Kirb Side Family Racing Adventure

Kirb Side Family Racing Adventure The Kirby's are going racing. The flattrack bug has bitten and we are infected. Follow us on the journey as we learn the art of flattracking. Pops

Operating as usual


Wow! Just heard Josh's XR build run with the custom pipe and it sounds scary. Spencer's is running and being broke in beginning today. The DRZ fired up and now the Yamaha. Bearings should be here tomorrow and then toss it together and should be a weekend of tuning and breaking in in prep for Sept 17th Coleridge race. Great track and hoping the stars allign for a ridiculous turn out. SEFT is growing.


We stll have a way to go on bikes with the second part of the season sneaking up quickly.
Josh has his build almost finished but needs to split the cases one more time and he should be ready for a break in, tune and set up. He has Spencer's tore apart for secret sauce parts (new rings) are in so that motor can be put back together the installed for break in and tuning. My smoker needs the front wheel bearings packed and wheel put back on. I broke it in before swapping the carb, and other bits. Josh is almost done w paint and the tank will be ready then on to tuning. Caden is closing in on racing the DRZ which should be ready for the rest of the season.
Unfortunately maintenance and enhancements have kept us off the track and likley we won't have them done to practice before the season kicks off but we will get there. Looking forward to racing and kicking off the rust.


Well, I had to order a new fuel tank. Ouch! The tank fiberglass separated. Made the paint bubble. Liner flaked. But the new one will be here soon add a couple new tires and my new to me Yamaha will be ready for the track. Looking forward to all of us dialing our bikes in for the next race and getting the much-coveted seat time. Josh should have his bike and Spencer's done in the next few weeks too. Hate not riding , glad to have the time to get ready.

45 days? Fuel Tank is re lined, New Numbers ordered, Getting new rubber and a good tune and this little lady is ready fo...

45 days? Fuel Tank is re lined, New Numbers ordered, Getting new rubber and a good tune and this little lady is ready for prime time. September 17 at Coleridge.

Working hard to get the steeds ready for the second half of the SEFT season.

Working hard to get the steeds ready for the second half of the SEFT season.


Well we are working along prepping for the second half of the season. Trying to get everyone a ride under them. So far it looks Like we may just make it. Hopefully back to practicing in the next week or so with three of four bikes. Spencer's XR will get some love. Caden is looking like he may be on a 450, J has a fresh build down to the bones but should be ready for business for Coleridge. If all the stars come together I may be aboard a more competitive motorcycle, if not XL will finish the season with me. A couple of Ts to cross and Is to dot but closer every day. I am about healed up from my last unscheduled get off. Got a new helmet, whoot! jersey on order courtesy of my son just need to find a pair of fat fella mx pants.
Armor for all and zoom zoom.

Good times learning and practicing Sat.

Good times learning and practicing Sat.


Prepping for practice. Time to learn more racin stuff.

We are stoked. We will get some laps, fix bikes, see the rest of my family, get some laps, date my wife and get some lap...

We are stoked. We will get some laps, fix bikes, see the rest of my family, get some laps, date my wife and get some laps all before Sept 17 where we get to do it again. Caden landed 3rd and Spencer 1st. Would be so awesome to have all four of us put it on the box at the same event!
Not an easy task. Caden races in and loves the 250 class. It is a class stuffed with ferocious young talent but itnis where he wants to be. This is good if you have the fortitude and brass to jump in. I love the vintage classes and I am working to correct some body position things and bike adjustments, in hopes of making some improvements nex round and improve on that best 3rd place finish. Spencer has won three of four with a second place in her near miss. Her class is all business these days and the races are close. Jace and Wade are a potential winner every time they race. The other kids are visibly faster and closing the gap. This could be a very entertaining class next season as well as the final three races, :) Spencer is a first year 11 year old racer who is herself the only one who thought she would be in this position in her first season. She said "I can do that!" And here we are.
Bear is building his Mad Dog Mod and selling the torque queen in favor of chasing fast guys on little bikes.
:-) Blessed to do this at all. This much fun should not be legal but it still is! At least for right now and when it is not? I will be an outlaw!

