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Cialuna's Storydance Theatre Cialuna Storydance Theatre’s mission is to entertain, educate, and inspire through enacted story and dance. Founded by Cia Sautter in 2012, presentations creatively combine acting, storytelling, and dance to produce works that retell old tales in new w

Operating as usual


Thanks so much for all who liked Storydance Theatre on FB!

Now with 101 likes I can see some statistics on you all, and that helps me plan programs that have some meaning, and also how to better reach you.

I am pleased to see the group is diverse in age and location, with likes from Spain, Israel, and even South Korea, plus more.

Some news - the Storydance website is almost ready to go. I will post it when it is ready and look for an announcement on the next GATHERING a event and some possible online classes.

Last night was the Opening Celebration for The Garden: A Refuge, a filmed play. The play is my take on the Wisdom book o...

Last night was the Opening Celebration for The Garden: A Refuge, a filmed play. The play is my take on the Wisdom book of Job, which deals with bad things happening to good people, and a surprising answer to dealing with questions of why.

I was struck with how one person at the event noted we are dealing with this very question now with the collapse of the building in Miami. It is heartbreaking to see, as have been all the deaths from Covid, and even global warming. The Garden play deals with such issues, but doesn't get too dark. And there is hope - just like in the original story.

The film runs June 26-July 11 on Vimeo, and there are different price points to provide options for all:

$20 ticket per household. The ticket gives you the Vimeo link and password. Direct ticket link is :

Pay what you can donation period is July 4-July 11 and the direct ticket link, opening July 4th, is:


Less than a week to go before the OPENING NIGHT PARTY for THE GARDEN: A REFUGE -THE FILM. This is a small preview video. We have been preparing this story in community for 2 years, and it is an Eco-Conscious rendering of the ancient story of Job, and when bad things happen to good people.

The OPENING NIGHT and the film links for tickets can be found at


Thanks for all who performed or attended tonight’s Gathering event.

The group was fantastic, and what a talented group! For those who missed it, stay tuned for future events on Cialuna’s Storydance Theatre FB page.

Gathering’s are a unique event of sharing, entertainment, and community building. I hope you will join us in the future.


Like our page? Like the idea of community centered performance? Please hit the like button for the Storydance theatre!

Yes! And why Storydance Theatre is based on creation(nature) to creation (arts) as a guiding principle.

Yes! And why Storydance Theatre is based on creation(nature) to creation (arts) as a guiding principle.

"Cuando lo imposible se vuelve Posible"

El desierto florece, en Atacama, Chile 💐


Metro Regional Arts Council Grant Received!

The Garden: A Refuge, a full play will be presented by Story dance theatre in April, 2021. But there is more - and you can be part of this play project.

The entire project will be developed in stages with GATHERING EVENTS to include the community in the making of the final presentation. The intent is to provide core and guest artists who participate, as well as the audience, a sense of empowerment, building community through art. While we will work toward artistic excellence, the community process is a priority.

Since there will be Covid restrictions to consider, most likely the GATHERING EVENTS will be done via Zoom/Facebook.

If you are a performer - storyteller, dancer, singer, musician, actor, who would like to participate in these events then send me a message. The themes of these events center on the Earth, Nature, Trees, Gardens, and restoration of the soul.


Final Daily Movement post - May 28th

Dance 2 - Put on some music and move; build up some energy again. (Or, go for a walk and move fast). After your heat builds, slow down, and if at all possible sit outside/look outside at the trees, grass, flowers, birds, and breathe.


Daily Movement Post for 5/27-Turn on some music and give yourself permission to dance, any way you want. Try to use your arms and legs, or take different types of steps with your feet – moving forward, backward, side-to-side. You could march, sway, twist, jump, skip, or even run. Allow yourself to simply enjoy moving.


Daily Movement post for 5/26 - Walk, breath, enjoy the day. Feel the sun, feel the heat in your body that is created from walking. (If it is hot outside, walk slowly). When finished stop and breathe in through your mouth, and then out through your nose at least 3 times to cool down.


Daily Movement post for 5/25 - Take a walk to build up some energy and inner heat. Be aware of what you are thinking as you walk, then notice your body. Feel your hips as you move, and if they are tight or loose. Then when you are ready look around you. What do you see? Are you inspired? Try to at least look out a window if you cannot walk outside.


