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Habatat Galleries Habatat Galleries is a fine art gallery specializing in contemporary glass art. We opened in 1971. Welcome to Habatat Galleries!

Weโ€™re a fine art gallery specializing in contemporary glass sculpture and fine art sculpture from both national and international artists. Established in Michigan in 1971, weโ€™re the oldest gallery to exhibit contemporary glass. We've been proudly serving the South Florida area since the early 80's. Habatat Galleries features the best glass sculpture in the world. Through the years, we have built a

solid reputation for quality with private collectors, artists, museums, art consultants, and architects. Our main focus is on assisting clients with building major art collections and executing site-specific installations. Habatat Galleries also works with many people who might not consider themselves avid collectors, but who are looking for a few special pieces for their home or office. We warmly invite you to visit Habatat Galleries online, in person at our year-round gallery location in West Palm Beach, FL or contact us directly so we can assist you. We hope you enjoy looking at all the amazing works created by some of the top artists in the world.


Absolutely mind blowing glass & wood sculpture by the late, Binh Pho. ๐Ÿ”ฅ www.habatatgalleries.com/artist/binh-pho
The outside piece is cast glass, cast from an original wood sculpture. The inside piece is a carved & turned wood piece that is painted.

Beautiful glass sculpture by Jason Christian, Tomas Hlavicka, Chris Tarpley, Karin Mรธrch & T***s Zynsky. www.habatatgall...

Beautiful glass sculpture by Jason Christian, Tomas Hlavicka, Chris Tarpley, Karin Mรธrch & T***s Zynsky. www.habatatgalleries.com


3600 Yadkinville Road
Winston-Salem, NC


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Our Story

The Contemporary Studio Glass Movement turns โ€œ57โ€ this year (2019), over a haIf century, that is quite a milestone. Habatat, being the oldest gallery to exhibit Contemporary Glass (1971), we have been privileged to share in its rise from โ€œglass can't be artโ€ to its acceptance as a fine art today. This journey, while it may have been exciting, wasn't easy. During the sixties and early seventies the artists were pretty much consumed with working out technical difficulties and developing their own processes and techniques.

For every artist there is a story, a struggle and a victory โ€“ usually with each new body of work. Of course, the end results are not all victories, but even the failures can lead to new beginnings. Taking risks and not being afraid to fail is what separates the good artists.

The early artists that were attracted to glass were already a bit of a rebel on the art scene. This was the 60's and 70's, artists were beginning to explore alternative mediums for self-expression such as; photography, clay, fiber, metal and glass. When this new exciting opportunity appeared to work with glass, many of the artists from other areas jumped into the โ€œunknownโ€, and it changed their lives.

During the early years the most accessible method of working with glass was โ€œblowing.โ€ Our first โ€œGlass Invitational Exhibitionโ€ in 1972 was comprised of twelve artists all working in blown glass, with a price range of $50 - $100 dollars. The mid to late 70's gave rise to more experimentation with casting and laminating processes. More and more ways of working with glass were being explored. Artists found an expanded freedom of expression and scale once they began combining differing processes and materials. Large-sca|e works in glass will always remain a challenge because of weight and technical limitations. As the scale increases, the difficulties in working with material compound. Glass will never be an easy medium to work in โ€“ it is costly, technically a pain and doesn't always do what you want it to do. But, there is an amazing positive energy about it, and whether you are an artist or collector, it draws you in and adds to your life.

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Visit us at our West Palm Beach, FL location at 2401 N Dixie Hwy. www.habatatgalleries.com
Beautiful wall art by Shayna Leib available through the gallery. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ www.habatatgalleries.com/artist/shayna-leib
Beautiful work by Vivian Wang on exhibit at the gallery. www.habatatgalleries.com/artist/vivian-wang
"Blue Jewel" by world renowned artist, Jon Kuhn. This is a huge cube that stands 20" tall and has a 10" cube face. www.habatatgalleries.com/artist/jon-kuhn
A beautiful flameworked glass teapot by Eunsuh Choi on exhibit at Habatat Galleries NC . www.habatatgalleries.com/artist/eunsuh-choi
Amazing work from Dan Dailey & Karin Mรธrch - https://mailchi.mp/f3a0e1befa92/amazing-work-from-dan-dailey-karin-mrch
Beautiful abstract glass sculpture by Karin Mรธrch on exhibit at the gallery. www.habatatgalleries.com/artist/karin-morch
A true visionary in glass sculpture, Dan Dailey has set himself apart. He has completed more than 70 architectural commissions for corporate headquarters, hospitals, municipalities, a county courthouse, a performing arts center, and private residences. His work is represented in more than 50 museum collections worldwide and he is in numerous public & private collections around the world.
This commission is one of his latest to complete. It's a true masterpiece!
Amazing blown glass art by the late, Stephen Powell on exhibit at the gallery. www.habatatgalleries.com/artist/stephen-powell
A mini me solid vase form by Sidney Hutter on exhibit at the gallery. ๐ŸŒˆ www.habatatgalleries.com/artist/sidney-hutter
Absolutely beautiful cast glass sculpture by Vlastimil Beranek on exhibit at the gallery. www.habatatgalleries.com/artist/vlastimil-beranek
A beautiful teapot by Jose Chardiet just in at the gallery! www.habatatgalleries.com/artist/jose-chardiet
A beautiful piece by Hannah Gibson titled A Riot of Color Family. www.habatatgalleries.com/artist/hannah-gibson
Amazing work by Jon Kuhn now on exhibit titled, Blue Jewel. It is 20" tall with a 10" cube. www.habatatgalleries.com/artist/jon-kuhn
Amazing cast glass sculpture by Vlastimil Beranek!๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ www.habatatgalleries.com/artist/vlastimil-beranek