Some Coleridge fun

Some Coleridge fun


South East Flat Track After Race Report
What a night of racing. Close racing across the board. From little ones to open pro classes this event was a scorcher and great fun.
For the Kirby’s:
I was up first taking the Honda into the lion’s den with the Yamaha two strokes in vintage light class. In the heat had a great start and got lost for a moment out front with no one to follow. Lol I snagged a third and think I had a decent ride. The Main I jumped and then pulled back and the light popped precisely at that moment and that was all she wrote. Got to the corner third off the line and ended up fourth in the main.
Caden was up second in the 250cc class astride the Lee Blackmon RMZ. He struggled in his practice and heat but rallied for his best race yet in the main event. In a stacked class he got a solid start and while there was no catching Shelton Brooks and Hayden LaBarre “SP” He managed to hold off a very fast Dillon Barrus (who is getting wicked fast) for a third place and his best ride to date.
Spencer finished a close first in her heat and main in the 125cc class. But these little people put on a show. Spencer, Jace Colson and Wade Lockamy were in lock step for both races. Something I rarely see at the youth level could have tossed a blanket over the front three. Better yet the rest of the kids have been practicing and have gotten legitimately faster. With the bikes being so close performance wise it makes for some exciting racing. I Can’t say enough about how impressed I am with Jace and Wade and their efforts and abilities. More importantly the friendship and time these kids spend off the track laughing and bonding. When they are teenagers? Ohhh my they will be fast.
Ancillary observations:
I was coached by a 16-year-old and a 68-year-old all in the same night. My riding position is hideous, and I need to get that figured out. I have a lot to learn and put into practice
Caden, between heats and mains got some much-needed input from Ashley Colson that was a major factor in the main event as he heeded that advice, and I was able to use that same advice to identify my own errors. Caden made the correction, I did not. 😊
Along with her race mates probably raced her best race to date. They are the future of the sport and if the stars align the future will be fast.

Thank you’s
Cindy, My amazing wife for her support and input. Making me a better human being after over 40 years together.
Josh (aka Bear) My son for turning wrenches and keeping the bikes running and on the track on a shoestring budget. My best race mate and friend making memories for his kids and even us adults.
Rick Lovette, for pouring into not just my kids but so many of the kids and adults out on the track. Making a difference in the sport and in people’s lives. Love and appreciate this guy. A brother indeed.
Ashley Colson, a herculean effort in making the night flow like melted butter. He was short staffed, had to do the one man band and get his boys on the track along with fixing the bikes damaged in a crash. I am blown away and grateful to be a friend to this guy and his family. Awesome humans.
Lee Blackmon for letting Caden ride the RMZ. A gesture beyond my initial comprehension. When he offered I honestly didn’t know what to say. But at the end of the night, he provided an opportunity for a young rider to have his best ride yet. Thank You Lee.
Wade Lomas (The king of steel slippers) our starter
Marty Brooks for being our gate keeper, The ladies who stepped up when Marty was called to the pits to reassemble Shelton’s 450 after he disassembled it in a crash. Of course and always the corner flaggers, announcer (great job) and others I can’t rightly name but will try to next time.
Aaron Rothock for bringing the bike for me to look at and for the input on technical issues and riding position. You made me laugh and that is a very good thing.
Eli Sauls, For the advice. I will hold that line. Once I correct the riding position, I think that will go a long way to keeping my fat butt in the groove and make them take the outside.
We now have a break till September 17 when we return to Coleridge for the start of the second half of the season. Between now and then we have much to learn, and bikes to build. Try to practice as much as possible and come out swinging for the second half of the season better built better, prepared better, and trained better.


Spencer 1st
Caden 3rd
Pops 4th
Good night of racing. :)


Load out day. :) rainf tomorrow. Good fun, racing and friends. Coleridge wohoo


Waiting on some sprockets but just about ready for Coleridge. Down to two race bikes. The CR will likely be gone and the DRZ (An absolute monster) is going up on the blocks for sale.
Josh will be pit boss, Caden will share my Xl and Spencer will be on the trusty XR. 2 Bikes three racers. We are jazzed and looking forward to the race. Always best when all 4 of us are racing but some days it just doesn't work out that way.
6 days counting.

The next race. Not too far away for anyone who wants to take a race in. The Hooligans alone are worth a ticket. Gonna be...

The next race. Not too far away for anyone who wants to take a race in. The Hooligans alone are worth a ticket. Gonna be some close racing.


I have my new goal. I want to get fast enough to at least race with the fast guys in the Vintage light. On this bike once built or on another. I felt like both of the last two races I had some moments where I got to race with some of them. Some ever so briefly. The XL was geared light years too high so we hope to get a better picture at Coleridge. I don't think I am as fast as them yet but I am going to go as fast as I can without signing up for a dirt nap and see if I can close that gap a little.
Ya gotta have goals. :)


All Signed up for Coleridge. Unless the DRZ sells before that we will have three bikes and four riders. Fastest little track I have seen. Smooth as a baby's butt.

Some Pictures from Saturday.

Some Pictures from Saturday.