Daily Movement post for 5/24 -
This week's focus will be on energizing. We are approaching summer, a time of heat and energy. Yet sometimes it helps to build up our own internal energy.

Today's movement is internal. Take a comfortable position sitting or standing. Breath in and out 10 times, using a count of 3 on an inhale and 4 on an exhales. Breathe in and exhale out through your nose. Then, stand or sit and feel the warmth and release created through your breathing.

This will be the warm-up for all posts this week. It is simple, basic, and important.


Daily movement for 5/23 – Today’s focus is from the ground up, using breath and sensing connection.

First, stand and feel your feet on the floor or ground and breath in and out. Next, as you breathe, feel the connection of your body to the earth through your legs, and then up through your spine. Work with this for at least a couple breaths. When you are ready, exhale and bend forward as far as you are comfortable, rolling down your spine. Do this slowly. When you are ready, inhale and slowly roll back up your spine. Try repeating this a couple times, and then rest, standing and feeling connected to the earth.


Daily Movement Post for 5/22 -
Friday – Malchut, Tiferet, - Chest openers and breathing outside, internal wind

Do you notice what your body does when talking to others, in person or online? Is it expanding or collapsing? Computer and Zoom hunch is all too common a problem now. It is bad for your spinal health, but what does it do to you emotionally? Spiritually?

Today’s daily movement exercise is meant to help you open up a bit more, and bring a little air into your body. It involves swinging your arms in and out. First do this slow. Give yourself a little hug, and then fling your arms open as you inhale. Return to hugging yourself on an exhale. Once you have done this a couple of times slowly, pick up the pace and try to swing your arms open and closed. It should feel good, fun, and refreshing. When finished, stand or sit with a straight back and open chest, and take at least 3 slow breaths in and out.


Daily Movement post for 5/21 -

Walking on air might feel good, but the phrase suggests a state of illusion. Grounded joy is something better to aim for, but grounding does not mean being weighted down. Today’s movement suggestion is to again go for a walk, being grounded and refreshed at the same time.

First stand and feel your feet rooted to the earth and take at least 3 deep breathes in and out. As you do so notice the air around you, especially if you are outside. Feel the wind blowing on you, and sense the air on your skin. Then walk and notice your arms moving. You might walk faster to create a little breeze around you, or swing your arms faster or slower to sense the air and wind around you. End by stopping, standing, and noticing if you are breathing more deeply. If you feel you need it, take the time to slowly breathe in and out a few more times.


Daily Movement Post for 5/20 - Today's post is inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia, a bit. If you have never read the books, the trees walk!

The image is great - fully rooted to the ground, but branches extending outward. Try this: Stand up and notice your breathe as you stand with your feet firmly on the floor or ground. When ready walk with awareness of your weight and with a slight effort to press into the ground. As you do this breathe in and extend out your arms. As you exhale relax and lower your arms. Try this several times to feel grounding and expansion at the same time.


Daily Movement post for 5/19 -

Do you feel connected when you walk? What is happening to your body when your foot steps forward? Are you centered? One favorite exercise I was taught was to imagine your hips and pelvis as a nice, round scoop of ice cream on top of an imaginary pointed ice cream cone. Then notice where the tip of the cone is when you walk. If it is between your legs, you are off center and to weighted to the ground. If it is tilted up too much you are not connecting to the earth.

Today, try to walk at least a few steps feeling where your tail bone is as you do so. Try to find that center, balanced spot so you are not tipping too far forward or back in your hips.


Daily Movement Post for 5/18 - Moving into the world.

Moving more fluidly may seem difficult, but it is about relaxing into what happens naturally. Today's movement is walk with relaxed hips and let your arms swing to the side as the happens.

*Warm up by doing gentle hip rotations, as done for yesterday.

*For the walk - gently step forward on your right foot while beginning to rotate the hip to that side. You will not complete the rotation because of stepping down, but if you are relaxed your arms should gently swing to the right with the step. Repeat to the left, and then try this several times right and left. End by standing still, hips and feet straight forward, and breathing slowly in and out for at least 5 breaths.

If walking is too much, you could also simply trace a figure 8 pattern with your hips in place, and let your arms relax and naturally swing with the hip movement.


Daily Movement Posts for Week of May 17-23 Moving into the world.

