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Sorry I can make today eps today because I did throw up๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ 3 times and I don't feel good and my mom say I must leave the phone little bit but the good news is tomorrow I'm going to post eps 3,4 I promise ๐Ÿคž sorry and I hope you understand ๐Ÿ™


Episode 2:New world

(Previously on anime world Goku and Vegeta was teleported to a unknown place with a teleportation device that Bulma build to teleport from univers to univers)

Vegeta:(shout)kakarot you idiot what did you do?

Goku:sorry I didn't know it would do that

Vegeta:were are we anyway I don't know

Goku: I'll check from above(flying up). all I see is trees๐ŸŒฒ

Vegeta :let's just keep walking

(While they were walking someone come up with high speed and tied to attack them but Vegeta doge him)

Vegeta:(stance)who are you?

??:tell me yours first

Goku: I am Goku and this is my buddy Vegeta

Vegeta: I'm not your buddy kakarot know tell me your's

Suske:my name is Suske

Goku:hi there (tummy grumbling)

Suske:you seem hungry

Goku:yes very

Vegeta: your always hungry kakarot

Suske:follow me

Goku:(excited) nice ๐Ÿ˜ come on Vegeta

Vegeta:(folds arms) what ever

To be continued........

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Episode 1 :New univers

It's bine ten years since our heroes won the tournament of power

Goku:(yawns) Hey ChiChi I'm hungry

Chi Chi:(angry) can you atleast great๐Ÿ˜ 

Goku:(scared) sorry hi Chi Chi

Chi Chi:even Goten has better manners than you and his you sun

Goku: by the way where is Goten?

Chi Chi: his with training with Trunks

Goku:speak about Trunks I'm on my way to Vegeta

Chi Chi:You can't just......

(Before she could finish Goku use instant transmission to teleport to Vegeta's place)

Goku:hey Bulma wat are you doing?

Bulma: I'm building a teleportation device that can teleport you from univers to univers and don't press noting.And wat are you doing here any way?

Goku: I'm looking for Vegeta do you know we're he his?

Bulma:his in the backyard training

Goku: thanks Bulma see you later

Goku:(shouts)hey Vegeta

Vegeta: what do you kakarot?

Goku: just whant to battel you

Vegeta: I don't have time to battel you kakarot

Goku:(boring)come on

Bulma:(shouts) lunch time

Goku and Vegeta:(shouts)coming

(Goku Vegeta walks pass Bulma's lab than Goku saw a red button and sad)

Goku: I wonder wat this is

Vegeta:Kakarot don't press it

Goku:(while press)what did you say

Vegeta:(shouts) kakarot you idiot

(Then suddenly a light appears and pulls them in when they woke up they didn't know where they where)

Vegeta:(angry) Kakarot you idiot what did you do!

To be continued....

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