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So food for thought. Real estate market blows. I need 10k cash just to buy a 122,000 house on a fha loan. Pfft who's got that kinda money on hand?!?! Ok rant over back to work. btw FOLLOWER FORTNITR GAMES TONIGHT COME PLAY!!! :)


This is how we get subscribers. Facebook just released this information.
we’ll begin expanding access to Fan Subscriptions to Level Up creators who achieve 250 returning weekly viewers


VBucks give away at 1000 followers and at 350 page likes!! Like the channel for your chance to win!!


Fortnite follower Friday's tonight!!!! Come play customs with Huggles the Bear!


If your seeing this, your a follower, at some point you were watching me and thought "this is a bad ass dude! I'm gonna follow him!" Thank you for that. If I could ask one favor could you hit the like button :) every like is just as if not more important than being a follower! It's also the cheapest way to support a streamer! Dont be scared now, if it bites it wont hurt bad! And I mean the like button on the stream, not this post lol.


Apologies, i'm not really sure what just happened. But it is safe to say my stream ended lol. See ya all tmrw for Follower Fortnite Fridays!


I know I know I'm horrible. Let's do the stream tmrw as I'm in severe pain! Better luck tmrw though I'm sure.


Apologies... no stream today. Will do one tmrw. Serious head ache just hit me like a freight train right in the balls.


Fortnite follower games today! Come join and play with me :) on the road to 1000 followers!


Suprise stream coming for Valorant in just a few!


My streaming schedule is outa whack as you all can tell. I apologize but I'm aiming to stream friday and saturday. Monday and friday will be fortnite for sure Saturdays are reserved for Gta and sundays are always sunday funday. Starting near the end of July I will be home with Baby Huggles so expect a few more streams at that point but it looks like I wont be streaming Tuesday Wednesday or Thursdays till then. Spending time with the fam and helping Mrs. Huggles with the baby when hes really young.


Hello everyone and happy June 1st! Today will be fortnite follower games I cant promise an exact start time but I hope between 5-6pm. As we start a new month and people prepare to return to work, and normal life I want to remind everyone that even though the federal government has decided in its infinite wisdom that everything is safe, it isnt. Please remember that even though the spread has slowed, it's only slowed not cease to exsist. Elderly are severely more likely to catch and be much more at danger from covid-19 and other virus such as the flu. Please continue to practise safe physical distancing, wear a mask, wash your hands for atleast 30 seconds multiple times a day, and remember that Spock taught us the appropriate way to greet one another way back in the 60s. Live long, and prosper with the Vulcan greeting. No need to shake hands. Hell even being like the japanese is better and respectful and giving each other a bow. God bless everyone and please be safe! And come play with me this afternoon!!! :-)


So I challenged Gray Gaming to a 5000 star 1 shot sniper battle. Well need 14 other participants. The one of us with a higher score wins the 5000 stars from the other. Your not going to want to miss Huggles the Bear stomp that Trash Panda! Next Saturday.


Fortnite Follower Games Monday!


To all my patreon supporters, patreon is being required June 1st to start charging sales tax by the federal government. I wanted to reach out to yall and future subscribers and let ya know before hand. Thanks for your continued support as always!


Another lady went from 6 cm to 8 in 15 minutes so weve been pushed back but soon!


Crucible stream with Angel and Todd starting within 15 minutes!


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