Working on your own internal movement is great for the soul, but we also walk in the world and are a part of it. This week and next the posts will focus on movement extending out to the world, with some inspiration from nature.

Today's movement considers water and moving with fluidity - feeling the flow in your body: Stand up, relax, take a few slow breaths in and out, and then relax you knees with a slight bend. Then slowly and smoothly rotate your hips in a circle. It does not need to be a huge circle, but try to keep the movement smooth. Do this 3 times slowly clockwise, and then 3 times slowly counter clockwise. Then rest and breathe.


Daily Movement Post for 5/16 - It's Saturday. Stop working, leave zoom meetings and computers, and take a walk (weather permitting - take safety precautions for Covid if needed!).*

As you walk, notice what is around you. Trees, birds, sun or clouds; birds singing, wind blowing; smells of spring blooms or damp soil. At least for 10 seconds try to stop thinking and simply be in your surroundings.

*If weather or health is a concern, try to at least stand up and look outside, noticing all sights, sounds, and smells.


Daily Movement Post for 5/15 - Sit in a chair or on the floor and feel your sitz bones and hip bones. Notice if you are collapsing in your core, hips, and thighs or sitting stiffly. Do you ache anywhere? Breath into your pelvic area in a comfortable, relaxed manner and sit for 5 deep breaths in and out. Then stand up and feel your hips, and wiggle and shake them to relax any stiffness.


Daily Movement for 5/14 - Moving outward

Walk forward slowly for 5 steps, and then try walking backwards for 5 steps. Then stop at your starting point and rest. What happened? Did the walk make you more aware of your body? How your arms and core move? Your hips? Where you are walking and the space around you? Try this again and see if you notice more the second time you walk forward, backward, and return to your center point.


Daily Movement post for 5/13 - - How do you walk? Are you balanced? Stand up and walk in a straight line for at least 5 steps, and notice what happens to your body. Slowly place one foot in front of the other and feel your body balance change. Is this difficult? Easy? What happens to your arms and core? Stop, breathe, and repeat. Do you feel more balanced?


Daily Movement Post for 5/12 -

Stretch your body wide, standing and extending out your arms. Now move sideways to the right, letting your arm lead you, relaxing to this side or stretching out. Move back to your starting points and then repeat on the left. Return to the center. Try this a couple times. Is it comfortable to move this way and be more broad? Does it feel good to reach out or to center?


Daily Movement for Monday 5/11 - Are you aware of your own strength? This excise may help to realize how you are strong on the inside and outside.

Press your hands together in prayer/namaste positions and the also press slightly into your chest, over your heart. Stay here for 3-5 breaths and then relax. Did you feel strength in our arms? In your heart opening?


Weekly Movement Focus for May 10-16- Self-Awareness
This focus in about recognizing who you are in space, and in relationship to others, whether human or otherwise.

Today's movement for Sunday 5/10 - Hug yourself and hunch in slightly. Breathe in and out deeply here for 2 -3 breaths, then on an inhale open your are wide as you open up your chest. Try this again. How does it feel? Are you okay hugging yourself? Opening up?


Daily movement post for 5/9 - Is it time for doing nothing? Lay on the floor, relax, and breathe. Try to relax completely and stay here for at least 2 minutes.


Daily Movement for 5/8 -Sitting all day? Too much time at the computer? Remember to stand up every 15 minutes today and walk around a bit or stretch. Change the rhythm of the day.


Daily Movement post for 5/7- Take a walk and notice your pace. Is it fast or slow? Try walking fast or slower and see if it changes how you are feeling. Be aware of your breath as you walk in different rhythms.


Daily Movement for 5/6 - Sitting more during quarantine? It is important to stretch to release energy and Tension.

Today, try to take breaks for stretching your legs any way you want – straight out in front of you, standing and bending over, doing lunges. Do a light stretch without strain first for 5 breaths in and out, and then relax for at least 5 breathes in and out. If you are ready for a deeper stretch, do this again and see if you relax a bit more, but don't force anything.


Daily movement for 5/5 -Place your hand on your heart and breath for 3-5 breaths in and out, then rest. Do you feel your internal rhythm


Daily Movement Post for May 4th - Today's focus in order and strength. Again, rhythm is used to set a structure for creativity.

Walk and stomp your feet for 4 beats. Then stop and breathe for 4 breaths. Repeat at least 4 times.






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