Spencer and Jace Coleson's finish at GTR. Pretty close racing ;)

Spencer and Jace Coleson's finish at GTR. Pretty close racing ;)

Not from my lens

Not from my lens

Next Up. :)

Next Up. :)


Well GTR is in the books. We had a great time and all learned some more. After siezing the CR we had decided who was riding what we forgot the battery and external starter for the Suzuki. We borrowed a starter to fire it up and Josh took it out and had a blast before he had a dirt nap. He didn't get hurt and had a blast for the little time he had it on the track but had to scratch as we didn't have a starter and the bike has so much compression it drains the other batteries. So Josh and Caden had to scratch. Caden did get to ride Mad Dog Mod and got 4th.
I was dissappointed in my ride initially. I think I can do much better with some gearing. I was frustrated during the race but think it can be cured to some degree.
Spencer had a good night and had some fun dicing with young Mr Coleson. Someone who knows what they are doing breathed fire into that 110.
Not sure what the future holds beyond 2022 but I know these two youngsters are going be battling for the remainder of this season which makes every race better.
On to Coleridge next. Super smooth, fast and competitive. Three down and four to go in this 2022 series.


Caden 4th
Pops 4th
Spencer 2nd
Fun night

Having trouble sharing to the page tonight. Might be the connection out here. Josh had to scratch because his bike start...

Having trouble sharing to the page tonight. Might be the connection out here. Josh had to scratch because his bike starter is in NC. Spencer got 2nd, caden tossed a chain. So the mains are up next.
Caden has a full class and tossed a chain in the heat so will have the last spot on the line. I get a middle of the line start. Gonna be fun seeing if Spencer can get the jump on Jace, and if I can keep up riding hard into the turns.


Well the DRZ is marvelous but has so much compression it drains batteries so she gets scratched. Caden will ride mad dog open and J maybe the xl in the 40 and over...

Walking the track, A family thing.

Walking the track, A family thing.


Showing how it's done! Pro Blake Lomas


Well it's load out day. I think we are getting pretty good at it but we are still dialing it in. Racin tomorrow and we will head out very early.


Last run through on the bikes today. Then load Tomorrow head out at o dark thirty for SC and do some racin! Week is moving way too slow

Well then....Caden blew the motor in the CR, Spencer broke her suspension. So we shared bikes to get some laps. :)

Well then....
Caden blew the motor in the CR, Spencer broke her suspension. So we shared bikes to get some laps. :)

Welcome to the Journey. Our Adventure is Three to Five races deep now. We targeted 2022 to jump in all together bit mana...

Welcome to the Journey. Our Adventure is Three to Five races deep now. We targeted 2022 to jump in all together bit managed to squeeze a couple of races into 2021.
Kirbside Family Flat Track Adventure Picture Story 1. Two races into 2022.

A couple of pictures I felt like sharing that I didn't see on the page.

A couple of pictures I felt like sharing that I didn't see on the page.

Next Race... Fast track!

Next Race... Fast track!


Dang weather! Well it doesn't look like the rain is going to allow any practice this weekend. :(

The Bullet Spencer Kirby

The Bullet Spencer Kirby



Some shots from Tripple T Race ...

Some shots from Tripple T Race ...


Morning After Report.
Oh what a night! Great time! Overall a smooth fast track! Cool track owners and staff. Great people in the pits and good rides by all the Kirbys.
From youngest to oldest.

Spencer. Spencer took 1st place! This girl rode with exceptional form and poise as always. She had some solid rides in her heat and main. I notice the other new kids are all getting faster as well and that is pretty darns awesome! I timed the 200 class and she will need a little seasoning before she is ready to run with those kids, but all the parts are there. More experience and a faster bike and she will be ready when the opportunity presents itself.
Caden. He had a good good night in that he ran well with a semi crippled 125 smoker that we weren't even close on the gearing yet with against the 250 farm bikes. He held his line and didn't give it up when battling with the other riders. His form was good, lines were much improved. He was visibly discouraged but reality about who he was racing against and a word from his mentor helped to change perspective and improve his outlook.
Josh. With the fewest races and least time on the dirt had a stinking blast and had Spencer's little 120 sailing but not nearly enough motor to run down the front runners he did put some pressure on the more modified bikes before getting off in turn two. Banged up but not broken and smiling. Seems we are all good.
Pops. Landed 3rd on the P413 project. Some mechanical issues early on and landed a P3 in the light vintage. Thought that was gonna be a P2 but I made a mistake and had a rider slip under me. I along with the rest of the family have a ton to learn but all of us rode better than the last time out and that is indeed out goal.
Aaron More was very cool and shared some insights on techie stuff. Some of our bike club family came out to see the races and cheer us on.
Time to prep for practice and get ready for GTR. We want to show up better and much improved than we were in this outing.
At the end of the day no matter our placement this is insanely fun and we are blessed.
Thank you Jesus for keeping us safe and allowing us to engage in this activity with the SEFT family.

Photos from South East Flat Track's post

Photos from South East Flat Track's post

Unloaded and now the waiting.

Unloaded and now the waiting.


My wife reminded me that I dont need to post a million pictures of every practice. I get a little excited and practice is where so much happens.


Smithfield, NC





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