble me out of emotional many people in this world and tell where am i supposed to stay I see you what game if I don't kill myself or runs way..

Reason why it's all about my life


From now on am out of pages
And even thinking of running
Away out of this country place where I'll be save 💎on my own🏌️

day for today night between 3and2 it was another day
I had bad scared today, I wanted to my page to complete it after writing my disruption wanted me enter number immediately first dark came up surrounded me i couldn't see no where even near me first immediately i through phone far runs to the room and hide under bed then into 2and3 minutes want to check out with window it was clear get back to sleep and i was much scared afraid to pick up my phone outside at that time morning one of my boys he knocked at my room to brings all things left outside and i had biggest headaches all day and I feels was dragged


Some of people they are taking advantage of making you stronger takes as criminal
Because you are nothing you don't have nothing and it's nothing you can do
Which they're wrong they don't know people's plans


Sometimes doesn't want you to look who's loving or hating you it'll always stress and you'll end up got heart attack yourself yours faithfully is to care and love never mind what it's behind you


It truly emotional trying change others lifes even when you know that it is no one cares about you


You better redeem yourself I couldn't allow you do it


Don't rush for no air no where or maybe get confused with something you're doing

Time it's always yours but don't it runs you out focuse

My creative landLuxury just pictures

My creative land
Luxury just pictures


People who will mostly betrayed
You in relationship or friendship are the people who are always with you, so learn to love yourself and be with them to grow you
Just cause you can't alone without having friends


Selwane Mokhuoana
[email protected]


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